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Sunday, December 03, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Blue-Skinned Suckerboob

Name: Blue-Skinned Suckerboob
Type:  Amphibian
Habitat:  Wetlands.  Damp caves and tunnels.

An amphibian type of HSIO that looks like an attractive, voluptuous human woman with the skin of a frog.  Their skin colour—bright blue with mottled black blotches—makes it impossible to mistake them for a human being.  They secrete copious amounts of slime through their pores, which gives their skin a wet sheen as if they've covered themselves in oil.

They have other attributes that mark them out as non-human.  Instead of hair they have a membranous flap of skin that resembles a nun's wimple.  They have a short, stubby, wide tail that covers their ass.  Their hands and feet are webbed.

Attack Strategy:
The slime secreted by a blue-skinned suckerboob's skin contains several powerful psychotropic agents.  Exposure to it with naked skin will likely result in the subject being placed in a docile and highly suggestible state.  These substances can function as an aerosol if exposed to a concentrated dose, but the effect is much weaker than skin-to-skin contact.  In combat the suckerboob will attempt to bring as much of her body into contact with her opponent's exposed flesh and then wait for her psychotropic secretions to take effect and render her prey helpless.

Her 'mammary glands' are used for feeding and storage.  How she uses them depends on the sex of her prey.  For men, the suckerboob will suck his penis into her breast and stimulate them to ejaculation.  For women, the suckerboob will embrace them, wrap her nipple-mouths around their nipples and suck their milk.  The suckerboob's secretions also contain toxins that stimulate massive overproduction of either semen or milk, enough to empty her prey of all their bodily fluids.

(and soul?)

The psychotropic slime secreted by her skin is strong, but requires a degree of sustained skin contact in order to take effect.  Some people also appear to be immune to it, although as of yet we have not determined the cause of this.

Suckerboobs are still moderately dangerous without their mind-controlling slime.  Their appearance often catches men off guard.  They don't expect a voluptuous women of average height to be as fast, strong and agile as the suckerboobs are.  They can be challenging hand-to-hand opponents, and if they can get enough of a hold for their psychotropic secretions to take effect, they can win the fight in short order.

As with most earth amphibians, their main weakness is dry conditions.  Outside of a damp atmosphere their skin dries up.

(This is extremely painful to them and causes a great deal of discomfort.)

Threat Level:

Deceptively fast and agile, and with skin secretions that can render a person compliant and helpless if they come into contact with their flesh.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Bubble-Prison Arachne

Name: Bubble-Prison Arachne
Type: Arachne
Habitat: Bük'al Kulburburia (This appears to be a HSIO city and centre of industry).

A specialised type of arachne (spider girl) distinguished by a large abdomen that resembles a transparent bubble.  The abdomen is hollow and used to contain human captives while the arachne 'sublimates' them.

Bubble-prison arachnes occupy a worker caste position within HSIO society.  Their role is to sublimate humans to their liquid essences, which is a key ingredient in various exotic drinks brewed by other HSIO workers.  As best as we've been able to translate, the sublimation process appears to involve the extraction of the human soul, and requires the subject to be taken to—and held in—a state of extreme sexual nirvana.

After ingesting a captive, the arachne fills the abdominal cavity with aphrodisiac gases to subdue them.  She is able to regulate the space within her abdomen by pumping air between the outer wall and inner lining.  Once the captive is subdued, the arachne shrinks the cavity around them and uses gases, secreted fluids and the motions of her inner lining to first induce extreme sensual euphoria, then sublimate her captive to a liquid essence.

(Scientifically, I do not know how this next step happens.  And no, I will not condone the feeding of "willing" recruits to our specimen in order to test the resulting sublimation fluids.  We are scientists, not monsters.)

Given their peculiar specialisation to this task, I wonder if the bubble-prison arachnes were specifically bred—or even engineered—solely for this purpose.

Attack Strategy:
Bubble-prison arachnes are workers and as such are slow and unused to direct combat.  Despite this, they shouldn't be taken lightly.  As a defensive measure, a bubble-prison arachne can fill her abdomen with her aphrodisiac gases and release them as a cloud.  The arachne secretes a stronger form of this venom on her lips and are physically strong enough to "kiss" a person into submission should they allow her to get close enough.

As with other spider girls, the bubble-prison arachne can produce a silk-like substance from her abdomen to bind opponents.  The silk is not strong, but it is impregnated with her venom and most captives will be too overwhelmed by horniness to attempt escape.

Gas masks are ineffective against the gas clouds released by the arachnes as the active agent is absorbed through the skin.  Fortunately, this active agent is not strong and requires continuous heavy exposure to incapacitate most men.

As with other low-tier HSIOs, bubble-prison arachnes have some limited regeneration, but not enough to withstand sustained assault.

Threat Level:

*I fear Doctor Cummings has become unhealthily attached to our specimen, Burbuila.  Burbuila is friendly and has proven very helpful, but one should never lose sight of what she is.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Strumpeta

Name:  Strumpeta
Type:  Lesser Demon
Habitat:  Rocky terrain, hills.

At first glance the strumpeta looks like an attractive naked woman with an athletic physique.  Their skin is covered in strange blotches and bands of darker colour.  It looks like body paint but is the strumpeta's natural skin pigmentation.  It would also not be strictly accurate to call this the strumpeta's skin.  Their outer skin is a transparent elastic membrane akin to rubber.  Until the strumpeta's true nature is ascertained, it would be easy to mistake their outer skin as some kind of kinky latex bodysuit.

Their true nature is revealed by their tail… or mouth.  The 'tail' is also composed of the same transparent flexible material.  The end terminates in a club-like structure that opens out like the bell of a trumpet to catch and ingest prey.  Their anatomy is rather unusual.  I was initially of the belief that the 'tail' was their mouth and the female form a lure.  Closer inspection, and dissection, revealed the female lure to be roughly analogous to human in anatomy, including a functioning mouth and alimentary canal.

I wonder if the strumpeta is some kind of symbiotic relationship between two separate organisms.  And if one of them might conceivably have been a regular human being at some point in their past.  Troubling.

Alas, the specimen was taken from me before I could carry out further tests.

Attack Strategy:
The strumpeta captures and ingests prey through her tail.  Being composed of a transparent rubbery material, it can be difficult to spot the tail in low light conditions, or even be aware the strumpeta is not human.  The strumpeta uses this to her advantage as she lures humans close enough to be captured by her tail.

The tail is surprisingly strong, being able to lift an adult human male off the floor and hold him aloft while gulping him down.

The strumpeta's outer layer is elastic and stretches out like a bag to contain captured humans.  To prevent her prey from suffocating the strumpeta will fill this bag with breathable air.  She needs her prey to be alive in order to have sexual intercourse with them.  As with most HSIOs, bringing their prey to sexual climax is an important part of the feeding process.

After sexual congress things get rather gruesome.  The strumpeta fills the bag with powerful digestive enzymes and dissolves her victim.  Our HSIO aides have informed me that this is a painless process, that both the air and fluids the strumpeta pumps into her bag are laced with powerful narcotics, and that the victim expires in a state of blissful nirvana.

I was privy to a… demonstration.  It was gruesome…  A vile perversion of the act of lovemaking.  Even now I wish I could flush what I saw from my memory.  I don't know how Stewart finds the strength to do what he does…

But I digress.

Gruesome mode of feeding aside, strumpeta's are not as fearsome combatants as other encountered HSIOs, as they primarily rely on ambushing single targets.  Despite this they should not be taken lightly.  They are fast, agile and extremely adept at catching people with their trumpet bell tails.

As strumpetas lack the special abilities observed in other HSIOs, they can be regarded as similar to conventional human combatants.  Their main weakness is the process of capturing and swallowing a man is time-consuming and leaves them wide open to other attacks while they're doing it.  For this reason they are unlikely to engage groups in combat and it is important not to get separated while facing one, as the strumpeta's strength and agility favours them in any one-on-one melee combat.

They possess similar minor regenerative abilities as other lesser H-space 'demons'.

Threat Level:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Purple Skin-Wearing Slime

Name:  Purple Skin-Wearing Slime
Type:  Slime
Habitat:  Urban

A species of sentient slime that inhabits and wears the skins of previously consumed victims.  Outside of its host's skin, the slime is clear purple in colour.  While wearing a human skin, the slime will, to all intents and purposes, appear to be human aside from the eyes.  These are the same purple colour as the rest of the slime.  Purple slimes appear to have a preference for female skins.  After taking a new skin they will often modify the contours of the body—increase bust size, decrease stomach size—in order to increase the sexual attractiveness of their new form.

The purple slimes are incapable of repairing their stolen skins.  Any tears or punctures will cause the inner slime to ooze out and plug the wound, much like amber.  This is the limit of their healing capabilities.  Eventually their host skin will degrade to the point where the purple slime will need to discard it and seek out a fresh skin.

Rather gruesomely, the purple slimes form sentimental attractions to the skins they take.  They adorn their dwellings with the skins left behind from their feeding.  Previously-worn skins are afforded a higher status, sometimes even bordering on a strange kind of reverence.

Suffice to say, this can be highly disconcerting and distressing for any human visitor.  Our negotiators and ambassadors will require an appropriate amount of forewarning.

Attack Strategy:
The purple slime incapacitates victims by extruding slime tendrils into the victim's body.  These invade through facial orifices such as the nose and mouth, and travel to the brain, where the slime is able to induce unconsciousness with no additional side effects other than slight short-term memory loss.  While wearing a skin, the slime will use this as a disguise to get close enough to their target.  If the slime has no skin they will instead attempt to creep up on sleeping or similarly indisposed targets.

They feed by extruding their amorphous body into their prey and slowly digesting them from the inside until nothing remains but the outer skin, which the slime either takes as a trophy or new skin to wear.  While unpleasant, I can at least understand this from a biological perspective.  What makes far less sense is that the purple slime will sexually stimulate their victim, so that they are in a near-constant state of sexual climax even while being consumed from the inside.

Why?  We observe this time and time again.  Why is inducing sexual arousal so important to so many HSIOs?  It just doesn't make any evolutionary sense.

Purple slimes are very fragile, especially in comparison to other slime-type HSIOs.  Without a host skin they have difficulty in holding their semi-liquid forms together and are especially vulnerable to both mechanical and chemical disruption.  While in a host skin they are no stronger than a typical human and might even be weaker.  Their skins are just as easily lacerated or punctured as human skin, and cannot take too much damage before becoming unusable to the slime.  However, one should always be aware of one key difference between skin-wearing purple slimes and human combatants—the slime has no vital internal organs and is unlikely to be stopped by a single bullet to the head or thorax.  Use sustained fire to shred their stolen skin.

Their mimicry of humans is effective, but always given away by their eyes.  Thankfully, this places a hard limitation on their infiltration capabilities as it is so easy to detect whether a slime is trying to masquerade as human.  We should still be vigilant and guard against any infiltration attempts.

Threat Level:

They are extremely fragile once their disguise is seen through.

I wonder if this weakness is the reason why some of their colonies have approached us with offers of peace, friendship and co-operation.  Command is receptive to the idea.  Vampyrotiea and similar HSIO individuals have proven invaluable to our understanding of H-space.  It will certainly raise challenges.  How can we possibly co-exist with an organism that consumes us and wears our skins?

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Sun Lamia

Name: Sun Lamia
Type: Lamia (Slime?)
Habitat: Cave Ruins.

A snake girl with the upper body of an exotic belly dancer.  Or a slime girl currently taking the form of a snake girl.  Personally, I lead towards the former.  While the sun lamia appears to have a soft, gelatinous body, she displays none of the plasticity of form observed in other slime girl HSIOs.

The fluid, or jelly, that makes up her body is clear yellow in colour and radiates both heat and light.

Attack Strategy:
Multiple, and targeting different senses.

At long ranges the sun lamia can release a flash of light from her eyes that can both temporarily blind and stun.

At closer ranges the sun lamia breathes out thick clouds of gas that increase arousal and take away the will to fight.  They also have a dance that has a mesmeric effect on onlookers.

All of this is to enable the lamia to get close enough to wrap her coils around her prey.  Unlike an Earth constrictor, this is to deny movement rather than oxygen.  The sun lamia uses her serpentine body to lock her captive's limbs in such a way they are unable to move or offer any resistance once the effects of her aphrodisiac breath wear off.  With her prey immobilised, the sun lamia instigates oral sex with them.  At the point of orgasm she sucks out her prey's soul.

(At this point I don't care if my colleagues consider the concept of a soul to be unscientific, or even heretical.  Some HSIOs, like the sun lamia, are capable of extracting some kind of animating spark from human beings at the point of sexual climax.  We have examined the victims—either dead or in a coma.  There isn't a single decent medical reason for them to be in this state.)

As there has only been one encounter with this type of HSIO, what follows is conjecture and theory.

Gas masks or nasal filters might negate her breath, assuming the drug compounds present within it are not absorbed through the skin.

Polarised filters might negate her eye flashes.  There have been some successes in experimentation versus lesser HSIOs with similar disabling attacks.

My concern is that she almost certainly possesses other offensive capabilities we are as of yet still unaware of.  The limited intel we have puts the only individual encountered in a similar power class to some of the higher tier succubi or demon HSIOs.

Also, while her body has been described as being soft, I would expect the sun lamia to have similar regenerative abilities as other high-threat HSIOs.

Threat Level:
High (Medium?).

The only individual encountered appears to have been very old and powerful.  It is unknown whether other sun lamia are this dangerous.

Monday, May 22, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Interrogatrix Shell

Name:  Interrogatrix Shell
Type:  Scylla
Habitat:  Unknown

A kind of shellfish woman.  The woman part is humanoid above the waist, but far too alien to ever be mistaken for human.  Their eyes are octopoidal—yellow, with vertical barbell-shaped pupils.  They have long fleshy tubes in place of hair.  They have a nose, but it seems purely cosmetic.  Respiration is carried out through three breathing holes located on either side of their neck, just below their pointed ears.

Below the waist their body merges into a complex knot of thick rubbery tubes.  Some tubes terminate in bioluminescent light sacs that light up the inside of the shell.  Others terminate in strange structures that resemble part of a human face—just the mouth and jaws, the rest of the head is absent.  The interrogatrix shell uses these false mouths to drive her captives into a state of sensual ecstasy.

The interrogatrix shell's body is housed within a shell large enough to contain both her and an adult human male.  Currently we do not know what the outer shell looks like as none have been found or observed in the wild.  It is even possible the interrogatrix shell is some kind of mimic.

Attack Strategy:
The HSIOs use interrogatrix shells to extract information and secrets from their enemies.  Once a person is placed within her shell, the interrogatrix wraps her soft body around them to hold them immobile.  Interrogatrix shells appear able to produce various complex drugs that have a variety of effects on human physiology, including increased sexual arousal, euphoric feelings of bliss, and a heightened susceptibility to suggestion.  These drugs are administered through both mouth-to-mouth contact with one of the interrogatrix shell's false mouths, and as an aerosol exhaled by other mouths.  The closed confines of the shell enable rapid build-up of the drug in the air.

The interrogatrix also uses her false mouths to stimulate her captive's erogenous zones by licking or sucking on them.  Once the captive is sufficiently aroused the interrogatrix shell straddles their body with her upper female half and initiates sexual intercourse.  Sex in this case is used to break the will of her captive through overwhelming sensual ecstasy rather than for procreation.  The orgasms are amplified to the point that even strong-willed persons are enslaved by the pleasure.  From this point onwards her captive will do whatever and reveal whatever the interrogatrix shell asks them.  As we have never recovered anyone enslaved by an interrogatrix shell, it is unknown whether or not this enslavement of will is reversible.

Don't get caught by one…?

Really, I'm not sure what's expected here.

We know next to nothing about this HSIO.

When I was commissioned to carry out these studies it was with the assumption I'd be documenting the various flora and fauna of H-space.  At this point I think it would be a grave mistake to regard the HSIOs as just alien flora and fauna.  This is an opposing enemy force.  The various HSIOs are its weapons and should be documented as such.

Threat Level:

I think we have to assume that any person captured and handed to an interrogatrix shell will reveal everything they know.  God help us if they ever get hold of one of our critical command or research personnel.

Monday, March 06, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Hunting Arachne

Name:  Hunting Arachne
Type:  Arachne
Habitat: Rocky terrain.  Mountains.  Caves.

A type of spider-girl.  At a distance she looks like a naked human woman riding a giant spider.  Closer inspection reveals both are parts of the same organism, with the head and torso of the woman replacing the head of the spider.  The woman appears to have truncated vestigial legs that taper to points after about a third of thigh.  These house and hide venom-filled fangs.

Her upper body is dark-skinned with silver hair and looks fully human aside from three sets of additional jet-black eyes located on her head.  Unless seen close up, it is easy to mistake these additional eyes for jewellery.

The lower body is brown and resembles the agelenid spiders found on Earth, albeit on a considerable larger scale.

Attack Strategy:
This type of arachne is an active hunter.  They produce webbing, but use it as ropes to cast at and entangle prey rather than building webs.  Once they catch a man (It is always a man.  Unlike other HSIOs, hunting arachnes show no interest in women) the arachne will wrap them up in a cocoon.  This silk is coated in a mild aphrodisiac.  Venom glands within the false legs contain a much stronger aphrodisiac and the arachne injects it into her prey to place them into a state of sexual hyper-arousal before beginning to feed.

Outwardly, feeding resembles copulation.  The arachne will get her prey aroused and then insert their erection into her false vagina.  This orifice is her true mouth and connected to a series of powerful sucking stomachs in her abdomen.  She stimulates her prey to ejaculation and then slowly pumps out all their fluids while they are in a helpless state of sensual bliss.

This type of arachne is fast, agile, and especially dangerous in broken terrain where they can attack from a multitude of angles.

Their resistances are comparable to similar HSIOs.  The cuticle is resistant to small arms and they have some limited regenerative capabilities.  Chainsaws and/or flamethrowers are recommended for fighting this type.  It is also advised to engage them in open areas rather than seeking cover.

Threat Level:

Fast, agile, and extremely difficult to handle at close quarters.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Leech-Tongue Succubus

Name:  Leech-Tongue Succubus
Type:  Succubus
Habitat:  Unknown.

Pale or slightly bluish-skinned humanoid with the typical succubus/devil girl additions of horns, wings and tail.  Only one specimen has been encountered so far.  Her horns, wings and tail were very dark blue in colour, almost verging on black.  As with other succubi, she was slightly taller than the average human woman and possessed a figure straight out of typical male fantasy—slender, toned and extremely busty.

Their identifying feature is a long black tongue terminating in a leech-like sucker mouth.

(Again I'm uncomfortable classifying the different variations of succubus as separate species.  They could be, but they could also all be part of the same species, and the different feeding strategies and attack strategies we've observed could be the result of other factors such as exotic body augmentation and different training regimes.)

Attack Strategy:
Only the primary feeding mechanism is known for this succubus.  They feed using their long leech-like tongue.  They use it to suck in a man's penis and then stimulate him to repeated ejaculations (usually with the help of mammary intercourse) until the man is fully depleted of fluids.

This happens rapidly, as fast as if the succubus was draining their blood.  How do they induce the man to produce so much semen, so quickly?  An agent in the saliva can't be enough.  There must be some other factor.

As of yet we don't know anything about the offensive capabilities of this type of succubus.  It's possible they are part of a civilian class and rely on other HSIOs such as the scarlet imps to bring them human captives.  This is not an assumption I feel safe making.  All succubi-class HSIOs encountered so far have shown formidable mind control skills and regenerative abilities.  As always the best strategy is to disengage.  If this is not possible, hit fast and hit hard before the mesmeric abilities of the succubus compromise your ability to fight them.

Threat Level:

(Who am I kidding—High!)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Nuru Nuru Girl

Name:  Nuru Nuru Girl
Type:  Humanoid
Habitat:  Only seen so far in the inflatable cave system, an unusual structure discovered underground.

Close enough to human to be mistaken for one at first glance.  They resemble women of East Asian descent, with bronze skin and straight black hair.  As with other observed HSIOs, their features mimicking human sexual characteristics are highly exaggerated.  Their breasts are considerably larger than a typical human woman of their size, although in this case there is a functional reason for this as their breasts contain the glands that produce the copious amounts of lubricating fluid that give the nuru nuru girls their name.

Other divergent features include the hands and feet.  Their wrists and ankles are longer and allow their hands and feet a greater degree of rotation and movement.  The feet also have much longer digits, to the point they resemble a secondary pair of hands.

Attack Strategy:
The nuru nuru girls are named for the complex lubricant exuded by their skin and in particular their breasts and sexual organs.  This has a similar appearance and consistency to nuru gel, a product used in a special type of Japanese massage.

(I assume this is a sex thing.  My assistant was curiously reticent when pressed for further details.)

The lubricant is a complex blend of oils, enzymes and some compounds that defy chemical analysis.  Aside from its lubricating properties, the substance is also corrosive—but only to non-living fabric.  There is also a strong narcotic component that induces a euphoric state in the subject once absorbed through the skin.  The body-to-body massage a nuru nuru girl gives her victim is thought to aid in this absorption.  With their prey docile and non-resistant, the nuru nuru girl covers them with a fluid that softens human tissues while still preserving their intactness.  As of yet, we have been unable to duplicate this softening effect under laboratory conditions.

(Maybe it requires the unusual physical laws of H-space.)

Once her prey has softened to the point of liquefaction, the nuru nuru girl draws them up into her body through her vaginal opening.

Physically, the nuru nuru girls are no more strong or agile than a human female athlete of comparable size.  Their main threat is their secretions.  Unprotected skin contact results in a euphoric state that impairs mental acuity and combat effectiveness.

Thankfully, liquefaction of tissues only occurs after prolonged and sustained contact (and possibly only while engaged in physical copulation with the nuru nuru girl).  Smaller exposure to the lubricant appears to have no long-term deleterious effects, although it is advised to wash it off at the earliest opportunity.

Threat Level:

Some of my colleagues are excited by the pharmaceutical potential of the nuru nuru girls' secretions.  My personal opinion is that the lubricant will not behave in the same way under Earth's different physical laws.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Sex-Spawn Pit

Name:  Sex-Spawn Pit
Type:  I have no idea what this is, or even if it's an organism in any way we recognise the term.
Habitat:  Primarily HSIO urban centres, although some wild ones have been encountered underground.

A pit with flesh-covered walls about eight to ten feet deep.  Thick fibrous growths extend from the edge of the pit and connect to bulbous pod-like chambers partially buried in the ground.  The chambers are used to gestate and grow the sex spawn.  The spawn are not really offspring and instead function more like flesh manikins.  They are short-lived and resemble hairless human beings.  The sex-spawn pit appears to have some kind of mild telepathic or empathic ability to sense what individuals in its vicinity find sexually appealing and produces sex-spawn with bodies that cater to these desires.

Attack Strategy:
Anyone unfortunate enough to fall into a sex-spawn pit will be absorbed into the fleshy walls.  Bizarrely, this is a complex process that requires to the prey to be sexually aroused to the point of orgasm before the pit can absorb them.  In order to achieve this, the pit excretes its flesh manikins into the pit to copulate with the person or persons trapped within it.  The pit will continue to spawn manikins and send them into the pit until the captured men or women are overwhelmed and stimulated to orgasm.  At which point they are absorbed into the walls or floor and lost.

The higher HSIOs seem to enjoy throwing captives into these pits as a form of entertainment (our men should be fully aware by now of the futility of surrendering to the more intelligent HSIOs—these are alien organisms with a set of values completely at odds with our own).

Sex-spawn pits occurring in the wild will attempt to use their flesh manikins to lure or physically force passer-by's into the pit.  The flesh manikins themselves are weak and degrade quickly over time and distance from the pit that spawned them.

The sex-spawn pit is harmless unless fallen into.  Once inside, the slippery, undulating flesh walls make it very difficult to climb out of and the constant waves of amorous flesh manikins will eventually wear a person down and force them into sexual intercourse.

When under attack the pit will close and retract the gestation pods underground.  The pits are relatively easy to render harmless, but much more difficult to eradicate completely.  Pits reported as destroyed have been known to fully grow back after a week or two.

Threat Level:

Of more concern is how they came to exist, especially with their bizarre feeding cycle.  Are these organisms, or more akin to biological machines custom-created by the HSIOs to dispose of their enemies in ways the HSIOs find entertaining?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

H-Space MGB Profile: Tar-Pillow Cushionblob

Name:  Tar-Pillow Cushionblob
Type:  Slime (subtype: cushionblob)
Habitat:  Underground.  Around and beneath Lake Latex.

A type of slime girl with an amorphous body.  Usually they take the form of a buxom woman lying on a big soft cushion or bed.

This variety is black and fully opaque.  Their appearance varies in how glossy the outer surface is.  Some are very dark and look as though they’ve been sculpted from tar or pitch.  Others are glossy and look as though both the woman and her 'bed' are completely covered in shiny black latex.

Attack Strategy:
Tar-pillow cushionblobs are extremely dense and their surface is highly adhesive.  Anyone coming into physical contact with one will become stuck and then engulfed.  They are powerful, but they are also slow and lack any kind of mesmeric ability.  A tar-pillow cushionblob might try to use her sexy body to tempt the unwary into joining her on her bed, but anyone forewarned as to her true nature will find it an easy offer to turn down (unlike with the pink variety).

The tar-pillow cushionblob likes to draw men into her mass and use her malleable form to sexually excite them.  They are capable of generating powerful suction and use this to induce first ejaculation and then pull the man inside out to extract whatever spark of vital essence it is that HSIOs seek from us.  Despite sounding gruesome, the man experiences it as a pure blast of orgasmic release.

(The soul seems as good as any name to give this 'spark', even if my esteemed colleagues might not approve of it.)

After extracting this essence the tar-pillow cushionblob digests the flesh of her now-expired captive and then excretes the bones.

Tar-pillow cushionblobs are very slow, but adept at setting traps or ambushing from darkness, where their lack of speed is not a factor.  Bullets are ineffective and barely penetrate their dense mass.  Engaging one at close quarters with melee weapons is strongly discouraged.  The weapons will just get stuck on her body and she'll draw you in to engulf you.  Her form is also dense enough to resist small explosives.

Extremes of hot or cold are effective, with flamethrowers being the best weapon to use against her as the substance of her body is inflammable.  Some strong alkalis have been found to have a corrosive effect on her body, but such large quantities are required to render this an impractical countermeasure.

Threat Level:

Easy to avoid if spotted in advance.  Completely inescapable once grabbed and engulfed.

Friday, August 12, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Red Lips Succubus

Name: Red Lips Succubus
Type: Succubus
Habitat: Wide-ranging, but thankfully rare.

Another of the succubus-type HSIOs that resemble (and are likely the originators of) the devil girls of myth.  They take the appearance of extremely alluring women, but with the additional 'devil' features of horns, tail and leathery bat wings.

These succubi have very pale, almost white, skin.  Their main identifying feature is their lips, which are full, sensual and a vivid scarlet in colour that contrasts sharply with their pale skin.  This coloration appears to be natural pigmentation despite looking like artificial lip gloss.

Attack Strategy:
This is one of the more powerful succubus types.  They are extremely dangerous because of their ability to mesmerise and completely immobilise opponents with their lips.  We don't really know how this works.  There is a theory that the combination of the shape, coloration and the way the lips stand out from the rest of the succubus's pale face triggers a weird neural reaction in the human brain that causes it to partially shut down and lock up all conscious movement, causing paralysis in the onlooker.  However the succubus does this, it is terrifyingly effective, with a single blown kiss being enough to incapacitate an entire squad.

As with other H-space succubi, the red lips variant feeds on the fluids and energy released during sexual activity.  Red lips succubi prefer to use either fellatio or cunnilingus, and are capable of sucking their prey completely dry in a frighteningly short space of time.

What do you want me to put here?

Did you read the part where I wrote they are capable of immobilising an entire squad simply by blowing a kiss at them?

How are we supposed to counteract that?

What do you want me to do?  Tell the men to wear blindfolds just so the succubi can drain them dry in other immoral and indecent ways?

I can't even get them to understand the dangers they face from the minor HSIOs.  When I tried to warn them about this new type of succubus they were too busy laughing at the concept of being blowjobbed to death.

This is hopeless.  We warn the men.  They don't listen.  We send them out and the succubi kill them.  Then we bring in a fresh batch to start the cycle anew.

When is this going to end?

Threat Level:
They can take out a combat-ready soldier using nothing more than a blown kiss!  This is what we are facing out here.

Very high.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Freshwater Cnidarian-Girl

Name: Freshwater Cnidarian-Girl
Type: Cnidarian
Habitat: Freshwater.  Marshland.

From a distance a freshwater cnidarian-girl looks like a pretty young woman in a long summer dress.  They are normally found staring wistfully out across small bodies of water in picturesque wild spots.

The 'dress' is a thin membrane of elastic jelly that serves to hide the cnidarian-girl's lower body.  Beneath the waist their body consists of a ring of thick tentacles that are used to both raise and support the upper torso, and restrain prey while the cnidarian feeds.  Hanging down from the centre of the ring of tentacles is a specialised feeding tube.

The structure of a cnidarian-girl's body appears to be comparable to Earth-based cnidarians—hence the name—although they are considerably more complex.  Their mostly liquid insides are held in by a strong membrane of semi-transparent jelly.  While their skin colour comes in a variety of hues from yellow to green to muddy browns, they are capable of changing it to opaque pink for short periods of time in order to mimic human flesh.

Attack Strategy:
The cnidarian-girl lures prey to her through an airborne pheromone that also massively raises the libido.  Once the target comes within range the cnidarian-girl stings and immobilises them with a powerful paralysing agent injected through the skin by nematocysts located in her tentacles.  With her prey immobilised, the cnidarian wraps her tentacles around them and begins to feed.

As with other HSIOs, cnidarian-girls feed on sexual fluids.  Their body secretes a toxin that triggers the over-production of sexual fluids at the expense of all other biological functions.  This toxin is absorbed through the sexual organs and requires the ejaculate of her prey to activate it.  If her victim is male the cnidarian-girl ingests their penis with her soft feeding tube and uses this to stimulate them to ejaculation.  If she has caught a female, the cnidarian turns the lower third of her feeding tube inside out and inserts it into her captive's vagina.  Once her feeding toxin takes effect the cnidarian-girl slowly drains her prey of all their fluids.

Like their Earth equivalents, cnidarian-girls have soft, fragile bodies.  Aside from their pheromone lure and paralysing sting they have little fighting ability and if threatened they will contract down to a ball, with the outer tentacles folding back up over their vulnerable upper body to protect it.

Threat Level:

The pheromone lure is the main danger.  Soldiers should stay together at all times and always be on the lookout in case one of their squad-mates starts showing signs of being under the influence.

Friday, June 10, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Boob-Snake

Name:  Boob-Snake (Don't blame me.  This is the name used by the men and it's sort of stuck)
Type:  Demon
Habitat:  Underground caverns.  Natural springs.

Another anatomically-perverse monstrosity.  How did such horrors come to exist and why are their forms so familiar and yet horribly corrupted at the same time?

The boob-snake will usually be encountered lying in a pool of white liquid resembling milk.  With the majority of their body submerged and hidden beneath the surface it's easy to mistake them for a beautiful naked woman resting in a hot spring.  It's only when the boob-snake rises up out of the water that their true—inhuman—nature is revealed.

While their head, shoulders and chest are human in appearance, below there the thoracic region is repeated over and over again, so that the demon looks as though it has been extended into a snake with multiple rows of mammary glands.  Mutations of this nature have been observed in annelids and arthropods, and indeed have played an important role in the evolution of some forms, but this isn't what is happening here—human anatomy simply shouldn't permit it.

Describing the 'boobs' of the boob-snake as mammary glands is technically incorrect.  The 'milk' secreted by their breasts is a complex mixture of hormones and enzymes used to first render their male captives docile and then aid the boob-snake's absorption of her prey's fluids.

Attack Strategy:
They lie in wait in pools of white liquid and use their alluring beauty to tempt men into approaching them.  Once the man strays close enough the boob-snake will surge from the water, coil her body around them and then drag them into her pool.  Boob-snake pools usually have a secret tunnel underwater leading to a more secure cave where the demon can drain her victim without being interrupted.

Once she has caught a man, the boob-snake will strip them, exude her 'milk' over their naked body and then massage them with her many breasts.  These look and feel like big soft human breasts and the sensation of them rubbing all over the body is intensely arousing.  Once her captive is turned on enough, the boob-snake will force them to suckle her breasts.  Getting her milk inside them aids the digestion process.  Enzymes within the milk painlessly break down her prey's internal organs and her intense sexual stimulation causes them to ejaculate the resultant soup onto the boob-snake's breasts in a continuous uncontrollable orgasm.  The boob-snake absorbs the ejaculate through her skin.  The whole process is supposedly a lot more pleasant than it sounds, but you'll forgive me if I'd rather not experience it first-hand.

Don't talk to the strange naked woman sitting in a pool of fresh milk.

Boob-snakes share similar regenerative capabilities as other demon-class HSIOs.  It is relatively easy to puncture their skin with either bullets or blades, but most of these wounds will close just as rapidly as they opened.  Even fire has little permanent effect.

Until we can find substances to counteract their regenerative capabilities and given their speed and strength, it is highly recommended to give boob-snakes and their pools a wide berth.

Threat Level:

(This would be High if they ever decided to leave their pools and actively hunt us.)

Friday, June 03, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Glass Arachne

Name:  Glass Arachne
Type:  Arachne
Habitat:  Underground Caves

One of the many types of arachne or spider-woman demon that infest the cave systems beneath the surface of H-space.  They are a nightmarish combination of spider and woman, with a humanoid torso replacing the head of a gigantic spider.  All arachnes encountered so far have been female and it is unknown whether male arachnes exist at all.

Glass arachne are unusual in that the integument of their spider half is completely transparent.  Before coming to H-space I might have postulated it an adaptation for living in lightless caves.  Now I wouldn't be surprised if it's because the spider demon wants to show exactly what she's doing to her prey's penis while it is inside her.

Attack Strategy:
As with Earth spiders, glass arachnes use webs to catch prey.  Their webs are pink rather than white.  This is because the silk is impregnated with a powerful aphrodisiac toxin that is absorbed on skin contact.  Vibrations in the web inform the arachne of potential prey and the aphrodisiac venom keeps the prey distracted long enough for the arachne to reach them and drag them off with ropes of sticky silk.

Once in her lair the arachne wraps her prey up in a cocoon of venom-saturated silk.  Exposure to larger quantities of the aphrodisiac toxin triggers a physiological change in the subject that results in massive overproduction of seminal fluids at the expense of all other biological processes.  The arachne stimulates her prey sexually and slowly sucks out all their fluids through their penis.  While the intermediary steps are more complex, the end result is exactly what you'd expect to see if a man was predated on by a giant spider—a mummified husk wrapped up in silk.

The glass arachne can imbibe their victim's fluids through her mouth, vagina, anus and even the specialised canal where her silks are produced.  They seem to prefer using their abdomen, despite its repulsive non-human appearance.  I suspect they gain a perverse delight from this, as they seem to enjoy showing their victims what they're doing to them and will often pick a sexual position that allows their victim to see his own penis inside her.

Despite the glass arachne's delicate glass-like appearance, their exoskeleton, even the parts covering their human half, is hard enough to function as protective armour.  Small calibre bullets and knives will have trouble penetrating.  As with other arachnes, they don't like fire and flamethrowers have proven very effective.

Glass arachne webs should not be touched without protective clothing as the aphrodisiac toxin is absorbed through the skin and acts quickly.

For a while we were able to lure arachnes into traps by vibrating their webs and ambushing those that came to investigate.  Unfortunately, they possess human-equivalent intelligence and quickly wised up to this strategy.  The last time it was attempted it resulted in a counter-ambush that resulted in the loss of the whole team.

Threat Level:

Don't touch any strange webs you might encounter underground.

Friday, May 27, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Bubblegum Blobgirl

Name:  Bubblegum Blobgirl
Type:  Slime Girl
Habitat:  Underground caves.  Ruins.

An amorphous pink blob with the ability to take on a facsimile of human form.  As with the other H-space slime or blob girls, the form most often taken is that of a naked and alluring human woman.  This is not a disguise as such—the blobgirl is unable to accurately replicate features such as eyes and hair, so they resemble more a clay sculpture of a human being and are unlikely to be mistaken for the real thing unless in exceptionally poor lighting.  The real purpose is to distract and sometimes even arouse potential prey.  For this reason the blob girl usually takes a form that looks like an exaggerated sex-fantasy ideal of the feminine figure, with very large breasts being a common feature.

Unlike some of the other slime girls that have been observed in H-space, such as specimen HA-001 and the pink cushionblobs, the bubblegum blobgirl is completely opaque.  In colour and texture they resemble pieces of bubblegum, hence the name.

Given their viscosity, stickiness and ability to partially adopt human form, I wonder if it would be better to classify bubblegum blobgirls as a primitive type of mimic and an offshoot from the main branch of slime girls.

Bubblegum blobgirls vary in size from small ones about the same size as fully-grown human to much larger ones about the same size as a truck.  The larger ones are capable of manifesting multiple humanoid appendages to 'play' with any men they manage to capture.

There are also rumours of much vaster blobgirls inhabiting the deeper caverns.  So far this hasn't been confirmed, but would be rather worrisome if true.

Attack Strategy:
Bubblegum blobgirls are extremely sticky.  Any person coming into contact with the surface of a blobgirl will become stuck and unable to pull away while the blobgirl slowly enfolds them with her amorphous body.

Bubblegum blobgirls do not consume their prey like an earth amoeba or even the blob monsters of tacky horror films.  The fluids they secrete around trapped prey are not digestive acids but a complex blend of hormones that are absorbed through the skin.  These substances subtly hijack parts of the subject's biochemical processes as well as massively over-stimulating the libido.  The blobgirl uses her soft sticky body to excite the sex organs of her victim and induce in them an unnatural state of hyper-arousal where they ejaculate continuously without being able to stop.  This continues until her prey is drained of all fluids.

This feeding pattern has been observed so many times and in so many different HSIOs it would be a mistake to continue to think of it as unusual at this point.

In the open bubblegum blobgirls are very slow and easily avoided.  They are much more dangerous in confined areas with low lighting where they can creep up on men undetected or even lure them by assuming the form of a 'perfect sex fantasy'.

Conventional weaponry is once again extremely ineffective.  Bullets don't penetrate far through the blobgirl's sticky mass and it is uncertain if there are even vital organs that can be targeted.  Bladed weapons get stuck in the blobgirl's sticky body and expose the wielder to a greater risk of coming into skin contact with the blobgirl and getting trapped.

Fortunately, the blobgirls don't appear to like extremes of cold and heat, and some of our soldiers have found flamethrowers to be particularly effective in driving them off.

Threat Level:

At least the ones that have been observed.  If the rumours of considerably vaster blobgirls inhabiting the deeper caverns are true... well let's just hope they stay there...

Monday, May 23, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Paffo-Paffo Succubus

Name:  Paffo-Paffo Succubus
Type:  Succubus
Habitat:  Encounters have mainly occurred in rocky, desolate regions, but there is no reason to assume they are restricted to these territories.

Another succubus and another resemblance to the devil girls of myth.  This one even has red skin!

The more I document the HSIOs of H-space, the more I wonder if these succubi don't just resemble the devil girls of myth, but are, in fact, the devil girls of myth.  This theory is understandably not popular amongst my colleagues, some of whom still possess religious sensibilities.

Original classifications of succubi proved to be too generic and not recognise the clear subtypes that exist.  Thanks to information provided by our new source we have been able to correct these earlier errors.

Paffo-paffo succubi are a specialised form of the "tail-suck" category of succubi, so named through their preference of draining their prey's energy through a special orifice near the end of the tail.  The paffo-paffo succubus's tail features an additional, long and extremely slender section that extends past the bulbous "tail-suck" organ and is jointed like a long bony finger.  They also possess an extremely large pair of breasts (even by succubus standards, which tend to have figures that correspond to exaggerated sexual fantasies of the human female form).

Attack Strategy:
Paffo-paffo succubi prefer to feed through their tail orifice.  They suck their victim's penis up into this sheath and stimulate them with muscular contractions.  The slender tail extension curls around and is used to enter the prey's anus in order to massage their prostate through the rectal wall.  Once the paffo-paffo succubus has her tail locked in place she will subject her prey to massive sexual over-stimulation until drained of all their energy.

Her tail is so custom-tailored to human anatomy I find it impossible to believe this is an accident.  Humans must have entered H-space at some point in the past.  Could some form of humanity still be present here?

In order to lock her complicated tail structure in place, the paffo-paffo succubus must first render her prey docile.  Unlike other succubi, paffo-paffo succubi tend to favour physical means over mesmerising their potential prey.  The common strategy is to surprise her target, knock them to the floor and then partially asphyxiate them with her bosom.  The deprivation of oxygen combined with aphrodisiac scent glands located within the inter-mammary cleft serves the dual role of both subduing and arousing her prey.

This attack strategy is very effective, and yet whenever I try to explain the dangers to our men they don't appear to take me seriously...

Succubi are not the super-strong demons or vampires of myth.  Most use hypnotic suggestion in combination with their sexual allure to weaken their opponents and take away their will to fight.  If this can be overcome, the succubi appear to have a similar physical prowess to an average human male in average condition.

Paffo-paffo succubi are slightly stronger, as they rely more on attacking through physical means.  On the other hand, they appear to lack the truly scary mind control abilities observed in more powerful succubi.  This should not mean they are taken lightly.  A single target knocked over and smothered beneath the succubus's breasts will be helpless and unable to prevent the succubus from draining them dry.

On a more positive note, this succubus's abilities are only effective against a single target.  If the target is not alone, they cannot smother and drain them as it would leave them wide open to any other combatants in the vicinity.  For this reason it's very important for squads to stay together in the regions these succubi operate and not fall for any tricks that might isolate and expose individuals.

As with other succubus-class HSIOs, they possess strong regenerative capabilities and are harder to kill than they appear.

Threat Level:

Saturday, April 30, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Scarlet Imp

Name:  Scarlet Imp
Type:  Imp (Lesser Demon)
Habitat:  Mountainous and rocky regions.

In build and structure they resemble a human girl in their late teens.  In comparison to the succubi they look like young waifs, although there is no evidence they are the juvenile form of succubi.  This is likely the scarlet imp's mature form and they are a separate species.

Scarlet imps are named for their red skin.  They also possess the devil-like features of stubby horns, wings and a tail.

Attack Strategy:
Scarlet imps are lesser demons* and appear to be the common foot soldiers of whatever passes for a military in H-space.  While not averse to taunting opponents with obscene sexual suggestions, these displays lack the hypnotising power of more powerful HSIOs.  Instead the imps fight with melee weapons—commonly tridents.  The points of their weapons are coated with a drug that rapidly induces unconsciousness upon entering the bloodstream.  The scarlet imps fight to capture rather than kill and this is reflected in their tactics.

*I know some of you have problems with the use of the d word, that it has no place in science.  To this I say it's just an identifier based on their appearance, and already frequently in use amongst the men anyway.  The name doesn't have to have the same metaphysical connotations. Although sometimes I wonder...

Scarlet imps fight with conventional, if drugged, melee weapons and appear not to possess any exotic attacks.  This doesn't mean they should be taken lightly.  They are stronger and more competent fighters than their waif-like appearance might suggest.

They possess regenerative capabilities, but not as powerful as the more advanced HSIOs.  Most terminal wounds are just as effective on them as they would be on a human.

Threat Level:
Low (but don't be fooled by their appearance, they wield their unorthodox melee weapons with a great deal of skill).

If scarlet imps are foot soldiers, then who or what do they take orders from...

Friday, April 29, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Paizu Succubus

Name:  Paizu Succubus
Type:  Succubus
Habitat:  Unknown.  Likely urban, or whatever equivalent the HSIOs have for urban.

As standard for succubus-class HSIOs—a tall, busty and stunningly attractive young woman with additional non-human "devil" features of horns, wings and a tail.  In the paizu succubus's case the wings appear to be vestigial and incapable of flight.  Other identifying features include their milky-white eyes with no pupil or iris and large, prominent breasts.

Attack Strategy:
Succubi feed on sex.  Paizu Succubi specialise in mammary intercourse.  Exposure to human semen softens the skin of the intermammary cleft and the paizu succubus absorbs her prey's penis into her flesh.  Once the penis is absorbed the paizu succubus is able to trigger massive over-production of semen in her victim.  They absorb and store the fluids of their prey within their large breasts, which are capable of expanding to many times their original size.

We know paizu succubi allow lesser HSIOs to suckle and obtain nourishment from their breasts.  As of yet we haven't identified if this is a regular part of the food chain or done for other societal reasons.  We don't even know which occupies the higher position in the social hierarchy, although if I was forced to guess, I would say it is the paizu succubus.

Aside from their feeding habits, we know very little about this type of succubus.  They have never been encountered on the field of battle by our forces and as a result we know nothing of their combat capabilities or even if they engage in combat at all.

As so little is known about this type of succubus and their capabilities it is difficult to formulate appropriate countermeasures.  Instead I can only detail the standard warnings when dealing with H-space succubi.

Firstly be aware that they use their supernatural sex appeal to distract, confuse and sometimes even hypnotise.  Don't be fooled by their appearance.  The paizu succubus likely has similar regenerative capabilities to those observed in other succubus-class HSIOs.  They heal wounds extremely rapidly, making them much more durable and harder to kill than their appearance suggests.

Threat Level:
Not known, but likely high.

Friday, April 22, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Great Fog Puffer

Name:  Great Fog Puffer
Type:  Demon (Command doesn't approve of me using this word, but I don't care, it's the only one that fits)
Habitat:  Unknown.

A large organism about seven to eight feet tall and fifteen to twenty feet long.  The torso and head are humanoid, resembling a naked woman of Amazonian proportions, but clearly not human as the fog puffer has red eyes, pinker skin and fleshy tendrils instead of hair.  The fog puffer's exposed vulva, while human-like in appearance, is considerably larger in relation to the rest of her body.

The fog puffer's bottom half is the stuff of nightmares, being a long hairless slug-like mass of soft pink flesh.  The most disturbing part are her legs, or should that be arms, as she drags her bulk over the ground using a row of human arms and hands that run along her sides like the legs of a centipede.

Some of my colleagues have been quick to dismiss these descriptions as hallucinations induced by the copious clouds of psychotropic 'fog' produced by the great fog puffer.  They haven't seen the more horrifying denizens of H-space.  I have, and can vouch that "like a jumble of human parts stitched together by a mad Frankenstein" is a more than adequate description of some of the horrors that can be found in this dimension.

I wonder.  If we were to go back far enough in scripture, would we find pictures or descriptions of the great fog puffer and other H-space horrors?  Did some find their way across the dimensional barrier to our world and become the angels and demons of our early religions?  Could they do it again...?

Attack Strategy:
The lower slug-like half of the great fog puffer is filled with large air chambers.  The fog puffer draws air into these chambers and seeds it with a complex mix of psychoactive compounds before blowing it out through their vaginal opening as a dense fog.  The drugs within the fog have an effect on human libido, raising it to the point where the affected person is overwhelmed and can think of nothing else but gratifying their sexual desires.  As a strategy it's disturbingly effective at incapacitating opposition.  Each fog puffer is capable of inundating a wide area and it only needed a small group of around five to ten to neutralise one of our forward operating bases.

While the fog puffer's vagina is considerably larger than a human's, they are able to contract the inner walls tight enough to be able to perform sexual intercourse with human males.  Although, as with most H-space denizens, the act of sex is used for feeding rather than procreation.  Some fog puffers engage in conventional intercourse, others open out their vagina wide enough to ingest their prey whole into their soft lower body.  Either way, the result is the same—the fog puffer's prey is subjected to massive sexual overstimulation and depleted of their life and fluids.

There is little for comfort here.

The fog puffer's psychoactive gases are just as effective absorbed through the skin as inhaled, which means gas masks provide little protection.  Our medical staff are currently trying to come up with an antidote, but this will likely take some time as the limited samples we've been able to obtain have proven curiously... resistant to analysis.

Even if we were able to negate their airborne psychotropic agents, great fog puffers possess similar regenerative capabilities as other succubus-class H-space denizens.  Given their size I estimate it would take considerable sustained firepower to take one out.

On a more positive note, the great fog puffers are large and slow moving.  We're not sure how they were able to approach FOB Helmuth unnoticed, but it likely involved the betrayal or elimination of one of our sentry outposts.  In future we will need to be more vigilant to ensure the tragedy of Helmuth is not repeated.

Threat Level:

Great fog puffers should be thought of not as exotic H-space organisms, but as siege weaponry for a military force that is utterly alien to us.