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Monday, April 02, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 55: Black Alice's Monster Lord Castle


<- Previous: Remina

After a brief stopover at Remina which didn’t give us much other than some juicy background info, it’s time to continue on to the monster lord castle up in the north.

Here be succubi and all kinds of filthy fun

In the castle Alice reminds Luka to stay focused.  We’re not here to fight the demon lord Black Alice.  We’re here to pick up the blue orb.  We should stay focused on the task at hand and avoid running into Black Alice.

Black Alice... sorry... Alicetroemeria agrees.  We should avoid running into Black Alice... who is standing right next to us.

There are also some rather attractive succubi to tempt us with their seductive wiles as we make our way through the castle.

I say tempt us with their seductive wiles, but it might be more pound us to a pulp with their muscles.

I'm not sure you want these thighs wrapped around you.  They might fracture something.

Aha, here are the succubus martial artists teased on the original cover.

Demon Monk’s temptation move is a powerful vacuum blowjob.  Sadly there are no pictures of this, but we do get to see her ride us, muscular cowgirl style, afterwards.

She's going to ride us very very hard...

She’s tight and very pneumatic, and after Luka comes she jabs her tail in his ass and pumps him full of aphrodisiac venom.  Despite this, it’s not a drained-to-husk snuff ending.  But given that she takes Luka off to train on, I don’t think it will be long before she breaks her new toy.

I like this artist’s style, mainly because Luka actually looks like a mature hero here and it doesn’t matter because the succubi still over-sex him.

Other monster girls include the Guivre Girl.

Naughty and nice all in one package

She’s half-demon, half-angel, I think.  Although I wonder if TTR had a research fail here as when I looked up guivre I got a mythical French wyvern thing.

She’ll tempt Luka with a blow-job.


And then, like Demon Monk, rides us cowgirl-style afterwards.  Using her half-demon, half-angel powers, she alternates her pussy between angelic (soft and fluffy) and demonic (muscular and very very tight).


The scylla maids running around are one of Xelvy’s creations, hence spines where There Should Not Be Spines.

She's very efficient and diligent, and not at all... spiky

Her bad end scene is surprisingly medium for a Xelvy.

One of Xelvy's more restrained scenes

I’m not sure the angles work here, but at least she milks out our cum without those spines going into soft parts of our anatomy.

That’s enough fun.  Time to continue the exploration.  Oh and one important thing:


I wouldn't go up here...

This is the middle staircase leading up to the 3rd floor.  The NPC will tell you that it leads to Black Alice’s throne room.  Alice will also warn you again that you’re not here to fight Black Alice.

The main downside of walking up the stairs is Alicetroemeria will leave the party.  This is presumably to take her place on the throne so we can fight her.

Or maybe.  Despite her strategic disappearance at this point, I do wonder if they’re one and the same person.  Walking through the castle the NPCs talk a lot about an ongoing war between Alice and her sister.  I might be reading more into it than is there, or just misreading a bad machine translation, but I do wonder which loon we currently have in our party.

You can fight Black Alice, but it’s not advised, especially if you were leaning on Alicetroemeria’s offensive capabilities, as she will have left the party before this fight.  Despite this I still made a reasonable attempt at it.  Whether it’s winnable or not depends on what damage Black Alice’s Monster Lord’s Cruelty attack caps out at.  Against me it was a total party kill.  I could survive that as I’d levelled up all my party members through the Apprentice Hero job to pick up the self-resurrecting Protection of the Goddess ability.  The first Monster Lord’s Cruelty anyway.  The second Monster Lord’s Cruelty... yeah, that was a party wipe.

I reloaded and avoided this part of the castle in the end, mainly because I don’t know if you actually get Alicetroemeria back once she leaves the party.  You probably don’t want to lose her either, as her damage output is useful when fighting the proper boss of this region.

Where you need to go is up the east tower.  That’s where the treasure room containing the blue orb can be found.

It’s not a simple case of picking it up, as standing between us and the treasure room is the infamous Black Sanyaki (Black Rose?).

Legends of their time

This is the legendary trio of Kokka (succubus), Kokuja (lamia), and Kurobara (vampire).  They are quite a tough boss fight.  The Bad End you get varies depending on which one of the trio landed the final blow.

If it was Kokuja, she’ll suck Luka’s sperm out with a tail orifice she heats up for extra comfort.

Hot (literally!) tail-sucking action

Kurobara will suck you up with her pussy.

Vampires have other mouths to suck with...

Kokka will really suck you up with her pussy.

...but they don't suck as hard as succubi

And I mean really.  She doesn’t waste any time on it.  The gal is on a schedule.  Cue sweet, but extremely short sex as she sucks out all our cum and energy in not much time at all.

But, as always, this is a fate for alt!Luka.  In this reality, like Heinrich before us, we gave Black Sanyaki a good spanking and sent them packing.

Interestingly, their profiles in the monsterpedia have a (1) after the name, which implies we’ll be seeing them again for more sexy fun in part 3.

The blue orb is ours.  Time to head over to the Bird God Shrine.

-> Next: Not the Bird God Shrine

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 33: Orichalcum Mines


<- Previous: Gold Port

It’s time for another gear upgrade.

Just west of Gold Port are the Orichalcum mines, where we can find the next upgrade material.

The cave entrance you're looking for

I might have got the name wrong, as the game calls these the Lava Cave Mines.  Hmm, I don’t see any lava around...

The 1st floor is mazy.  There are a few treasure chests dotted around, but it’s a bit of pain trying to map out the full extent of the floor.  I’d recommend putting Encounter Half on someone, or even wearing one of the no-encounter accessories while running through here.

Now about those encounters.

Snek! And [whatever the meme-y name for an octopus is]!

New girls.  New girls!

Fair play to Monster Girl Quest, the game has packed so many different types of monster girl into it, we’ve now gone beyond normal lamias and scyllas.  It has to be demon versions.

They’re not that demonic to be fair.  Lamias are vulnerable to cold and scyllas are vulnerable to lightning.  Both are also very blobbable if you want to use the instant KO tricks to cut combat down to one or two turns at most.

But priorities priorities.  What we all want to know is what filthy smexy stuff they like to get up to.

Don't try this at home with your pet snek!

Ow lamia.  You’re strangling my precious dangly bits.  Take it easy.  Don’t squeeze so hard.

Hey wait.  No.  Don’t put the tip of your tail in there.


This is not how it works.  Luka is a freak.

Cue party leaving in disgust and inevitable Bad End.

You're getting so squeezed, boy

Squeeze.  Lots of squeeze.  I mean she is a lamia, despite those demon bat wings.  Coils around chest – squeeze.  Vagina around cock – squeeze!

She also shoves the tip of her tail in our mouth for... what... equality?  I dunno either.


Pop.  Ahhhhh.

On the MGQ sliding scale of demons Lamia is at the nicer end.  After wringing Luka out, she announces she’s going to take him back to her nest and do the same thing to him every day.  At least she doesn’t eat him.

What about her octopus friend.  I’m not sure what that orifice is below her waist.  It looks a little too toothy.  I don’t think I want my dangly bits anywhere in its vicinity.

Knock scylla down to low enough health and you don’t get much choice.

Don't try this at home with your pet... eldritch abomination.  Fhtagn.  Fhtagn fhtagn!

That’s a lot of tentacles.  You might want to start struggling, Luka, before she inserts you in...

Goddamn it, Luka.

I don’t care if she has tentacles in there and it feels amazing and not toothy at all, we’re supposed to be saving the world(s).

Bad End time.  And it’s...

You're gonna get sucker welts...

...suckers for suckers?

It’s a tentacle job of sorts, with lots of little sucker kisses.  And thankfully enough lube.  Sucker welts on your dick hurt like a bitch the morning after.

As with lamia, scylla is a nice(ish) demon girl.  After milking Luka of his white stuff, she also decides to drag him off to a life of orgasmic bliss.

But we can’t let that happen.  Worlds (universes?) to save, and for that we need a chunk of whatever weird metal is at the bottom of these mines.

There is a rope leading down to the next level.  If you go left after entering the mines you should wander across it.

At least the rope is easy to spot this time...

And here’s the lava.  A lot of the floor is covered in it.  Given we’re in a fantasy universe with slightly loose physical laws, the lava doesn’t constitute a barrier.  Luka and party can walk across it, but it will cause damage in a similar way to purple poison marsh tiles.

Another monster type shows up here.

They just want to give you a nice relaxing warm bath

It’s the lava girl from Salamander’s Volcano in the original series.  She’s part of the slime girl family and will give you a nice relaxing lava bath if you let her (seriously, she can reduce the temperature to pleasant rather than having Luka burst into flames).  Like mud golem, if you’re running a hungry blob girl party, you’re not going to like lava girl.  She’s immune to the digestion status (as far as I can tell) and will need to be fought normally rather than having one of the slime girls gobble her up.

On this floor you can find a suspicious chest sticking out of the lava.  Unsurprisingly, it does turn out to be another mimic-like boxed girl.  Rather amusingly, she doesn’t realise she’s in lava, and once she does, begs the player to help her instead.  You can do this and she’ll reward you with 3 small medals and tell you about a mimic paradise island to the east of Happiness Village.  As far as I know, the only way to get to that sea is through the big stone gate next to the Naval HQ, and I don’t think that’s opening until part 3.  I’m guessing an island full of mimics is going to be a prime Job XP grinding location in a similar way to the bottom floor of the Administrator Tower in part 1.

When an ambush turns into a rescue plea

The orichalcum can be found down in the south-east corner of this floor.  As with most of the ore “quests”, it’s completely unguarded.  It’s a bit of a shame.  It would be nice to see these ore quests tied in with some kind of boss fight, similar to the dragon bandits in part 1.  There’s only so much content that can be packed in, I guess.

Even MGQ can run out of spare monsters to boss-guard the sparkly stuff

Once you have orichalcum, both the vampire blacksmith in Grangold and the dragon blacksmith in Gold Port can make orichalcum weapons.  The dragon blacksmith will also offer to teach Papi how to make orichalcum gear if you bring her the legendary Dragon Mallet of Blacksmithing that is rumoured to be lost within the North Ocean Floor Temple.

“What, this mallet,” Papi says, pulling out the random bit of treasure we looted from a chest a few blog posts back.

Um, yeah.  About doing things in their correct sequence...

Never mind.  Papi is now a fully-qualified orichalcum blacksmith.

The dragon blacksmith also drops hints of the next upgrade material – Rainbow(?) – which can be found on the elf isle.

As I have no idea where that is despite scouting out the next few locations, I suspect Papi won’t battering rainbows into swords for some time yet.  Maybe not until part 3?

In the meantime it’s time to go talk to a ghost perfectly-not-suspicious-in-the-slightest human about a haunted ship.

-> Next: Ghost Ship

Sunday, April 10, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Latexian Scylla

Name:  Latexian Scylla
Type:  Scylla
Habitat:  Lake Latex

At first glance the latexia scylla looks like a beautiful noblewoman lounging on a floating circular platform.  The woman resembles, but is not human.  Her eyes are octopoidal and her ears are pointed and stick out from the side of her head.

The platform maintains buoyancy through a series of gas-filled bladders on the underside.  Hanging down from the platform are a multitude of black, segmented tentacles.  The tentacles terminate in a variety of different appendages and are likely specialised for different tasks.

While it looks as though the woman is wearing a full latex dress that covers the whole platform, in reality this is to disguise where her body merges with the platform, as the woman, floating platform, and tentacles are all part of the same organism.

Attack Strategy:
While the latexian scylla is capable of astonishingly quick vertical movement by regulating the contents of her gas bladders, they are not capable of rapid horizontal movement.  At first the latexian scyllas took advantage of our unfamiliarity with them in order to get close.  More recently they've taken to hiding their approach within dense clouds of ink.

When faced with a group of targets, the scylla first blinds and disorients them by spewing out copious clouds of black ink.  During the resulting confusion she snatches a man up in her tentacles and rises to an altitude where she can feed undisturbed.

The latexian scylla feeds by draining the energy and fluids of their prey.  This is done through a special suction tentacle they attach to the genitals of their captive.  While they're capable of generating a large amount of suction, the scyllas do not exsanguinate their prey, instead—as with other H-space indigenous organisms—the feeding process is unusual and complex.  They need us aroused, sexually, before they can feed off us.  Her powerful suction does nothing until she stimulates her captive to ejaculation.  Then it's as if a conduit is opened up between her prey and her, and she is able to drain them completely of their life and fluids in a few short minutes.

Some of my colleagues see the complex feeding behaviour of the H-space indigenous organisms—the way they seem to need their prey to be sexually stimulated—as a conundrum to be picked apart and dissected until science discovers the answer.  I do not share their enthusiasm or optimism.  Nothing makes sense from a biological perspective.  It's insanity... pure insanity.

Latexian scyllas are tricky to engage in combat.  Now that they know we're aware of them, they stay hidden within dense clouds of ink.  They are not impervious to bullets, but as with other higher H-space organisms, they are capable of rapid regeneration.  Eyewitnesses have reported seeing bullet-hole punctures in their air bladders close up almost instantaneously.  Despite this I still think the best strategy is to target the gas bladders with sustained bursts of fire.  Bring the scylla to the ground and then target the head.

Threat Level:

Personnel stationed at FOB Rigg have reported that the "ink storms" seen out over Lake Latex are becoming more frequent and severe.  This is a troubling development.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Latexian Scylla

PFC Stewart Peter Bate saw it first, when it was little more than a far-off speck in a sky filled with roiling pink and purple clouds.  They were walking across Lake Latex, that curious, seemingly natural formation that resembled a lake of shiny black rubber.  The name was misleading as the 'lake' was solid enough to walk upon.  The 'latex' part still fit, as the surface had a similar elasticity and spring.

"What do you think it is?" he asked First Lieutenant Kevin Wright, the squad leader.

The dot, clearly larger than a bird, was getting larger as it drifted closer.

"Could be one of the jellyfish girls," LT Wright said.  "They're common in this region."

"Yeah, I heard of them," Bate said.  "Also heard some of the men use them for R & R."

LT Wright snorted.  "Those degenerates would fuck a fish if they thought it would give them good head.

There was a pause while the lieutenant placed a hand over his eyes and squinted at the far-off object.

"The jellyfish girls aren't harmless, but they're not that dangerous either.  If she drifts too close we'll try to shoo her off and if that fails, shoot her down."

"And if our guns don't fire."  Bate had heard about that too.

"That's why we have these," SPC Jon Lehane said.  His biceps rippled as he showed off a long gleaming steel harpoon with a wickedly barbed point.

They continued across the lake and the object in the sky continued to drift closer, clearly on an intercept course.  Bate wondered what it was.  Tentacles writhed beneath it and an indistinct figure sat on top of it.

Frowning, LT Wright brought the squad to a halt.

"Not a jellyfish girl?" Bate said.

"No, this is something new."

The shape grew clearer as it drew closer.  Bate saw a pale-skinned woman lounging on some kind of floating platform.  Beneath the platform thick black tentacles coiled and writhed.

"Okay, listen up," LT Wright said.  "We have a possible first contact scenario here.  I want you all to be on your best behavior.  We're representing everyone back home.  Be watchful, but be diplomatic."

The alien drifted closer.  Assuming she was an alien.  Aside from an unusual skin tone that seemed a little too pale, she looked human in all other respects.

"That means no itchy fingers on triggers," LT Wright said.  "No one, I repeat no one, is to open fire unless I give the order.

The squad leader held up his hand in a gesture of peace as the alien hindig floated up to them.  She stopped in front of them, hovering about eight feet off the ground.  Behind her the flat glossy black expanse of Lake Latex stretched away to the horizon.

Close up it was clearer she wasn't human.  Her skin was too pale and had a blueish tinge rather than the pink tinge of human flesh.  Her brown eyes looked more like the eyes of an octopus with their horizontal black bar pupils.  Her ears were also long and pointed, and stuck out from the side of her head like the ears of a fantasy elf.

A real-life alien, in the flesh, Bate thought.

"I am Lieutenant Kevin Wright," LT Wright said.  "I represent both the United States government and the people of planet Earth.  Who do I have the honor of addressing?"

The alien woman lounged on a circular platform.  A collection of shiny black airbags swelled and contracted on the underside of the platform like great black lungs.  Bate wondered if they were what gave the platform its buoyancy.  Also hanging from the underside were a proliferation of thick black tentacles.  They were segmented, and coiled and uncoiled like a nest of giant earthworms.  Some tapered to a tip while others terminated in strange organic structures—some bulbous, others gaping orifices—each seemingly designed for a different task.  All appeared to be covered in the same glossy black rubber as the surface of the lake.  Even the woman.  She wore a tight black bodice of the same material that billowed out below the waist into a dress that was large enough to spill over the edges of the platform.  The way the shiny material emphasized her bust and showed off her cleavage reminded Bate uncomfortably of kinky film clips he'd seen on the internet.  These were not thoughts to be thinking in a first contact situation with an alien race!

"I am Vampuum," the floating hindig replied.

Bate was shocked that she could not only understand English, but speak it as well.  LT Wright didn't seem fazed by it, almost as though it was expected.  Bate wondered if their squad leader had access to additional intel the common grunts didn't.

"It is an honor to meet you, Vampuum," LT Wright said.  "My government is interested in forging mutually beneficial relationships with the peoples of this world.  Can you direct us to the nearest population center and seat of authority?"

"Oh, I'm not interested in that," Vampuum said.  She looked over each of the men.  The tentacles beneath her platform writhed and coiled in a way Bate found weirdly hypnotic.  "I'm wondering which of you delectable morsels I should pick to suck all the juices out of."

Fuck, Bate thought.  Hostile.

The men didn't need instruction from their squad leader.  They were already swinging their guns in the direction of the alien.  Too slow, though, too slow.  At the same time, two of the tentacles, each terminating in a strange mouth-like structure, pointed in their direction and belched a thick cloud of black ink over the squad.

Everything went dark.  Bate couldn't see a thing.  He heard gunfire and shot in the direction he thought he'd last seen the alien girl.  Had they hit it?  He heard no confirmation, no cry of pain.

Probably not, he realized with dread as he felt something, or rather somethings, coil around his limbs and body.  They were muscular and powerful.  Bate's weapon and pack were stripped from him, his arms were pinned to his sides and his legs bound together.  He was yanked off his feet and felt a strong upward force as the hindig rose like a weather balloon.  Bate burst through the top of the black cloud and watched in horror as the ground rushed away from him.

They'd never find him, he thought as the dense cloud of ink receded to a small smudge.  The men were already shrinking to less than ants.  Even if they thought to look up, Bate would be just a dot in the sky to them.

The hindig reached her desired altitude and stopped.  Bate stopped trying to struggle free of her tentacles.  Now he was praying she wouldn't let him go.  Falling from this height would be like jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

She looked him over.  One of her tentacles slid beneath his top and tore it open to expose his chest.  Another tentacle—Bate had a horrible feeling that the tentacles, and the platform, were part of her body—slid across his pecs.  The slender tip tickled against his nipples as Vampuum's eyes shone with unhealthy lust.

"Very agreeable," she said.  "Very agreeable indeed."

What did she want with him?  Down on the lake she'd said she was going to eat one of them up, but up here there were different hungers burning in her eyes.

"Don't do this," Bate said.  "There will be repercussions.  My government won't stand back and tolerate acts of aggression against its representatives.  It will mean war between our worlds."

Vampuum laughed airily.  "Such things don't concern me."

Her tentacle hooked under Bate's pants and ripped them open to expose his genitals.

"We exist to seduce and suck.  You exist to be seduced and sucked."

Her tentacle slid between his thighs and tickled the underside of his nuts.

What the fuck?  Did she want to... fuck him?

Vampuum smiled coyly at him.  She pulled down her shiny black top to expose her tits.  They were a nice pair as well—big, round, firm.  She placed hands under them and proffered them like a greengrocer showing off his proudest wares.

"Are you not seduced," she said.

Nope, Bate was definitely not seduced.  Being a mile up in the air with only the tentacles of an over-amorous alien between you and splattery death on the ground far below didn't really set the right mood.

Vampuum laughed.  "I see not.  Oh well, seduction was never one of my strengths.  No matter, once I have you in my suction tube you'll give me everything.  They all do."

She shifted position on the platform.  A bump rose beneath the black rubber and burrowed towards Bate as if there was a giant snake or worm under the sheet.  It was another segmented tentacle, larger and thicker than the rest.  It emerged at the edge of the platform and reared up before Bate like a venomous snake.  The tentacle terminated in a black bulbous structure that looked like it was made out of an artificial substance—rubber—rather than flesh.  A cushioned donut at the tip ringed a narrow opening moist with transparent oils.  For all its artificial appearance, the opening pulsed and gaped like a living orifice.

Bate did not like the look of that.  He started squirming against his tentacle bonds.  To no avail, the alien girl coiled them tighter until he couldn't move at all.

The bulbous suction cup attached itself to Bate's crotch.  The bulb swelled and Bate's penis was sucked inside.

"We'll start gently," she said.  "Your pricks are fragile until they get a little blood inside them and we wouldn't want to tear it off by accident."

She said it with a malicious sparkle in her eyes, as if she knew she could say whatever she liked to freak him out and it wouldn't stop her from getting what she wanted.

Her suction cup molded to the contours of his crotch and formed an airtight seal.  His penis was stretched out within the bulb and blood flowed down into it in an autonomous response that had nothing to do with Bate's current arousal, or rather lack of it.

"You can't do this," he protested.  "This is..."  He couldn't even bring himself to say it, or was even sure it applied.

The hindig lounged back on her platform and toyed with her naked breasts.

"You're not on Earth now, silly human," she said.  "This is the Dominion of Lust.  These are our skies."

"Why war?" Bate said.

"War?" Vampuum laughed as if she thought it ridiculous.

The soft rubbery bulb throbbed between Bate's legs.

"Mmm, you're getting harder.  You should start to feel pleasure now."

Yeah, Bate felt pleasure.  Her weird tube thing was sucking him off.  It didn't matter.  It wasn't the warm mouth of a cute girl and neither was it a moist tight pussy.  He knew it was some weird alien suction tube thing, and because he knew it was a freaky alien suction tube thing, there was no way she was going to...


Vampuum smiled.  The black suction bulb pulsed more strongly.  Bate's cock swelled within it and pressed through the center of a plump donut of soft material.  Wet with lubricant, the inner ring pumped up and down Bate's shaft as the bulb swelled and ebbed around him.

"We feed on your pleasure... your sexual energy," she said.  "And you're all so eager to give it to us."

The black airbags beneath her platform swelled as her suction tube continued to throb away around Bate's cock.  He felt like he was plunging back and forth into the most deliciously tight ass you could imagine.  It took all of his self-control to fight back the urge to fill the pulsing rubber bulb with his cream.

"You can try to hold on as much as you like," Vampuum taunted.  "I'm still going to pump you dry."

Another tentacle, this one terminating in a slender tip rather than a bulbous suction cup, slithered between Bate's buttocks.  It wormed up into Bate's ass.  His sphincter clenched and tried to repel the invader, but the tentacle, slick with lubricant, burrowed deeper.

"It's all about giving the right spot a little tickle," she teased.

She held up a finger and made a little flicking gesture.  Within Bate's body the tip of her tentacle flickered back and forth against his prostate.  A warm wave of pleasure flowed out across Bate's body and was drawn into the tube sucking away at his crotch.  The tight inner ring pumped harder and faster up and down his shaft.  Bate felt little warning trembles in his knees and all over his body.  Fuck, he was going to come.

"And then..."

Vampuum put her finger between her lips and sucked.

The black airbags beneath her platform swelled up.  The rubber suction cup contracted around Bate's genitals and he gasped as the force gripped him.  Too much.  Too much.

And then...

Oh fuck yeah.

His cock swelled and he emptied the biggest, most satisfying load of cum he'd ever deposited anywhere.  The ecstatic release of orgasm shuddered through him as she sucked out the contents of his balls.

Fuck, you got me, bitch, Bate thought.  Not that he minded too much.  It might be a freaky alien suction tube thing, but it was a fucking awesome freaky alien suction tube thing that gave out the best blowjob Bate had ever experienced.

He relaxed in the grip of her coils.  Maybe this wouldn't turn out so bad after all.

The tube kept sucking.

"I'll take it from here," Vampuum said, her eyes as cold as the bluish tinges to her skin.

Bate twitched in her tentacles.  Fuck, he was still coming.  How?  It was like she was pumping it out of him in a constant pulsing stream.  The black balloons beneath her platform kept swelling like bellows as she sucked.  The tentacle within Bate's ass pressed on his prostate like it was a button and semen kept pouring out of him.

Lost to the sensual ecstasy of the release, Bate writhed and squirmed in her tentacles.  Too much.  He couldn't stop.  The flow wouldn't stop.

Where was it all coming from?  His balls had to be drained by now.

A glance down revealed the horrifying answer.  The skin around her black suction cup had an unhealthy gray pallor and was starting to shrivel.  Not just there.  His arms were wasting away.  As were his legs and chest.  Wasting away.  All of him wasting away.  He glanced at Vampuum with fearful eyes.

Vampuum sat on her platform and regarded him with imperious grace.

She sucked and sucked as Bate jittered helplessly in the grip of a never-ending climax.  His body shriveled and withered away as she pumped out all the fluids within it.  Then, having sucked Bate completely dry, she released his empty husk and let it spiral down to the surface of Lake Latex far below.

* * * *

Jesus fuck! SPC Stewart Peter Bate thought as the mummy fell out of the sky and crashed into the yielding black surface of Lake Latex right in front of him.

Fuck, that had scared the shit right out of him.  Just like one of those cheap horror jump scares where the rotting corpse springs right up in someone's face.  This poor bastard looked in no better condition than those schlocky horror movie props.  The flesh was desiccated, as if the corpse had been lying out in the desert for a couple of years.

Uh oh.

Bate noticed something familiar about the mummy's torn jacket.

A check of the dog tags confirmed it.

"Sir, I've found Tovey... I think."

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 42

Lily's House of Fun (Ah, Fuck! Pot!)

Welcome to part 42 of my Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough (for part one, go here).  Last off we were left with a choice – Lily or Lucia.  Mad sorceress/alchemist crazy or... uh, mad sorceress/alchemist crazy.

For this playthrough, and having no real clue as to the various benefits and drawbacks of either, I decided to side with Lucia.  She sounded slightly more reasonable than Lily.  I was also basing it on what I knew of the characters in the original series, not that that's relevant as both characters are slightly different to their MGQ counterparts.

Also, Lucia has the bigger tits.

Caveman snark aside, I doubt there's a correct answer here.  TTR loves playing around with shades of grey (no, not those Shades of Gray!).  It will be interesting to see if this choice has later repercussions in further chapters.

It also gives the game a little bit of replayability (Ha, like there isn't already with a 100+ roster of characters!).  This time up I picked Alice and Lucia.  When the English translation comes out I'll run with Ilias and Lily.

After we inform Lily we're here to punch her lights out, she sensibly uses her magic to chuck us out of the front door of her mansion.  It then becomes a conventional dungeon location.

In one of the rooms to the left I notice two chests.  One of them is suspiciously placed.  Obviously a mimic.  Now let's take a look in these pots first...

Oops.  I should have been more concerned about the pots.

Honey Pot is an upgraded mimic.  She has a similar suite of attacks – the one difference being a lash-all tentacle attack instead of mimic's devour attack.  As with mimic, she's designed to be way harder than the party the first time she's encountered.

And she is.  Luka can go toe to toe and his anti-ghost heroism attack in particular does a lot of damage.  The rest of the party (particularly the back line crippled with Bondage Rope) can't.  And...

At least she's not as predatory as mimic.  Her Bad End is to soak Luka in her ecstasy honey and squeeze out his seed forever.  Those are usually considered the better MGQ Bad Ends.

Ah, fuck! Pot! indeed.

A quick jog back to the mansion, some more exploration and...

Ah, fuck! Pot!

Okay, that's enough pot fucking.  The Honey Pots are a bit too hard for the current party.  I think we'll leave off checking any pots for treasure until we've levelled up the rest of the party a bit.

Monster girl encounters are the same as encountered in Lily's mansion in the previous series.  So we get the weird'n'wonderful iron maidens ( \m/ ) and suck vores.

Despite their unusual appearance, the suck vores are female.  TTR had to add a scene to the original MGQ showing a girl transforming into one just to show that.  I've also been told they're adorably cute when you recruit them, but as of writing this I haven't managed to recruit one to verify this.  Even with 100 affection and a 2x Recruit Chance ability on Luka thanks to the Demon Trainer job they're (and this is true for pretty much all the monster girls in Lily's mansion) still coy.

The new monster girl is one that was previewed on TTR's site previous to Paradox coming out.  I'd forgotten she was coming up to be honest.  Both me and machine translator make a hash of trying to figure out what her name is, so I'm just going to go with Bitey Scylla for now.

She is disconcertingly toothy.  In her Bad End she advises Luka to stay quiet and not struggle otherwise things might get bitey.

Hmm, sit back and let her suck all your man juice out, or struggle and get bitten in places we'd rather not imagine teeth being near, ever.  Talk about Hobson's Choice (or not, I'm getting my metaphors wrong – the correct one I meant is Morton's Fork.  Or is it Sophie's Choice.  Yeah, let's quit while I'm behind and move on.  And not think about teeth.)

The worm villager also shows up, but she appears to be a fairly rare encounter.

There are some steps leading downstairs, but trying to go down them results in the party being teleported to the first floor instead.  There's a crystal-ball-shaped item in a chest on the first floor here

that Alice informs us will be able to break the magic on the steps down.

The steps take us down into Lily's dungeon.  Her mind is clearly not in a good place.

We find her in her study at the end of short corridor.  She says she acts for the oppressed and that we can still change our minds.  I consider it, mainly because I know Lucia's area is the tower to the south of the village and I'm not sure if beating Lily here locks it away from the player for good.  I've got a previous save anyway, so it's time for a battle.

Hmm, Lily, don't you think this is a little forceful for a temptation attack.

Near the end she makes another plea for us to change our minds.  She mentions how Lucia has been her assistant ever since she was a small girl.  The game gives three option and to be honest, machine translation doesn't make any of them that clear.  I go with the second option, which results in a fight to the end.

Afterwards Lily acknowledges her defeat, but rather than her join the party as has happened with every fight so far, the game ominously tells us Lily has lost her mind.  As suspected, we can recruit either Lily or Lucia but not both unless in NG+ or hacking the game.

Going back to Lucia she tells us Lily had become obsessed with the voices of the oppressed and it had driven her mad.  Then her portrait changes to something a little more sinister and she says something I didn't catch but causes Luka to give the "............." response.

Oops, did we fuck up after all.

My worries about Lucia's area being locked out should the player side with her turn out to be unfounded.  Paradox as a whole has been very careful to make sure every area can be returned to by the player.  On beating Lily, Lucia's tower in the south opens up.  We'll have a nose around there tomorrow.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Let's Play Demon Angel Sakura! part 5

And more from the squicktastic hentai/vore game Demon Angel Sakura.  Part 1 is here.  Yesterday we had our skull eaten by Treant, so it's time to dish out some demonic/divine justice.

After zapping Treant good it’s time to move onto the fourth level, Lake Clarus.

Rather unwisely Sakura decides to strip off and frolic in the shallow end.  This attracts the attention of the ginormous Skylla (I assume this is a misspelling and they meant Scylla).  She’s the classic half giantess, half giant octopus (but without the wolf heads of myth).  Emphasis on Giant!  She decides Sakura looks tasty and it’s time for boss fight no. 4.

Skylla starts out by flinging massive pink tentacles at Sakura and we have to dodge by bouncing between the upper and lower level.  She also has another attack where she lifts up her sea-shell bikini and squirts milk out of her ginormous boobs.  Yay for crazy imagination.  The milk attack is like Treant’s energy attack in that it triggers a boring end rather than a Bad End.

Skylla has two bad ends depending on whether Sakura ends up wrapped up in the top tentacle or squashed under the lower tentacle.

Losing to lower tentacle squashing has her scoop Sakura up and use him as a human dildo.  Into the pussy headfirst goes Sakura and much moaning and grunting as Skylla rubs him up against her 'button'.  Asphyxiation by vagina aside, it’s all going reasonably well until Sakura loses control of his bladder.  Skylla decides to join in with the watersports, which pretty much ends up with Sakura dunked headfirst into a lake of piss.  Oh boy.

And you thought you had it bad in VH, Luka-clone buddy.

The second Bad End is triggered by being caught by the top tentacle.  Skylla decides to milk out Sakura by squashing him between her enormous breasts and jiggling them around.

After much bouncy-bouncy Sakura is out of baby juice (and loses control of his bladder . . . again).  Time for a typical giantess vore scene as Skylla swallows him whole and we get the classic vore cutaway scene of victim jiggling around in stomach.

Definitely a vore/giantess fetish game, but we’re going to battle on to the end.  After all, it can’t get any worse for Sakura.  Can it?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 13

And the Violated Hero 4 walkthrough is back to normal schedule.  Usual rules apply – bugger off minors and holier-than-thou thugs.

Today it’s the loving tentacles of Neptune Queen Selene.

First there’s the matter of recruiting angry Makina to the party.  How in the hell is that going to happen?  She’s Sharia’s loyal robot guard dog.

Oh, Lilith’s going to take advantage of her weakened state to charm her (as in the magical, You-vill-do-vat-I-say way).  If it works, it works.  I’m not sure I want to be around when she breaks it though.

A quick clean-up of Makina’s world and then it’s off to Selene’s domain.

Sigh, can you at least pick the pretty ones to palette swap, VH?

The random encounters are a lot more frequent now.  Practically every square has an ugly-cute goblin girl throwing her pussy in our faces.

I think one of the potions prevents random encounters, but I’m not sure which one it is.  The bottom left one doesn’t (I think it’s the bottom right as a repeat run to Bad End has no encounters).  I should probably check Dargoth’s translated version of Violated Hero 3.  I doubt the potion names and function will have changed.

The first time around I pick the wrong path and although I can detour to the exclamation mark at the end, I don’t because it would mean I’d have to go through another two times to hit all the squares.  I’m probably going to have to do that anyway as I’m running low on potions anyway.

And then . . .

Selene.  No hiding or jumping out of shadows, either.  Get to the end and there she is.

Selene is very flirty.  She thinks we’re cute.  Or rather Luka-clone is cute.  I’m a fugly bastard with specs and a couple of extra pounds around the gut.  To describe me as cute requires staggeringly bad vision, staggering amounts of alcohol, or very dodgy drugs.

Selene wants to have fun.  Why fight when we can have fun.

Fun sounds fun, but in Monster-Girl-world octopoidal fun is sometimes followed by din-dins.  For one.

Selene seems to be the Milfy of this instalment.  And just as I’m thinking that, she moves in for the extreme close-up, just like Paola, the lamia with the extremely long tail in VH2.  Maybe her character is meant to be a cross between the two.

Extreme close-up distraction boobies.

Can’t type.  Distracted.

Lilith slaps us out of it.

Oh, this is fun.  Selene is the first of the three devil kings to annoy Lilith.  Unlike the other two, Selene is more than happy to play the seductive minx, more so than Lilith.  Plus she has bigger boobies.  I suspect our resident succubus and chief revolutionary might be a tad jealous.

This time it’s the inverse of the scene with Anua.  It’s Selene that suggests they fight, with Luka-clone as the spoils to the victor.  It’s a nice touch at establishing the relationship between the two and hints at what the makers of VH can do when they’re not Xeroxing their earlier – and other’s – games.

I think I like Selene.

Hmm.  Second thoughts.

My, what a toothsome . . . um . . . belly you have.

Selene has 1,000 HP – same as Anua, but less than Makina.  It makes sense that Makina is the more powerful of the three, but surprising that the doors are out of order.

The fight is the same as all the others.  Pump cum into Lilith’s tail, rinse, repeat, occasionally go to Anua for some variety.  Selena’s sex attack is a lighter coloured version of Octorith’s tentacle from VH3.  I manage to prevail with the use of only one super potion.  Rather convenient that, considering it was my last.

We’re going to totally lose against Lilith (yippee!)

But first there’s a little rewind to see what Selene’s lovely tentacles have in store for us.  Selene is clearly a weaker boss than the others.  Luka-clone manages to knock of 150 HP off before one too many tentacle slaps brings him to his knees.

Those are ominously squishy sound fx as she grabs us.

Ah, that’s not so bad.  Not a shark-tooth stomach mouth in sight.  (although I wouldn’t put it past VH to have it eating our feet while I type).

What follows is the typical paizuri + blowjob scene.  Fair play, Luka-clone, you must have some organ between your legs for it to be able to poke up out of her cleavage like that.  Selene is definitely not modest in the bra-cup-size department.  That might explain why Lilith and the others are so keen to keep him around after Bad Ending him.  (Apart from Karina, although technically she did keep all the digestible bits).

Selene is a definitely the sexy flirty tease.  She blows on our cock for a while, gives her tits a bit of a shake and . . .

Down with the mouth hoover.  Selene calls it her mouth pussy.  Given she has a shark’s mouth in her belly that might actually be anatomical fact rather than porn simile.  We get a sloppy, noisy blowjob that doesn’t look bad at all (unless that mouth stomach is gnawing away on our feet right now . . .)

Scene two is the standard tentacle molestation scene as drawn many times by Setouchi and others for Monster Girl Quest.

Funnily enough, I remember a campaign to raise funds for a marine biology cause by selling a book of tentacle erotica.  One of the marine biologists was baffled by the fetish and pointed out that squid and octopus tentacles are evolved to catch prey and some of the suckers even have teeth to aid in this.  He couldn’t understand the connection with sex and porn.

Rule 34, my friend.  Rule 34.

Let’s hope the makers of VH don’t find out about that suckers-have-teeth thing.  It might give them ideas and we’ve already had THORN PUSSY!

After giving us such a nice blowjob Selene thinks it’s only fair that we return the favour on one of her tentacles.  This gets considerably grosser when it starts spurting like a cock, filling up Luka-clone’s stomach with salty “brine”.

Oh Selene, and it was all going so well.

Then it’s back to the castle for the “several months later” precursor to her third scene.  In amongst all the subjugating of the hapless humans Lilith and Selene get very catty with each other.  Nope, our succubus does not like little miss squid at all, especially after she stole her favourite toy.  Selene likes to rub it in by mentioning how much she is enjoying her favourite toy.  I like her.

But not that toothy mouth thing.

It’s a little distracting.

Haha.  She summons Luka-clone to the throne room so she can fuck him in front of everyone and annoy Lilith even more.  Netorare, Violated Hero style.  Poor Lilith tries to make out he’s a toy she’s no longer interested in.  I don’t think anyone believes her.  Selene starts on top and it’s all going fine until she mentions she wants to make Luka-clone her female sex slave.

And we all know what that means . . .

Tentacle.  In ass.

I can actually fight this round in the MEHydra vs Violated Hero battle.  I have this spin-off from Succubus Summoning, which features a tentacle-type demon.  For a closer match there’s “Hugh, the Hero” in my last collection, A Succubus for Remembrance.  That one’s so close (yep, also guilty of tentacle in ass) I reckon this round is a tie.

Only one devil king left.  Next up Lilith and presumably much squeezing by her intimate bits.