Friday, November 25, 2016

H-space Monster Girl Bestiary Fan-art - Boob-Snake

I received this through email:

She's a boob-snake, one of my H-space monster girl demons.  You can read her story here and the profile to go with it.

The artwork is lovely.  I love the way her serpentine lower body is just breaching the surface.  It's as if she knows you've strayed too close and no longer cares about hiding what she is.

The artist is Yenn-Ash.  You can check out more of her work on DeviantArt here and her own blog.  I think she did a brilliant job with this piece and I hope my writing (and others) inspires her to create more like it.

Now to get off my lazy ass and get that next batch of H-space stories written and posted.


  1. Very beautiful peace of artwork. I love your weighting and I hope you will inspire more art-work like this. Very beautiful!

    1. Writing* lol that's embarrassing