Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Night at McHooligans is out!

Three erotic horror short stories set within the Succubus Summoning universe.

“A Night at McHooligans”.  Novice warlock Phil Rowling visits a rough pub on Halloween with his succubus, Rosa, and the enigmatic daemon, Carnivrillarofax.  A vicious bar brawl provides opportunities for carnage and sex for the two daemons while Phil just wants to escape with all his limbs intact.

“Last Night of Freedom”.  Groom-to-be Jake Bellett is determined to stay faithful to his future wife while on a wild and raunchy stag do in Tallinn, but when he sees the well-stacked blonde in the red latex devil bodysuit everything goes to hell.  Literally.  The woman is the succubus Nurse Honey, and she will test his fidelity to the limit.

“A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar”.  New student Devin Lucassen feels out of place as a metalhead in a bar full of trendy students.  Then a chance glance and a chance conversation expose him to a sexy and terrifying shadow world of demons and magic.

Available on Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo.  It should also be distributed to other ebook retailers via Smashwords.

This is the little collection that was supposed to come out before the release of Succubus Summoning 201, but ended up being put back because of time pressures.  "Last Night of Freedom" is the brand new Nurse Honey story.  Originally I planned for it to be a short short along the lines of the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary stories.  Then I had so much fun writing it the story expanded to a similar length as my other erotic horror short stories (5,500 words).


  1. bit disappointed it wasn't honey and Phil
    (the scenes have more impact if we are invested in the participants)

    but other then that, top notch writing.

    I wonder if we'll ever get a closer look at what goes on inside honey's prison of souls. All we know is that the souls scream a lot, are are subservient to honey

  2. not seeing it for sale at barnes noble for my nook app :(

    1. I rely on Smashwords to distribute to them. I think it normally takes a couple of days after being accepted (i.e. being formatted correctly) into their premium catalogue. That's what happened with the Sandwiched by titles as far as I know. (They're available on B & N, but I didn't upload them directly there).

    2. thanks a ton. i reread them a lot. love the succubus summoning characters. need more stories with nyte and carny

    3. ok its on barnes noble now!!

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  4. That was a good read. :)

    I do echo the thoughts of anon that it would be interesting to know a little bit more of Honey´s captured souls.

    Also i really like Carny, a rather chilled out Slayer fan of a rage demon was a great idea.

    Now i´m sooo looking forward to 301...oh, and you are such a terrible tease, there are sooo many unanswered question about everything, i hope you can and will answer them, don´t write yourself into a corner :)

    Need more to read!

  5. I don't want to be a backseat writer but I feel that I should tell you that you are sitting on a giant pile of money.

    You are a good writer and if you just reworked your story to be more marketable you'd have a male-oriented Twilight on your hands.

    It would be a very simple matter. Make Phil an ordinary student at an ordinary school with nothing remarkable about him and suddenly two hot girls who just transferred in (Rosa and Verde) are inexplicably interested in him. There's only one catch, the girls turn out to be succubi. Phil is dragged out from his boring life into a supernatural world of excitement and danger. The thing writes itself.

    You have a baked in will they or won't they plot with a good girl love interest (Verde) and a bad girl love interest (Rosa). Nurse Honey could be Verde's mother and Cerulea her little sister. Nyte could be Rosa's mother. There are plenty of awkward situations that could arise there for comedy or drama as you like.

    The one thing you'd probably need to do that you won't like is make the succubi less threatening, your version of sparkling vampires. This doesn't work if the succubi are sucking out souls left and right. Also, I would say it would be best to reduce the frequency of sex scenes.

    This is just a suggestion, but I'm telling you, if you wrote this book it would sell more than anything else you've ever done by far.

    1. TLDR; wouldn't work as you describe it

      Not to be overly critical of your suggestion or anything......but

      1. The plot sounds REALLY cliché and overdone. It's sounds a bit like every harem anime ever.

      2.I think you'd probably need to rework a story like twilight COMPLETELY to make it appeal to a male audience. I'm no expert but I think theres probably more to it than essentially gender flipping the characters. I mean, would you read Fifty shades of Grey if Anastasia Steele was male and Christian Grey was female?

      3. Smut, which is the primary focus of hydra's work (lets be honest, I don't think many of us are here for the plot because there hasn't been much of one) is GENERALLY more of a pump and dump for male readers. They aren't in it for the long haul-plot and character developments. This makes short stories perfect but books length? nope.

      Not saying you shouldn't try making a book Hydra,......buuuuuuut......theres a reason that romance and smut focused books like twilight and FSoG have a mostly female audience. I'd suggest first making phil a woman, and using incubi instead of succubi if you want to make a book.....but Incubus Summoning 101 doesn't sound as good :p

    2. Sounds horrible.

    3. To be fair to Dave, something like this already exists - Okayado's Monster Musume manga series, and it has sold a ton. I have been thinking of ways I could do something similar, but I like my fiction spiky, and that spikiness always tends to leak into my own writing. Even with Nicole, my nicest and least threatening succubus, there's always the implicit danger she might lose control. (she can also be utterly terrifying when she chooses).

      Hmm. I was going to write more, but I think it might be better as a full blog post. I'll think about it some more and post something later today/tomorrow.

    4. True, but monster musume is a manga ie illustrated (and illustrated VERY well at that) which sets it apart from regular novels

      (it's also primarily a comedy manga rather then a smut or romance manga)

    5. I read the firct chapter of that manga, noticed it seemed to be another standard romcom manga with the "monster girl" part being just a physical trait, and haven't touched it ever since.

      If the "inhumanness" of a character is just an informed attribute, you might as well just drop the pretense and write the romance novel you want to do without bothering to explain, why every girl/guy the main character meets looks like a runaway from a model agency.

  6. Please don't ever change your style Hydra. I really dont agree with Dave. His idea sounds horribly generic and boring. I love your work beacuse the succubi are horrifying. And I love that you aren't greedy and trying to milk your audience. Dont ever change Hydra, you will lose a ton of fans if you do

    1. hahaha. Might want to cut out the last bit. It makes what should be a heartfelt plea sound like a threat :)

    2. I was going to put out a longer post on this and then 2 attempts of taking longer than it should put it back on the backburner (I'm even clumsier and slower at writing non-fiction pieces sometimes!).

      The short version is I think Dave makes some valid points, but I don't think I'm the best writer to write them. So, no sparkly succubi anytime soon. However, I do want to give some of my nicer ones (Amanda, Nicole) a bit more attention for the people that find the H-space monster girls a little too grimdark cynical. Full novel featuring Nicole sound good... ;)