Sunday, May 07, 2017

"New" Story up on Literotica - "Exile"

Okay, so it's not exactly a "new" story, as "Exile" was the second story in A Succubus Freedom.

I'm not planning on posting the other exclusive stories from the collections anytime soon.  I just like this one and thought it could do with being read by a wider audience.

It was my attempt to write a more literary erotic horror piece like you might find in one of the more upmarket horror anthologies, and I think (caveat: writers are notoriously bad at judging their own work) I pulled it off.

Anyway, read it for yourself.

I like having the odd piece like this around just to prove I can actually write.  I imagine the score and comments on Literotica will remind me why I shouldn't write this type of story too often! :)

It is, however, not a new story, and I know some of you are antsy to see fresh succubus smut.  There is, however, good news on this front.  The writing engines are up and running again.  Last week I rattled off an 8,000 word story I'd been stuck on for over a year.  More info to come next week.

(Hint: Sandwiched by)


  1. We all have faith in you. Actually myself, I saw this sexy woman with black hair in a ponytail leaning against a light pole. Went to go great her when she noticed me and looked my way... Will never fogey those eyes of the abyss dark as night and her smirk when she saw me flinch. I am not ashamed to say I ran away screaming. It is dark tonight. I heard movement in the corner of my room. Nothing there.... Huge sigh of relief. I lay back down on my bed with my eyes closed in relaxation and relief knowing my imagination was just acting up. Then an unfamilar hand caresses my arm then my thigh. My body goes ridged. I turn my head and see those eyes that have haunted me since I saw them that fateful night and realize as she shows her white teeth in a cruel smile my fate was sealed that nigh...

    Had to get that off my chest. Been thinking about a kind of fantasy with one of your main succubi. Start thinking about Verde but it always ends up on Nyte. Looking forward to your next released story Hydra.

  2. Story sounds like a serious case of escapism coupled with pent-up lust :D.