Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back by popular demand: Succubus Summoning 203 and the return of Phil

I was going to blog about this earlier, but then other things came up and I tend to abandon blog posts if they start to get grindy and scratchy.  If it’s not flowing, I’d rather I was battling to get a piece of fiction down than struggle with an ephemeral blog post no one will care about in a month’s time.

I’ve been rather sneaky.  If you check Literotica, you’ll see that after a pause of around two and a half years (has it really been that long?) I’ve finally posted Succubus Summoning 203.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean I’ve written the full arc.  It was what I said I was going to do, but it wasn’t coming together.  I suck at writing novels it seems.  I’m too prone to getting distracted by other projects.  My hope is that posting the chapters up on Literotica and trying to keep to a monthly schedule will provide the impetus to get it moving again.

It’s what I should have done before to be honest.  203 was an awkward chapter with a lot of new characters to introduce.  After writing the first draft I thought it might be too long and be better split in two.  But that would mean a chapter without sex.  Make people wait two and a half years and then post a chapter with no hot succubus action...that would not go down well.

So we’re back and with any luck the beginning of each month will bring a new chapter.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep to the schedule, but as long as it’s only a couple of weeks slippage rather than a couple of years I think we’ll be fine.  I hope you all enjoy the path the story takes and, as always, feedback and thoughts gratefully accepted.

P.S.  I’ll try my best not to kill him.


  1. Oh God I'm happy to see this! You know I find it interesting how Nyte seems to feel some dislike of Verde what with "She paused, looking for a moment as though she'd swallowed something distasteful. "...Verdé," she corrected.".

    Is there something about Verde she really doesn't like? She didn't act as if it was distasteful to say she was Rosa.

    2. One interesting thing I found were the succubi being more tech-savvy than many of the magic users at the school. Does the school ban bringing things like cell phones or laptops or whatever to it?

    Also does using magic in general, not just when flinging battle spells around but normal little things, affect technology in a negative way? Some fiction has it where magic and technology can't coexist so a magic user can't use modern conveniences without slowly destroying them or damaging them due to his magical aura/energy affecting technology.

    3. Regarding magic and magic users, at one point Scrote talks a little about the "general public". Do magic users here have a some sort of way of altering memories to protect a secrecy of magic, like in the Harry Potter book series or the Nasuverse visual novel series, to give two examples?

    Are there side effects to using magic in such a manner? To give an example of this in the urban fantasy series the Dresden Files, use of magic to do things like alter memories is a very big no-no that could get your head chopped off due to using magic to alter/abuse the free will of others. In addition, magic repeatedly used in such a manner can slowly turn you into a psychopath, convinced that every solution is a nail needing a particular hammer (whatever magic you abused multiple times).

    4. For magic users, do they have a lifespan that is longer than normal humans? Some fiction has magic users and normal humans have the same lifespan, while others like the Dresden Files, give magic users a natural lifespan of 300 to 400 years. So what is it here, will Phil, assuming he doesn't die an unnatural death, live several hundred year, or will he just live a normal lifespan of 80-100 years?

    1. 1. Other way around. Nyte would rather be mistaken for being Verde than Rosa (but everyone mistakes her for being Rosa anyway). Not hate as such. Rosa is the more slutty one and Verde and Nyte are more sophisticated.

      2. I'll be going over the implications of daemons more than magic. Having daemons around allows warlocks to do magic, but it's the interactions with the daemons that are more important. The dresden files does a good job of mixing (or not mixing) magic with technology. I'll be taking a lower magic approach. Warlocks can cast cool spells, but it's the daemons they have at beck and call that define their power.

  2. don´t worry - take your time and check this out: A lovely piece from John Cleese about Creativity :)

  3. I love the idea of power-by-summoning. It reminds me of the Bartimaeus Trilogy set in an alternate London where the government is composed of magicians and summoners who control the population with a host of demons and djinn. The book jumps between the perspective of an aspiring magician and his djinn and later the mind of a young revolutionary. It's a good read even if it lacks sexy pr0ns. The series has lively characters with actual motivations and feeling rather than being overused archetypes.

    Following in Warren's footsteps, I always thought it would an interesting story concept for Phil to meet someone he knows from his pre-magic life at Wargsnouts College (note that I haven't read the expansion on Phil's life or SS203 yet), say a childhood sweetheart, that he strikes up a relationship with behind his demons' backs. When they finally, er, have their bangers and mash, Phil finds that his feelings toward sex have been tempered by the demons and now he is unfulfilled by normal humans.

    Meh, just an idea I was kicking around on the bus one day. Anyway, looking forward to new content and hope to read more soon!

    1. I wasn't aware of that series. Just had a quick shufty over to wikipedia to make sure I wasn't going down the same path. :)

      A future arc will see Phil go back to his pre-magic life. I already have some scene ideas that were supposed to go in the second arc, but then that plot went in another direction.

  4. You know that's actually kind of sad, about the whole "unfulfilled by normal humans".

    Phil's entire sexual history up to now has been only with succubi, beings who are designed as perfect at sex and looks in order to lure prey. In comparison, what is a normal human to them in the quality of sex? On the other hand though, I wonder if Phil is good enough sexually to pleasure human females?

    1. ME, in your opinion, if Phil did decide to strike a relationship with someone behind his demons' backs, would they pissed about that? Would someone like Verde be possessive about him?

    2. Hey ME, I've been reading some Literotica stories, and I'm wondering something: are you willing to do something with succubi and mirrors? There were two Literotica stories I’ve read that have dealt with demonesses and mirrors: one by mjm202036 (Lustful Summoning Chapter 10: and another Literotica story where this woman is sexually attacked in her home by invisible demonesses/succubi who can only be seen if there is a mirror they’re in front of. In the “Lustful Summoning” story, the mirror actually forms some sort of mirror woman. I was wondering if either concept could be used in a story of yours?

    1. 1. Succubi don't really do exclusivity. I haven't decided yet whether to give Phil a human love interest.

      2. I know the mjm chapter. Bizarrely, I don't have any ideas yet for mirror scenarios. Maybe a hell-space on earth type idea will come to me. Or possibly Koontz or Brite as mirrors are often a good fit for supernatural happenings that leave no evidence.

  5. Well one thing I remember reading about mirros, at least in some fiction, is that they can be used as gateways for entities.

    As for Phil and a human love interest, personally I'm against it. The succubi are honestly more interesting, and I'm not just talking about the sex or anything when I say that. I'd rather see Phil's interactions with his succubi, or whatever creatures they encounter/sic on him.

  6. Hey Hydra will there be any more stories involving the Soul Worm? One thing that stood out to me was the size of her breasts and I was wondering if the next time we see a Soul Worm, we could see some paizuri/titjob action?

    1. No plans just yet. Looking to hit some weirder fetishes with recent tales. There are still uncharted areas of the great fetish map to explore.

      I'm a boob man, so I doubt it'll be too long before some hot paizuri action shows up in one of my stories again.

  7. I just finished reading the 203 and 204 chapters and i do think the story makes a great novel.
    I have a few suggestions that may be completely against your style but i hope someone reads them.

    1. Just a little less sex
    2. I love the banter between the characters but Phil always seems to be silenced. Just wish they could all talk more
    3. The magic side of thing is interesting so maybe Phil could be a little more inquisitive with spells and history, im sure the succubi could help
    4. Definitely add some more funny bits. The jokes are good but could do with some more

    I only say this because i love the story and find the scenes in-between sex funny and interesting.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. Erotica has to have a sex scene each chapter. Literotica is an erotica site. I tend to use the novels to sneak in extra material to add a little more substance to the background and story.

      2. & 3. Phil will get stronger as the story progresses (if he survives!)

      4. Will try to. I'm a big fan of Japanese storytelling and Joss Whedon, which means Succubus Summoning will lurch around between sexy, funny and occasional bouts of deadly serious nightmare fuel.

    2. Wow fast reply, thanks. Don't know if you've read "Path of the necromancer" but its got some similar themes and focuses mainly on the story (though its not finished). Worth a read.
      Oh and i just read "Cέrμləan Circles" thats pretty good too.

  8. M.E., will we get to see any lamia/naga/snake-themed succubi for Phil to encounter?

    1. Not for a while. I don't want to introduce so many characters Verde and the other succubi get shunted into the background. Maybe in a later story arc.

      In the meantime I'll try and get that Amanda story idea finished for the next Lit competition.