Tuesday, November 29, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Nuru Nuru Girl

Name:  Nuru Nuru Girl
Type:  Humanoid
Habitat:  Only seen so far in the inflatable cave system, an unusual structure discovered underground.

Close enough to human to be mistaken for one at first glance.  They resemble women of East Asian descent, with bronze skin and straight black hair.  As with other observed HSIOs, their features mimicking human sexual characteristics are highly exaggerated.  Their breasts are considerably larger than a typical human woman of their size, although in this case there is a functional reason for this as their breasts contain the glands that produce the copious amounts of lubricating fluid that give the nuru nuru girls their name.

Other divergent features include the hands and feet.  Their wrists and ankles are longer and allow their hands and feet a greater degree of rotation and movement.  The feet also have much longer digits, to the point they resemble a secondary pair of hands.

Attack Strategy:
The nuru nuru girls are named for the complex lubricant exuded by their skin and in particular their breasts and sexual organs.  This has a similar appearance and consistency to nuru gel, a product used in a special type of Japanese massage.

(I assume this is a sex thing.  My assistant was curiously reticent when pressed for further details.)

The lubricant is a complex blend of oils, enzymes and some compounds that defy chemical analysis.  Aside from its lubricating properties, the substance is also corrosive—but only to non-living fabric.  There is also a strong narcotic component that induces a euphoric state in the subject once absorbed through the skin.  The body-to-body massage a nuru nuru girl gives her victim is thought to aid in this absorption.  With their prey docile and non-resistant, the nuru nuru girl covers them with a fluid that softens human tissues while still preserving their intactness.  As of yet, we have been unable to duplicate this softening effect under laboratory conditions.

(Maybe it requires the unusual physical laws of H-space.)

Once her prey has softened to the point of liquefaction, the nuru nuru girl draws them up into her body through her vaginal opening.

Physically, the nuru nuru girls are no more strong or agile than a human female athlete of comparable size.  Their main threat is their secretions.  Unprotected skin contact results in a euphoric state that impairs mental acuity and combat effectiveness.

Thankfully, liquefaction of tissues only occurs after prolonged and sustained contact (and possibly only while engaged in physical copulation with the nuru nuru girl).  Smaller exposure to the lubricant appears to have no long-term deleterious effects, although it is advised to wash it off at the earliest opportunity.

Threat Level:

Some of my colleagues are excited by the pharmaceutical potential of the nuru nuru girls' secretions.  My personal opinion is that the lubricant will not behave in the same way under Earth's different physical laws.


  1. So, is there any clue as to what happens to a male that gets sucked up into a Nuru Nuru girl? With the frilled spitzard they get sucked into a chamber and kept alive, so what is the Nuru Nuru's plan for those she takes into her body?

    1. I left this one ambiguous to leave people a little wiggle room for their fantasies.

  2. One thing I've always been curious about this kind of succubus - if they've been able to spread their nuru gel/slime girl slime/succubus juice through their prey's body and soften their tissue - what happens if the prey is rescued before they literally cum themselves inside out? Do they die of organ failure or might their organs revert back?
    Asking for a friend.

    1. Depends on the succubus/monster girl and the strength of their juices.

      Nuru nuru girls are fairly weak. It takes a lot of their juices to have an effect. A guy can cum a few times, be rescued and not suffer any permanent damage. Leave it longer and... puddle.

      For the other succubi it varies. For the most part I envision it as only dangerous after a certain point. Up to that point (which is likely lotz'n'lotz of sex) the body can bounce back the same way as it would after a mild poisoning or infection/virus. Past that point and there's likely going to be some permanent organ damage. And if it goes far enough you might as well leave them with the succubus. They're not going to survive and you might as well let them go out with a smile. (Mmm, plot bunny).

      If I wanted to be really nasty (or rather, nastier than normal) I could beef up the poison to trigger an irreversible (without antidote) physiological reaction that would see the victim eventually dying, even if rescued right away.

      (Mmm. Another plot bunny.)

      Now I want to write a story where one of those succubi infects/poisons her victim and just ties them up and watches while their life dribbles out. That would be one cruel succubus. Hmm, I haven't written anything with Koontz's bodyguard succubus for a while. This sounds like just the thing she'd enjoy doing... :D

    2. Sounds like the groundwork for a tease and denial story featuring the world's cruelest ruined orgasm...

    3. Yup, I don't think I've done anything in that niche. Might be worth playing around with.

  3. Just finished reading through Jackson in HRPG-World.

    The bit in part 3 where safe experimentation suddenly turned serious was a very nice twist. Her line about her "doing him a favor" was kind of chillilng - I wonder if a person could get through entire MGQ 1 -3 with his sanity intact if he had to actually endure every loss without Skip options that it seems the girls can disable at will. And without 'Fateborn' to help him... Anyway at the end there when I realized you wouldn't go any further into MGQ, felt like weeping at the story that won't get written.

    Regarding this line at the end: Jackson will return in: “Jackson in HRPG-World 5: Lightning x Labyrinth x Lesbians."

    "Jackson is going to meet Raidy..." the very idea makes me want to hyper-hump my way through my desk, wall and than space-time itself until I arrive at the future where this story is ready for me to read.

    Aso, I don't know if you watch anime these days, but if you hadn't seen it yet Re:Zero is a pretty nice take on 'stuck in a game world' that I think you will really enjoy. Particularly if you go into it without spoilers)

    Question: does blog author get updates on comments/questions of their blog posts that are really old or only the ones they manually think to check?

    1. Probably best to do what you've done and comment on the latest part for stuff like this. I'm pretty bad at getting back to comments on really old posts.

      People did ask me if I was going to go through the whole of MGQ with Jackson. I thought it would be too much.

      I don't know why I haven't gone back to Jackson's adventures. I had a lot of cool ideas there, but it got put aside when I was trying to get other books together. I need to get back to HRPG-world at some point (although one of my novellas - Sandwiched by Slimes is tangentially linked). 5 is Lightning Warrior Raidy and 6 is Violated Hero if I remember my notes correctly. 5 had a great punchline, but I couldn't decide which girl Jackson was going to end up with (as the central gag is all the girls run away). Maybe I'll put it to a vote and let that decide it. (Although there will be one disappointing aspect as I wasn't intending to put Raidy in there for reasons that will make sense in the story).

      Haven't checked Re:Zero out. Might give that a look. I like the 'stuck in a game world' trope. I've really enjoyed reading Overlord recently which does that but makes the protagonist the final boss instead of the hero.