Thursday, September 22, 2016

H-Space MGB Profile: Tar-Pillow Cushionblob

Name:  Tar-Pillow Cushionblob
Type:  Slime (subtype: cushionblob)
Habitat:  Underground.  Around and beneath Lake Latex.

A type of slime girl with an amorphous body.  Usually they take the form of a buxom woman lying on a big soft cushion or bed.

This variety is black and fully opaque.  Their appearance varies in how glossy the outer surface is.  Some are very dark and look as though they’ve been sculpted from tar or pitch.  Others are glossy and look as though both the woman and her 'bed' are completely covered in shiny black latex.

Attack Strategy:
Tar-pillow cushionblobs are extremely dense and their surface is highly adhesive.  Anyone coming into physical contact with one will become stuck and then engulfed.  They are powerful, but they are also slow and lack any kind of mesmeric ability.  A tar-pillow cushionblob might try to use her sexy body to tempt the unwary into joining her on her bed, but anyone forewarned as to her true nature will find it an easy offer to turn down (unlike with the pink variety).

The tar-pillow cushionblob likes to draw men into her mass and use her malleable form to sexually excite them.  They are capable of generating powerful suction and use this to induce first ejaculation and then pull the man inside out to extract whatever spark of vital essence it is that HSIOs seek from us.  Despite sounding gruesome, the man experiences it as a pure blast of orgasmic release.

(The soul seems as good as any name to give this 'spark', even if my esteemed colleagues might not approve of it.)

After extracting this essence the tar-pillow cushionblob digests the flesh of her now-expired captive and then excretes the bones.

Tar-pillow cushionblobs are very slow, but adept at setting traps or ambushing from darkness, where their lack of speed is not a factor.  Bullets are ineffective and barely penetrate their dense mass.  Engaging one at close quarters with melee weapons is strongly discouraged.  The weapons will just get stuck on her body and she'll draw you in to engulf you.  Her form is also dense enough to resist small explosives.

Extremes of hot or cold are effective, with flamethrowers being the best weapon to use against her as the substance of her body is inflammable.  Some strong alkalis have been found to have a corrosive effect on her body, but such large quantities are required to render this an impractical countermeasure.

Threat Level:

Easy to avoid if spotted in advance.  Completely inescapable once grabbed and engulfed.


  1. Yes, one of the things I'm experimenting with doing differently is to lead off with the profile first. Story to come tomorrow.

  2. At long last. Thanks!

  3. Have you read the Damon Knight story "Four in One"? What if your victims' consciousness is aware and living inside your H Space monsters, a mass of eternally imprisoned Peter Bates?