Monday, May 08, 2017

Looking for Artists

Exactly as the title says.

After seeing the marvellous job RaidouZERO made of Nurse Honey and Jude Duval's sterling work in getting other Succubus Summoning 101 characters done, I thought it was time I got in on the art commission game.

For a while I've been regularly allocating X amount of money to one of my hobbies.  After losing a bit of interest in that hobby, I thought about it and realised I could take that $X I'd normally spend anyway and turn it into a budget for art commissions instead.  It's not a purely narcissistic impulse.  Projects like the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary would be 1000x better if the stories and profiles were accompanied by pictures like Yenn-Ash's beautiful Boob-Snake.

So the questions are what, who, when and how much is a fair rate to offer?

One project I have in mind is a series of pin-ups of the succubus characters in the new novel I'm working on.  These are something I want to splash around the internet to promote the book before it comes out.  This is, of course, reliant on me getting a little deeper on that novel (things went a little rocky on the first section for a while, but I think I might have dragged that one back on schedule).  It would be nice to have an artist (or artists) lined up in advance to have the pieces ready.

Another project is book covers.  This is a little bit more dull and prosaic out of necessity as Amazon and other online retailers are very strict on what can be put on a cover.  One thing I'd like to do is juice up the Sandwiched by covers.

Here are the existing ones for reference:

I like the font, layout and the design of a central "man" icon sandwiched by two amorous monster girls.  The monster girl silhouettes could be... better.  A lot better.  So if you can produce good silhouettes of monster girls and can handle weirder concepts such as "stomach girl" or "slug girl" in a relatively fast time frame, or know someone that can, I have some work (and money) I can throw your way (likely 12-13 pieces in total).

Coming back to the H-space Monster Girl Bestiary, I think this is the project that would benefit most from having some nice sexy artwork.  My $X won't be enough to do every monster girl, but it can start things off and if the early results are good, I'll try opening up a Patreon (or something similar) and see if that can keep the funding flowing for additional pieces.

(Also, getting this kind of framework off the ground might open up other possibilities. e.g. hentai games).

Then there's a question of which monster girls to start with.

One thing I was thinking of was to find an artist good at succubus/monster girl work (and also available for commissions) and give them a choice of 3-5 H-space monster girls within their area of speciality and see what they come up with.

Another fun approach might be to throw up regular polls and let you out there decide which one gets done next.

First up, I need to tap up some artists and find out their commission rates (to get an idea of how far I can stretch my $X).

If you know of any that would be a perfect fit and are currently open for commissions, please drop a link to their work (Deviant Art, Hentai Foundry, etc) in the comments and I'll see if I can throw some work their way.

Even better, if you are an artist that loves creating pictures of sexy succubi and monster girls, get in touch with your rates.  (I can be emailed at

The internet could always do with more pictures of sexy succubi and monster girls. ;) 


  1. I suggest making Character Bios so that people who might be interested in your characters can easily find a description for them. Since most of your characters are spread out in stories it would be hard for people to find a detailed description of what your characters look like. Having a easy to find list of them would help in the long run.

  2. Okay I have alot more experience when it comes to commissioning artist. There two ways to go. There Deviant Art and there Fiverr. The Good think about Deviant Art. Is that there alot of Artist offering Commissions,they have galleries that you can take a look at their galleries. Prices can range from $15 to $180 even $380. It all depends on what you're aiming for example. A headshot might be $20 while a Half-body is $35. Full is $60-80. I recommend you pay no higher then $60 until that Artists is proven to be trusted. In other start by paying small Commissions sketches,head shot half a body and then full body. Part 1

    1. Part 2
      The problem with Deviant Art. Is that there no guaranteed that you won't get screwed over. What I mean by this. Is there a most artist on deviantART do not offer refunds. So if an artist that you Commission Give You Up that you don't like and the artist don't want improve it or fix it then that's it. You're not going to get a refund. Because they'll tell you right up front they don't offer refunds. The other problem is there's no sense of a deadline. You make commission artists to do draw you something. But you don't know when you're gonna get the finished product or even the sketch. So something that could have took days. May I take a month, I've been in those situations now to fair they usually turns out well. These are the few cons of Deviant Art. There will be a part 3 and 4 speaking about Fiverr. Also do you want a list of artist that I recommend?

    2. Yup, you've got the experience here, so any suggestions will be most helpful. A list of artists would also be really useful. I'll start with relatively straightforward H-space MGB pieces and use that to build up a list of contacts that can be relied upon to do good work.

    3. Not sure what art style you are looking for.

      Krashzone, Modeseven and Lurkergg come to mind, but their stuff is very cartoony.

    4. Sorry for the late response Mr.Hydra. There is one person I highly recommend. But first, let me quickly explain Fiverr. Fiverr is a website that offers services and gigs for as low as $5, Unlike Deviant art. when it comes to hiring an artist(There called Sellers in Fiverr) on Fiverr it is a lot safer then Deviant art. Not only are your guarantee that you won't get screw over by an artist there. You see in Deviant Art. If you hire someone there nothing stopping them from taking your money and running away. In Fiverr when you hire an artist. The money itself goes to Fiverr. The artist is given a certain time that he have to complete the order. Not only that you have to approve the image that he/she sent you. And if the Artist is isn't good you can request a revision, if you can't get a revision or the artist misses the deadline to send you the order. You can request a refund and get your money back. Granted it would be in Fiverr credit. Now there are three cons. The first is that Fiverr doesn't have that many artists compare to deviant art which leads to the second problem. The Second problem there about 5 artists I can recommend who ok with nudity and the erotic artwork. Compare the 10,20 and more in Deviant Art. The third problem is all refund turn into Fiverr credit. That you can only use on Fiverr. The Pros Fiverr is very cheap compare to Deviant art, if you find the right artists! The second your money is very safe compare to Deviant art. No one is going to take your money and run. Not only the artist is giving a deadline so you know exactly when your art or project is going to be delivered. The third which is related to who i recommend. Is that you can order a custom gig. A custom gig is where you want more out an order. For example, say an artist charge S20 for a full body artwork. You want a character sheet featuring your one character in different poses. He/She will give you a custom order for $45 to do it. Now on to Part 4 on who I recommend.

    5. Part 4.
      This Gentleman right here drawmile2093( For $125 Non-Commercial or $200 Commercial Will Draw you 15 characters! I'm not sure how many H-space monster girl you wrote. But this Gentleman right here can draw at least one to two/third of your entry in a month. I saw his artwork, I order a gig from him I highly recommend him. Right now he on vacation to finish is two gigs he working on. He back next week. I recommend you contact him asap!

    6. Cool. Thanks for the info.

    7. Oh one more thing. An advice actually. When you Commission an artist for art. Always ask to pencil it first and show it to you. Before they ink it. It let you see what the artist is exactly Drawing and spot any mistakes, before ink it. This will save both the Artist and you alot of time.

  3. There's an artist on deviantart named tesomu ( who I commissioned for an image of my yandere Alraune.

    He did a really awesome job with it and he seems pretty comfortable with drawing monster girls in lewd scenes.

    I really recommend him if your looking for a good artist.

  4. Based on your past ideas to expand to some type of game and now your quest for artists, Patreon would be a very good thing to start. Here's a small list of some patreon accounts I found for you that commission artists all the time, so you know it's a method that works. With your unique stories it would be awesome for you to start something like this.

    Offer something worthy for the low $5 a month bracket and you can get a ton of backing. Higher brackets are always good but do a decent minimum like the first link and it pays off in the long run.

    1. I've been back and forth on Patreon. Currently I don't think I offer enough with just the writing and (sometimes highly!) infrequent posting schedule. If I can tighten that up, get some artists on board, then I'll feel a lot more confident asking people for money.

  5. The suggestions are great. I'll scope them out and see if their styles fit what I'm after.

  6. I'm not sure if Shadman still does commissions, but check out his work over on Shadbase and you could see about having him draw some of your creatures. He might be interested in your stories as well so it's a win\win.