Thursday, September 29, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Sex-Spawn Pit

Name:  Sex-Spawn Pit
Type:  I have no idea what this is, or even if it's an organism in any way we recognise the term.
Habitat:  Primarily HSIO urban centres, although some wild ones have been encountered underground.

A pit with flesh-covered walls about eight to ten feet deep.  Thick fibrous growths extend from the edge of the pit and connect to bulbous pod-like chambers partially buried in the ground.  The chambers are used to gestate and grow the sex spawn.  The spawn are not really offspring and instead function more like flesh manikins.  They are short-lived and resemble hairless human beings.  The sex-spawn pit appears to have some kind of mild telepathic or empathic ability to sense what individuals in its vicinity find sexually appealing and produces sex-spawn with bodies that cater to these desires.

Attack Strategy:
Anyone unfortunate enough to fall into a sex-spawn pit will be absorbed into the fleshy walls.  Bizarrely, this is a complex process that requires to the prey to be sexually aroused to the point of orgasm before the pit can absorb them.  In order to achieve this, the pit excretes its flesh manikins into the pit to copulate with the person or persons trapped within it.  The pit will continue to spawn manikins and send them into the pit until the captured men or women are overwhelmed and stimulated to orgasm.  At which point they are absorbed into the walls or floor and lost.

The higher HSIOs seem to enjoy throwing captives into these pits as a form of entertainment (our men should be fully aware by now of the futility of surrendering to the more intelligent HSIOs—these are alien organisms with a set of values completely at odds with our own).

Sex-spawn pits occurring in the wild will attempt to use their flesh manikins to lure or physically force passer-by's into the pit.  The flesh manikins themselves are weak and degrade quickly over time and distance from the pit that spawned them.

The sex-spawn pit is harmless unless fallen into.  Once inside, the slippery, undulating flesh walls make it very difficult to climb out of and the constant waves of amorous flesh manikins will eventually wear a person down and force them into sexual intercourse.

When under attack the pit will close and retract the gestation pods underground.  The pits are relatively easy to render harmless, but much more difficult to eradicate completely.  Pits reported as destroyed have been known to fully grow back after a week or two.

Threat Level:

Of more concern is how they came to exist, especially with their bizarre feeding cycle.  Are these organisms, or more akin to biological machines custom-created by the HSIOs to dispose of their enemies in ways the HSIOs find entertaining?

Friday, September 23, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Tar-Pillow Cushionblob

At first PFC Stewart Peter Bate was grateful he'd landed in something soft to break his fall.  Then he realized what he'd landed in...

Bate had been part of an explo patrol trying to determine the full extent of Lake Latex—that strange, apparently natural formation not far from FOB Rigg.  It looked like a lake of molten black rubber, but was not a body of water.  Whatever the lake was composed of, and it did feel remarkably similar to rubber, it was solid enough to walk upon.

Or rather, had been solid enough to walk upon for the two hours Bate had trudged across it.  Then he'd put his foot down on a patch that had turned out to be as unsubstantial as a soap bubble and plunged right through to a cavern beneath.

It was a long fall.  Long enough for Bate to fully contemplate the awful, likely leg-snapping impact about to happen to him.

And then his fall was miraculously broken by a big ball of soft material.  He sank into it and was brought to a gentle stop without any leg-snapping nastiness.  It did, however, leave him stuck waist-deep in the soft substance.

The cavern was lit up with an eerie blue glow.  Light enough to see that he'd fallen into a flattened ball of glossy black material.  The substance resembled the surface of Lake Latex, but was much softer.  And stickier.  When Bate placed his hands on the surface to try and pull himself out, they sank into the soft material and it took some effort to pull them back out.

This was awkward, he thought.  He'd survived the fall only to find himself stuck in a molten glob of black latex.

It was worse than that.  The surface started to move in front of him and extruded the top half of a naked woman with massive tits.  She looked like a naked woman in any case, albeit one covered all over in skintight black latex, even right down to her hair and eyes.

She batted her eyelashes sleepily at Bate.  "Hmm, what tasty little hunk has fallen into my lap?"

Bate felt a thrill of both anticipation and fear.  Fuck, he thought.  A slime girl.  He'd heard about them.  Weird H-space amoeboids that were able to take the form of sexy women.  Sometimes they forced men to have sex with them—that was where the thrill of anticipation came from.  Other times they ate them or worse—and that was the fear.

Bate thrashed and strained to pull himself free of the sticky mass.  The slime girl watched on with amusement.

"You're wasting your time," she said.  "My kind are known for being the stickiest and densest of the blob girls, and you've fallen right into the middle of me."

Bate stopped struggling.  She was right.  It felt like he'd fallen into a tar pit.

She looked at the ground around them.  It was black, polished and looked as hard as granite.  Then she looked up at where Bate had fallen through the surface of Lake Latex.

"Just think," she said.  "If I hadn't been here you would have hit that hard floor and broken to bits.  It's worth keeping that in mind when..."

The slime girl left the end of the sentence unfinished.  She lay on the edge of the flattened blob and ran a latex-clad finger over the latex surface as if it was the top sheet of a bed.

"When what?" Bate demanded.

"When what happens, happens," the slime girl said with a mysterious smile.

Bate felt the blob move all around him.  He was uncomfortably aware of its organic rather than inorganic nature.

"What do you mean, 'when what happens, happens'?"  Bate said.  He looked around himself as if he was standing in a shark tank.  "What are you going to do to me?"

The slime girl didn't answer him.  Bate felt soft pressure rub against his legs.  It felt like there were many warm hands down there, intimately massaging his legs.  He felt something goose him in a private place and flinched in surprise.

"Let's get down to it," the slime girl said.

She slipped into the main blob as though she was getting into hot tub with Bate.  At the same time, strong forces gripped Bate's legs.  No, it was the pants on his legs.  The fabric stretched, frayed, and gave as relentless forces ripped the clothing away from him.  His boots and underwear followed.  He felt the soft squishy interior of the blob right up against his exposed skin.

The slime girl, now seemingly submerged in the main blob up to her waist, moved close to Bate.  She peeled off his top and then put her arms around him in an embrace that had her sticky boobs squashed against his chest.  She leant in close and pressed her lips against Bate's in a sticky kiss.

Bate relaxed.  So she wanted to fuck him rather than eat him.

That was confirmed when he felt something tug gently at his exposed genitals.  Bate didn't know what that something was—Lips? Pussy?—only that it was soft, pleasant and he liked what it was doing.

He felt his cock lengthen as the slime girl used the pliable material of her body to coax out a full erection.  She broke off the kiss and stared at Bate with her full lips puffed up in a sultry pout.  The blob pulsed around them and Bate felt it press against his back, pushing him up against her warm body.  He smiled at her and then his mouth puckered up in an ooh of pleasure as the blob contracted and his erection sank deep into warm softness.

She came back in close, squashing her breasts against him and entwining her arms around his back.  The warm mass of her body massaged his legs, fondled his balls and pressed between his butt cheeks to rub against the sensitive part between testicles and anus.  Bate heard a loud squelchy sucking sound and his cock was seized by a pleasant tugging sensation.

The blob continued to pulsate and drive their bodies against each other.  Bate didn't have to exert any effort at all as his cock plunged back and forth into a soft gooey mass that sucked at him.

"This is the other thing my kind are known for," the slime girl said.  "We can generate a lot of suction on just the right part of the body."

The squelchy sucking sounds grew louder and the sucking sensation on Bate's erection intensified.  He felt it not just on his cock, but through his whole groin and right down in his balls.  It was like she couldn't wait for him to come and wanted to suck the sperm out of his balls right now.

It became academic.  Bate couldn't hold out any longer.  He groaned and shuddered in pleasure as he pumped a big creamy load right into her black heart.

If he thought her suction would stop with his release, he was mistaken.  If anything it grew stronger.  The glossy black material of her body started to creep up over Bate like a second skin.  He felt the warm substance of her body pressing all around him.

Bate thought his climax marked the peak of his pleasure.  The slime girl showed him there was another, much larger peak beyond it and remorselessly dragged him up it with the irresistible suction of her sticky black body.  She sucked him right up to that peak until Bate was experiencing another explosive ejaculation that set the whole of his body shivering in bliss.

Her glossy black surface crept up over Bate's body until only his face remained uncovered.  Within her mass, soft suction continued to pull on Bate's cock.  Now it really felt like she was sucking the sperm right out of his balls.

And maybe something else as well.

Bate was beyond noticing.  She sucked, squelched and squished him up to another unbelievable peak of pleasure, and this time the climax was such an intense explosion of bliss it was too much for Bate's mind to withstand.

Already expired in a final blast of ecstasy, Bate felt nothing as his face sank inwards.  The tar-pillow cushionblob sucked him inside out to expose and digest his soul.

"That was so much better than your body dashing to pieces on the rock floor, wouldn't you agree?" the slime girl said to the ichor-spattered bones as she excreted them out of the side of her body.

"Huff.  Hwargh.  Huwargh."

"Stewart!  Are you okay?"

"She turned me inside out.  I felt her turn me... him inside out."

Thursday, September 22, 2016

H-Space MGB Profile: Tar-Pillow Cushionblob

Name:  Tar-Pillow Cushionblob
Type:  Slime (subtype: cushionblob)
Habitat:  Underground.  Around and beneath Lake Latex.

A type of slime girl with an amorphous body.  Usually they take the form of a buxom woman lying on a big soft cushion or bed.

This variety is black and fully opaque.  Their appearance varies in how glossy the outer surface is.  Some are very dark and look as though they’ve been sculpted from tar or pitch.  Others are glossy and look as though both the woman and her 'bed' are completely covered in shiny black latex.

Attack Strategy:
Tar-pillow cushionblobs are extremely dense and their surface is highly adhesive.  Anyone coming into physical contact with one will become stuck and then engulfed.  They are powerful, but they are also slow and lack any kind of mesmeric ability.  A tar-pillow cushionblob might try to use her sexy body to tempt the unwary into joining her on her bed, but anyone forewarned as to her true nature will find it an easy offer to turn down (unlike with the pink variety).

The tar-pillow cushionblob likes to draw men into her mass and use her malleable form to sexually excite them.  They are capable of generating powerful suction and use this to induce first ejaculation and then pull the man inside out to extract whatever spark of vital essence it is that HSIOs seek from us.  Despite sounding gruesome, the man experiences it as a pure blast of orgasmic release.

(The soul seems as good as any name to give this 'spark', even if my esteemed colleagues might not approve of it.)

After extracting this essence the tar-pillow cushionblob digests the flesh of her now-expired captive and then excretes the bones.

Tar-pillow cushionblobs are very slow, but adept at setting traps or ambushing from darkness, where their lack of speed is not a factor.  Bullets are ineffective and barely penetrate their dense mass.  Engaging one at close quarters with melee weapons is strongly discouraged.  The weapons will just get stuck on her body and she'll draw you in to engulf you.  Her form is also dense enough to resist small explosives.

Extremes of hot or cold are effective, with flamethrowers being the best weapon to use against her as the substance of her body is inflammable.  Some strong alkalis have been found to have a corrosive effect on her body, but such large quantities are required to render this an impractical countermeasure.

Threat Level:

Easy to avoid if spotted in advance.  Completely inescapable once grabbed and engulfed.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So What Now For Many-Eyed Hydra?

Succubus Summoning 201 is finally done, dusted, and out for you all to buy (aside from the print version, but I'm just waiting on the artist for the full coverflat of that).  That's a great weight off my shoulders.  While it was in an unfinished state I was in an awkward situation of wanting to move onto other ideas, but feeling like I couldn't because the arc was still incomplete.

So what now?

Here's a list of various things I'm planning on getting stuck into over the next few months/year.

First up I want to get the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary back to its regular weekly slot.  There will be a few slight changes.  The last few entries had started to creep up to 2K+ mini-stories, which wasn't the original purpose.  I'm planning to spend the next week or so writing up the various ideas that have accumulated in my notebook so I have a nice surplus to post weekly while working on other stuff.

Literotica's Halloween Contest is on the way.  Last year I wanted to enter as many short stories as I could and ended up with just two (although missing the deadline with "A Chance Glance..." likely resulted in it being a better story overall).  Writing the Nurse Honey story "Last Night of Freedom" under ridiculously tight time constraints for the A Night at McHooligans ebook taster showed me I could do it when sufficiently prodded.  I'm thinking of using the month around the contest as an experiment - a sort of coin-operated Hydra where some of the choices are made by the audience, i.e. you.  I doubt it will be fully interactive, more like a series of options decided by vote or first response, and then I have 2-3 days to get a 5K story based on those options entered into Lit's contest.  Possibly something like what Lunareth has done with their Queen of Butts series.  We might end up with 5-10 cool stories, or I might break down into a quivering heap after a week.  Who knows.  Might be fun.

More on that next week once I've had a think on the framing device and how to make it work.

After that silliness the next step is make the Sandwiched by series a thing again.  I got halfway through Sandwiched by Stomachs before it got knocked aside by more pressing concerns.

The reason why I want to make Sandwiched by work is because it was a test case for a proper serial with continuity - Okasare Kenny.  I always intended that to be an ebook novella series and then in a fit of madness tried to turn it into a daily serial on my blog right after doing the Let's Play of Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  That did not go so well as I predictably burnt out from the posting schedule after a couple of weeks and had to halt it.  I liked the original idea though - 13 monster girls, each in their own novella in a monthly serial spread out over a year.  Given what happened with Sandwiched by I don't think writing it month by month will work.  For that one I'll need most of it, likely at least the first 8 or 9 chapters, in the bank before I start publishing.

Another thing I want to write is a novel idea featuring Nicole.  This is something I've had plotted out in my head for a while.  I wrote an opening chapter a while back, but it was another of those ideas I felt too guilty to push further while the Succubus Summoning 201 arc was still unfinished.

Which leads us to Succubus Summoning 301.  Phil's adventures clearly aren't over yet, but after the way 201 dragged out, I know I need a short break to work on something completely different so I can clear my head and get enthusiastic about the series again.  This will likely be the book I move onto once the Nicole novel is done.

Anyway, this is a rough plan of what I think I'll be working on over the next year.  Of course, #ChaosWriting might throw me off in other directions, but I won't mind so long as those are productive directions.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Night at McHooligans is out!

Three erotic horror short stories set within the Succubus Summoning universe.

“A Night at McHooligans”.  Novice warlock Phil Rowling visits a rough pub on Halloween with his succubus, Rosa, and the enigmatic daemon, Carnivrillarofax.  A vicious bar brawl provides opportunities for carnage and sex for the two daemons while Phil just wants to escape with all his limbs intact.

“Last Night of Freedom”.  Groom-to-be Jake Bellett is determined to stay faithful to his future wife while on a wild and raunchy stag do in Tallinn, but when he sees the well-stacked blonde in the red latex devil bodysuit everything goes to hell.  Literally.  The woman is the succubus Nurse Honey, and she will test his fidelity to the limit.

“A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar”.  New student Devin Lucassen feels out of place as a metalhead in a bar full of trendy students.  Then a chance glance and a chance conversation expose him to a sexy and terrifying shadow world of demons and magic.

Available on Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo.  It should also be distributed to other ebook retailers via Smashwords.

This is the little collection that was supposed to come out before the release of Succubus Summoning 201, but ended up being put back because of time pressures.  "Last Night of Freedom" is the brand new Nurse Honey story.  Originally I planned for it to be a short short along the lines of the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary stories.  Then I had so much fun writing it the story expanded to a similar length as my other erotic horror short stories (5,500 words).

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

For those that wanted more Nurse Honey...

Here's a little excerpt from the extra story I added to the A Night at McHooligans mini-collection.

“What’s your name?” Jake asked the well-stocked blonde in the red latex devil bodysuit as she led him to a private area at the back of the club.

“Honey,” she replied.

Seemed appropriate, Jake thought.  She was certainly sweet on the eye.  He was almost drunk enough to say that aloud, but was thankfully still sober enough to know how cheesy it sounded.

Honey took him through a dark velvet curtain.  To his right was a line of wide chairs facing a mirrored wall.  Each chair had a partition screening it off from its neighbour.  Jake glimpsed one attractive girl gyrating for the benefit of her unseen watcher.  He thought Honey was going to take him to a vacant seat, but instead she took him to the left, down a short corridor, and then through a door into a small dark room.

There was a large mirror on one of the walls and the rest were covered in dark burgundy drapes.  Spot lights in each corner of the floor gave the room dim, intimate illumination.  Further light was provided by a neon strip running along the bottom of the mirror.  A big wide black armchair faced the wall with the mirror.  Unlike the corridor with mirrors, it was the only chair.  This room was for the private private dances.

“Your friend said it was a special night for you,” Honey said.  “I told him I’d take you to the VIP room for a very private show.”

“Very nice,” Jake said.

He remembered Harry’s words about this place being more than just a strip club and felt an illicit thrill course through his genitals.

There was also a stab of guilty conscience.

Jake shoved it aside.  This was just a lap dance, nothing more.

The chair was upholstered in the same shiny rubber as her bodysuit, only black instead of red.  It was also extremely soft.  Jake sat in the chair, and sank... and sank... until it felt like the piece of furniture was practically engulfing him.  The rubber surface was warm and slightly tacky.

Honey stood before him and pouted suggestively as she ran her hands over her luscious latex-covered curves.

What.  A.  Fucking.  Body. Jake thought.  The glossy red latex clung so tightly to her form it looked as though it had been painted on.  It reflected the intimate lighting and showed off her body to devastating effect.

She stepped forward and pushed his knees apart.  She slithered down to a crouch between his legs.  Dark eyes smouldering with filthy intent, she looked up at him while she lapped away tantalisingly close to his crotch with a pink tongue.

Then she poured herself into his lap.  The soft chair shifted with the addition of her weight as she rubbed her big breasts up Jake’s chest.  She pressed them into his face and he caught the scent of rubber mixed with sweet perfume before she fully submerged his face in her cleavage.  Jake came up with a goofy grin on his lips.

She sat back in his lap.  Her hands went to the plunging neckline of her bodysuit.  The V was stretched taut across her ample bust.

“Want to see more?” she asked.

I've finished all the final editing and formatting and I'm about to upload the ebook to Amazon and everywhere else.  It usually takes about 24 hours or so to go live.  I'll put a fresh post up tomorrow as soon as it's available.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Succubus Summoning 201 is out!

The path to becoming a warlock is long, difficult, and—in Phil Rowling’s case—filled with unhealthy amounts of dangerous sex.

After summoning and being dragged off to hell by Verdé and her sexy succubus friends, Phil returns to Wargsnouts College for Warlocks to discover he’s been placed in the fast track Advanced Studies class.  Here students are taught how to control and harness the power of their daemons.  Phil just wants to find out how to stop his succubi from trying to kill him and his fellow students with mind-blowing, soul-draining sex.  On top of this he also has to worry about a callous teacher who doesn’t care how many of his students die, a vengeful student sending an alluring arachne assassin after him to sexually suck him to death, and additional lessons from his own succubus, Cέrμləa, that might just unhinge rather than broaden his mind.

Magic, mayhem, monster girls, and dollops and dollops of weird sex abound as hapless novice warlock Phil Rowling continues his misadventures in succubus summoning.

The new ebook is out!

You can find the digital version at:
Barnes & Noble
Excessica's own website
and other online ebook retailers.  (If you can't find it at your online ebook retailer of choice, let me know and I'll try and sort it out.)

The print version to come as soon as I get the print manuscript and coverflat done.

(The mini-ebook collection set in between 101 and 201 is also on the way.  That bonus Nurse Honey story I said I'd do ended up clocking in a little longer than I expected at 5,500 words or so.)

I hope you all enjoy it and please spread the word.  If the book does great it will make it harder for my lazy ass to come up with more excuses to put off starting 301. ;)

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Another Cover Sneak Peak - A Night at McHooligans

This is for the ebook version of "A Night at McHooligans" that is (was) meant to bridge the gap between Succubus Summoning 101 and Succubus Summoning 201.

Given the very short time constraints, I think the artist did a good job on this one.  It's got a quick 'n' dirty vibe that reminds me of seedy old thriller paperbacks.  It'll do the job.

My original plan was to put the ebook short out about two weeks or so before Succubus Summoning 201 as both a way to introduce Carnivrillarofax for the people that might have missed the original story and as an appetiser for the main book coming out later.

As Succubus Summoning 201 should be hitting all the ebook tomorrow...

Did I mention I suck at deadlines?

In this case the extras ending up working a little too well.  The most common request was for a short story featuring Nurse Honey.  I was going to rattle off something quick in the region of 2-3K words, but then I got a little carried away...  (Nurse Honey giving someone a sexy lap dance while dressed in a red latex devil outfit, who wouldn't! :) )

This should be coming out at the end of week, either at around the same time or just after Succubus Summoning 201.  I'll post full details when it hits the virtual shelves.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

More Updates on Succubus Summoning 201

I have a release date, and it's soon.  This Friday to be exact.  On the 9th September Succubus Summoning 201 should be available to buy from Amazon and similar places.

I also still suck at deadlines.

I wanted to get everything in so I could sure of the release date and have a nice couple of weeks hyping it up here and on other websites.  As it was I delivered the manuscript 7 hours after the Monday noon deadline, and this for a book where I'd already completed the final chapter two months ago! :)

Thankfully my publisher, Excessica, were still cool with everything and Succubus Summoning 201 should go live at the end of the week.

One thing I want to clear up now before it disappoints readers who might have been expecting to find a lot of new stuff in the ebook version - there are not many extra scenes this time around.  I tried.  I had a plan for a few extra background bits on college life through the eyes of Darvill. I battled with it right up until the morning of the day the book was due, but I couldn't get them to work.

(This is one of the reasons why the manuscript was delivered 7 hours late.)

What I did do is spend a lot of time adding a bit more polish to the chapters.  Some sections were rewritten to be less clunky, a lot of typos were found and fixed, and I changed some of the terminology to be more consistent across the whole book.  It should be a much smoother read now.

It should also be free of some of the weird continuity errors that inevitably happen when a series is spread across five years and the writer forgets or misremembers details.  One of these errors I only managed to spot in my final proofreading check on my kindle.

(This is the other reason why the manuscript was delivered 7 hours late.)

It's Succubus Summoning 201, but it's a much higher quality version of Succubus Summoning 201 (crosses fingers, hopes he didn't miss too many typos...).  I hope you all enjoy it when it comes out at the end of the week.