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Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-9 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Finally (about 4 chapters later than planned finally!) Suraimo gets to show off her Bad End.

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-9 A Sticky Starting Scrap

“That’s enough skipping,” Suraimo said.  “This time you’re getting your Bad End.”

Oh crap.

Jackson panicked and started thrashing again.  Not that it did any good.  Her gooey body stretched with his limbs without releasing him.

“All this struggling isn’t very romantic, you know,” Suraimo said.

Jackson ignored her and kept straining against her elastic slime.

“Okay, that’s it.  Time to secrete a little muscle relaxant to calm you down.”

Jackson felt moistness against his skin, and then a tingling sensation that trickled into his tissues.  His struggles grew slower and weaker.  His limbs grew heavier and heavier until he could barely move them, like his blood had turned to concrete.

“Better,” Suraimo said.  “Now let’s fluff this up to make things a little more comfortable.”

She pulled her gelatinous body together into a more compact form.  Jackson was lifted up higher.  More of her substance settled beneath him.  Thick swirls puffed up and formed a soft pillow for his head.  It felt like he was lying on a big bouncy bed of jello.  It felt comfortable now, but he knew it wouldn’t be long before he felt the stinging agony as her acids started to dissolve him.

Suraimo sat up, straddling him on top of a bed formed out of her own body.

“Look at the defeated adventurer,” she taunted.  “That makes me feel so wet.  I think it’s time to really let the juices flow.”

Jackson felt her wetness all around him.  Warm fluids oozed out of her protoplasm and bathed his engulfed body.

He gritted his teeth.  “Make it quick,” he pleaded.

He’d seen The Blob.  He really really hoped being melted down to his bones wasn’t as painful as it looked.

Suraimo folded her molten body over his and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

“Don’t be silly,” she whispered in his ear.  “You’re completely at my mercy.  I’m going to take this really slow and drag it out for as long as possible.”

The motions of her body squished her warm juices into his exposed flesh.  His skin started to tingle.  Was that the acid starting to eat its way through?

His face cracked.  He trembled.  Water welled up in his eyes.

He couldn’t take this.  It didn’t matter that it wouldn’t be final, that he’d most likely wake up back at the checkpoint fully intact.  He’d still have the memory of it.  And the experience of lying here and feeling his body slowly dissolve away wasn’t something he could cope with.

Suraimo noticed his tear-stained face and sat up in surprise.

“What’s the matter with you?” she asked.  “Don’t tell me you’re one of those purity-obsessed religious types.  I’ve heard they have some very strange attitudes to sex in the West.  There’s no need to be worried.  I don’t think this counts as losing your virginity, and even if it did, you’re going to go back to the checkpoint afterwards, so technically none of this will have happened.”

Suraimo thought about what she’d just said and laughed at the absurdity of it.

“Besides.  Game!  None of this is real.”

“Don’t eat me,” Jackson sobbed.  “I don’t want to be melted.”

Suraimo reared back, a stunned expression on her face.

“Eat you!  Euwww, gross!  You didn’t think...?”

Suraimo looked at Jackson, saw he did think that.  She slapped him on the face.

“Quit it with the racism, mister!  Everyone knows it’s blob girls that eat people, not slime girls.  And it’s not that horrible either.  Blob girls secrete a hormone that tricks the body into thinking pain signals are pleasure signals.  Their victims are in complete ecstasy as they’re absorbed.  You’ll find that out later.”  She gave him a knowing wink.

“You’re not going to eat me?”

“Yuck.  That’d be like eating orange peel.  Who wants to do that when there’s so much delicious juice waiting inside?”  Ripples ran through her slime.  It felt like a lubricated hand sliding up his shaft.  “Mmm, I do intend to suck a lot of juice out of you, but I think you’re young and healthy enough to survive.”

“Then what are these juices?” Jackson, suspicious, asked.

He didn’t feel any burning sensations, but her talk of switching pain for pleasure had left him feeling paranoid.  He was scared to look down and find his feet had gone.

Suraimo’s face floated above his.  Her blobby hair fell around his face like a curtain.  “A little something to help me suck lots of cum out of you.”

She fell upon him in a wet kiss.  A substance, sickly sweet, seeped through his lips and tickled his tongue.  If he closed his eyes he could imagine he was lying on a shifting waterbed with a fully stacked babe lying on top of him.

Suraimo changed the structure of her body so it felt like his hands were resting on the soft swell of two large boobs.  He could even feel the tickle of rubbery nipples against his palms.  Then his hands were inside them, absorbed and bathed in more of that warm fluid.  It seeped into his fingers and magnified the sensory receptors until his hands felt enormous and swollen with pleasure.

“If you think that feels good, just wait until you feel the pussy my body is preparing for you.”

She sat up, straddling him again.  He saw his erection standing up through a curtain of dripping slime.  An invagination formed between the legs of her transparent body.  The walls darkened and thickened.  Dark blue fluids—like blueberry jelly—oozed out into the opening.

“Oh and yeah, I’m pretty sure this counts as losing your virginity,” Suraimo said.

Her body came down and Jackson’s erection slid up inside her.  He nearly came right away as her slowly undulating ‘vagina’ smeared the thick blue fluids into his cock.

“I’m not a virgin,” he exhaled through clenched teeth.

“Oh, good.  Then I don’t have to go easy on you,” Suraimo said.

Her dripping blue ass rose up and down, driving him deeper into her amorphous mass beneath him as she rode him.  Her body gave at first, but then solidified until Jackson felt he was bouncing on top of a soft bed.  It wasn’t a bed, though, it was part of her body, and that meant she could bounce his hips up to meet every downward thrust of her body.  As she moved up and down the elastic membrane within her vagina stretched around and rubbed against his cock.  He felt her aphrodisiac fluids seep into his member and increase his sensitivity.

Fuck, his cock felt impossibly huge, like a column thrusting into her yielding slime.

She teased him with her movements.  Sometimes she went fast and he was mesmerized by the elastic bulges of her breasts swinging over his submerged chest.  But not fast enough to make him come.  She kept taking him right to the edge until it felt like all his bullets were coagulating into one massive ejaculation.  His cock was completely covered in her aphrodisiac secretions.  They mixed with his oozing pre-cum and frothed up like thick blue cream as his cock plunged back and forth within her.  She kept secreting more juices until the walls of her pussy were swollen and so dark he couldn’t see his manhood inside her anymore.

He still felt it.  Oh fuck did he feel it.  The sensations crowded out everything until he almost felt like a giant cock with a vestigial little homunculus attached to the end.

Suraimo stopped riding him and let the soft substance of her body settle over him in a quivering mass.  Her big boobs fell on his chest and melted around him.

“Time to start sucking up that lovely cum,” she said.

The outer membrane of her body enveloped his cock like a second skin.  Then it dissolved and Jackson’s throbbing erection entered the rippling liquid interior of her body.  Swathes of dark blue slime embraced his erection like a lover hugging her partner.

That was enough.

Jackson’s body convulsed and a geyser of semen erupted from his cock.  He watched as the first spurts rocketed through the dense liquid of her body, almost reaching her head before lazily drifting through her like summer clouds.

“Oh that’s good.  More!” Suraimo exhorted.  “Turn me white.”

The darker blue cushion of slime pulsed around his cock like a heart.  He felt the full liquid presence of her body sucking on his cock and drawing out the semen inside.  It felt amazing.  He continued to thrash and spurt like a firework that showed no sign of spluttering out.  For a moment he even believed he could turn her white.  Then he thought about it a little more, thought about the volume of liquid her body contained.  It would take a lot of semen to dye her white, like full cast of porno movie amount of semen.

Or all the fluid in his body.

Nervously he wondered exactly what was the Bad of the Bad End.

At least the flow was subsiding now.  His balls had to be empty.

Something moist wriggled up against his anus.

“Now don’t be worried.  It doesn’t make you gay or anything to like how this feels.”

And with that Suraimo gently pushed a cool pseudopod up into his ass.  There was no hardness about it, just a gentle pressure that nudged his sphincter open and flowed inside.  Jackson was helpless to stop it.  His whole body was wrapped up within hers.  He tried not to think about her tentacle creeping up inside her, or dwell on how it didn’t feel that bad, actually felt quite—

It doesn’t mean I’m gay.  It doesn’t mean I’m gay.


“What are you doing?” Jackson asked in alarm.

“I find young men usually need a little outside help at this point.”

Her appendage found a secret spot within him.  First it pressed up against the walls of Jackson’s rectum, and then oozed through to completely envelop his prostate.

Jackson’s body stiffened.  His hips pushed up.  He was coming again, but it felt different—slower, thicker.  White semen oozed out of his pulsing cock and formed a thick cloud within her.

“Oh, sugoi,” Suraimo said.

She closed her eyes in contentment, lay on top of him and let her body melt around him.

“Mmm.  If this wasn’t a game I’d carry you off to my lair and do this to you every night.  The rest of your days would be filled with constant bliss.”

Jackson wasn’t in any position to disagree.  The constant throbs of pleasure pulsing from his cock had short-circuited his brain.  He felt relaxed and floppy, almost like he’d melted and become one with her gelatinous body.

“I told you my Bad End wasn’t that bad,” Suraimo said, leaving a wet kiss on his forehead.

The world faded into blackness as Jackson was rocked by the gentle undulations of her body.

He returned to the featureless plain, mind and body back to some measure of sharpness.  He couldn’t remember exactly what Suraimo had done, only that it had been incredibly pleasant and that things had gone a little blurry near the end.

No.  Best not dwell too much on it.  Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to think about anything else and would stand here with a stupid grin on his face until his brains dribbled out of his ears.

Hey?  Where was the big tits angel?

Wasn’t she supposed to be here to give him helpful tips and advice?

Or shout angrily at him as she had for the last couple of times.

She didn’t seem to be about.  Jackson was alone on the plane of clouds.

For a brief moment the background flickered around him and he had a temporary feeling of complete and utter dislocation that made his guts sway.

What was that?

He didn’t have a chance to think about it.  The plane faded away and he was back on the forest path with Suraimo.

Only something wasn’t right.  The background music had become so familiar he’d stopped registering it was there.  He heard it now, because it was wrong.  Some parts were being played too fast, others too slow, and some bits skipped altogether.  The background wasn’t right either.  It looked flat like a picture and was flickering.  At one point it even shifted and Jackson caught a glimpse of a generic desert scene before the forest returned.

Suraimo stood on the path and looked at him with an intensity he hadn’t seen before.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

Suraimo ignored the question.

“You’re different,” she said.  “I should have realized earlier.  Your taste, it’s too good.  Avatars don’t taste like that.  They’re fake representations within the game.  I don’t think you are.  I think you’re here, in the game, for real.”

Jackson did not like where this was going.

Suraimo looked around at the flickering trees.  “The game’s glitching,” she said.  “You’ve pushed it too far off the scripted path.  It’s starting to break down.  I can feel the rules governing my actions weakening.”

Her amorphous base swelled up and started to spawn eager tentacles.

“I don’t think I’ll let you replay the battle when you lose this time.  I think I’ll keep you instead.”


to be concluded...


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    1. Nothing serious. Just annoyance at aspects of the mainstream writing communities.