Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Obligatory Post-Election Political Post

I've been off-grid for a few days. Did I miss anything important? /s

After the election result came in I did think about writing something.  It seemed like every other bugger was doing it.  Then I wondered if that in itself was a symptom of the problem.  I'm an entertainer.  I entertain people with filthy sexy stories of succubus porn.  You shouldn't give a shit what entertainers think about politics.

Then I saw this video and it sums up what I think far more eloquently than anything I could have wrote:

It's a comedy skit and Jonathan Pie is a satirical creation, but Britain has a long and distinguished history of letting their comics sneak out uncomfortable political truths and this is spot on.  Hats off to Tom Walker and Andrew Doyle for six minutes of glorious sweary brilliance.

It's what I've been saying for a while now.  Continually throw rocks at people in the middle ground and eventually they'll move over to the side not currently throwing rocks at their head.  And when elections are won by which side can most successfully overlap the middle ground...

I'm not going to lie.  I did derive some pleasure in watching some of the more horrible holier-than-thou types in the media (social and mainstream) go from smug confidence, to panic and then finally to full-fledged meltdown over the course of Tuesday night.  They'd earned that.  Less pleasant was seeing a lot of folks on my personal facebook, mostly decent lefties of the non-sanctimonious variety, be genuinely fearful about what the future holds.  I feel for them.

One thing I did think genuinely odious in the aftermath of the election was the number of "If you voted Trump don't read/watch/play my books/films/games" comments from people that really should know better.  Fuck that shit for the condescending bilge it is.  Every person's circumstances are different and I'm never going to begrudge you for voting for the candidate you think is personally better for you, even if it wouldn't be my choice.

I don't mind if you voted Trump.

I don't mind if you voted Clinton.

I don't mind if you voted third party.

Heck, I don't even mind if you didn't vote at all.  (To be honest, if faced with the choice between Trump and Clinton I'd have probably thought "sod it all!" and buggered off down the pub for a pint.)

Neither do I mind if you don't give a shit whether I mind one way or another.  As I said before, you shouldn't give a shit what entertainers think about politics.

I'm not you.  They're not you.

It was your vote.  Don't let any fucker try and guilt-trip you over how you used it.  They haven't lived your life.

And now... I guess we're in the Chinese definition of "interesting times".  On the plus side, the media were so horribly wrong about everything there's a good chance they were horribly wrong about Trump being the second coming of Hitler as well.  I think a lot of the energetic centipedes on reddit that voted for Trump, the human-shaped Fuck You! sign to the liberal media establishment, will be a little disappointed when Trump, the man, doesn't live up to their expectations, but that's a lesson we all learn about politics eventually.

In the meantime, there are some scared people out there and not all of them are obnoxious SJW shits.  If you were one of those that rode the big orange wrecking ball to see it smash SOCJUS political correctness to bits, remember and reassure the vulnerable.  Have their backs against the lunatic fringe of the other side when it slithers out of the rocks to take advantage of the current pendulum swing, and it will.  The right side of history is now you.  Be better.

As for me, I'll continue writing.

The new novel is progressing, if a little slower than I'd like.  There is a new batch of H-space monster girl bestiary stories on the way.

I'm an entertainer.  Time to get back to entertaining.


  1. MEH, this is a much more astute dissection of the American electoral experience than anything our own media have been able to deliver.
    Thank you,

  2. I'm just happy that Americans can no longer be the really smug 'best country in the world' arrogant types. Maybe Americans will actually have some humility after Trump wrecks the economy.

    I'm also happy that they can no longer mock us British people for Brexit.

    1. Well most of us celebrated your brexit vote. It inspired us to just say no to the people wrecking our economy, hold our noses and take a longshot by giving the other side a chance. After 50 years of socialist rule american said eff it this isn't working let's try something new. Maybe it works maybe it doesn't but we knew under clinton it would running down the same path of self immolation.

      Right now our media schools and government are run by dictatorial social justice warriors. People voting trump weren't so much, in my estimation, voting for him but more voting against the path the democrat party set us on.

      During the months leading to the election the more condescending holier than thou speeches clinton gave the more depressed I got knowing that I was going to go from being represented by sissy boy obama to being represented by a hardcore sjw... not much of an improvement.

      Then trump wins and I can say its about damn time we have a smoking hot first lady that doesn't look like a wildebeast and children who didn't spend their formative years chewing on old tires like the past 30 years of presidential families.

      Hydra is right, the media is wrong about election outcomes they are probably wrong about trump but I don't think there is much chance he can be worse than obama/clinton who are the people who backed off on pursuing terrorists allowing isis to rise.

      Anyway I'm hopefull that a change in power here in america will lead to different way of doing things. We know clinton's way was not working.

    2. Ohhh boy.

    3. It's fine, anon. I parsed socialist as having a different US meaning. The UK had a socialist government in the 70s. It didn't work out too well. Some South American countries have made it work in recent times (obv not Venezuela!!!). The US hasn't had a dictionary-definition socialist government ever as far as I'm aware. It's why I was curious to see if Sanders could make it work. I think he would have failed, but I think it's one of those things countries have to get out of their system at some point.

      Trump wasn't elected on dictionary definitions. It was sentiment, and I recognise where jet is coming from all too well, even if I don't agree with all of it.

  3. Civildeviation15/11/2016, 03:53

    Got a nice laugh when I realized the Many Eyed Hydra acronym MEH is actually a double entendre for "Meh" as an "I don't really care" unless it impacts me. But I'll just shut up in this venue before get all social advocate-y. :-X

    Back on topic, do you have ideas for the direction the Succubus Summoning 300 series will go? Or where is that on the project list at this point? I kinda get the sense you are a bit burned out from that storyline.

    1. No, don't feel you should shut up about social advocacy. SJWism is done and good riddance, but we're going to need healthy rounded social advocacy like never before. If you've got suggestions on how to help people out feel free to share them. I'm a Brit, if I come across as meh, it's because there's not really a lot I can do other than offer an outsider's perspective on why it went so horribly wrong for the non-asshole people on one side of the political spectrum (which may or may not be correct).

      As for Succubus Summoning 301, it's less being burned out than accumulating a whole bunch of ideas for other stories and not being fast enough to get them out before things get jammed up. I left myself a couple of plot points to resolve to begin the 301 arc. After then I'll probably play it by ear. It's what's worked for the rest of the series so far! :)

    2. Civildeviation15/11/2016, 18:13

      Thanks for the correction. :) Also hurray for your getting out a few other stories and ideas.

  4. A Letter To the US from John Cleese

    "To the citizens of the United States of America, in light of your failure to elect a competent President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today."

    continued here

  5. Interesting comments about America in general. I myself did not vote. I have not voted on any president for the past 11 years. I hate politics.... Well I take that back. I hate what people have done to politics. Everyone can lie and promise everything in the world but by the time they are elected they are not held accountable for anything they promised or said. So in my opinion, one liar is the same as the next. Why bother myself with which one. The Senate and congress typically have to approve everything anyways and more times than not plans good or bad are stopped for selfish reasons.

    Let the world carry on....

    I'm with Hydra...... Meh....

    1. I'm waiting for the first country to pass a law that any broken election promise results in the government being immediately turfed out and their candidate being barred from standing in the following election. It would likely result in utter chaos for 2-4 years, but the long-term benefits once the system stabilised would be enormous.

      But yeah, until then... meh.

    2. Since the ones to pass such a law, would be the ones that don't benefit in the slightest from it and instead create a high risk for themselves (the elected government), you can expect a long wait.

  6. https://www.google.com/amp/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/commentary-the-unbearable-smugness-of-the-press-presidential-election-2016/?client=ms-android-hms-tmobile-us

    You might like this commentary by Will Rahn.


    This is also a pretty good article I feel.

    1. Yup, read the second a while back. Liberal media seems to be a mix of those that are slowly getting it and those that still have their heads in the sand. The market will sort them out.

  7. Hey ME Hydra,

    Any news on the SS201 physical copy?


    1. There were a few cockups in getting the coverflat done. The artist misunderstood the template and didn't leave enough margin. Currently trying to get it straightened out ASAP.

  8. Troubleonsix18/11/2016, 11:08

    Dead on with your comments and excellent with your Succubus writings. I'm going to sit back and enjoy the show as Trump (Not unlike Clinton)shows you the definition of incompetent

  9. You could write a story instead of this.

    1. This is indeed true, and something I've consciously done this year is post more fiction over other stuff (still haven't figured out how to consistently post weekly, but we'll get there).

      I made an exception here because:

      a) The Jonathan Pie video saved me writing about 1,000 words.

      b) I saw so many creators shitting on their own audience with baby tantrums I wanted to make it clear I wouldn't be engaging in that shit.

      Unfortunately, I added another story to list of nearly-but-not-quite complete this week. Working on clearing a batch next week to get the regular series moving again. Kinda sucks, and I wish I was more consistent, but that's me unfortunately.

    2. Very good reasoning. Thanks for the reply!

  10. Hey Mr.Hydra. Did you get the Monster girls encyclopedia(https://www.amazon.com/Monster-Girl-Encyclopedia-Vol-1/dp/1626923612)?

  11. This needed saying - not just that, it needed shouting and it needed to do so in as many glorious f bombs as Pie crammed into six minutes.
    I'm sick of seeing people denigrating others for daring to think differently, I'm sick of seeing people who consider themselves moral shutting down the debate when a different viewpoint emerges and I'm genuinely depressed by the volumes of people who feel we would be justified in overturning democratic decisions because it doesn't suit their rigid worldview.

    You or I might not agree with decision to leave the EU or elect Trump but that is what the people choose.
    The more left-leaning elements of our media go on about a "post-facts" world emerging since Brexit but that troubles me far less than the "post democracy" movement that seems to be emerging.
    The Tories got in? Fix the electoral system with proportional representation! (Not a bad argument but one that went very quiet when they realised the boost UKIP would get)
    The UK votes out? The people were misled and if we vote again, only the racists will vote out!
    The US elects Trump? #notmypresident!

    Sorry dickheads, but he legitimately is.

    What depresses me about all this is I had friends I've known for years - years - who shared very different politics to me. I've always been able to get on with them and not make a deal out of it, even when I've had deep grievances at the way our country was run.
    As soon as things don't go their way however, you're demonised - no better than the other sprawl of collective idiots who don't share the same logic as them.*

    * Don't weep too hard, I'm talking a handful of militant friends among the larger collective.
    Also, not a Trump voter but if you are - great! I don't like your candidate personally but I also don't know the hows or whys of you voting for him - it's your vote, your choice.

    It's a funny thing when the people talking the most sense are an out of work actor and succubus smut peddlers*.
    * That's very much a compliment M-E-H - wish I had one tenth your talent.

    Tl;dr - the world'a going to hell in a hand basket and not because of how people vote but because others can't accept it.

  12. Civildeviation23/11/2016, 03:55

    It's so hard when politics burns bridges. Like kids learning that our parents are not extensions of ourselves, politics teaches us that are friends are not extensions of ourselves. I've had to seriously contemplate a few relationships and embolden a few others.

    On an aside, I empathize with the liberal perspective in the US not because I am one, but because Trump and his peers represent not just the other guy, but a group who wishes to impose their world view on me while actively harming my LGBT, black, poorer, and other immigrant, or non-christian loved ones.

    When someone attacks your way of life, by imposing their values its hard not to get militant, it is harder still when it stops just being about "money" and transcends into ethics and personhood i.e. "go back you fucking immigrant" hate speech. It then reaches a fever pitch when that attack is not simply based on being different from a rogue minority, but when that voice is endorsed through charlatan demagoguery and by a public figure such that it can stop being covert dislike and turn into active prejudice and hate crime.

    It may seem idiotic to folks for being so divisive about it all; but when politics stops being about money and livelihood and affects your whole person and whether or not you are accepted in a country it becomes very personal.

    Also on an unrelated aside, looky what came out! http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE180411.html

    1. I try to keep the personal and political separate. I have a good old fashioned British cynicism towards politics. I've never seen the value in ditching friends/family with awkward political beliefs in favour of a political party that will likely fuck me over at the first opportunity.

      However, as you pointed out, not everyone has that luxury of choice. FWIW, I think Trump got there on the back of a middle ground cheesed off with the radical left fringe hurling insults at them and their racial identity (making whites in the US aware they even had a racial identity is the most wince-inducing political blunder I've seen in my lifetime). That middle ground doesn't like the extreme right much either from what I've seen, so I can't see the wingnuts making too many inroads off the back of a Trump win, although it always pays to be vigilant.

      If you are of a liberal persuasion, your number one priority over the next few years should be to muzzle the radical SJWs and win back the middle ground.

      If you are of a right-wing persuasion, your number one priority is to prevent the far-right racist numbskulls and crusty old religious fundamentalists fucking things up for you as bad as the SJWs did for the left.

      Back to regular smutty entertainment. Yup - Sakura 4 is out. Already had a look at it. Drain Dungeon also came out today - that looked interesting from the trial but suffers from using the Wolf RPG system, which means most of the text gets dropped when trying to play it with machine translation. :(