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Monday, August 20, 2018

Can anyone recommend a good slime girl artist?

My initial plan was to use some of those lovely patreon bux to commission some artwork of Volumpula to go with her CYOA.  (when I finally finish the monstrous thing - Volumpula, do you have to play with your food this much?)

Unfortunately this appears to have fallen through.  No money changed hands, so there's nothing to worry about there.  The artist didn't get back to me after initial contact, so I have to assume they're busy, or the commission wasn't something that interested them.  Nothing wrong with that.  It happens.

I'm still keen to get a piece done (mainly as a thank you for the people that have contributed).

Here are the details of the piece:

Character Detail

Name: Volumpula

She's a slime girl with so much additional mass it forms a bed-like blob beneath her.   Her human part looks like a gorgeous woman in her mid-twenties with a voluptuous hourglass figure.  The blob part looks somewhere between a large circular waterbed or gigantic over-stuffed cushion.  Both blob and woman look like they're made out of translucent pink jelly (standard slime girl transparency).  Shade of pink should look more unnatural rather than being mistaken for human skin tone (should look more like berries or artificial plastic/rubber).

Here's a pic of Milfy from the Violated Hero 2 game to give an idea of what I mean (she was the primary inspiration for Volumpula).  Volumpula is pinker, bustier and the bed/blob part is bigger.

Any resemblances between Milfy and Volumpula are purely... ahem... incidental.
She has a glamourpuss face with sensual pouty lips and big eyes.  Her "hair" is a slightly darker shade of pink, "big", curly (given her slimy composition will look more like froth) and cascades down to below her shoulders.

The soapland slime girl from the Wicked City anime is a good reference point for hairstyle.  It's a nice callback as she's the first instance of a sexy slime/blob girl I can think of in popular(ish) culture.

His body-to-body massage got a little too close...

Volumpula lounging seductively on her "bed" and looking out at the viewer as if she's trying to tempt them into joining her on her "bed".

Optional.  The room has pink padded walls, floor and ceil.  A pink girl on a pink bed in a pink room is likely to be lost completely in a sea of pink if not done carefully!

If anyone knows an artist who might be a good fit for this, please drop a link to their work and commission rates in the comments below.

Alternatively, if you feel inspired and fancy creating your own representation, please feel free to go ahead and have fun.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 41: Nightmare Wilderness


<- Gold Volcano

We’re done with the Grangold towns and villages for now, so it’s time to head out to the Tartarus pit located in the dangerous western desert.  It looks like a straight walk on the world map, but in actuality we’ll have to go through a dungeon-type location to enter the desert – the Nightmare Wilderness.

This is not a straight walk on the world map

Thankfully, it doesn’t live up to the name and is relatively short to traverse (unlike the many many screens of the Marching Hills).

We even get three brand new monster girls.

The welcoming party

These are Gelatinous Cube Girl, Tiger Girl and Youki.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Gelatinous Cube Girl ever since she was spoiled on Toro Toro Resistance’s blog.  I was surprised she didn’t show up in Undine’s Fountain.  I must not have been the only one looking forward to her, because – if you’re running the (pre 2.20) Dargoth patch – her H-scenes have already been translated.  I’m guessing this was by one of the volunteers as the translation has a few little quirks (“little swimmers”).

Gelatinous Cube Girl has a temptation move where she drags Luka into her cube.  Her Bad End also involves pulling Luka into her jelly cube.

Could be worse...

Once she has Luka trapped, she forms a jelly cone around his dick and pulsates him to repeated orgasms.  Afterwards, she pulls him all the way in, but it’s fine as she’ll let him breathe, somehow.

Hmm, are we sure this translation is accurate?

Gelatinous Cube Girl is much less fearsome than her namesake.  From the spoiler screenshots I thought there might be some paralyzing electricity involved, or Luka getting diffused within her cube, but it’s mostly just pleasant stuff.

Her temptation scene can’t be requested in the castle, instead she has a new scene unlocked at 100 affection.  She pulls us on top of her bouncy cube and proceeds to bang the shit out of us.

Slime girls can be passionate lovers

Which also looks rather pleasant.

Gelatinous girl seems to fall on the Lime side of the slime family tree rather than the nastier Blob Girl or Slime Beth side.  Not a bad thing, unless you like your slime girls nasty and melty.  Don’t worry, I’m sure the upcoming Tartarus region will give us nasty a plenty.

Youki is big-sis Oni.  I’m guessing that should be pronounced “Yoki”, as those are the name of the big red ogre things currently kicking my ass in Nioh.

She’s certainly muscly.  If she does manage to knock Luka flat with her club, she’ll climb on top and use her muscular pussy to squeeze out all of Luka’s “seed juice”.

Muscles in places you wouldn't even believe

This is another Luka loses the will to carry on Bad Ends, as once she’s done she just buggers off and leaves Luka where he is.

If you recruit her, she has a muscular paizuri scene where she squeezes her big boobs around our cock.  It looks like a lot of force is involved given the geyser of semen she gets out of Luka.

Tiger Girl was another one spoiled before MQ:P [part 2] came out.  She’s got a bit of a samurai theme and some fairly vicious sword attacks.  I’m not really a big fan of the quadruped beast girls like centaurs and some of the kitsune, and Tiger Girl is no exception.  I like them conventionally succubus-like, or very weird.  So, I think we’ll pass on the tiger pussy.

There’s a little hut halfway through the nightmare wilderness that contains a friendly little oni and big oni.  It functions as an inn, but you shouldn’t really need it as this section is mercifully short.

On the other side is the western desert.  Gelatinous Cube Girl is taken out of random encounter rotation and replaced with the Vampire Girl from the original series.  She was one of the first encounters on Helgondo, if I remember right.  MQ:P appears to have moved her to an earlier slot.  She’s also the first vampire you can recruit outside of Vanilla of the loli bandits.  Vampires appear to be very high level monsters in this universe.

There are a couple of locations of interest in the desert.

To the north is the Bird God Shrine.

Be grateful it's a warp point

Ah, I remember this from the original series.  This was how Luka got to Helgondo, and what those mysterious orbs are for.  We need six of them to summon the bird god to carry us over the mountains ringing Helgondo.

The game doesn’t actually mention this.  For now it’s a suspicious location that will clearly do something later.

It does fulfil one important function – it’s the warp point for this region.  Which makes sense, as running through the nightmare wilderness from Lady Village every time you want to visit here would get very tedious.

There’s another location to the southeast.

Yeah, don't go here unless your party is max-levelled

Entering this location scares Alice.  For good reason.  The wandering monsters patrolling the grounds around the abandoned research facility are all chimeras and experimental organisms from chapter 3 of the original series.  They even have the one that was glimpsed in the original series, but never had a fight or scene.

You don’t want to be here right now.  Not unless you want to get slapped around a lot.  I thought my party was over-levelled and still got flattened.  There’s also nothing to do here as the door is locked by a card reader.  I’ll go over it in more detail when the plot calls us for us to actually be here.

What we’re really here for is the Tartarus pit, which can be reached by going south around the mountains and then back north.

And that seems an appropriate point to leave things.  Come back next week when we finally descend into the first Tartarus region of Monmusu Quest: Paradox.

-> Next: Tartarus IV

Friday, December 01, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 24: Great Poison Swamp

<- Previous: Goddard

At the moment we’re chaining our way through various contacts as we look for ways to bypass the various defences of Grandgold.  Alma Elma got us through Gold Fort.  Nero gave us a device to switch fast travel back on and also pointed us on in the direction of the next link in the quest chain.  I have no idea who our surprise contact is this time, but we need them to get us past the golem army guarding the route through the marching hills, and they’re currently hiding out in the Great Poison Swamp.

The Great Poison Swamp is a big purple lake just north of Goddard.  The entrance to the location can be found here, on the south shore:

The swamp is big, but this is the only entrance

As with everywhere else they’ve been encountered, the purple tiles are poison swamp tiles and do damage every time they’re walked over.  This damage isn’t particularly high and can’t even kill a character as it stops once the character reaches 1 HP.  You might want to keep at least one eye on it as it would be slightly awkward to get ambushed in the middle of the swamp and then find out your whole team is starting the battle on 1 HP.

Also in keeping with the rest of MQ:P part 2, a new location means all brand new monster girls.  Three of them, to be exact.

The ghoul girls are another wolf-pack encounter, as they come as a trio and are recruited as a trio.

Lost ghoul gals - looking for a loving home

They seem to be upgraded versions of the zombie girls.  Personally, I’ve never seen the sex appeal in rotting zombie girls, but given some of the other things I write about, it would be rather lacking in self-awareness on my part to get all critical about it.  I’m sure there are plenty of necromantics out there who’d love to give these poor girls a loving home.

I’m less sure on the warmer.

Technically an undead girl, I think

She’s another, specialised, type of undead.  She was revealed as a new encounter way in advance of part 2 coming out, so anyone following the game’s development will remember her, as well as her rather unusual Bad End.

Probably best not to think too hard about what's happening here...

Um, yeah.  Apparently it does make Luka come a lot before he suffocates to death.

Rather amusingly, both undead recruits have additional lines of dialogue with Chrome back in the pocket castle.  Warmer disapproves of Chome’s rather poor hygiene while the ghoul girl squad responds to Chrome’s outpourings of admiration by trying to eat her.

The third new encounter is brom girl.

The slime girls are toxic...

She’s a type of slime girls that’s extremely poisonous.  Her Bad End is to dunk Luka in her gelatinous body and wrap his genitals up in poison slime.

Splodge, splodge, splodge...

Again I feel ‘poisonous’ might have a different meaning in MGQ-verse as the effect of smothering Luka’s sex organs in ‘poison’ slime is to cause him to fill her jelly body with tons of spunk.

(I’m not one to talk.  I wrote most H-space toxins to behave this way because... fun.)

But that’s enough poison jelly baths and heads inserted in places heads shouldn’t be inserted.  We should at least try and find our contact.

It’s Mephisto.  You can find her on a ridge of stone rising up out of the marsh somewhere to the north.

Why the fuck are you hiding out here, Mephisto?

This also raises some questions.  Such as: Why did you make us trudge all the way through this toxic swamp when you could have just as easily joined the party back in Grand Noah?  We could have avoided all this dicks-dipped-in-poison-slime and heads-inserted-in-places-heads-should-not-go unpleasantness altogether.

“I have a nice bath prepared for you at the castle where I’ll splodge all my lovely tingly venom into your cock.”

“Shh, now is not the time, brom girl.”

Mephisto might not be trustworthy in the slightest, but she tells us she can get us past the golem army blocking the way through the Marching Hills.

This, I guess, is also where we officially get to recruit her to the ‘harem’.  Talking to her in the pocket castle reveals an additional menu option.

Mephisto has two forms – mage with tentacles, or giant demon lamia.  Selecting the new option allows her to switch between forms.  Functionally, she seems to be two characters in one as she has a different trait and request moves depending on which form she’s in.

The giant lamia request move is similar to her Bad End.  I don’t think we need to see that one again.

Her mage request option features a brand new H-scene where Mephisto takes Luka to her school, binds him to a desk with magic, and then lets her pupils use him for... um... educational purposes.

Taking up Mephisto's offer of additional tuition might have been a mistake...

There is a fish girl (sahuagin), alraune and fairy.  All three are fully devoted to their ‘education.’

Yup, probably a mistake... (you don't want to know what she does with the other stem)

After a few extracurricular lessons, it’s time to continue on our journey and find out what Mephisto can do about those pesky golems blocking the way to Grangold (the city).

-> Next: Marching Hills

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 20: Undine's Spring

<- Previous: Esta

Esta’s Tartarus region is a no-go area at the moment.  So, there’s nothing for it but to head back to Grand Noah.

But before then, Alice mentions Undine’s Spring is not far from here and it would be a good idea to take a detour and go and contract Undine.  I think Toro Toro Resistance is a pretty good writer, but this is one section where the plot gets a little sloppy.

If you try to contract Undine before Esta, she isn’t there.  Her appearance only triggers after Alice tells you about her after the events in Esta.  Thing is, this is inconsistent with what’s happened previously.  In part 1 the Tartarus regions were big scary unknowns and the advice was to contract with the nearest elemental spirit before descending into the depths.  It would have made more sense for Alice to suggest contracting Undine before investigating Esta’s Tartarus region.

There is better rationale for it, should you go straight back to Grand Noah first.  The preparations for invading Grangold’s territory are not ready, which does give an excuse for a side trip to Undine’s Spring.

Overall, the sequencing feels a little clumsy here.

I suspect it’s also because I’m a little tetchy at Undine’s Spring turning out to be one of the most disappointing locations so far.

Sexy slimy fun times ahead (warning: risk of absorption and digestion)

Slime Girls are up there with succubi when it comes to my favourite monster girls, so I was looking forward to seeing what new gooey goodness awaited us at Undine’s Shrine and there’s... nothing.

No new content anyway.  We have various combinations of UN_DO’s slimies.

Sexy Slimies

And the blob and jelly girls.

Jelly and Blob.  Avoid Blob.

Nothing new on the Bad Ends or requests either.  Blob girl’s Bad End was never that sexy to begin with – Luka sort of gets sucked up in a weird little opening in her side.  It’s disappointing because Setouchi* has done a pretty sweet piece showing blob girl getting her sexy gloop on, but you’d have to go digging through Tokinokogiri’s Monmusu Delicious Nom-Noms series to find it.  Then again, it probably would have been a wee bit naughty to swipe the art from someone else’s release.

*It’s possible I’ve got the wrong artist here, although it does seem pretty close to Setouchi’s style.

A "better" Bad End with Blob Girl

Overall, the lack of originality shouldn’t be that surprising.  MQ:P part 2 has been fairly consistent so far – new locations get new gals, old ones get returnees from the original series.  It’s unfortunate that this particular segment of the game has been a long stretch of old content (Yamatai, Plansect Village and now Undine’s Spring*).

*I forgot Mephisto’s School of Magic.  And intend to go right back to forgetting about it. *shiver*

Anyway, enuff bitchin’ ‘n’ whinin’.  We got a world to save and a water spirit to get all wet and squelchy with.

Undine’s Spring is the first place where I felt the game was catching up to my over-levelled characters in terms of difficulty.  Up to now I’d been levelling up various characters and switching them out at level 40.  I might have to raise that cap.  My first excursion into the spring saw the whole party taken out by an exploding blob girl and Undine became the first story (rather than optional) boss to wipe me without any dirty temptation shenanigans.

Undine does not hold back.  Bring waterproofs.

The boss fight felt like a legit difficulty spike.  She even took me out a couple of times when I tried coming back with a moderate ‘serious-business’ party.  Those AOE splosh attacks of hers do a ton of damage and she also has an annoying habit of raising her magic-reflecting aqua shield right before the party mage tries to zap her with lightning.

The best way to deal with Undine is probably a bit of Luka-bait cheese.  Have him in the party.  At some point Undine will absorb him and start doing all kinds of naughty naughty.  Don’t select the struggle option for Luka.  Instead have him lie back and think of England while your party healer casts Mega Heal on him every turn.  Eventually Undine’s pleasure damage will outstrip your healer’s healing, but this will give 5 or 6 turns of complete freedom to hit Undine with the other two party members.  And time Undine spends doing various creative wet and squelchy things to Luka’s nether regions is time she’s not unloading that ridiculous AOE water attack on the rest of the party.

The worst of it is that it isn’t even the worst of it.

Uh oh.  We have to fight Erubetie as well?

The relief of finally overcoming Undine is short-lived as Erubetie arrives on the scene before we can properly contract with Undine.  There isn’t even an option to save before we’re thrown right into a second boss battle.

Erubetie is kind of like a more powerful and pissed off Undine.  She also has silly AOE water attacks.  Her dubious (don’t ask) Neverland Frontier attack also makes a return.  In game terms it’s a party-wide debuff that drives the whole party’s stats into the floor.  I’m not even sure there is a way to remove debuffs short of having the character die and be raised again.

So yep, this fight is going to suck.

Ah, but she’s a proper heavenly knight, like Alma Elma.  Which means she’s probably around level 60.  There’s no way they’d sic a heavenly knight on us, going all out, right after that difficult boss fight against Undine.  So yeah, it’s probably one of those unwinnable story fight things.  It won’t matter if we lose.

Luka found out too late that Erubetie wasn't kidding around

Um, Erebutie.  This was just a test, wasn’t it?  I mean you’re not really going to go all out on our pitiful level 40 party.  Um, what are you... GLOOP.

Yup, it’s a proper boss fight.  Lose and Luka will get absorbed and probably dissolved right down to his pearly-white bones.

Fair play.  It’s been fairly easy to coast through MG:P so far.  The double difficulty spike right to the cranium does change things up a little.  Erubetie is – as you’d expect – vulnerable to lightning, so it’s not completely hopeless.  That Neverland Frontier mass debuff is still a bitch though.

After we (finally!) beat Erubetie, Undine points out that her heart wasn’t in it and that meant she wasn’t fighting at full strength (Dissolved-to-mush Luka from half an hour ago might disagree here).  Erubetie isn’t happy with what Alice’s mother is doing either.  So, of the heavenly knights, Alma Elma’s doing her own thing, Tamamo is sulking in her hut and now Erubetie is having doubts.

Can we recruit her?  Can we recruit her?

Nope, sadly.  She’s off to think things through.

We do get Undine though, so that’s quest complete.  I’d also recommend recruiting some of the other slime girls as well.  By this point in the game I was finding the enemies get a little bullet-spongy.  They don’t really pose a threat to the party, but they have so much HP it can take a while to kill them, especially if you’re trying to level a character up through one of the squishier support classes.  Slimes get around this.  Level them up in Carnivorous Slime and they gain the ability Blob Boa at some point (think it might be level 3 or 4).  This is an instant KO on any enemy with the “Digested” state.  Most slimes also pick up the “Melty Shot” Throwing skill, which has a good chance of giving the “Digested” state to all enemies (Carnivorous Alraune also have an attack that does the same thing).  That combo will wipe out most mobs in one or two turns regardless of HP and make grinding for XP/items a lot less painful.

Anyway, that’s it for Undine’s Spring.  By now the preparations should be ready back at Grand Noah.  It’s time to join the war against Grangold!

-> Next: The Ruins of Lima

Monday, August 28, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 12

Welcome to the continuation of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play.  Monmusu Conquered World is a monster girl hentai game created by Dieselmine (the same people responsible for the Violated Hero series).  This Text Play series began back here.

Last episode some kind of plot point thing happened.  We beat Manticore in a dusty old desert temple.  Manticore must have been important as she got more than one sexual position in the Bad End scene.  Afterwards we jumped through some kind of swirly portal thing.

Yes, it’s all a bit vague.  I don’t have any machine translation at all this time around, which makes following the plot a bit on the hard side.

A Big Bad appears...

Oh hello.  Who are you and why are you covered in scrap metal.  Nice boobs though.

I’m guessing this is the character referred to as The Orte.  Apparently she’s covered in dark essence.  Again, I have no clue what her mythological precedent is.  Maybe she was the only survivor of the disastrous Machine-Girl-themed Violated Hero 6.  She’s important enough to feature prominently on the menu screen (dose boobies), so I’m guessing we’re not fighting her just yet.

And that’s more plot we’re not going to understand any time seen.  Good job we’re playing for the titties rather than story (although to be fair, some of the Violated Hero games do have stories that go beyond excuse plot, albeit not as detailed as Torotoro Resistance’s fantastic Monster Girl Quest series).

I wonder if time travel might have been involved with the portal.  The first run-and-dodge section looks similar, as does the sex anims.  The sex anims are slightly different versions of the scenes from the first level – palette-shifted, or flipped, or tilted.

Another reason I think some time travel shenanigans might be involved is the first boss we run into is a blue slime.

Blue slimes are nearly always the first monster type encountered in any JRPG game that has them.  This was started off in the mainstream game DragonQuest and then continued by the more sexually explicit monster girl hentai games that ape mainstream classics such as Final Fantasy and Castlevania.  As boss number 11, Slime has showed up late to this party.

She seems friendly enough.

Maybe a little too friendly.

Hey, Slime, stop glooping me.

Nothing for it.  It’s time for another fight.

Or rather, another loss.  Blue slimes might normally be the weakest monster of any JRPG, but this Slime OHKOs us just like every other monster girl.

Time for a gloopy Bad End with Slime on top, and underneath, and all around us.  But mostly on top.

A comprehensive sex glooping

Um, please don’t eat us, Slime.  Or drink us, or whatever slimes do when they get to wrap up their helpless victims.

This one seems more interested in making us spunk.  Over and over again.

One thing I do like about this Bad End is that Luka-clone actually looks vaguely like a hero.  We’re ripped to fuck in this art.  Which is sort of keeping to how you’d expect a hero protagonist to look.  It’s also a little unusual for this type of game as some artists like to mess around with scale to make the monster girl look even more sexy dominant as she’s screwing the hero’s brains out.

Slime don’t need any artist tricks.

Slime gonna give you a delicious glooping no matter how muscular you look.

Gloop.  Gloop.  Splurt!

By the end she gets very jiggly.  And she never stops smiling sweetly.

Um, slime, you seem to be covering more of my body.

Once again, not being able to read the text and dialogue might be a good thing.  This looks remarkably similar to Erubetie’s first scene from Monster Girl Quest, and that did not end up well for our hero.

Oh well, the sword manages to extract us from Slime’s gelatinous grip for round two.

And speaking of gelatinous.  Wow.

Gelatinous pressure

That’s quite some big busty slime girl paizuri.  It’s animated and looks rather splendid.

(don’t digest my dick, don’t digest my dick, don’t digest my dick)

And again this is where I want to give Dieselmine a good slapping.  Ditch the auto-loss/auto-win nonsense, add the slime anim from the pointless run-and-dodge sections, maybe add another one or two sex anims, vary her sex attacks, animate each one, and you have an epic battlefuck fight that knocks anything from MGQ or ROBF out of the water.  It’s very typical of Dieselmine games.  The elements of quality are there, but they can’t ever seem to assemble them into a truly kickass game.

Enough ranting.  I’m just going to lie back and imagine big soft slime girl tits wrapped around and rubbing up and down my cock.

The real fight?

Yeah, yeah.  There’s no rush.  I’ll get around to it.


In a mo.

Or longer.  Like, half an hour longer.

Maybe longer.

Guess that will be it for the week.

I like slime girls (they might be my second favourite monster girls after succubi), so I have too many stories to list here (at least four or five in the H-space monster girl bestiary series already, although most of them don’t end well).  This chapter from Jackson in HRPG-World is a little more fun (really need to get back to writing that series) and there’s always the "Sandwiched by Slimes" novella, where I got a little... ahem... carried away.  A must-read for all slime girl fans.

Anyway, that’s enough blatant shilling.  Come back in a couple of days where I believe we’ll be getting our juices sucked by an Alraune (plant girl).

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Purple Skin-Wearing Slime

Name:  Purple Skin-Wearing Slime
Type:  Slime
Habitat:  Urban

A species of sentient slime that inhabits and wears the skins of previously consumed victims.  Outside of its host's skin, the slime is clear purple in colour.  While wearing a human skin, the slime will, to all intents and purposes, appear to be human aside from the eyes.  These are the same purple colour as the rest of the slime.  Purple slimes appear to have a preference for female skins.  After taking a new skin they will often modify the contours of the body—increase bust size, decrease stomach size—in order to increase the sexual attractiveness of their new form.

The purple slimes are incapable of repairing their stolen skins.  Any tears or punctures will cause the inner slime to ooze out and plug the wound, much like amber.  This is the limit of their healing capabilities.  Eventually their host skin will degrade to the point where the purple slime will need to discard it and seek out a fresh skin.

Rather gruesomely, the purple slimes form sentimental attractions to the skins they take.  They adorn their dwellings with the skins left behind from their feeding.  Previously-worn skins are afforded a higher status, sometimes even bordering on a strange kind of reverence.

Suffice to say, this can be highly disconcerting and distressing for any human visitor.  Our negotiators and ambassadors will require an appropriate amount of forewarning.

Attack Strategy:
The purple slime incapacitates victims by extruding slime tendrils into the victim's body.  These invade through facial orifices such as the nose and mouth, and travel to the brain, where the slime is able to induce unconsciousness with no additional side effects other than slight short-term memory loss.  While wearing a skin, the slime will use this as a disguise to get close enough to their target.  If the slime has no skin they will instead attempt to creep up on sleeping or similarly indisposed targets.

They feed by extruding their amorphous body into their prey and slowly digesting them from the inside until nothing remains but the outer skin, which the slime either takes as a trophy or new skin to wear.  While unpleasant, I can at least understand this from a biological perspective.  What makes far less sense is that the purple slime will sexually stimulate their victim, so that they are in a near-constant state of sexual climax even while being consumed from the inside.

Why?  We observe this time and time again.  Why is inducing sexual arousal so important to so many HSIOs?  It just doesn't make any evolutionary sense.

Purple slimes are very fragile, especially in comparison to other slime-type HSIOs.  Without a host skin they have difficulty in holding their semi-liquid forms together and are especially vulnerable to both mechanical and chemical disruption.  While in a host skin they are no stronger than a typical human and might even be weaker.  Their skins are just as easily lacerated or punctured as human skin, and cannot take too much damage before becoming unusable to the slime.  However, one should always be aware of one key difference between skin-wearing purple slimes and human combatants—the slime has no vital internal organs and is unlikely to be stopped by a single bullet to the head or thorax.  Use sustained fire to shred their stolen skin.

Their mimicry of humans is effective, but always given away by their eyes.  Thankfully, this places a hard limitation on their infiltration capabilities as it is so easy to detect whether a slime is trying to masquerade as human.  We should still be vigilant and guard against any infiltration attempts.

Threat Level:

They are extremely fragile once their disguise is seen through.

I wonder if this weakness is the reason why some of their colonies have approached us with offers of peace, friendship and co-operation.  Command is receptive to the idea.  Vampyrotiea and similar HSIO individuals have proven invaluable to our understanding of H-space.  It will certainly raise challenges.  How can we possibly co-exist with an organism that consumes us and wears our skins?

Monday, June 19, 2017

H-space MGB Story: Purple Skin-Wearing Slime

"Do you think he's a mouth or ass man?" Pamela Griffith asked.

She sat casually on some kind of leather throne, with one leg folded over the other.

Only it wasn't Pamela Griffith.  Pamela Griffith had gone missing a week ago, along with the rest of exploratory team Charlie.  LT Stewart Peter Bate was part of the unit sent out to discover why explo team Charlie had not been in contact for several days.  He'd found out why... unfortunately.

Bate knew Pam.  He'd spoken to her multiple times while they'd been stationed at FOB Lamanche, before she'd been sent out to explore a newly discovered region of H-space with explo team Charlie.  Bate liked her.  She was bubbly and vivacious and prone to gushing about her area of scientific expertise.  Bate didn't mind this.  He'd studied for a Bachelor of Science in biology before enlisting.  It was refreshing to be able to talk to someone who'd studied the same discipline.  He suspected she liked talking to him for the same reason.

The thing sitting on the leather throne in front of Bate was not Pam.  It looked like her, but the mannerisms were all different.  This Pam radiated confidence and authority in a way the real Pam—who was often shy and demure until drawn out of her shell—did not.  Bate was also sure she wouldn't have brazenly reveled in her nakedness like this Pam.  The Pam Bate remembered also didn't have such a cruel, cold cast to her face either.

There were minor differences on top of this.  While Bate had never seen the real Pam naked, he would have guessed she had B-cups rather than the double-Ds the imposter sitting before him was sporting.  She also appeared to be curvier at the hips and ass than the real Pam.  She looked more like Pam's evil, slutty twin.

If only she was Pam's evil, slutty twin.

The eyes were the worst.  They were a strange purple color and odd eddies swirled deep within them.

"Why don't we ask him?" the woman to the right of Bate asked.

No, the worst was him being naked and bound to some kind of weird frame.  He didn't even know how he'd ended up here.  Whatever had captured him and tied him to this strange contraption had stolen the memories of his capture.

Tied wasn't the right word.  It felt more like glued.  Bate's arms and legs were spread apart and his wrists and ankles were stuck to a sturdy hoop by a substance that felt like tar.  Stretched across the hoop beneath Bate was a sheet of elastic material.  It felt disconcertingly like skin.  The hoop—and Bate's bound, naked, spread-eagled form—was mounted on a trolley contraption.  After he'd woken he'd been wheeled into this chamber by two naked women.  One of the women had strange bulges of what looked like purple jelly on her skin.  It looked like she'd been cut, but rather than blood welling out, purple slime had oozed out of the wound like amber.  It slowly pulsed as if alive.

"And spoil the surprise," Not-Pam answered the woman's question.  "I think not."

She inserted a finger between her plump lips and sucked on it in a sexually suggestive manner.

Bate wished this was a nightmare.  The room he was in looked like it belonged in a nightmare.  Rows of pictures adorned the stone walls, but rather than paintings they looked like flayed skins stretched across frames.  The flattened faces were visible and contorted into strange expressions.  Bate couldn't tell whether they were of agony or ecstasy.

Not-Pam stopped sucking on her finger.

"Turn him upside down," she said at last.

Giggling, the two naked women unlocked a mechanism at the back of the rack and turned Bate as if he was attached to a wheel of fortune.

"Pam, don't you remember me?  It's Dale," Bate said.

He knew it was pointless.  It might be Pam's body, but whatever spark animated it was not Pam.  He tried anyway, pleading with her.

Not-Pam regarded Bate with her weird, swirling purple eyes.

"Interesting.  He knew the suit," she said.  "Was she someone you cared for?  Were you lovers?"

Not-Pam opened her legs, shamelessly displaying the clamshell folds of Pam's sex.

"No, I think not.  Did you desire her?  Was your ardor unrequited?"

Not-Pam saw Bate's expression and threw back her head in cold laughter.

"Mmm, that will make this a lot easier," she said.

She gripped the arm rests of her chair.  With a shudder, Bate realized it also appeared to be upholstered in human skin.  Not-Pam started flexing her hips in a lewd manner.  Her breathing grew heavier and her eyelids fluttered as she squirmed in the chair.

The two women wheeled Bate closer, so that only a few feet separated him from Pam's vulgar gyrations.

Not-Pam's face flushed.  She gripped the armrest with enough force to whiten her knuckles.  Or would have.  Instead, a strange purple coloration—like an infected bruise—showed up beneath her skin.

Bate didn't look at her hands for long.  Stranger things happening between her legs caught his attention.  Her sex was dilating—widening—and something was emerging from within.  It looked like she was giving birth, except the emerging 'baby' was the same clear purple color as her eyes.

Not a baby.  Whatever it was had a wet opening at the tip of its head.

Pam gave a loud, orgasmic moan.  Her vagina stretched further as more of the purple mass emerged.  What was it—some kind of long purple gelatinous maggot?  It seemed far too sterile—too synthetic—to be that.  More like a man-made substance, maybe rubber or gel.  More emerged from Not-Pam's vagina, pulled out—or pushed out—like a string of slimy beads.  The flexible pipe reared up out of her sex like a headless snake.

Was this the thing infecting Pam?

Then his thoughts devolved to panic as the glistening purple tube lunged towards him.  A wet sucker mouth opened in the end as it hovered level with Bate's crotch.  Bate thrashed wildly.  He couldn't free his hands and feet.  The best he could do was jerk his midsection to the left and right.  The slimy appendage tracked Bate's movements.

Not-Pam sat on her leather throne and watched it all with an enigmatic smile on her lips.  Her cheeks were flushed, but were stained purple rather than red.

"They're always so fearful when you approach their precious sexual organs," she said.

"You'll change his mind," the naked woman to Bate's right said.

The tube bobbed forwards and came into contact with Bate's crotch with a wet splat.  He felt the sucker maw suck at him and a chill went up his spine as he realized it was after his manhood.  He twisted and turned but was unable to shake off the gelatinous appendage.  The opening found the end of his penis and sucked him inside like it was gobbling up a worm.

"Get off!  Get off!" he yelled.

The tube made horrible wet sucking sounds as it drew Bate's flaccid penis down a warm, lubricated tunnel.  There were no teeth—nor anything sharp—thankfully.  Rings of muscular peristalsis rolled up his shaft, but they weren't very powerful, certainly nowhere near the level of force required to tear Bate's member from his body.  In fact, the soft muscular tugging sensation was gentle enough to feel rather... pleasant.

Bate realized the two women on either side of him were giggling uncontrollably.  Not-Pam was also smiling.  The gelatinous tube connecting Bate to her vagina flexed and continued to suck on his penis.

Bate stopped twisting and turning when it became obvious the tube was incapable of hurting him.

What was this—some kind of weird alien joke?  Make him think they were going to bite his dick off and then suck him off instead.

It did feel like she was sucking him off.

Did she even know what she was doing?

This felt like fellatio.  Maybe even better.  The tube was tight and rings of muscular contraction stroked up his shaft.

"His face," the woman on the right said.

"Typical man," the woman on the left said.  "Put anything near their prick and it terrifies them."

"I'd rather this one was a little less terrified," Not-Pam said.  "He's making this harder than I'd like."

"He does seem to have a problem with hardness," the woman to Bate's left said.

Both broke out in a fit of giggles.

Yup, they knew exactly what they were doing, Bate thought.

"I'll fix that," Not-Pam said.

Her cheeks puffed in and out.  Her mouth formed a little 'o'.  She flexed first her abdomen, then her hips.

Bate felt the flow of peristaltic contractions reverse.  Not-Pam's vagina widened as bulges traveled up out of her sex.  Bate had another minor panic attack when he thought it might be acid she was regurgitating up to spit all over him.  Then the first pulse sloshed around Bate's penis and it felt more like warm lubricant.  Better than warm lubricant.  Bate didn't know what was in it, but it made his cock feel warm and tingly.  More juices sloshed into him and the pleasant glow spread down to his balls.  All of a sudden Bate felt turned on.  Really turned on.

"Ooh, look how hard she's made you," the woman on the right said.

It was weird.  Bate could see his erection through the transparent walls of the rubbery tube.  It looked more like some kind of sex toy sheath than living material, except it was constantly in motion.  The super-soft walls undulated as the tube sucked on him with sloppy wet slurping sounds.  The peristaltic contractions felt like dexterous, oil-slick fingers stoking up and down his cock.

Bate let himself relax a little.  It looked weird, but it felt all right.  Better than all right.  Really fucking good.  Bate had no idea why the aliens were so keen to suck him off, but he wasn't about to complain.  It was better than them torturing or killing him.

The two naked girls on either side of him didn't look like killers.  And what Not-Pam was doing to him with her transparent vagina tube definitely wasn't torture.

"You didn't need to tie me up if you wanted to do this," Bate said, smiling now.  "We're not opposed to fraternizing with the locals.  At least I'm not.  Especially good looking ones."

Especially when they—slurp, slurp—were as good at sucking dick as—ooh—this.  Bate's cock definitely liked it.  He could see it bulging and throbbing within Not-Pam's sheath.

Bate wondered if this was why Not-Pam looked like Pam.  Did these aliens have minor telepathic abilities?  Had she deliberately picked a form Bate would find attractive?  It sounded plausible.  He'd heard rumors that the aliens of H-space—HSIOs—were weirdly obsessed with sexual intercourse.

He'd also heard other stuff as well, but that stuff was so crazy he figured it had to be the other guys winding him up.

"This would be far better if you turned me right way up," Bate said.  "I bet I'd be even bigger without the blood flowing to my head."

"Ah, but then Queen Sacculina would be unable to get at your ass," the girl on his left said.

My ass? Bate thought.

Not-Pam smiled at him.  Then she opened her mouth.

It stretched wide... wider... far wider than any human mouth should go.

What.  The.  Fuck.

Something was coming out... pushing up from her throat... pushing out.  It was another purple gelatinous tube, similar to the one that had emerged from Not-Pam's pussy.  It was too big for her mouth.  That didn't matter.  Her mouth kept stretching until the opening took up most of her face and the rest of her features were scrunched up at the edges.

More and more of the slimy purple tube wormed up out of her mouth.  It arced towards Bate.  He knew its destination even before he felt its wet touch against his buttocks.

No way, Bate thought.  No fucking way.

He squirmed and tried to shake it off.  His movements served only to increase the stimulation her other tube was applying to his erection.

The girl to his right crouched down so her head was level with Bate's.  "It's necessary to complete the cycle," she said.

Fuck your cycle, he thought.  He kept twisting and turning.

Her other tube gave Bate's swollen glans a little squeeze that sent a flood of raw pleasure through him.  The sensation was enough to make him forget what he was doing for a moment.  In that moment the other tube slithered between his buttocks, nudged up against his sphincter and—covered in a thin layer of lubricating slime—squeezed its way inside.

During an adventurous phase back at college, Bate had experimented with letting his girlfriend use a butt plug on him.  This felt the same and set up a pleasant feeling of fullness inside his anus that funneled down to his balls.  At the same time, Not-Pam redoubled her attentions on his cock.  The sucks and squeezes increased in intensity—and with it Bate's arousal.

"Look at your face," the other girl crouched down to say.  There was a contemptuous smile on her lips.  "And Queen Sacculina hasn't even started yet."

Not-Pam's face jerked as if on a fishing line.  A series of bulges traveled up the pipe.  As the first reached Bate's ass he felt a stretching sensation that was surprisingly pleasant.  Something wet entered him and went off like a gooey bomb filled with rainbows and sparkles.

The other pipe kept squeezing, sucking, stroking Bate's cock.  A ripple of peristaltic force ran through the soft gelatinous walls and tugged irresistibly at him.

Bate let out an incoherent moan of bliss as a second liquid bulge was squeezed into him and burst in a rainbow explosion of sensual bliss.   His cock swelled against the soft walls of the other sheath and he spat an enormous load of cum into it.  Not-Pam milked him expertly with her vagina tube until she'd drained—sucked out—the contents of his balls.

Bate had barely recovered from that ejaculation when another bubble of liquid bliss was squeezed into his ass and he erupted again in another mind-shattering climax.  He watched milky bulges travel down the vagina sheath like eggs down the throat of a serpent.  His cum.

And maybe something else.

At the same time, bulges traveling along the tube emerging from her mouth were pumped into Bate's ass, each gooey parcel spreading warmth and an incredible feeling of ecstasy throughout him.

It was as they said—a cycle.  A perfect cycle.  Her fluids pumped into him, and then his fluids pumped into her.

Or pumped out of him.

Bate didn't have to do anything.  Just let her wonderful soft, gelatinous sheath tug, suck and squeeze him to release after wonderful release.  His whole body, from his skin to deep within his insides, felt like one massive erogenous zone.

The two naked women were down on their knees and murmuring as if praying.

Bate understood.  This was glorious... divine... transcendental.  The gelatinous pipes squeezed and throbbed.  Not-Pam squeezed the substance of her body into Bate, and drew the substance of his body out through his cock.  By the time Bate might have wondered where the fluids to support all these constant, continuous ejaculations were coming from, Queen Sacculina's slime had reached and smothered his brain, submerging it and Bate's thoughts in a thick morass of unthinking animal lust.  Her vagina tube kept sucking until she was drawing her own slime back into her body and Bate had been reduced to a hollowed-out bag of skin.

"Stewart, are you okay?  Was it a bad one?"

"Yes, a really bad one."

A pause.

"You can pass this on to Command.  Exploratory team Charlie and the squad sent to retrieve them can officially be declared lost."

Friday, September 23, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Tar-Pillow Cushionblob

At first PFC Stewart Peter Bate was grateful he'd landed in something soft to break his fall.  Then he realized what he'd landed in...

Bate had been part of an explo patrol trying to determine the full extent of Lake Latex—that strange, apparently natural formation not far from FOB Rigg.  It looked like a lake of molten black rubber, but was not a body of water.  Whatever the lake was composed of, and it did feel remarkably similar to rubber, it was solid enough to walk upon.

Or rather, had been solid enough to walk upon for the two hours Bate had trudged across it.  Then he'd put his foot down on a patch that had turned out to be as unsubstantial as a soap bubble and plunged right through to a cavern beneath.

It was a long fall.  Long enough for Bate to fully contemplate the awful, likely leg-snapping impact about to happen to him.

And then his fall was miraculously broken by a big ball of soft material.  He sank into it and was brought to a gentle stop without any leg-snapping nastiness.  It did, however, leave him stuck waist-deep in the soft substance.

The cavern was lit up with an eerie blue glow.  Light enough to see that he'd fallen into a flattened ball of glossy black material.  The substance resembled the surface of Lake Latex, but was much softer.  And stickier.  When Bate placed his hands on the surface to try and pull himself out, they sank into the soft material and it took some effort to pull them back out.

This was awkward, he thought.  He'd survived the fall only to find himself stuck in a molten glob of black latex.

It was worse than that.  The surface started to move in front of him and extruded the top half of a naked woman with massive tits.  She looked like a naked woman in any case, albeit one covered all over in skintight black latex, even right down to her hair and eyes.

She batted her eyelashes sleepily at Bate.  "Hmm, what tasty little hunk has fallen into my lap?"

Bate felt a thrill of both anticipation and fear.  Fuck, he thought.  A slime girl.  He'd heard about them.  Weird H-space amoeboids that were able to take the form of sexy women.  Sometimes they forced men to have sex with them—that was where the thrill of anticipation came from.  Other times they ate them or worse—and that was the fear.

Bate thrashed and strained to pull himself free of the sticky mass.  The slime girl watched on with amusement.

"You're wasting your time," she said.  "My kind are known for being the stickiest and densest of the blob girls, and you've fallen right into the middle of me."

Bate stopped struggling.  She was right.  It felt like he'd fallen into a tar pit.

She looked at the ground around them.  It was black, polished and looked as hard as granite.  Then she looked up at where Bate had fallen through the surface of Lake Latex.

"Just think," she said.  "If I hadn't been here you would have hit that hard floor and broken to bits.  It's worth keeping that in mind when..."

The slime girl left the end of the sentence unfinished.  She lay on the edge of the flattened blob and ran a latex-clad finger over the latex surface as if it was the top sheet of a bed.

"When what?" Bate demanded.

"When what happens, happens," the slime girl said with a mysterious smile.

Bate felt the blob move all around him.  He was uncomfortably aware of its organic rather than inorganic nature.

"What do you mean, 'when what happens, happens'?"  Bate said.  He looked around himself as if he was standing in a shark tank.  "What are you going to do to me?"

The slime girl didn't answer him.  Bate felt soft pressure rub against his legs.  It felt like there were many warm hands down there, intimately massaging his legs.  He felt something goose him in a private place and flinched in surprise.

"Let's get down to it," the slime girl said.

She slipped into the main blob as though she was getting into hot tub with Bate.  At the same time, strong forces gripped Bate's legs.  No, it was the pants on his legs.  The fabric stretched, frayed, and gave as relentless forces ripped the clothing away from him.  His boots and underwear followed.  He felt the soft squishy interior of the blob right up against his exposed skin.

The slime girl, now seemingly submerged in the main blob up to her waist, moved close to Bate.  She peeled off his top and then put her arms around him in an embrace that had her sticky boobs squashed against his chest.  She leant in close and pressed her lips against Bate's in a sticky kiss.

Bate relaxed.  So she wanted to fuck him rather than eat him.

That was confirmed when he felt something tug gently at his exposed genitals.  Bate didn't know what that something was—Lips? Pussy?—only that it was soft, pleasant and he liked what it was doing.

He felt his cock lengthen as the slime girl used the pliable material of her body to coax out a full erection.  She broke off the kiss and stared at Bate with her full lips puffed up in a sultry pout.  The blob pulsed around them and Bate felt it press against his back, pushing him up against her warm body.  He smiled at her and then his mouth puckered up in an ooh of pleasure as the blob contracted and his erection sank deep into warm softness.

She came back in close, squashing her breasts against him and entwining her arms around his back.  The warm mass of her body massaged his legs, fondled his balls and pressed between his butt cheeks to rub against the sensitive part between testicles and anus.  Bate heard a loud squelchy sucking sound and his cock was seized by a pleasant tugging sensation.

The blob continued to pulsate and drive their bodies against each other.  Bate didn't have to exert any effort at all as his cock plunged back and forth into a soft gooey mass that sucked at him.

"This is the other thing my kind are known for," the slime girl said.  "We can generate a lot of suction on just the right part of the body."

The squelchy sucking sounds grew louder and the sucking sensation on Bate's erection intensified.  He felt it not just on his cock, but through his whole groin and right down in his balls.  It was like she couldn't wait for him to come and wanted to suck the sperm out of his balls right now.

It became academic.  Bate couldn't hold out any longer.  He groaned and shuddered in pleasure as he pumped a big creamy load right into her black heart.

If he thought her suction would stop with his release, he was mistaken.  If anything it grew stronger.  The glossy black material of her body started to creep up over Bate like a second skin.  He felt the warm substance of her body pressing all around him.

Bate thought his climax marked the peak of his pleasure.  The slime girl showed him there was another, much larger peak beyond it and remorselessly dragged him up it with the irresistible suction of her sticky black body.  She sucked him right up to that peak until Bate was experiencing another explosive ejaculation that set the whole of his body shivering in bliss.

Her glossy black surface crept up over Bate's body until only his face remained uncovered.  Within her mass, soft suction continued to pull on Bate's cock.  Now it really felt like she was sucking the sperm right out of his balls.

And maybe something else as well.

Bate was beyond noticing.  She sucked, squelched and squished him up to another unbelievable peak of pleasure, and this time the climax was such an intense explosion of bliss it was too much for Bate's mind to withstand.

Already expired in a final blast of ecstasy, Bate felt nothing as his face sank inwards.  The tar-pillow cushionblob sucked him inside out to expose and digest his soul.

"That was so much better than your body dashing to pieces on the rock floor, wouldn't you agree?" the slime girl said to the ichor-spattered bones as she excreted them out of the side of her body.

"Huff.  Hwargh.  Huwargh."

"Stewart!  Are you okay?"

"She turned me inside out.  I felt her turn me... him inside out."

Thursday, September 22, 2016

H-Space MGB Profile: Tar-Pillow Cushionblob

Name:  Tar-Pillow Cushionblob
Type:  Slime (subtype: cushionblob)
Habitat:  Underground.  Around and beneath Lake Latex.

A type of slime girl with an amorphous body.  Usually they take the form of a buxom woman lying on a big soft cushion or bed.

This variety is black and fully opaque.  Their appearance varies in how glossy the outer surface is.  Some are very dark and look as though they’ve been sculpted from tar or pitch.  Others are glossy and look as though both the woman and her 'bed' are completely covered in shiny black latex.

Attack Strategy:
Tar-pillow cushionblobs are extremely dense and their surface is highly adhesive.  Anyone coming into physical contact with one will become stuck and then engulfed.  They are powerful, but they are also slow and lack any kind of mesmeric ability.  A tar-pillow cushionblob might try to use her sexy body to tempt the unwary into joining her on her bed, but anyone forewarned as to her true nature will find it an easy offer to turn down (unlike with the pink variety).

The tar-pillow cushionblob likes to draw men into her mass and use her malleable form to sexually excite them.  They are capable of generating powerful suction and use this to induce first ejaculation and then pull the man inside out to extract whatever spark of vital essence it is that HSIOs seek from us.  Despite sounding gruesome, the man experiences it as a pure blast of orgasmic release.

(The soul seems as good as any name to give this 'spark', even if my esteemed colleagues might not approve of it.)

After extracting this essence the tar-pillow cushionblob digests the flesh of her now-expired captive and then excretes the bones.

Tar-pillow cushionblobs are very slow, but adept at setting traps or ambushing from darkness, where their lack of speed is not a factor.  Bullets are ineffective and barely penetrate their dense mass.  Engaging one at close quarters with melee weapons is strongly discouraged.  The weapons will just get stuck on her body and she'll draw you in to engulf you.  Her form is also dense enough to resist small explosives.

Extremes of hot or cold are effective, with flamethrowers being the best weapon to use against her as the substance of her body is inflammable.  Some strong alkalis have been found to have a corrosive effect on her body, but such large quantities are required to render this an impractical countermeasure.

Threat Level:

Easy to avoid if spotted in advance.  Completely inescapable once grabbed and engulfed.

Friday, May 27, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Bubblegum Blobgirl

Name:  Bubblegum Blobgirl
Type:  Slime Girl
Habitat:  Underground caves.  Ruins.

An amorphous pink blob with the ability to take on a facsimile of human form.  As with the other H-space slime or blob girls, the form most often taken is that of a naked and alluring human woman.  This is not a disguise as such—the blobgirl is unable to accurately replicate features such as eyes and hair, so they resemble more a clay sculpture of a human being and are unlikely to be mistaken for the real thing unless in exceptionally poor lighting.  The real purpose is to distract and sometimes even arouse potential prey.  For this reason the blob girl usually takes a form that looks like an exaggerated sex-fantasy ideal of the feminine figure, with very large breasts being a common feature.

Unlike some of the other slime girls that have been observed in H-space, such as specimen HA-001 and the pink cushionblobs, the bubblegum blobgirl is completely opaque.  In colour and texture they resemble pieces of bubblegum, hence the name.

Given their viscosity, stickiness and ability to partially adopt human form, I wonder if it would be better to classify bubblegum blobgirls as a primitive type of mimic and an offshoot from the main branch of slime girls.

Bubblegum blobgirls vary in size from small ones about the same size as fully-grown human to much larger ones about the same size as a truck.  The larger ones are capable of manifesting multiple humanoid appendages to 'play' with any men they manage to capture.

There are also rumours of much vaster blobgirls inhabiting the deeper caverns.  So far this hasn't been confirmed, but would be rather worrisome if true.

Attack Strategy:
Bubblegum blobgirls are extremely sticky.  Any person coming into contact with the surface of a blobgirl will become stuck and unable to pull away while the blobgirl slowly enfolds them with her amorphous body.

Bubblegum blobgirls do not consume their prey like an earth amoeba or even the blob monsters of tacky horror films.  The fluids they secrete around trapped prey are not digestive acids but a complex blend of hormones that are absorbed through the skin.  These substances subtly hijack parts of the subject's biochemical processes as well as massively over-stimulating the libido.  The blobgirl uses her soft sticky body to excite the sex organs of her victim and induce in them an unnatural state of hyper-arousal where they ejaculate continuously without being able to stop.  This continues until her prey is drained of all fluids.

This feeding pattern has been observed so many times and in so many different HSIOs it would be a mistake to continue to think of it as unusual at this point.

In the open bubblegum blobgirls are very slow and easily avoided.  They are much more dangerous in confined areas with low lighting where they can creep up on men undetected or even lure them by assuming the form of a 'perfect sex fantasy'.

Conventional weaponry is once again extremely ineffective.  Bullets don't penetrate far through the blobgirl's sticky mass and it is uncertain if there are even vital organs that can be targeted.  Bladed weapons get stuck in the blobgirl's sticky body and expose the wielder to a greater risk of coming into skin contact with the blobgirl and getting trapped.

Fortunately, the blobgirls don't appear to like extremes of cold and heat, and some of our soldiers have found flamethrowers to be particularly effective in driving them off.

Threat Level:

At least the ones that have been observed.  If the rumours of considerably vaster blobgirls inhabiting the deeper caverns are true... well let's just hope they stay there...

Thursday, May 26, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Bubblegum Blobgirl

Initially PFC Stewart Peter Bate thought he'd stepped in some gum.  It was tacky like gum and stuck to the sole of his boot like gum.  Where it differed from gum was in both its stickiness and strength.  The gum stretched as Bate lifted his boot, but reached a point where it refused to snap or relinquish its hold on either the floor or his boot.

The fuck? Bate thought as he was brought to a sudden, unexpected halt.

His annoyance gave way to horror as he put his foot back down and a pink mass swelled up through the grate he was standing on and engulfed the bottom of his boot.  The mass looked like a giant blob of shiny pink bubblegum.  Bate tried to pull his foot free and the pink blob gripped it like thick mud.

Fuck it.  Bate had no idea what this pink shit was, but if it wanted his boot it could have it.  He bent down and frantically plucked at his laces.  The pink blob surged and lapped up around the outside of his boot.  Fearing the substance might be caustic, Bate pulled his fingers back before the blob could touch them.  As he did he noticed more of the thick pink substance oozing up all around him.

Fuck this.  No fucking way was he letting some alien blob eat him.

He unsheathed his knife from the ankle holster on his other leg and started slashing at the base of the pink blob wrapped around the bottom of his trapped boot.  The substance was as thick and sticky as tar.  Bate's knife snagged and then the pink matter started oozing up the blade.  Bate was forced to let go as the blob swelled up to engulf the hilt and threatened to take his fingers as well.

Briefly, Bate wondered if he'd been better off trying to saw through his own ankle, even though he knew it wouldn't have mattered.  Assuming he'd been able to remain conscious throughout the grisly act, he doubted the pink blob would have given him the time.  It had already lapped over the top of his boot and taken a firm hold of the bottom of his leg.

With pink goo oozing up all around him, Bate planted his other foot and the veins stood out in his neck as he put in a last desperate effort to pull his trapped foot free.  He felt the blob give slightly and was able to pull his foot up a few centimeters before more pink matter swelled up and took a firmer grip.  Worse, more pink goo was curling around the sole of his other boot.  So much had oozed up through the grate Bate was standing in a big puddle of the stuff.

The pink blob crept inexorably up his leg.  Around him the puddle of pink matter shifted and swelled up into three human-sized columns.  They reared up around him as if they were preparing to engulf him in one crashing wave.

Bate yelled for his squadmates.  The blob was past his knee on one leg and up to the calves of the other.  He wasn't getting out of this on his own.

The column of bubblegum-pink matter in front of him shifted and blurred and resolved into the form of an attractive and naked buxom young woman.  Her curves were so exaggerated she resembled more a living 3D sculpture of a porn cartoon than a living breathing human.  She remained the same bubblegum-pink color all over, even her eyes and hair.  She brought a finger to her sensual, over-plump lips and gestured Bate to shush.

The other two columns underwent a similar transformation.

Bate had drawn his sidearm with the intention of putting a bullet first through the blob and then, if that had no discernible effect, one through his own temple.  The blob taking on the form of a three-dimensional anime girl with comically exaggerated big titties surprised him long enough for the blob girl on his right to wrap a sticky hand around his wrist and pluck his gun off him.

Still with her fingers on her bee-stung, extremely kissable lips, the pink girl, along with her two companions, flowed up to Bate as if giving him a sensual group hug.  They merged together roughly where the hips would be on a human.  Bate was sunk in the same pink goo almost up to his waist.

Smiling, the three pink blob girls pressed in close and started to strip him first of his equipment and then of his clothes.  They did it like handmaidens preparing a guest for a forbidden ceremony.  As enthralling as the trio appeared, they were alien, weird, and Bate still had an excess of flight-or-fight adrenaline sloshing around in his system.  He didn't want their sticky gunk touching his skin and resisted their attentions with flailing arms.

The lead pink girl shook her head and looked at him with wide doe's eyes.  Her friend caught one of his flailing hands and pressed it up against one of her boobs.  The unexpectedness of it shocked Bate out of his panic.  He glanced over, saw his hand resting on the shiny curve of the girl's big boob.  Apart from its tackiness, it felt like a big soft boob as well.  Touching it brought back happy memories of feeling up the big-titted cheerleaders with loose morals back in high school.  The pink girl smiled at him, as if she wanted his hand there.

Bate glanced back to the first pink girl.  Her plump lips were bunched up in a suggestive pout.

If they weren't interested in eating him, did that mean they wanted to...?

The pink girl seemed to know what he was thinking as she smiled and nodded.  Her sticky hand reached between his legs and gave his junk a gentle squeeze through his pants.  He became aware of a strong musky wet odor in the air, as if a woman had gotten so aroused the wetness had soaked into her panties.

This was unexpected, and a considerable improvement considering Bate had been terrified he was about to have the flesh dissolved from his bones mere moments ago.  He didn't struggle as they removed the last of his equipment and tore his uniform away as if it was made of paper.  His hand remained glued to the pink girl's big boob the whole time.

Bate wouldn't have thought he'd be up for fucking a trio of freaky pink alien blob girls.  And yet up he was.  His cock throbbed in his pants in a rock-hard erection.  He didn't know what it was—their eye-popping curves, the warmth of the slime around his legs, the musky sex smell thick in the air—but right now Bate felt really really horny.  The pink girls pulled down his pants and his penis stuck out—erect and ready.

For what...?

Bate didn't really care.  He gave the blob girl's boob an experimental squeeze and his hand sank into it as if it was warmed up Play-Doh.  The soft pink substance of her body oozed up between his fingers and enveloped first his hand, then his wrist and then his whole arm as she pressed up against him.  Her warm softness all around his arm felt really pleasant.

As good as it felt, it felt even better when the first pink girl did the same to his cock.  He'd seen the clefts of their sex on all three of them, but they looked more like crude plastic sculptures of vaginas, no more functional than the blank spaces between the legs of Barbie Dolls.  It turned out they didn't need an opening.  The pink girl pressed her hips down on Bate and his hard cock sank into her soft body in the same way his hand had sunk into the breast of the other girl.  Bate heard lewd wet squelching sounds as the pink girl went to work on him.  He didn't know what she was doing down there, but it felt like many wet hands tugging, squeezing and pumping him up to indescribable heights of pleasure.

The three blob girls pressed in close to Bate.  Their bodies, which were all part of the same mass, fused together as they embraced him.  Within the blob the last of Bate's uniform was peeled back, bringing more of his naked flesh into contact with warm, sticky pink matter.  The blob girls' big round boobs pressed against and melted around Bate's body as they deposited sticky wet kisses over his face and neck.  The wet sex smell grew stronger and overcame Bate's inhibitions.  He started to push his hips against the lead blob girl even though the sticky mass of the blob surrounding him prevented him from generating much traction.

He didn't need to.  The lead blob girl bunched her full lips in a gorgeous pout and flowed up Bate's body.  She settled in his lap and Bate's erection pushed up into a soft wet mass that sent tingling streamers of pleasure spiraling down his shaft.  He heard wet splodgy sounds and it felt like hundreds of tiny lips were sucking on his cock.  He grunted as the sensation took him over the edge and he pumped the contents of his balls into the sticky blob.

The blob girl sucked it up like a sponge and smiled.  Wet liquids oozed from the nipples and lips of her two companions as they continued to plant sticky kisses on Bate.  He felt warm and relaxed as if he was lounging in a hot sauna.  Maybe too hot, he was sweating all over.

She shifted against him.  He heard more filthy splodgy sounds as the sticky blob girl sucked on him.  Whatever she'd enveloped his cock in kept it hard and then... ooh... his head fell back and a surprised grunt spilled from his lips as she squidged and squeezed him to another, even bigger, climax.

The blob girl tilted Bate back until he was sitting comfortably within her amorphous mass.  The extra two heads and torsos, no longer needed, were absorbed back into the main mass.  She lay on top of Bate and her body swelled as she engulfed him up to the neck.  Within her mass she secreted potent aphrodisiac juices and massaged them into Bate's flesh.  Softer squishy matter engulfed Bate's hard-on and flowed down the shaft to wrap around his balls.  She used her amorphous matter to gently fondle his testicles and squeeze his cock.  The wet suction started up again and Bate twitched helplessly as he emptied another ejaculation into her.

Sweat poured from Bate's brow.

"Too much.  Need to slow down... take a rest," he muttered absently.

The blob girl ignored him and splodged and squished him to another massive ejaculation.  It was the fourth and nowhere near the last.  His body saturated with her aphrodisiac enzymes, Bate's vital processes were hijacked into producing copious amounts of semen the blob girl drained from him with repeated orgasms.  Unlike the blob creatures of horror movies, she didn't dissolve him in digestive acids, although this was of little consolation to Bate.  By the time she'd finished emptying him, there was little left but dried skin and bone.

"Stewart, where did this happen...?"