Tuesday, September 13, 2016

For those that wanted more Nurse Honey...

Here's a little excerpt from the extra story I added to the A Night at McHooligans mini-collection.

“What’s your name?” Jake asked the well-stocked blonde in the red latex devil bodysuit as she led him to a private area at the back of the club.

“Honey,” she replied.

Seemed appropriate, Jake thought.  She was certainly sweet on the eye.  He was almost drunk enough to say that aloud, but was thankfully still sober enough to know how cheesy it sounded.

Honey took him through a dark velvet curtain.  To his right was a line of wide chairs facing a mirrored wall.  Each chair had a partition screening it off from its neighbour.  Jake glimpsed one attractive girl gyrating for the benefit of her unseen watcher.  He thought Honey was going to take him to a vacant seat, but instead she took him to the left, down a short corridor, and then through a door into a small dark room.

There was a large mirror on one of the walls and the rest were covered in dark burgundy drapes.  Spot lights in each corner of the floor gave the room dim, intimate illumination.  Further light was provided by a neon strip running along the bottom of the mirror.  A big wide black armchair faced the wall with the mirror.  Unlike the corridor with mirrors, it was the only chair.  This room was for the private private dances.

“Your friend said it was a special night for you,” Honey said.  “I told him I’d take you to the VIP room for a very private show.”

“Very nice,” Jake said.

He remembered Harry’s words about this place being more than just a strip club and felt an illicit thrill course through his genitals.

There was also a stab of guilty conscience.

Jake shoved it aside.  This was just a lap dance, nothing more.

The chair was upholstered in the same shiny rubber as her bodysuit, only black instead of red.  It was also extremely soft.  Jake sat in the chair, and sank... and sank... until it felt like the piece of furniture was practically engulfing him.  The rubber surface was warm and slightly tacky.

Honey stood before him and pouted suggestively as she ran her hands over her luscious latex-covered curves.

What.  A.  Fucking.  Body. Jake thought.  The glossy red latex clung so tightly to her form it looked as though it had been painted on.  It reflected the intimate lighting and showed off her body to devastating effect.

She stepped forward and pushed his knees apart.  She slithered down to a crouch between his legs.  Dark eyes smouldering with filthy intent, she looked up at him while she lapped away tantalisingly close to his crotch with a pink tongue.

Then she poured herself into his lap.  The soft chair shifted with the addition of her weight as she rubbed her big breasts up Jake’s chest.  She pressed them into his face and he caught the scent of rubber mixed with sweet perfume before she fully submerged his face in her cleavage.  Jake came up with a goofy grin on his lips.

She sat back in his lap.  Her hands went to the plunging neckline of her bodysuit.  The V was stretched taut across her ample bust.

“Want to see more?” she asked.

I've finished all the final editing and formatting and I'm about to upload the ebook to Amazon and everywhere else.  It usually takes about 24 hours or so to go live.  I'll put a fresh post up tomorrow as soon as it's available.


  1. Lol what a point to stop at.

  2. I know I'm late in saying this, but didn't the unbirth in SS 205 restore Phil's soul? If so, Nurse Honey should be no problem for Phil. Regardless, unbirth does seem to be the answer to the Nurse Honey problem. If you see this leave me a short note so that I know.