Monday, May 22, 2017

H-space MGB Profile: Interrogatrix Shell

Name:  Interrogatrix Shell
Type:  Scylla
Habitat:  Unknown

A kind of shellfish woman.  The woman part is humanoid above the waist, but far too alien to ever be mistaken for human.  Their eyes are octopoidal—yellow, with vertical barbell-shaped pupils.  They have long fleshy tubes in place of hair.  They have a nose, but it seems purely cosmetic.  Respiration is carried out through three breathing holes located on either side of their neck, just below their pointed ears.

Below the waist their body merges into a complex knot of thick rubbery tubes.  Some tubes terminate in bioluminescent light sacs that light up the inside of the shell.  Others terminate in strange structures that resemble part of a human face—just the mouth and jaws, the rest of the head is absent.  The interrogatrix shell uses these false mouths to drive her captives into a state of sensual ecstasy.

The interrogatrix shell's body is housed within a shell large enough to contain both her and an adult human male.  Currently we do not know what the outer shell looks like as none have been found or observed in the wild.  It is even possible the interrogatrix shell is some kind of mimic.

Attack Strategy:
The HSIOs use interrogatrix shells to extract information and secrets from their enemies.  Once a person is placed within her shell, the interrogatrix wraps her soft body around them to hold them immobile.  Interrogatrix shells appear able to produce various complex drugs that have a variety of effects on human physiology, including increased sexual arousal, euphoric feelings of bliss, and a heightened susceptibility to suggestion.  These drugs are administered through both mouth-to-mouth contact with one of the interrogatrix shell's false mouths, and as an aerosol exhaled by other mouths.  The closed confines of the shell enable rapid build-up of the drug in the air.

The interrogatrix also uses her false mouths to stimulate her captive's erogenous zones by licking or sucking on them.  Once the captive is sufficiently aroused the interrogatrix shell straddles their body with her upper female half and initiates sexual intercourse.  Sex in this case is used to break the will of her captive through overwhelming sensual ecstasy rather than for procreation.  The orgasms are amplified to the point that even strong-willed persons are enslaved by the pleasure.  From this point onwards her captive will do whatever and reveal whatever the interrogatrix shell asks them.  As we have never recovered anyone enslaved by an interrogatrix shell, it is unknown whether or not this enslavement of will is reversible.

Don't get caught by one…?

Really, I'm not sure what's expected here.

We know next to nothing about this HSIO.

When I was commissioned to carry out these studies it was with the assumption I'd be documenting the various flora and fauna of H-space.  At this point I think it would be a grave mistake to regard the HSIOs as just alien flora and fauna.  This is an opposing enemy force.  The various HSIOs are its weapons and should be documented as such.

Threat Level:

I think we have to assume that any person captured and handed to an interrogatrix shell will reveal everything they know.  God help us if they ever get hold of one of our critical command or research personnel.

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