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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 55: Black Alice's Monster Lord Castle


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After a brief stopover at Remina which didn’t give us much other than some juicy background info, it’s time to continue on to the monster lord castle up in the north.

Here be succubi and all kinds of filthy fun

In the castle Alice reminds Luka to stay focused.  We’re not here to fight the demon lord Black Alice.  We’re here to pick up the blue orb.  We should stay focused on the task at hand and avoid running into Black Alice.

Black Alice... sorry... Alicetroemeria agrees.  We should avoid running into Black Alice... who is standing right next to us.

There are also some rather attractive succubi to tempt us with their seductive wiles as we make our way through the castle.

I say tempt us with their seductive wiles, but it might be more pound us to a pulp with their muscles.

I'm not sure you want these thighs wrapped around you.  They might fracture something.

Aha, here are the succubus martial artists teased on the original cover.

Demon Monk’s temptation move is a powerful vacuum blowjob.  Sadly there are no pictures of this, but we do get to see her ride us, muscular cowgirl style, afterwards.

She's going to ride us very very hard...

She’s tight and very pneumatic, and after Luka comes she jabs her tail in his ass and pumps him full of aphrodisiac venom.  Despite this, it’s not a drained-to-husk snuff ending.  But given that she takes Luka off to train on, I don’t think it will be long before she breaks her new toy.

I like this artist’s style, mainly because Luka actually looks like a mature hero here and it doesn’t matter because the succubi still over-sex him.

Other monster girls include the Guivre Girl.

Naughty and nice all in one package

She’s half-demon, half-angel, I think.  Although I wonder if TTR had a research fail here as when I looked up guivre I got a mythical French wyvern thing.

She’ll tempt Luka with a blow-job.


And then, like Demon Monk, rides us cowgirl-style afterwards.  Using her half-demon, half-angel powers, she alternates her pussy between angelic (soft and fluffy) and demonic (muscular and very very tight).


The scylla maids running around are one of Xelvy’s creations, hence spines where There Should Not Be Spines.

She's very efficient and diligent, and not at all... spiky

Her bad end scene is surprisingly medium for a Xelvy.

One of Xelvy's more restrained scenes

I’m not sure the angles work here, but at least she milks out our cum without those spines going into soft parts of our anatomy.

That’s enough fun.  Time to continue the exploration.  Oh and one important thing:


I wouldn't go up here...

This is the middle staircase leading up to the 3rd floor.  The NPC will tell you that it leads to Black Alice’s throne room.  Alice will also warn you again that you’re not here to fight Black Alice.

The main downside of walking up the stairs is Alicetroemeria will leave the party.  This is presumably to take her place on the throne so we can fight her.

Or maybe.  Despite her strategic disappearance at this point, I do wonder if they’re one and the same person.  Walking through the castle the NPCs talk a lot about an ongoing war between Alice and her sister.  I might be reading more into it than is there, or just misreading a bad machine translation, but I do wonder which loon we currently have in our party.

You can fight Black Alice, but it’s not advised, especially if you were leaning on Alicetroemeria’s offensive capabilities, as she will have left the party before this fight.  Despite this I still made a reasonable attempt at it.  Whether it’s winnable or not depends on what damage Black Alice’s Monster Lord’s Cruelty attack caps out at.  Against me it was a total party kill.  I could survive that as I’d levelled up all my party members through the Apprentice Hero job to pick up the self-resurrecting Protection of the Goddess ability.  The first Monster Lord’s Cruelty anyway.  The second Monster Lord’s Cruelty... yeah, that was a party wipe.

I reloaded and avoided this part of the castle in the end, mainly because I don’t know if you actually get Alicetroemeria back once she leaves the party.  You probably don’t want to lose her either, as her damage output is useful when fighting the proper boss of this region.

Where you need to go is up the east tower.  That’s where the treasure room containing the blue orb can be found.

It’s not a simple case of picking it up, as standing between us and the treasure room is the infamous Black Sanyaki (Black Rose?).

Legends of their time

This is the legendary trio of Kokka (succubus), Kokuja (lamia), and Kurobara (vampire).  They are quite a tough boss fight.  The Bad End you get varies depending on which one of the trio landed the final blow.

If it was Kokuja, she’ll suck Luka’s sperm out with a tail orifice she heats up for extra comfort.

Hot (literally!) tail-sucking action

Kurobara will suck you up with her pussy.

Vampires have other mouths to suck with...

Kokka will really suck you up with her pussy.

...but they don't suck as hard as succubi

And I mean really.  She doesn’t waste any time on it.  The gal is on a schedule.  Cue sweet, but extremely short sex as she sucks out all our cum and energy in not much time at all.

But, as always, this is a fate for alt!Luka.  In this reality, like Heinrich before us, we gave Black Sanyaki a good spanking and sent them packing.

Interestingly, their profiles in the monsterpedia have a (1) after the name, which implies we’ll be seeing them again for more sexy fun in part 3.

The blue orb is ours.  Time to head over to the Bird God Shrine.

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  1. Alicetroemeria is 100% Black Alice. Her sister, Alice the 9th, isn't at war with her yet. Tensions are just very high due to how crazy Black Alice is, and lots of monsters including the future 9th are considering or plotting a coup.
    Alicetroemeria can be manually returned to the party after leaving the throne room.
    You didn't mention anything about Black Alice's 2nd and 3rd forms... Did you get wiped by the 1st?

    Guivre Girl is a yoma (high level monster of often indeterminate race) who has trained herself to use holy energy. She's not a part angel hybrid. Trying to use both the holy and dark energy at once would cause her to explode.

    In the Ilias route where Heinrich is recruited instead of Alicetroemeria, she tries to pass of everything he experiences as dream training.
    Proving himself to be significantly less dense than Luka, he jokingly asks if the training is over once the orb is acquired. He suspected something was up as soon as they met, but played along anyway.

    1. Yup, only fought Black Alice once and got wiped by her 1st form. Most of my characters are glass cannon damage dealers and squishy thieves. Nobody had the HP/Defense to tank Black Alice's Monster Lord's Cruelty attack.

      Cheers for the additional info. I'm limited in what I can get from dodgy machine translation.

    2. Once this LP is over, I should lend you my saves. You would love my epically grinded party I suspect, even if it doesn't have all the girls you like in it, you'd be able to smash most stuff with it.

  2. Thank you for your walkthough. Its hilarius and entertaining to read.