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Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-10 A Sticky Starting Scrap

I appear to be stuck in an airport waiting for a heavily delayed plane.  This seems like a good opportunity to post the last part of Jackson in HRPG-World in case I don't get a chance to do it tomorrow.  (where I'll probably be otherwise...ahem...engaged)

Here we go: about 7,000 words and a few chapters later than originally intended, the last part of Jackson in HRPG-World 3.

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-10 A Sticky Starting Scrap

“I don’t think I’ll let you replay the battle when you lose this time.  I think I’ll keep you instead.”


Had the game just entered iron man mode?

No, it wasn’t a game, not anymore.  He thought she’d seemed too self-aware to be part of the game, and now she’d realized the same thing about him.

He held out his sword before him.  The point trembled.  Suraimo noticed and laughed.

“There’s no need to be frightened.  I’ll make you feel nothing but pleasure.”

A vertical slit opened up at the point her abdomen sank into her mass of undifferentiated slime.  It started as a vagina and then opened wider and wider until it looked like a maw capable of swallowing him whole.  An overpowering musk of sexual arousal filled the path.

“Don’t you remember the pleasures of being wrapped up in my body?  You can experience them again.  Just stand still and let my slime engulf you.”

Jackson did remember, or rather his cock did.  It twitched to attention in his pants like the stupid brainless moron it was.

This was real.  If she enveloped his body again he wasn’t coming out.  She wouldn’t digest him like The Blob, but his life would be just as over.  The battle theme continued to skip and judder in background, like tunes from a broken-down carousel.

She didn’t call her surprise attack this time.  A blue stream flowed out from her main mass and formed a sticky puddle beneath his feet.

Don’t panic.

The control panel flickered and swayed like a bad picture on an antique television set.  It was still there and he still had to follow the rules laid out for the battle.  He hoped the same was true for Suraimo.

He was bound.  First he had to select struggle.

In the background the notes of the battle theme stretched out like soft plastic over a naked flame, slowing down and going lower until it seemed like the tune would snap altogether.  The background flickered and wavered around him.

“Not this time,” Suraimo said, shaking her head.  A bulge of protoplasm travelled down her pseudopod and folded up over his feet and ankles like a cushioned bear trap.  His feet and ankles were yanked down as if he’d stepped in quicksand.  Slender tentacles spiraled up and pulled down his pants.

Don’t panic!

The control panel was a minefield.  If he lashed out blindly he’d hit one of the submit options and that would be it.  There was only one command that worked at this point.


This time it worked.  Suraimo’s body sucked at him like thick mud, but he was able to step back out of her snare.  He released a sigh of relief.  The background music slipped back into playing at the correct speed.

It was only temporary.  Suraimo was oozing down the path towards him.

Stay focused.  It was a puzzle battle.  All he had to do was step through the correct actions in the correct order.  Which sucked, as he already knew the next correct action was to swing his sword uselessly like a spastic.

Jackson dutifully swung his sword like a spastic.

Suraimo didn’t even bother to taunt him.  She swayed out of the way and kept coming.  Her right hand morphed into a tentacular tube, darted forwards and sucked in his exposed penis.  Jackson shuddered in surprise as the soft tissue bunched up and squeezed his erection.  She wasn’t about to let him go either.  In the previous fights, after carrying out a lascivious grope attack she’d always released him and waited for him to take his turn.  This time her appendage kept sucking on him even as his command options came up.

Jackson watched his green bar decline.  The other thing that sucked was he couldn’t let it fall below halfway.  Once it reached that point Suraimo could use her auto-win Suraimo Paradiso attack.  Only there was no could about it, she would use it the moment the game allowed her.  Which meant he was already effectively at half life.

Jackson performed his second useless attack.  He stepped forwards and drove his sword right through her gooey body.  Again Suraimo was completely unfazed by the steel blade running through her body.  Unlike before, this time she didn’t seem in any particular hurry to let him have his sword back.

The regeneration message flashed up again.  Her green bar returned to full.  Then the panel froze up.

He couldn’t get the sword free.  It was stuck in her sticky body.  His natural instinct was to place a foot against her and use the leverage to yank the blade free.  He resisted it.  He knew his foot would sink right into her soft body and then he’d never get free.  Instead he braced it on the path as close to her as he dared and tried to tug his sword free.

Suraimo flowed closer.  An advancing bubble of protoplasm crept over his foot and ankle.  Tendrils of slime slithered down the blade and attached themselves to his hand and wrist.  The tube wrapped around his erection thickened as she came closer.  The transparent appendage bunched up and squirted warm blue fluids around his enveloped cock.

“Why fight so hard?” Suraimo said.  “I can make you feel this good all the time.”

The thick tube rippled around his cock, rubbing her aphrodisiac secretions into him.  Jackson’s knees felt wobbly as blood surged into his lengthening hard-on.

“I’m doing you a favor,” Suraimo said as she pumped more juices over his straining erection.  “Some of the girls after me will eat you alive.”

The background music skittered, careered and then finally snapped.  The trees and the path flickered out of existence.  There was only Jackson and the amoeboid form of Suraimo rising up to engulf him.


Jackson hurled himself backwards with his hand still on the sword.  The path flickered into existence and Jackson hit it hard.  He didn’t get a chance to gather his thoughts as he looked up and saw Suraimo was already coming down on him in a wave.  He thrust out with his legs and rolled out of range as Suraimo splashed down.  She reformed immediately with her sexy upper body and jiggling boobs rising back up out of her gelatinous mass.

Jackson got back to his feet and watched her warily.  The forest came back into existence and the fight music played at normal speed again.  The game seemed to have recovered from its near fatal crash.

More importantly, Jackson’s control panel was back in operation.

He’d got here before, and then it had gone wrong.  He knew why.  He’d clicked through too fast and selected the useless attack, and then he’d not used struggle when she’d snared him with her Suraimo Torapo attack.

He checked his bar.  Still above halfway, by about a sliver.

Not that Suraimo appeared to be paying attention.  Her body was swelling up like a wave ready to crash into him.


Jackson selected attack.  This time it brought up a second menu with two options.  He was fairly sure he’d rushed through here too fast last time.  But which incorrect option had he selected?  He thought it was the first one, but was he sure about it?

“Time for me to wrap you all up and suck out that delicious semen,” Suraimo said, her body flowing forward to absorb him.

Jackson selected the second option.

He was hoping for some kind of crazed anime-style limit-break special attack the Japanese loved in games like these.  Instead he launched into her like a hyperactive chimp flailing blindly with a machete.

As ugly as it looked, it was surprisingly effective.  Wet gobbets of Suraimo’s slime went flying in all directions and she stopped her charge.  Nearly two thirds vanished from her green bar.

Oh yeah!  Oh wait . . . not that effective after all.  Suraimo was already pulling the globs back into her main mass.  Regenerating . . . reforming.  The green bar was already climbing back up . . .

. . . but not all the way!

He’d damaged her!

The music stopped.  The first bars of a different theme started . . .

“I’m not finished yet,” Suraimo said.

 . . . and abruptly it changed back to the main battle theme, which immediately began to decay to dissonant bleeps and blips.  Some of the trees around them flickered out of existence.

Jackson selected the same attack again and span into her like crazed spinning top made out of buzz saw blades.  Sticky glops of slime flew in all directions and were left all over the path in quivering chunks.  Suraimo concentrated on drawing her body back together, but slowly, too slowly.  Her bar was below halfway now.

Jackson prepared to select the same attack again.  Suddenly it vanished from his control panel.  All the commands did.  A message flashed up and a jingle that sounded like every other RPG victory jingle played.

Suraimo looked around with disappointment on her face.  The wood seemed like a real wood again and not just a picture of one.  A different theme music was playing in the background.

She looked at Jackson.  “You can put that down now,” she said, referring to his sword.  “You won the battle and now the game has stabilized.  I have to follow its rules.”

Jackson didn’t lower his sword.

Actually he really wanted to repeat that spinning attack before she reformed fully, but the game wouldn’t let him.  Instead he stood there and watched her warily.

“Such a pity.  We would have had such fun together.”  Suraimo smiled suggestively at him and lewdly cupped an overflowing breast.  “Oh well.  Time for me to move onto my next role.  Maybe we’ll bump into each other again.”

She flowed away into the bushes by the side of the path.  She seemed to change color as she did, the light blue hues of her semi-transparent form shifting more towards pink or violet.

“In the meantime, try not to get eaten,” she called back at him.  “This game’s creator really likes their vore.”

Jackson stood on the path with his sword outstretched in front of him.  He held that pose even after Suraimo had long oozed away.

Fu-uck, he thought as he let out a breath.  It took a while for him to get his trembling limbs back under enough control to continue walking along the path.

This was not just a game.

He tried not to think about the other girls Suraimo had talked about, the ones she’d said would ‘eat him alive’, and definitely tried to avoid thinking about what would happen if they, like Suraimo, realized he was trapped in the game for real.

The path opened out into a clearing.

Wow, what had happened here?  It looked like a meteorite or aircraft had smashed through the canopy.  Splintered branches and fallen leaves were scattered all over the place and there was a large depression in the ground.  Jackson couldn’t see any wreckage.  Whatever had hit the ground had either vaporized or—

And Jackson definitely didn’t want to run into it if this was the case.

—got up and walked away.

A fluttering piece of white parchment caught his attention.  He walked over and saw someone had nailed a piece of paper to a tree trunk with a dagger.  Really nailed it in.  The knife was embedded so deep he couldn’t move it.  The only way to get the paper free was to tear it out on either side.

He was surprised to see the message was in English rather than Japanese.

Dear Hero,

After lying here on my tail waiting countless hours for you to get past the tutorial fight I have grown bored and have decided to explore the world on my own.

Aryss Fateborn the XLIVth, sexy demon princess.

P.S.  You Suck!

The sexy was underlined.

The background music stuttered and collapsed to garbled noise.  The game universe stretched and then finally snapped.  An electronic vortex opened up around Jackson.  He fell in and was swirled around like a cork in a whirlpool before finally being deposited in a brand new game.

Jackson in HRPG-World Part 3, End

Jackson will return in a few weeks in "Bubble Bother".  Where hopefully I'll remember how to write 1,000 word chapters and keep the story to less than ten of them.


  1. Probably lucky for him that he missed her... she would've eaten him alive. Repeatedly.

    Also, very sneaky putting up SS 203 without saying anything on here. Love me some Nyte.

    1. I was going to make a blog about 203, but my ability at writing normal blogposts has got really scratchy and inefficient of late. Then I got behind and... I'll try and post something about it this week.

  2. You know I have to wonder, what and how would have Jackson have thought and dealt with Fateborn?

    Will we get to see Fateborn and Jackson ever meet?

    1. They will meet, sort of. Quite a few people asked me if I was going to go deeper in MGQ. I can't really. I'm just about at the permitted edge of parody. Any further and I'm writing direct MGQ fanfic and it restricts what I can do with the stories as I'll be ripping off torotoro resistance's work. I will be putting HRPG-World as an ebook at some point.