Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-8 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Suraimo takes pity and starts to help Jackson out, up to a certain extent . . .

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-8 A Sticky Starting Scrap

“Eager for more?” Suraimo asked as he returned back to the start of the fight.  “What would you like me to do to you this time?”

Jackson threw his sword at her.

Suraimo turned her head and watched as it sailed past her into the bushes.  “I didn’t think it was possible to do that,” she said to no one in particular.

She slithered up to Jackson and undid his pants.

“I’m getting the feeling you’re not really enjoying this,” she said.

A slimy appendage enveloped Jackson’s penis and jerked him off to another large ejaculation.


Big tits angel was absolutely furious with him.  Her face was bright red and looked most un-angelic as she screamed at him.  He was thankful of the—


—option as she looked on the verge of attacking him.  After the skip wasn’t much better.  She’d turned her back on him in a huff and stood there with her arms folded.  Jackson felt that was a good time to slink off back to the battle.

“I think you’re stuck,” Suraimo said after she’d glued down his feet with her surprise attack, again.  “You want to get past this ‘fight’, but you don’t know how.”

Jackson glowered at her.

“I can help,” Suraimo said.  “Do you need clues?”

“Okay,” Jackson said.  “Is this a battle I can win?”

Suraimo looked taken aback.  “Yes, of course you can win,” she said with a bemused tone.

Jackson thought a little more.  “Was there an item or something I needed to pick up from the village before I came out here?”

“No,” Suraimo replied.  “You have everything you need with you right now.”

Jackson paused.  His face scrunched up.  How? he thought.  He’d tried out every command and nothing had worked.

“It’s not that hard,” she said, her gelatinous body shaking with mirth.  “It’s a simple puzzle battle.  Aerias should have told you the steps by . . .”

She put a hand over her mouth and blushed in embarrassment.

“Oh, but Aerias doesn’t speak English.  Ah.”

“It does make things a little more challenging,” Jackson said testily.

“Okay, I’ll walk you through the steps,” she said.  “I am the tutorial battle after all.”

She closed her eyes and grinned.  Pretty face or not, Jackson still wanted to put a fist through it and make it go splat.

Suraimo Torapo is my binding attack,” she explained.  “While you’re bound your normal attacks can’t hit me.  You need to select struggle first to escape.”

“And that’s all the command does, get the player out of holds?”  Jackson stepped back out of her sticky puddle, but not before a sinuous arm had managed to pull his pants down.  “Seems a little narrow focus.”

“You’ll be using it a lot of times in this game,” Suraimo said.  “Bondage is a popular fetish.  People find it sexy to have their movement taken away.”  She gave him a lewd wink.

“Okay, so what now?” Jackson asked.  “None of the options do anything.”

“It’s a puzzle battle,” Suraimo said.  “The first actions are all scripted.  You have to go through them to advance the story.  Try attack.”

Jackson did.  He swung his sword at her like a retarded kid with poor motor function and Suraimo easily stepped out of the way.

“This is the part where I taunt your slow swing,” Suraimo said.

And give him a grope for good measure, Jackson thought as a tentacle wound up his legs and tickled his balls.

“The story has advanced.  Now attack again.”

Jackson lunged forwards and drove his sword right through Suraimo’s chest.  While it felt satisfying, he would have enjoyed it far more had Suraimo not been so completely unconcerned by the four foot of steel passing through her body.

“And this is where I regenerate and you complain about how unfair that is.”

She pulled the sword out of her chest and the gash closed up.

“It is unfair,” Jackson complained.  “How am I supposed to beat a monster that regenerates as fast as I can do it damage?”

Suraimo tapped her nose.  “Try selecting attack again.”

Jackson ran her through again.

Suraimo looked down at the long blade puncturing her body with mild disdain.

“No, that’s the same attack as before,” she said.

She pulled the sword out and handed it back to Jackson.  The regeneration message flashed up and her green life bar filled back up.

“You need to . . .   Oh, wait a moment, Suraimo Torapo.”

Jackson’s feet were gummed up by a puddle of slime again.

Same attack?  There were other attacks?  Oh wait.  Selecting attack had brought up another menu with two options.  He’d raced through too fast last time.  He went for attack again.

“No no no.”  Suraimo shook her head in exasperation.

Her arms elongated into tentacles.  One wormed into his crotch for a sticky grope.  The other—and Jackson had no idea how she did this—came out of the screen of his game interface and tapped the player portrait on the bottom left.  A dripping finger traced over what appeared to be sticky ropes superimposed over his face.

“You’re bound.  Attacks don’t work.  You need to select struggle first.”

Her finger moved over and selected the struggle option.  Jackson’s legs moved of their own accord and he stepped backwards out of her gooey clutches.

“So now I select the second attack option?” Jackson asked.

“In a mo,” Suraimo said.  “My turn first.  Oh.”  She paused.  “Oh dear.  This is a rather inconvenient time for that move to show up.  Oh well, it was bound to happen at some point.”

Suddenly she reared up—arms outstretched and trailing curtains of blue slime—and broke over Jackson like a tsunami made of jelly.  He was knocked backwards, but didn’t hit the floor as the protean substance of Suraimo’s body had already flowed around and beneath him.  He landed on a cushion of soft, sticky jello and rocked up and down.  Suraimo’s upper body fell upon him like a wave and wrapped him up in her elastic protoplasm.

Fuck, that must be some kind of special attack.  She’d engulfed him completely apart from his face.  How much had that knocked off his health?

Not much, fortunately.  His bar was down to less than halfway, but he still had about forty percent left.

Suraimo lay to his side—the upper human-looking part of her anyway, the rest lay on both sides of Jackson as well as above and below him—and whispered words into his ear.  What felt like many dextrous hands undid his clothes and ejected them from her quivering mass.

“I’d feel more guilty about this, but it is my best move.  Most players love it.”  Her soft lips brushed his ear.  “Some request it over and over.”

Jackson ignored her and tried to thrash free.  It was a poor excuse for thrashing.  The substance of Suraimo’s body was thicker and gooier than water.  His current efforts looked like the slow-motion film of a man drowning in a giant water droplet.

Okay, so this probably counted as bound.  Jackson looked for the struggle command on his mental control panel.  It wasn’t there; none of the commands were.  That didn’t make sense.  He still had some health left, so it couldn’t be game over.

Suraimo’s amorphous body moved around him, gently squeezing and massaging his legs and arms.  A message flashed up and another chunk fell off Jackson’s life bar.

Her attack.  Now it was his turn.

Except it wasn’t.  No command options came up.

Suraimo embraced him with her whole body.  Internal currents toyed with his balls and lengthening erection.  More of his green bar fell away.  It was down to the last quarter now.

“Why can’t I do anything?” he asked.

Suraimo shifted position until her upper body was lying on top of him with her bulging breasts resting on his chest.

“This is Suraimo Paradiso.  It’s my auto-win attack.  All of your moves are cut off.  You can’t do anything so lie back and relax while I drain all your resistance away.”

Her swollen breasts melted into the blue slime enveloping his whole body.  Jackson’s struggles grew weaker.  It felt like there were a hundred hands working his body.  She rubbed, kneaded and massaged his aching muscles until they glowed with blissful relaxation.  Jackson stopped struggling and let his body float within her semi-liquid form.  She undulated around him in gentle waves.

“You regenerate and have an auto-win attack?” Jackson protested.

“I suppose that might seem a little excessive for the first battle,” Suraimo said.  She rubbed her body on top of him and sent gentle currents tickling against his exposed flesh.

“You think!”

“It’s all quite fair.  I can only use it when your resistance drops to half or less, and even then it’s pure chance whether that attack is selected.”

“Cheap,” Jackson muttered.

Suraimo laughed.  “If you weren’t so terrible you’d have dispatched me way before your resistance dropped below halfway.”

“I would . . . if the commands were in English!

“Oh shut up and come.”

Her body thickened around his cock and sucked on it with a series of gentle tugs.  Jackson’s resistance broke and he did as he was ordered.  His body flexed, he grunted and released a thick white stream from his cock.  The ejaculation was longer and slower—more relaxed—than the others, but he still felt like he’d emptied the entire contents of his balls into her.  It formed a thick white cloud before dissolving away within her blue slime.

Another loss, he thought.

He brought up the control panel in his mind and went to select skip.

Suraimo’s slime poured in and formed a thick plaque over the section with the skip command.

Wha?  How?

Jackson’s finger, or rather his mental equivalent, couldn’t get through to select it.

“That’s enough skipping,” Suraimo said.  “This time you’re getting your Bad End.”

to be continued . . .

Finding the right break points wasn't easy for this little mini-serial, but now we finally have a proper cliff-hanger.


  1. Hello again Mr. Hydra! I'm very much enjoying all this sticky goo fun- but I did like that latex goo girl even more. I suppose I don't like transparent things as much- they seem less solid. Just a minor preference!

    Also for some reason I thought- what is a typical day for Mr. Hydra? Does he wake up early, get some coffee, and then go to a room covered in post-its with a computer? maybe the hydra likes to go for a swim first?

    If it's not too personal, what's a typical day for you Mr. Hydra?

    1. Mmm... Latex goo girls...

      Sorry, what was it again?

      My typical day isn't too exciting. Get up, go to work and create software, finish work and type up stories, go home and write more stories to type up, summon succubi for mad sexual depravity...

      (one of those might not be the truth)