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Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-8 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Suraimo takes pity and starts to help Jackson out, up to a certain extent . . .

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-8 A Sticky Starting Scrap

“Eager for more?” Suraimo asked as he returned back to the start of the fight.  “What would you like me to do to you this time?”

Jackson threw his sword at her.

Suraimo turned her head and watched as it sailed past her into the bushes.  “I didn’t think it was possible to do that,” she said to no one in particular.

She slithered up to Jackson and undid his pants.

“I’m getting the feeling you’re not really enjoying this,” she said.

A slimy appendage enveloped Jackson’s penis and jerked him off to another large ejaculation.


Big tits angel was absolutely furious with him.  Her face was bright red and looked most un-angelic as she screamed at him.  He was thankful of the—


—option as she looked on the verge of attacking him.  After the skip wasn’t much better.  She’d turned her back on him in a huff and stood there with her arms folded.  Jackson felt that was a good time to slink off back to the battle.

“I think you’re stuck,” Suraimo said after she’d glued down his feet with her surprise attack, again.  “You want to get past this ‘fight’, but you don’t know how.”

Jackson glowered at her.

“I can help,” Suraimo said.  “Do you need clues?”

“Okay,” Jackson said.  “Is this a battle I can win?”

Suraimo looked taken aback.  “Yes, of course you can win,” she said with a bemused tone.

Jackson thought a little more.  “Was there an item or something I needed to pick up from the village before I came out here?”

“No,” Suraimo replied.  “You have everything you need with you right now.”

Jackson paused.  His face scrunched up.  How? he thought.  He’d tried out every command and nothing had worked.

“It’s not that hard,” she said, her gelatinous body shaking with mirth.  “It’s a simple puzzle battle.  Aerias should have told you the steps by . . .”

She put a hand over her mouth and blushed in embarrassment.

“Oh, but Aerias doesn’t speak English.  Ah.”

“It does make things a little more challenging,” Jackson said testily.

“Okay, I’ll walk you through the steps,” she said.  “I am the tutorial battle after all.”

She closed her eyes and grinned.  Pretty face or not, Jackson still wanted to put a fist through it and make it go splat.

Suraimo Torapo is my binding attack,” she explained.  “While you’re bound your normal attacks can’t hit me.  You need to select struggle first to escape.”

“And that’s all the command does, get the player out of holds?”  Jackson stepped back out of her sticky puddle, but not before a sinuous arm had managed to pull his pants down.  “Seems a little narrow focus.”

“You’ll be using it a lot of times in this game,” Suraimo said.  “Bondage is a popular fetish.  People find it sexy to have their movement taken away.”  She gave him a lewd wink.

“Okay, so what now?” Jackson asked.  “None of the options do anything.”

“It’s a puzzle battle,” Suraimo said.  “The first actions are all scripted.  You have to go through them to advance the story.  Try attack.”

Jackson did.  He swung his sword at her like a retarded kid with poor motor function and Suraimo easily stepped out of the way.

“This is the part where I taunt your slow swing,” Suraimo said.

And give him a grope for good measure, Jackson thought as a tentacle wound up his legs and tickled his balls.

“The story has advanced.  Now attack again.”

Jackson lunged forwards and drove his sword right through Suraimo’s chest.  While it felt satisfying, he would have enjoyed it far more had Suraimo not been so completely unconcerned by the four foot of steel passing through her body.

“And this is where I regenerate and you complain about how unfair that is.”

She pulled the sword out of her chest and the gash closed up.

“It is unfair,” Jackson complained.  “How am I supposed to beat a monster that regenerates as fast as I can do it damage?”

Suraimo tapped her nose.  “Try selecting attack again.”

Jackson ran her through again.

Suraimo looked down at the long blade puncturing her body with mild disdain.

“No, that’s the same attack as before,” she said.

She pulled the sword out and handed it back to Jackson.  The regeneration message flashed up and her green life bar filled back up.

“You need to . . .   Oh, wait a moment, Suraimo Torapo.”

Jackson’s feet were gummed up by a puddle of slime again.

Same attack?  There were other attacks?  Oh wait.  Selecting attack had brought up another menu with two options.  He’d raced through too fast last time.  He went for attack again.

“No no no.”  Suraimo shook her head in exasperation.

Her arms elongated into tentacles.  One wormed into his crotch for a sticky grope.  The other—and Jackson had no idea how she did this—came out of the screen of his game interface and tapped the player portrait on the bottom left.  A dripping finger traced over what appeared to be sticky ropes superimposed over his face.

“You’re bound.  Attacks don’t work.  You need to select struggle first.”

Her finger moved over and selected the struggle option.  Jackson’s legs moved of their own accord and he stepped backwards out of her gooey clutches.

“So now I select the second attack option?” Jackson asked.

“In a mo,” Suraimo said.  “My turn first.  Oh.”  She paused.  “Oh dear.  This is a rather inconvenient time for that move to show up.  Oh well, it was bound to happen at some point.”

Suddenly she reared up—arms outstretched and trailing curtains of blue slime—and broke over Jackson like a tsunami made of jelly.  He was knocked backwards, but didn’t hit the floor as the protean substance of Suraimo’s body had already flowed around and beneath him.  He landed on a cushion of soft, sticky jello and rocked up and down.  Suraimo’s upper body fell upon him like a wave and wrapped him up in her elastic protoplasm.

Fuck, that must be some kind of special attack.  She’d engulfed him completely apart from his face.  How much had that knocked off his health?

Not much, fortunately.  His bar was down to less than halfway, but he still had about forty percent left.

Suraimo lay to his side—the upper human-looking part of her anyway, the rest lay on both sides of Jackson as well as above and below him—and whispered words into his ear.  What felt like many dextrous hands undid his clothes and ejected them from her quivering mass.

“I’d feel more guilty about this, but it is my best move.  Most players love it.”  Her soft lips brushed his ear.  “Some request it over and over.”

Jackson ignored her and tried to thrash free.  It was a poor excuse for thrashing.  The substance of Suraimo’s body was thicker and gooier than water.  His current efforts looked like the slow-motion film of a man drowning in a giant water droplet.

Okay, so this probably counted as bound.  Jackson looked for the struggle command on his mental control panel.  It wasn’t there; none of the commands were.  That didn’t make sense.  He still had some health left, so it couldn’t be game over.

Suraimo’s amorphous body moved around him, gently squeezing and massaging his legs and arms.  A message flashed up and another chunk fell off Jackson’s life bar.

Her attack.  Now it was his turn.

Except it wasn’t.  No command options came up.

Suraimo embraced him with her whole body.  Internal currents toyed with his balls and lengthening erection.  More of his green bar fell away.  It was down to the last quarter now.

“Why can’t I do anything?” he asked.

Suraimo shifted position until her upper body was lying on top of him with her bulging breasts resting on his chest.

“This is Suraimo Paradiso.  It’s my auto-win attack.  All of your moves are cut off.  You can’t do anything so lie back and relax while I drain all your resistance away.”

Her swollen breasts melted into the blue slime enveloping his whole body.  Jackson’s struggles grew weaker.  It felt like there were a hundred hands working his body.  She rubbed, kneaded and massaged his aching muscles until they glowed with blissful relaxation.  Jackson stopped struggling and let his body float within her semi-liquid form.  She undulated around him in gentle waves.

“You regenerate and have an auto-win attack?” Jackson protested.

“I suppose that might seem a little excessive for the first battle,” Suraimo said.  She rubbed her body on top of him and sent gentle currents tickling against his exposed flesh.

“You think!”

“It’s all quite fair.  I can only use it when your resistance drops to half or less, and even then it’s pure chance whether that attack is selected.”

“Cheap,” Jackson muttered.

Suraimo laughed.  “If you weren’t so terrible you’d have dispatched me way before your resistance dropped below halfway.”

“I would . . . if the commands were in English!

“Oh shut up and come.”

Her body thickened around his cock and sucked on it with a series of gentle tugs.  Jackson’s resistance broke and he did as he was ordered.  His body flexed, he grunted and released a thick white stream from his cock.  The ejaculation was longer and slower—more relaxed—than the others, but he still felt like he’d emptied the entire contents of his balls into her.  It formed a thick white cloud before dissolving away within her blue slime.

Another loss, he thought.

He brought up the control panel in his mind and went to select skip.

Suraimo’s slime poured in and formed a thick plaque over the section with the skip command.

Wha?  How?

Jackson’s finger, or rather his mental equivalent, couldn’t get through to select it.

“That’s enough skipping,” Suraimo said.  “This time you’re getting your Bad End.”

to be continued . . .

Finding the right break points wasn't easy for this little mini-serial, but now we finally have a proper cliff-hanger.

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Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-7 A Sticky Starting Scrap

More gooey goodness with the gorgeous Suraimo. (usual age-sensitive/NSFW warnings apply!)

“You do know what this game is about?” Suraimo asked.

“It’s a pervy hentai game and I’m going to beat it,” Jackson said.  His face was stern as he settled into a fighting stance with his sword held out before him.

Suraimo clapped her hands and giggled.  Her gelatinous body shook like an excitable cheerleader.

“That’s the spirit,” she said.  “I love the ones that really get into the role,” she added conspiratorially.

She started with her slime trap again.  No problem.  He knew what to do.  He selected struggle and stepped back out of the sticky puddle.  Now what?  He tried attacking and again Suraimo easily sidestepped his heavy swing.  Her wet hand rubbed up his crotch.

Jackson took a moment to consider his next action.

That swing had been truly inept.  Jackson was a pasty-faced gamer who spent most of his waking hours on a sofa and even he could swing a sword better than that.

Hey wait, what if this was one of those stupid story-building sections?  Where the player had to learn the basic moves that would set him on the path to being a hero.

He selected attack again.

He lunged forward and drove his stupidly large sword right through the center of Suraimo’s chest until the blade emerged from the other side.

Yeah baby!  That’s what we’re talking about.

Suraimo looked down at the sword sticking out of her chest.   She seemed completely unfazed by the four feet of steel transfixing her body.  With good reason, as it happened.  As terminal as the strike looked, it had only knocked off maybe a third or quarter of her life bar.

A quarter?  For running her through?  Stupid RPG mechanics, Jackson thought.  At least he’d struck a blow and damaged her.

The sword came free with a sound like thick mud sucking on a foot.  Suraimo smiled at him.  A message flashed up in Jackson’s control panel.  He watched the gash in her chest close up.  Her green life bar filled back up to full.

“You can regenerate?” Jackson asked, shocked.

“Slimes have been known to possess that ability, yes,” Suraimo said.

She regenerated?  Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.

This was the first battle?  How was he supposed to fucking beat her?  It was fucking impossible.

Maybe that was the point.  Maybe the fight was supposed to be unwinnable.

He hadn’t used the sixth command yet.  That was because it had to be run away and only lamers picked run away.

Unless . . .

Yes, it was just like that stupid practice swing.  He wasn’t supposed to win this fight.  This was part of the story.  This was the part where he’d try to go it alone, get his ass handed to him by the first monster he came across, and then escape back to the village where some badass gramps would teach him The Way of the Exploding Double Dragon or some other bullshit like that.

Yes.  That had to be it.

He selected the sixth command.

He knew he’d made a mistake when he saw Suraimo’s eyes light up.

“Oh, that’s my favorite option,” she said.

What the fuck had he done now?

Jackson’s arms fell loosely to his sides.  He dropped the sword.  Suraimo glided down the path towards him, hips swaying slinkily from side to side.  He made no move to stop her as she undid and dropped his pants.

“That wasn’t the run away option, was it?” Jackson asked the obvious.

“Nope.”  Suraimo shook her head.

She turned around and backed into him.  She rubbed the soft curves of her ass against his crotch.  She took his hands and pressed them into the soft gelatinous mounds of her breasts.  She turned her head and planted a wet kiss on Jackson’s cheek.

“Mmm.  Choices, choices.  I think I’ll use some moves that aren’t in the script.”

She gave him a lewd wink and wriggled against his captive body.  She squeezed his hands, forcing him to squeeze her pliable boobs.  She rubbed her ass up and down, sliding his erection along the slippery crack between her ass cheeks.

“What was that option?” Jackson asked.  And why had it taken away all his options?

Suraimo leaned her head back against his shoulder.  Glops of whatever she had instead of hair oozed down his back.

“That’s the option for ‘surrender and let the girl do whatever she wants to you’.”

“What!”  Jackson shrieked.  “What kind of dumbass game has two surrender options!”

“A really filthy and—”

She continued to rub the elastic swell of her ass against him.  She lifted up higher and higher until his cock fell into the gap between her thighs and beneath her peachy ass.

“—perverted one.”

She came down and the head of his cock, then the whole shaft pushed up into her soft gelatinous body.

Oh fuck.

He was inside her.

“Mmm.  Oh yes,” Suraimo said.

She wriggled in his arms and he felt waves run through her semi-liquid form.  They rippled under his hands and around his cock like the caress of gentle hands.  He was inside her.  The warm slime of her body was pressing all around his erection.

“Is this your ass or pussy?” Jackson asked.

“Which would you like?” Suraimo asked.

She moved her ass against him in little circular motions.  Not fully in command of his body, Jackson followed her.  His hips added to the movements with little thrusts.  More teasing little ripples kissed up and down his sensitive hard-on.  Ass or pussy, it didn’t matter.  Not when it felt this good.  The ripples slowed down and the viscous fluids of her body thickened around his penis until it felt like soft hands were gently tugging on him.

His hands sank into the gooey mounds of her breasts.  He still felt their soft swell beneath his hands, but now it felt like they were all around his fingers.  Her own hands and arms melted over his until he was embedded in her body up to his elbows.  Pleasantly squishy sensations crackled across the touch receptors in his fingers.  So many sensations.  His hands felt the size of cars and he could distinguish each and every square centimeter.

It was the same for his cock.  It felt enormous—a column—and he felt every rippling wave of her liquid body flow over and around him as she rose up and down.

Jackson’s life bar dropped from full to empty in a very short space of time.

His hips jerked forwards and he fired a huge jet of semen into the rippling center of her body.  He watched it bloom in her belly like a mushroom cloud.  It took his strength with it.  Spent, he sagged backwards.  Suraimo lay on top of him and her liquefying body covered him like a warm blanket.  His hands were still stuck within the jiggling mass of her breasts.  She murmured as the churning center of her body drew the last puffs of his ejaculation out of his cock.  The white streams drifted within her transparent blue flesh like ghostly wisps.

“Mmm, that was nice,” Suraimo said as she lay on top of him.

Jackson selected the skip option.

“Hey!” Suraimo cried as he vanished from the path and returned to the featureless, cloudy plane.

The big tits angel wasn’t sad anymore, she was pissed.  As soon as he appeared on the plane she started yelling and jabbing a finger at him.

Oh oh.  Skip.

That didn’t help much.  She was still pissed off at him.  She waved him away with an angry gesture.

“Eager for more?” Suraimo asked as he returned back to the start of the fight.  “What would you like me to do to you this time?”

Jackson threw his sword at her.

to be continued . . .

It might work . . .

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Desire Dungeon: Basic Guide

As I mentioned in my review a couple of days ago, Desire Dungeon is a sweet little Monster Girl game that actually plays like a game. This can also make it a little confusing to play (although not as confusing as the massive RPGmaker-type clones). Here’s a handy little guide to ease the pain while waiting for an English translation.


Red bar is life. Blue bar is willpower. If either empties, the fight is over. Physical and Magical attacks affect the red bar. Pleasure attacks affect the blue bar. Most skills also cost willpower to use. (Note, the bars for the monster girl are not displayed until you pick up the Werewolf’s skill)

Command options are:
Physical Attack 
Pleasure Attack 
Skill (These are picked up from the monster girls)
Run Away

Monster girls follow different strategies and sometimes switch if you start using pleasure attacks on them. Figuring out how to counter them is part of the fun of the game, so I won’t spoil it.

Defeat the monster girl through pleasure attacks and you get the “good” H-scene and a skill. Most of them are useful and some are essential.

Defeat the monster through conventional damage and you get a treasure chest.

Treasure Chests 

First off you get a choice to open the chest (top) or ignore it (bottom). Successfully opening a chest requires clicking either the left or right mouse button a number of times equal to the chest’s level. You have a kind of thief level depending on accessories carried and latent skills obtained from some monster girls. For each ‘thief’ level you have, the correct option of L or R is displayed. If the chest’s level is higher, you’ll see ?s instead. This means you’ll have to guess. Guess wrong and you’ll set off a trap.

Chests contain money or mystery items. You won’t know what an item is until you exit the dungeon and get it appraised by the shopkeeper. The shop only contains the first two tiers of items. You’ll need to find better items from the chests once you get deeper into the dungeon.


Options are:
Go to Dungeon 

In the town locations the bottom two options are always Talk and Leave. Right-clicking also is the same as selecting Leave (or Back one menu option).


Only the top two options matter.

Sleep: restores health/willpower to full and levels up character if they have enough XP. You can only level up here.
Save Game


The shop is actually fairly important. First off, this is where you go to have items found in the dungeon identified. This is done automatically on exiting the dungeon, so there’s no need to worry about selecting it. Your character doesn’t carry duplicate items. If you find an item you already have the shopkeeper gives you money for it instead.

The commands are:

The character has 3 stats for both attack and defence that equate to:

Weapons and armour focus on one of those three stats in that order. The shop contains only the first two tiers. You’ll need to find the better stuff in the chests.

The shop sells two accessories:
Thief’s tools: Gives +1 to opening chests. (You should buy this ASAP as it makes opening chests a lot easier)
Anti-Paralysis Thing: The witch on the first level has a magical attack that can paralyse the character for a few turns. This negates it.

Other accessories have to be found in the chests. I suck at this, so the only one I turned up was an item that negated sleep attacks (useful against the 2nd boss).

The items are potions and a statuette of a frog:
50% red bar
100% red bar
50% blue bar
100% blue bar

The character can only carry a maximum of 3 of each item.

Potions can’t be used in combat. Mostly you can do without until the 3rd level, where you’ll need a blue potion after each battle.

The frog teleports you out of the dungeon and back to town. The game became a lot easier for me once I figured out what it did.

Always carry a frog!


Options are:
Donate Gold: Converts money to XP.
Cleansing ritual: There’s a nasty mechanic in the game. If you lose 5 times to a monster girl, she gets a lot harder to beat. You can reset this, but it costs everything you have. It’s not going to come up unless you want to play the game iron man-style with no save-scumming.


Three dudes tell you how to play the game. Just some basic background info.

Status screen 

Can be accessed by right-clicking in either the town or dungeon.

Top left is:
Item: Use potions/frogs outside of battle
Skill: Heal outside of battle
Config: ロード (load) is the command you’ll most likely be using from this menu

Bottom left is equipment in the order of:

Right panel lists stats and XP. 


First off, you can only level up by going back to the inn and sleeping (which doesn’t cost any money).  If you lose a battle, you lose all the XP you picked up and drop down a level (but you also get a naughty H-scene to make up for it).  Lose 5 times to the same girl and they become a lot harder to beat.

Most of the time it’s best just to save-scum.  Save before you go into the dungeon and reload if you get a good bonking.  You don’t lose anything and you keep at the same level.  If it sounds scummy, that’s why they call it save-scumming.

The start of the game will go something like this:

You start off with 100G.  You can immediately convert this to 10XP at the church and go up to Level 2.  But as defeating a fairy gives 10XP and level 2, it’s better to save the money.

Step 1:  Enter dungeon, defeat first fairy (reload if you get smeared by the werewolf instead), exit, level up.

Step 2: Enter dungeon, defeat a couple of fairies (hopefully avoiding the werewolf), exit, level up to 3.

Step 3: You should have about 200G.  Buy cucumber (3rd weapon, tier 1, pleasure weapon).  Beat fairy with pleasure attacks to pick up Heal skill.

Step 4: With Heal, you should now be able to tackle the werewolf.  Be wary of using pleasure attacks as the Werewolf is a lot harder to beat that way (you’re supposed to knock her red bar down first to stop her pinning you, but that hint didn’t come up for me until I’d beaten her the hard way).

From here keep going in and out to build up cash and levels.

Buy the thief’s tools early as it’ll stop you triggering the chest traps.  (The werewolf’s skill also helps)

The witch starts appearing around step 50.  If her paralyse attack gets annoying, pick up the anti-paralysis accessory from the shop.

Step 100 is the end of the level and the boss fight.  You’ll get a warning prompt at step 99 asking whether you want to go on.

Hints and Tips

Get the Mimic’s skill early.  She’s appears as one of the trap types (deliberately select the wrong button when opening a chest to trigger the traps).  Her level scales with your character, so you’ll probably need to wait until you’ve got good kit/skills to compensate.  Her skill is +2 to opening chests and makes it a lot easier to find the good items in the level 3+ chests. (I beat her late, which explains my suckitude at finding the cool accessories)

The second boss will auto-win at the start of the fight unless you use Slime’s skill (Mimicry).  This can be used outside of combat and makes a copy of you that soaks up the first attack.  It can also be used in combat and is fairly useful against another of the monsters.

You'll need willpower potions to advance along the third level.  The vampire in particular (despite being a gorgeous busty goddess of lurve) has a very annoying grapple attack that drains willpower while simultaneously replenishing both her bars.

Always carry a frog!

The game caps out at level 30.  I think the developers included this as a ‘you will be able to finish our game no matter how terrible you are (guilty - *sigh*)’ feature.


This didn’t trigger for me (probably because of all my dirty save-scumming), but other players have mentioned there are slightly different endings where the player hooks up with one of the monster girls (text rather than additional H-scenes).  Harpy and Fighter have endings I've been told.  I don’t know if that means there’s an ending for all girls, or what triggers them.  Drop by in the comments if you figure it out.

Hope this helps anyway.

P.S. If you like this game, you'll probably also like my books
/shameless plug

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Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-6 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Groundslime Day continues for Ian Jackson...

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-6 A Sticky Starting Scrap

“You’ll never hit anyone with a strike that slow,” she said, again delivering her lines like a self-aware cartoon villain.

Fuck!  So it wasn’t that option after all.  What else was there?  There was the bottom option, the seventh command.  He hadn’t tried that yet.  Selecting it brought up a second list of options.  He selected one at random.

Suraimo’s eyes lit up.  “Oh.  You liked my paizuri so much you want me to do it again.  I can do that.  With pleasure,” she added.

“Huh,” Jackson said.  He hadn’t said that at all.

Suraimo crouched down and dived forward, taking him down at the waist.  Jackson landed on his back on the path with Suraimo hugging his waist.  Giggling, she found the button of his pants and pulled them down, again exposing his penis.  Not again, he thought, even as another part of him felt a thrill of anticipation.

“Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,” Suraimo said.

She placed hands on either side of her generous breasts and pushed them together around his cock.  Sandwiched between two moist and elastic boobs, it didn’t take long for his manhood to surge up to its full length.

“Bounce, bounce, bounce,” Suraimo teased as her upper body bobbed up and down.

Jackson saw his erection roll around as it was buffeted between her transparent tits.  It was slippery within her cleavage and erotic shivers ran through him as she rubbed the soft mass of her breasts up and down his cock.

His enjoyment was sullied as he watched his health bar gradually get eaten away.

He was losing, again.

“Hey, what about my actions?” he asked.

It was supposed to be turn-based combat.  His seemed to have vanished.

“You don’t get any more actions,” she said.  “Bounce, bounce, bounce,” she added with a wide grin.

“Hey!  How is that fair?” Jackson complained.

Suraimo paused and looked at him quizzically.

“You did select the option: ‘Use paizuri on me until I come.’”

“I did?”

That was what the command did?

“Hold on,” he said.  “If I come I lose, right?”


“So what’s the point of a command that causes the player to instantly lose?”

Suraimo placed a liquid hand on his chest and looked down at him with her head tilted to one side.

“How else are we going to know what moves a player wants done to them,” she explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.  She shook her head.  “I’m not sure you understand this game at all.”

She continued squeezing her breasts up against his cock like they were a pair of soft pillows.  Fluffed up between them, Jackson felt his cock give a warning twitch.  He tried to hold back the urge to come, but it was growing stronger and stronger.  At the same time his green bar in the control panel was dwindling away to nothing.

“Time to absorb your little man and make sure he’s all nice and snug for the release,” Suraimo said.

She squeezed her breasts together even tighter than before.  Jackson’s erection was swallowed up completely in her cleavage, trapped within a transparent prison that pulsed and shivered pleasantly around him.

“Squish, squish,” Suraimo said, smiling coquettishly, her lips plumped up like a classic movie-star beauty.

Her soft breasts were melting around him, enveloping his erection in warm jelly.  The liquid oozed down between his thighs and engulfed his balls.

Fuck.  He couldn’t hold it back.  He was going to lose.

“Squish,” Suraimo said, lips pouting in a kiss.

Her melting boobs throbbed around him.  He felt the gelatinous substance of her chest suck on his straining manhood.

“Coming,” Jackson grunted.

Pleasurable tension thrummed through his body.  His cock pulsed and spurted a thick rope of cum right into the churning center of her chest.  Her boobs started to swell up as she drank the semen pouring from Jackson in a sticky stream.  Again the motions of her gelatinous body seemed to take over to the point he wasn’t sure whether he was pumping cum into her or she was pumping it out of him.  The pleasure he felt was the same either way and she made sure to drag it out until Jackson felt weak and floppy in the aftermath.

Suraimo ran her slippery hands along Jackson’s sides.

“So, would you like that Bad End now?”

Panic shoved aside Jackson’s lethargy.  He had an answer for that:


Hello, big tits angel.


Goodbye, big tits angel.

“It’s a good command to have, right?” Suraimo said as he returned to the path.  “Handjob.”  She held up a hand and wiggled fingers as flexible as worms.  “Blowjob.”  she mimed sucking on an imaginary penis.  “Paizuri.”  She pushed her substantial boobs together.

A pleasurable shiver ran through Jackson as he remembered what she did to him last time.

Fucking stop it, he admonished.  His cock twitched in his pants and he wanted to bash the traitorous organ back down.

“It’s a popular selection,” Suraimo said.  “Players like to choose how to succumb.”

“Selecting how you want to lose is gay,” Jackson said.

Who chose to lose: losers, that’s who.

“You do know what this game is about?” Suraimo asked.

“It’s a pervy hentai game and I’m going to beat it,” Jackson said.  His face was stern as he settled into a fighting stance with his sword held out before him.

to be continued...

If you say so, Jackson.  If you say so...

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Fleshcult: A Succubus game in need of crowd-funding

Near the end of 2012 I was approached by Jack Oekaki and asked if I wanted to contribute some writing to a game, Fleshcult, he was working on.  It was something I was interested in, but having a full-time job and a number of writing projects I'm falling behind on (Succubus Summoning 201!) meant I couldn't really contribute as much as I'd like, although I did throw in the odd idea.

Currently they're looking to raise funds to make the game through Offbeatr.  Offbeatr is a version of Kickstarter that handles the more adult-oriented projects Kickstarter doesn't allow.  I also threw in some ebooks as donation rewards.

I played an early demo of the game and it's interesting.  You play as either a succubus or an incubus and the goal is to seduce victims and talk them into joining your harem.  Seduction and recruitment is a tricky balance of using various sex moves without freaking the victim out or making them come so many times they collapse of exhaustion.  The sex descriptions and customization of the main character are reminiscent of Fenoxo's enjoyable (if a little warped!) Corruption of Champions.  Fleshcult is more of a resource management game, or was when I played the demo.  Once they've contracted their soul over, victims can be put to work in a variety of roles in your lair.  This increases the power of your foocubus and allows you to unlock more sexy moves and (naughty!) transformations.

If it sounds of interest, you can take a gander at the Fleshcult blog here, and the Offbeatr crowd-funding page for the project is right here.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-5 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Jackson continues to fuck up and Suraimo gets more XXX-rated.  Starting to think I should have named this segment Groundslime Day or Slimehog Day.

Jackson in HRPG World: 3-5 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Suraimo clapped her hands and giggled.  “Yay!  You figured out how to get free.”

And now the tide turns.

Jackson brought up the control panel in his mind and saw the fourth option was no longer grayed out.  Aha!  He selected it and his body took up a fighting stance with the sword held out in front of him.

Now we’re smoking.

“Oh, you want me to take it slow?” Suraimo queried.  “Sure, I can do that if you’d like.”

She glided forwards and slipped inside Jackson’s defenses.  One hand undid the button of his pants while the other squidged underneath his tunic and rubbed up his back.  A smaller chunk fell off his health bar this time.  He saw a 1.

1HP?  He supposed that was progress.

He selected the fourth command again.

Suraimo pressed her body close in an embrace.  Her hand slithered up to the back of his head and held him still as she crushed her lips on his in a sloppy kiss.  Her other hand slipped up and down his hard-on as smoothly as if it had been dipped in scented oil.

She broke off the kiss leaving her taste lingering on his tongue and lips.  It was nice: sweet, fruity and somehow naughty.

Focus, Jackson thought.

Maybe she’d neutralized the action or something.  He tried again.

Suraimo pressed her palm down on the swollen helmet of his cock.  She pushed and his dick sank into the warm, semi-liquid substance of her arm.  She kept on pushing until his whole length was absorbed and her fused fingers had enfolded his balls.  Pleasant sensations rippled down his shaft as she played with his balls.  Another small chunk fell off his health bar.

“No fair,” Jackson complained.  “When do I get to take my actions?”

Suraimo paused.  She looked puzzled.

“You’re taking them,” she said.  “You selected Defend for the last three turns.”

“Defend?”  Is that what he’d been doing.  The super-lame action no one ever took because it didn’t do anything.  Fucking great.

“Time to wrap you up again,” Suraimo said.  “You won’t get away this time.”  She delivered her lines like a self-aware kids’ TV show villain.

Waves of slime flowed out from her base and engulfed his feet and ankles.

Fuck defending.  Attacking was where he needed to be.  He tried the top option again.

Nothing happened.

“You can’t attack when you’re bound,” Suraimo said.

She went down on her knees in front of him while her slippery hand continued to pump up and down his erection.

“How about a nice blowjob?”  She smiled as she held his throbbing red erection.  “Slime girls give really good head.  Super sloppy.”

She wasn’t exaggerating.  Jackson closed his eyes as moist lips as soft as fine pillows wrapped around the swollen head of his cock and sucked him in like a popsicle.  He heard murmurs of pleasure and wet sucking sounds as Suraimo’s head bobbed back and forth.  He felt lips and a tongue, but there was no opening at the back of her mouth.  Instead his cock sank into a soft substance that sent pleasurable tingles tickling across his glans.

Suraimo released him with a wet smacking sound.  She ran a darker blue tongue over her plump lips.

“How’s that feel?” she asked.

“Uh,” was the best Jackson could manage.

A big chunk fell off his health bar.

“Whoops.  That was a little too powerful for your level.  I’ll have to tone it back a little to keep the fight fair.”

Stab her, Jackson thought.  All he had to do was lift the sword and thrust it straight down through her kneeling body.  Stab her.  Attaaaccckkk!

Nothing happened.

The corner of Suraimo’s mouth turned up in a smile.

“Ha ha, I see your game,” she said.  “You’re one of those that likes to pretend they’re fighting right until the end.”

She gave another murmur of pleasure and wrapped her lips around his cock.  Her head bobbed up and down while making loud slurping sounds.  Jackson’s cock was buried in warm slime that sucked at him like thick mud.  She carried on the attack for longer this time, sucking and sucking until Jackson’s cock was twitching right on the verge and all that remained of his health bar was a tiny green sliver.

Jackson tried to struggle free.  The sticky slime started to lose its grip.

“Not this time,” Suraimo said.

She responded by wrapping more curtains of thick, elastic slime around his legs and feet, covering him right up to the tops of his thighs.

Goddammit! Jackson thought.

“Nearly,” Suraimo said.  “I think you’re right at your limit.”

Jackson felt right at his limit.  His cock was throbbing in her hand.  Pre-cum oozed out of his japseye and dribbled down the shaft.  He watched as it encountered her transparent blue skin and was absorbed.

“Mmm, your bar is so low even the weakest attack would be enough to make you come.”  Suraimo looked up at him and smiled.  “I don’t need to hold back.  I can give you a really big suck.”

And she did.

With another orgasmic murmur she sucked him back into her mouth and moved her face all the way down until her plush lips were kissing his root.  Deep-throating him, if she had a throat to deep-throat him with.  What she had was better.  The soft amorphous substance of her body felt like rows and rows of lips around his cock, all of them kissing, squeezing, sucking.  She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him tighter.  The whole of her upper body was working on him now.  He felt her wet boobs squashed up against his upper thighs.  Her chest rose up and down like a marathon runner or deep-sea diver drawing in great gulps of air.

But it wasn’t air, it was him.

The last sliver of green fell off his health bar.

Oh fuck, this was going to be—

All the muscles in his body stiffened.  His hips jerked forwards like a released bowstring.  He sighed as a thick torrent of cum surged up his shaft and erupted into the liquid interior of her mouth.  Even gagged as she was with his cock, Suraimo still managed a muffled cry of glee.  Her chest continued to expand up and down as she guzzled down his cum like a sorority sister chugging on a keg.  Jackson’s ejaculation kept going.  He wasn’t sure his body had much say in it.  Suraimo was sucking it out of him as if his cock was a straw.

Oh fuck, was this head.  Fantastic, super sloppy, amazing head.

Jackson thought he might have orgasmed again, or maybe more.  The sensations merged into one seemingly never-ending throbbing burst of pleasure.

He tipped over backwards with a moon-faced smile on his lips.  Suraimo didn’t allow him to hit the floor.  She’d already sent thick pseudopodia out behind him and they caught him like a wet airbag.  Her gelatinous body lay on top of his legs and she continued to suck, drawing out every last drop from his cock and balls.

She lifted her head and showed Jackson the creamy white blobs of his cum on her lips and inside her mouth.  She sucked them inside, tipped back her head and gulped.  He saw the blobs flow down her throat and join the thick cloud drifting inside her chest.  Another gulp and the cloud was sucked down into her belly where it slowly dissipated.

She was a swallower, Jackson thought.

“Ahhh,” Suraimo sighed.  She showed him her empty mouth.

Yep, definitely a swallower.

“Time for that Bad End?” she asked.  Her slime rippled up over his exposed belly.

Bad End jolted Jackson from his haze of contentment.  What else did she like to swallow?


Sad angel.


Positive angel.

“I know what you’re doing,” Suraimo said after he’d returned to the forest path.  “You want to draw it out and save the H-scene to the last.  You want to see all my moves first.”

Jackson wanted to see her diced into little blue cubes.

“That’s so sweet.  I’ll be sure to add a few extra special ones to heighten your pleasure.”  She gave him a lascivious wink.

Jackson sighed.  He held up his sword.  Okay, let’s be systematic about this.

Suraimo Torapo!

The surprise attack was part of the script.  He couldn’t avoid it, but he could—

He selected the third option.

—struggle out of it.

He noticed the lines of gunk on his portrait in the control panel went away.  Okay, that must mean he was free.  Now maybe he’d be able to attack cleanly.

He selected the top left option.

He stepped forward and swung his sword.

Haha.  At last!  Now he was going to do some damage.

The slime girl sidestepped his swing.

“You’ll never hit anyone with a strike that slow,” she said, again delivering her lines like a self-aware cartoon villain.

Fuck!  So it wasn’t that option after all.  What else was there?  There was the bottom option, the seventh command.  He hadn’t tried that yet.  Selecting it brought up a second list of options.  He selected one at random.

to be continued . . .

Uh Oh.  That option.  What could possibly go wrong . . .