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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 41: Nightmare Wilderness


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We’re done with the Grangold towns and villages for now, so it’s time to head out to the Tartarus pit located in the dangerous western desert.  It looks like a straight walk on the world map, but in actuality we’ll have to go through a dungeon-type location to enter the desert – the Nightmare Wilderness.

This is not a straight walk on the world map

Thankfully, it doesn’t live up to the name and is relatively short to traverse (unlike the many many screens of the Marching Hills).

We even get three brand new monster girls.

The welcoming party

These are Gelatinous Cube Girl, Tiger Girl and Youki.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Gelatinous Cube Girl ever since she was spoiled on Toro Toro Resistance’s blog.  I was surprised she didn’t show up in Undine’s Fountain.  I must not have been the only one looking forward to her, because – if you’re running the (pre 2.20) Dargoth patch – her H-scenes have already been translated.  I’m guessing this was by one of the volunteers as the translation has a few little quirks (“little swimmers”).

Gelatinous Cube Girl has a temptation move where she drags Luka into her cube.  Her Bad End also involves pulling Luka into her jelly cube.

Could be worse...

Once she has Luka trapped, she forms a jelly cone around his dick and pulsates him to repeated orgasms.  Afterwards, she pulls him all the way in, but it’s fine as she’ll let him breathe, somehow.

Hmm, are we sure this translation is accurate?

Gelatinous Cube Girl is much less fearsome than her namesake.  From the spoiler screenshots I thought there might be some paralyzing electricity involved, or Luka getting diffused within her cube, but it’s mostly just pleasant stuff.

Her temptation scene can’t be requested in the castle, instead she has a new scene unlocked at 100 affection.  She pulls us on top of her bouncy cube and proceeds to bang the shit out of us.

Slime girls can be passionate lovers

Which also looks rather pleasant.

Gelatinous girl seems to fall on the Lime side of the slime family tree rather than the nastier Blob Girl or Slime Beth side.  Not a bad thing, unless you like your slime girls nasty and melty.  Don’t worry, I’m sure the upcoming Tartarus region will give us nasty a plenty.

Youki is big-sis Oni.  I’m guessing that should be pronounced “Yoki”, as those are the name of the big red ogre things currently kicking my ass in Nioh.

She’s certainly muscly.  If she does manage to knock Luka flat with her club, she’ll climb on top and use her muscular pussy to squeeze out all of Luka’s “seed juice”.

Muscles in places you wouldn't even believe

This is another Luka loses the will to carry on Bad Ends, as once she’s done she just buggers off and leaves Luka where he is.

If you recruit her, she has a muscular paizuri scene where she squeezes her big boobs around our cock.  It looks like a lot of force is involved given the geyser of semen she gets out of Luka.

Tiger Girl was another one spoiled before MQ:P [part 2] came out.  She’s got a bit of a samurai theme and some fairly vicious sword attacks.  I’m not really a big fan of the quadruped beast girls like centaurs and some of the kitsune, and Tiger Girl is no exception.  I like them conventionally succubus-like, or very weird.  So, I think we’ll pass on the tiger pussy.

There’s a little hut halfway through the nightmare wilderness that contains a friendly little oni and big oni.  It functions as an inn, but you shouldn’t really need it as this section is mercifully short.

On the other side is the western desert.  Gelatinous Cube Girl is taken out of random encounter rotation and replaced with the Vampire Girl from the original series.  She was one of the first encounters on Helgondo, if I remember right.  MQ:P appears to have moved her to an earlier slot.  She’s also the first vampire you can recruit outside of Vanilla of the loli bandits.  Vampires appear to be very high level monsters in this universe.

There are a couple of locations of interest in the desert.

To the north is the Bird God Shrine.

Be grateful it's a warp point

Ah, I remember this from the original series.  This was how Luka got to Helgondo, and what those mysterious orbs are for.  We need six of them to summon the bird god to carry us over the mountains ringing Helgondo.

The game doesn’t actually mention this.  For now it’s a suspicious location that will clearly do something later.

It does fulfil one important function – it’s the warp point for this region.  Which makes sense, as running through the nightmare wilderness from Lady Village every time you want to visit here would get very tedious.

There’s another location to the southeast.

Yeah, don't go here unless your party is max-levelled

Entering this location scares Alice.  For good reason.  The wandering monsters patrolling the grounds around the abandoned research facility are all chimeras and experimental organisms from chapter 3 of the original series.  They even have the one that was glimpsed in the original series, but never had a fight or scene.

You don’t want to be here right now.  Not unless you want to get slapped around a lot.  I thought my party was over-levelled and still got flattened.  There’s also nothing to do here as the door is locked by a card reader.  I’ll go over it in more detail when the plot calls us for us to actually be here.

What we’re really here for is the Tartarus pit, which can be reached by going south around the mountains and then back north.

And that seems an appropriate point to leave things.  Come back next week when we finally descend into the first Tartarus region of Monmusu Quest: Paradox.

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  1. Just letting you know now, you get the card way later, and can only come back here after the end credits.