Monday, April 23, 2018

Closing thoughts on Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - Plot & Characters

I’m off on other things for about half a week and as I was unable to prepare a week’s worth of new material in time to post here, I thought I’d have a quiet week wrapping up the Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] series with some thoughts on the game.

Yes, I know some of you are probably sick of this by now.  Don’t worry.  It’s done and I’ll be onto new stuff next week (hopefully back to some original fiction).

First up, we might as well take a gander at the story and characters.

Plot and story still seem pretty strong.  You could probably make an anime out of the game plot and it not be terrible.  This has always given the Monster Girl Quest series an edge over similar games featuring hapless (lucky?) heroes and nymphomaniac monster girls.

Part 2 threw up some answers for the weirdness in Luka’s paradox world.

The tartarus regions were caused by an experiment going wrong in Remina.  In the canon world, Ilias blew it up.  In this world their experiment summoned a Black Alice from the future.  This is the Black Alice from the original series right after her defeat at the hands of Luka.  Before that fight she’d devoured Ilias, but been unable to balance the forces of light and dark within her.  The version summoned to Remina does and ascends to godhood.

To be fought in part 3

The reason this is able to happen is because the Ilias of the original series stressed the laws of her universe by constantly rewinding time to pull Luka out of demonic vagina (all those Bad Ends were canon after all).  Then, when she was slain by Luka and friends, this poked holes all over the place and caused a bunch of bunch of alternate realities to bud off the main world, including the one where Black Alice was dragged back through time.

Paradox!Luka’s world was the first to bud off.  Black Alice ascending to godhood blew up Remina and spread the tartarus regions through the world (I think).  She also knocked a chunk of heaven out of the sky, which is how the snow continent came to be.

I think this is the Black Alice we saw in the mysterious tower back in part 1.  I would expect her to be one of the major antagonists if not the overall Big Bad of part 3.

We also got Lilith, Astaroth and Morrigan’s motivations.  Unsurprisingly they are sort of on our side.  Morrigan was recruited at the end of the part 2, and I’m guessing we’ll probably pick up Astaroth and Lilith at some point.  On the Alice route, anyway.  Those on the Ilias route will get their own exclusive angels.

The succubi are representative of a world where the monster girls came out on top.  Of those we’ve only seen an alternate version of Tamamo.  I expect we’ll see the other five legendary ancestors in part 3, as well as the other angel representatives from the world where Ilias reigns unimpeded.  These will likely be side factions we have to deal with about two thirds of the way through the final chapter.  (Not going to lie, looking forward to the monster girl ancestor scenes).

Also to be fought in part 3.  Who are you most looking forward to?

Sonya was revealed to be apoptosis, but is now back to normal (or a copy of normal if on the Ilias route).  I’m still not sure of the overall role of chaos.  They appear to be trying to fix causality by deleting all the deviating worlds.  Adramalech was better fleshed out as a world-ending abomination.  I expect we’ll see her again.  At this point I don’t know whether we’ll end up allying with this faction or fighting it as the over-arching enemy (over even Black Alice).  I could see it going either way.

Also, I’m not totally sure on this (machine translation etc etc), but I think paradox!Ilias might have been the source of the chaotization in paradox world.  There is some sense to this.  Black Alice arrived back in time with Ilias digesting in her stomach, creating a paradox of two Ilias’s being present at the same time in the same reality.  It’s a theory anyway.

Likely not appearing in part 3, this version anyway

That Ilias fell apart at the end of part 2.  We still have loli Ilias running around.  I’m not sure what part she’ll play in part 3 (or Alice if you picked Ilias at the start of the game).  She did sort of vanish from the plot after Grangold.  A more wayward prediction is you have to fight her (or Alice) at the end of part 3.

Nero and Neris’s role is still unclear.  Nero was keen to chase down the white rabbit and they did appear to oppose Tamamo.  I’m guessing most of these various factions will set aside their differences and unite versus either chaos or Black Alice in part 3.

Speaking of the White Rabbit, I wonder if we’ll see her again.  It was a little bit of a letdown that she turned out be nothing more than a creation of Ilias, and with paradox!Ilias gone, I wonder if that’s it for our annoyingly cryptic bunny girl.

Looking in doubt for part 3 unless she's something more than Ilias's tool

The one weakness I think the ending of part 2 had in comparison to other MGQ chapter endings is that it left the objectives rather muddy (unless I missed some nuance in translation).  Part 1 had us returning from a dying reality with the knowledge we had to do something awesome to save the universe.  The ending of part 2 feels a little aimless.  We were going to confront Alice 15th to prevent a war, but she’s dead, killed by Marcellus, and we find out the only reason she wanted that war in the first place was to try and save all worlds from being eroded away by chaos.

In the original series, chapter 2 ended with the twist of psycho Ilias and made it clear part 3 would be about stopping her.  As for the end of part 2 of MQ:P, we still appear to be heading to Helgondo, but at this point I don’t see a clear reason why.  Also, I really hope part 3 avoids the mistakes of MGQ and takes us off somewhere new.  I don’t want to be retreading the same path to pick up the elemental spirits again.

Going off in a new direction would also avoid what was the low point of part 2 for me—the repetition from the original series.  The monster girl queens were definitely less interesting because we’d already seen them before, including their Bad End scenes, in the original Monster Girl Quest games.

The high point was probably the tartarus version of Remina castle.  It’s hard to make RPGmaker creepy and skinned-alive people stuck in walls spouting random gibberish was definitely creepy (and again would make great scenes in an anime or more advanced game).

Creepier even than one of Delphinus's angel girls

Of the new characters, I liked Mephisto and Alicetroemeria.  Mephisto taking “to the letter” to extremes in order to aid us against Alice 15th while still being fanatically loyal to Alice 15th was nicely drawn.  Alicetroemeria, the past version of Black Alice, was also amusingly loopy.  She also seemed mischievous rather than malicious and I hope the plot makes use of her as we close in on her alternate reality counterpart.

For sexy smexy—Lilith.

More Lilith boobs for part 3 plz!

Oh yes, Lilith.  Yup.  I’m a sucker for big boobs.  Can’t wait for more Lilith in part 3.


  1. "Who [of the Six Ancestors] are you most looking forward to?"

    I can't really explain why, but I'm looking forward to Kanon, the plant ancestor.

    "It was a little bit of a letdown that [White Rabbit] turned out be nothing more than a creation of Ilias, and with paradox!Ilias gone, I wonder if that’s it for our annoyingly cryptic bunny girl."

    Actually, White Rabbit is not Ilias' creation. As I understand it, she's a multiverse entity that appears to oversee causality.

  2. Yeah, you'd probably understand the White Rabbit a bit better if you did the Ilias route, but suffice it to say she's like Death, (or Reaper, whatever she's called) some sort of "fundamental" being that's apparently a manifestation of a rule of the universe or something. Speaking of Reaper, you could probably beat her up now.

  3. Hmm, that's what I thought White Rabbit was. (I also thought she was the one doing the time rewinding under orders of Ilias). The scene where Ilias blasts her with lightning, resummons her, then blasts her with lightning again threw me off.

  4. If you get the latest version, it has a series of new cutscenes you can view when you look at the bookcase in hades. One of the scenes shows the white rabbit back (I think she just simply re-materializes) speaking with someone you might find really interesting. It also sets up other stuff for part 3

  5. Just throwing in some random musing, I know machine translation makes things interesting but if I remember correctly in the original mgq illias said that in order for her to gain darkness abilities being consumed or becoming a part of a chaos being was the only way for it to happen due to her being a manifestation of pure light. So could it be instead the paradox illias started to fall apart because she was hit by the chaos blast that formed the snow continent, something her body literally could not handle, as opposed to the original illias getting dragged along post death and causing a paradox situation?