Sunday, May 19, 2019

New Short Story - "The Banquet of the Queen of the Goblins"

Finally finished that damn carnivorous plant girl story.  Not sure why the 2nd draft took as long as it did, but it did.

Might as well get the bad news out of the way first.  Yes, it is pay-walled behind my Patreon account.  Sorry, regular readers who don't have access to that.  As with the previous boobie girl story, it will find its way into an ebook collection at some point in the future.

You can find it here:

The monster girl was inspired by the carnivorous plant girl from Domination Quest: Kuro and the Naughty Monster Girls.

I did my usual thing when I dip into vore-ish areas to make the monster girl more interested in the sex part rather than the "git in my belly" part, so in that respect she deviates quite a lot from the initial inspiration.

It's another H-space story, although it's more in keeping with my older H-space stories rather than the Stewart Peter Bate stories I experimented with for a while.  At 8,200 words, it is much more like the older stories!

And now onto the more controversial stuff.

This is Patreon pay-walled again, are you ever going to go back to putting stuff up on Literotica for everyone to read?

Right, the problem here is that I'm still chugging along in low gear when it comes to writing.  As much as I don't like or trust the people behind Patreon, it currently is a useful source of income to keep my finances ticking over.  I'm of an old-school mindset when it comes to entertainment.  If people are giving you money, you need to give them something back to make them think it was worth giving you that money.  In this case it's timed exclusives (and some options to name protagonists, etc).

When I set it up, my initial aim was to give patrons something exclusive at least once a month and then anything I produced extra could then go up on Literotica (or here if Literotica found it a little too icky).  As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently stuck in low gear when it comes to productivity.  So far this year I've finished 2 short stories (16K words) and a demo opening section for a possible CYOA game (5K words).  This is obviously not ideal.  The only positive is that I am still chugging along to some extent.

While I am stuck in low gear, my options are limited.  I'd like to get out of low gear, so I can start terrorizing the erotic horror section of Literotica again.  (and also maybe blog a little more frequently than I have been doing of late.)

So, yep, sorry to the readers that can't get on Patreon (or are unwilling to give them money).  I will try and get something done for you at some point.  As for those that can, enjoy... uh... being erotically consumed as my lovely new carnivorous plant girl puts it.

(I'm not entirely sure she's being trustworthy, but her last prey seemed to enjoy himself...)

Monday, April 22, 2019

Introducing "The House of Hellish Harlots"

(x-post from Patreon)

(Update.  Whoops, did not realise the formatting had been completely borked after cut'n'pasting from Patreon.  This is why you always cut'n'paste to Notepad first to remove all the crap MS Word and other places bundles in with text and check your post afterwards.  Sorry for making everyone's eyes bleed with that atrocious formatting snafu.) 

Firstly, apologies for another lengthy period of quietness. I ran into a fairly severe productivity slump on the second draft of the carnivorous plant girl story and had to change things up for a while rather than plowing on at measly couple-of-hundred words a day (it is still being worked on - more on that in a follow-up post). Of the side projects I busied myself with, the one that won the race to have something to show for it was this one. "The House of Hellish Harlots" is a prospective framing device to hold all the Escape the [Succubus/Monster girl] scenarios together. I had vague ideas on how to do this, but nothing really clicked until I got some inspiration from "Rusty Lake Hotel". If you haven't played it, "Rusty Lake Hotel" is a macabre point'n'click puzzle game where you murder five guests in overly complicated ways and serve them up for dinner for the remaining guests. Essentially, it's a framing device for 5 single-room puzzles where you combine various items to "escape" the room (by offing the animal-headed guest). I realized I could make this work for a succubus sex game. A while back I mapped out the beginning scenario for a porn gamebook in a similar vein to the classic Fighting Fantasy gamebook "House of Hell". The idea was to have the player wind up at an isolated brothel where all of the prostitutes are various sexy - but also hungry and dangerous - monster girls. The goal was to survive the night and escape the brothel, with a lot of sexy Bad Ends for failing to do so (in a similar vein to Tokinokogiri's "Succubus Prison"). I decided to write it up in Twine as an intro. It's probably more detailed than it should be (a lot of different ways to basically knock on a door, with some NPCs that may or may not have a future role). I think the concept has potential. The brothel is the framing device with the central hub of a bar within it. You have the madam, other clients and maybe an NPC on the player's side to give helpful advice (probably a barman of not-quite human aspect). The "hookers" represent the individual scenarios. The player has to select a girl, go to her room, then survive her attentions (the CYOA scenario - a puzzle or stats test with a whole bunch of inappropriate and perverted sex acts thrown in). This makes for a fairly straightforward core gameplay loop: -Select monster girl (with the barman giving hints to their nature). -Solve the puzzle (or just let her creatively Bad End you). -Repeat with next girl until the player wins their escape in the morning. From a development perspective this makes life very easy as each encounter is compartmentalized in its own CYOA. Once the framework is in place, I can keep extending the game indefinitely by adding new monster girl encounters. If things really shape up well, I can maybe also start to think about commissioning art and voice acting for the encounters - that is probably a long long way off though! But before we get too excited, the demo at the moment is a very short intro. There is only one Bad End scene and all I've written up so far is the background info leading up until the front door. So don't go in there expecting a full scenario. I've still got a fair bit to do, but I thought I'd post the chunks as and when I finish them. This first demo chunk is currently available for everyone on I thought I'd make it available to everyone to start to get as much feedback as possible. (Although currently it's very short, any suggestions on game mechanics, etc are welcome.) The sexy scenarios will likely be temporarily gated on Patreon and then added to the public version later. This is assuming I'm able to maintain steam on the project. As you may have already noticed, I tend to be a little chaotic and wayward on such things. But I think a modular approach might work better with my natural weaknesses. Rather than create a single large game (which I'd never finish), I'll be creating a lot of individual CYOA scenarios and stitching them together. In theory, I already have two scenarios with Volumpula and the arachne. I suspect they will need a bit of re-jigging. Arachne is too simplistic. Volumpula has too much. Emphasis will purely be on walking out of the door afterwards rather than trying to grab their "trophy" Anyway, this does get me back to doing some sort of text-based game dev stuff again. I'll still be writing regular short stories, but I think I need to be bouncing between both to keep myself from feeling like I've fallen into a rut. As for the carnivorous plant girl story (and other stuff that I've gone quiet on), I'll post on that later this week (hopefully releasing the short story soon after - I have 5.5K words typed up at the moment). Start of the year has been mixed for one reason or another. Thank you to the people sticking by me despite my rather erratic progress at the moment. I'll continue to produce hot succubus/monster girl smut to the best of my ability, even if the output frequency will be a little all over the place. (As a blog bonus - because Patreon is a bit crap with embedding things, here's a bit of the map for the intro - even if you can probably reach the front door in about 4 clicks!)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Build Your Own Sextrap Dungeon

No, we're not talking about BDSM studios.  This is more gamer-y stuff.

(But not this particular gamer-y stuff, which jumped to the top of the list when I did a google search on "Sextrap Dungeon".  I should have expected it really.  "Sextrap Dungeon" is the sort of term that rolls off the tongue nicely, so it's inevitable someone else would have already grabbed it.)

Yesterday I was talking about MachiaVillain, a cute little indie game where you build a murder mansion.  They added succubi, so the perverted little black cells in my brain immediately conjured up a little murder bordello, where the 'guests' get to go out with a bang at the hands (and other parts) of sexy succubi.  It did make me wonder if that concept could work as a nice little hentai game.

The 'build-your-own-Deathtrap-Dungeon' genre has been around in videogames for a while.  Dungeon Keeper was the famous one, and there have been a couple of spiritual successors in recent years in Dungeons and War for the Overworld.

Dungeon Keeper 2's succubus - Dark Mistress.  Likes torturing people.

My main bugbear with these games is they're often bait'n'switches.  You start off laying down traps to squish invading adventuring parties, but then the game usually morphs into a typical RTS around level 3 or 4, and the rest of it is mostly spent doing the usual RTS-y things of harvesting resources, recruiting new units, and then battling opposing dungeon keepers until the map is clear.

This may be down to the realities of what works as basic game design.  Building up a force to take out a rival puts the player in an active role and is easy to grok and calibrate challenge.  Building a dungeon to squish adventurers puts the player in a more passive role and is harder to grok and calibrate challenge.  Dungeon masters with human players have an incentive to keep things 'fair'.  If they constantly kill the party with an inescapable deathtrap in the first room, well pretty soon they're not going to have any players show up to their games.  A human player trying to keep AI heroes from plundering their goodies doesn't have to worry about that.  Kill 'em all in the first room works, but will make for a dull gameplay loop if too easy to pull off.

My thinking is you'd want to allow as much freedom for fiendish design and creativity, but also some sort of challenge element to keep the player from getting bored.  Generally, I think you'd want some kind of additional reward for the player to incentivize building long and elaborate deathtrap dungeons for the heroes to get lost in rather than throwing everything at them in the first room.  How to do that seems tricky, and probably why games like Dungeon Keeper switch to standard RTS gameplay once the initial concept wears out its welcome, as that's a tried and trusted means of maintaining player interest.

Dungeons 3.  I'm pretty sure this game has a succubus, but could I find a decent pic of one, could I bollocks!  (She also likes torturing people)

MachiaVillain sort of has this with bonuses awarded for killing victims according to horror movie rules - kill them when they're alone, kill the virgin last, etc.  But most of the time you just zerg rush the victims as soon as they enter the murder mansion anyway.

So far, I've mostly been talking about regular games, where my real interest is in more... ahem... perverted fare.  The advantage with more perverted fare is it opens up... ahem... rewards that can't be offered in regular boring mainstream games.  After all, where's the fun in filling a deathtrap dungeon with delectable demonesses if you can't catch a peek of them... ahem... dispatching those dastardly dogooders.

This then also opens up further possible gameplay options than just dropping a mountain on the heroes' heads in the first room.  If we have succubi, we need to keep them happy.  Happy horny succubi make lovely porn movies (obviously we edit out the part where the barbarian stud dries up like beef jerky).  Sulky sad succubi rip their victims' hearts out and throw entrails at the camera.

War for the Overworld's succubus.  Bit spiky.  Likes torturing people.

This now implies a rudimentary management sim.  You have a dungeon.  You have various sexy (and deadly) sirens.  You maybe have a black market distributor specialising in... certain types of films.  The player now has aims and goals beyond just bumping off the marauding heroes in as efficient a way as possible.  Maybe there's an audience score that gives gold bonuses.  Maybe the monster girls have certain restrictions - more powerful ones will only take up residence in lower levels.

This creates tension in that you'll want to lure heroes powerful enough to penetrate the dungeon deep enough to reach the more exotic succubi, but not powerful enough to beat them up.  Maybe part of the gameplay will be figuring out ways to weaken the more powerful heroes without breaking them completely, so that your succubus doesn't get bored with too-easily 'dominated' prey.

I can see there being potential here.

However, there is one awkward question - is all this as fun (and as sexy) as the player trying to battle through the dungeon themselves while fending off (and occasionally frequently 'losing' to) various amorous monster girls?

I did blog about a 'hentai Dungeon Keeper' a few years back - Pretty Warrior May Cry.  That was more of a ryona game.  It did have a rather lovely succubus-type unit, but most of the rest of the game was focused on watching orcs, dogs, slimes, even a dragon!, do various unmentionable things to the female adventurers stupid enough to set foot in your dungeon.  Ryona isn't my thing, but it has an audience and meshes well with the Dungeon Keeper concept.

Pretty Warrior May Cry's succubus.  In the middle of torturing... hey, wait a minute.

Would a similar thing appeal to the same sort of audience that enjoyed Monster Girl Quest?  I suspect players would rather the succubi were doing all the sexy snu-snu stuff (minus any angry heart-ripping) to them.  Although this can easily be fixed in-lore with some sort of magical maguffin that allows the player to bodysurf in to experience their succubi's delectable skills firsthand without those awkward 'dried fish' consequences.

You could probably even cater to both audiences by allowing them to mix'n'match which monsters they want to populate their 'sextrap dungeon' with.

Anyway, enough idle musings.  I think something like this could work and hopefully I've given some ideas for anyone wanting to make a succubus/monster girl hentai game that isn't just another RPGMaker clone.

Yes, I'd like to make something like this myself, but I suspect it would be rather difficult to do well, and certainly far beyond my current skill set.  Hence me posting a bunch of ideas here.  If you think you can make it work, feel free to go for it!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Succubi in Mainstream Games: MachiaVillain

Okay, in this case, by mainstream I mean the sort of non-hentai responsible games you might find on GOG or Steam.

(Yes, I do play those from time to time, to keep the mind ticking over while working on various writing projects.  Darkest Dungeon, yeah!)

MachiaVillain is... what... a Murder Mansion creator sim.  You take control of a bunch of brainless horror-movie minions (psychos, zombies, skeletons, etc) and task them with building a spooky mansion out in the wilds.  Then you lure unsuspecting victims to it to steal their cash and keep your minions well-fed with the victims' brains, blood and body parts.

I picked it up a while back because I liked the concept and off-kilter art style.  I didn't really get into it back then.

Then I saw recently they'd added an update (and hopefully a ton of bug fixes!) that included a new monster type - succubus.

Yes, I'm a simple fella.  I check out most games with succubi in them.

So, I gave it a second look (as well as finding a guide to figure out what I'm supposed to do!).  It's a more mainstream game, so don't expect too much smexy from the succubi (I think indie non-H game devs get publicly drawn and quartered on Twitter if they make their succubi too sexy nowadays).

MachiaVillain's array of succubi 

The game is fun.  It's also a bit weird and wibbly with the bugs.  Heads of victims sometimes randomly fly off to the other side of the map.  Sometimes all the walls vanish when you reload.  At least the devs keep to the initial concept.  The one thing that bugged me about the original Dungeon Keeper was the bait-and-switch into another bog-standard RTS slugfest of keeper vs keeper after the first couple of missions.

MachiaVillain could do with... something, though, although I'm not sure what that something is.  Some sort of end-state victory to aim for, maybe.  You do get attacked by escalating bands of heroes ranging from meddling (and easily eaten) kids to quite tough squads of holy templars, but the game does start to run out of steam once the murder mansion is built and up and running.  The beauty of indie games like this is often the devs keep chipping away and adding improvements, so maybe they'll find the solution to that particular puzzle.

I can't, in good conscience, recommend the game as a gem, but I did get some hours enjoyment creating a little bordello of blood staffed almost exclusively with succubi.  Victims would visit and one-by-one be shunted off into hidden rooms, where a waiting succubus would lovingly take "care" of them.

The Bordello from Hell (unfinished)...

Hmm, there might be a story idea there...

Friday, March 08, 2019

Recent Monster Girl Hentai Games

Yesterday (Today?) seemed pretty good on for new releases.  I thought I'd check some of them out.

The Encyclopedia of Tentacles for Boys Vol. 3

This is up to a 3rd volume!!!  We only got 1 of the monster girl one.  And where is Monmusu Quest: Paradox Pt.3?  Goddammit, Japan.

Not much to be said on this that I didn't say before.  The West is pretty fucked up with outrage culture at the moment, making it a risky purchase even for the people solely interested in the femdom aspects of being sucked off by various weird and wonderful things while a sexy, sadistic shop owner watches on.  Outrage is everything.  Context is nothing.  That's how it is nowadays, unfortunately.

(I doubt anyone is going to play this and then go on to throw kids into the giant octopus tank of their local aquarium in the hope of getting a good show if the octopus is feeling particularly frisky that morning.)

Even without the stupid outrage culture fears, it still falls a little outside my own personal turn-ons.  I like monstrous semen suckers, but I also like them to have tits and a pretty face.

Lost Fragments - An Otoko-no-ko is Given Status Effects, Reverse R*ped, and Defeated

I liked the demo enough to pick up the full game.  I've played a couple of games by this circle before.  They like having their monster girls bury the player in various sexy binds and negative status effects.  Fortunately, I was able to get machine translation back up and running for this one, as trying to navigate the combat blind is a little tricky.

Fighting is turn-based RPG-style with a heavy focus on binds and negative status effects.  So much so the player has separate buttons depending on whether the adverse status effect is physical (binds) or mental (increased sensitivity) in nature, and can use either as an additional free action every turn.  The status changes are also visible on the player's sprite on the left of the screen, which is a nice visual cue to show just how much an arachne or slime girl has slimed you up.

(The player character's odd appearance is explained in-game.  You play a male gamer transported to a game world with only female character models (for both the NPCs and monsters), hence the feminine appearance.  (The main character is quite relieved to find all his other... ahem... faculties are fully intact.  The monster girls he encounters are arguably even more delighted about it!))

During combat, the monster girls also have an additional 'absorption' move they can use when the player is naked.  This switches the display to a H-scene and a sub-game where the player has to mouse-over various pink hearts to break out.

Without machine translation, this would be a hard pass, but now I have something that appears to work (more on that in a future post), the game seems like good sexy fun.  Mind you, I am a sucker for being tied up by an amorous arachne, or slimed by a sexy slime girl, so this is hitting all the right spots for me.  I'll try and get around to posting a full review at some point in the future.

Daydreamer - Memories of a Succubus & Angel & Hero/Bunny

This looks like another of those strange games that looks like an RPGMaker type RPG, then ditches all the stats for simple action.  In this case you run around firing magic bolts at succubi.

The plot seems to be set just after the hero has defeated the main demon king.  Somehow this has opened the way for succubi to invade and they steal power by attacking people through dream states created from their memories.

There's not much revealed in the demo apart from a tutorial section with an angel assigned as a guide.  The guide angel seems far too lewd in how eager she is to give the hero a big sloppy blowjob, so I imagine there's some kind of plot twist lurking there.

The demo doesn't show much more than the angel scene.  Which is a pretty good scene.  The other art on the store page also looks okay.  I suspect this might be one of those games that consists of nice H-scenes strung together by some very rudimentary and forgettable action game mechanics.

I'm on the fence on this one, but I wouldn't be surprised if I pick it up at some point.  The promotional artwork teases some nice slime girl scenes and I do love being erotically glooped by a sexy slime girl.

Succubus Battles

This one came out a couple of days earlier.  The thread on ULMF calls it Succubus Senki, which I'm guessing is a more literal translation of the title.

I'm not sure what to make of this one.  It looks a more tactical-style RPG.  I saw it described as being like Advance Wars, but I never played that series.  Which is unfortunate, as some knowledge of this type of game might have helped me try to work out what the hell was going on in the demo.

You have a hero and two support guys.  You move them to attack a skeleton dude with a couple of (regular) slimes in tow.  Then a bunch of succubi show up, and your dudes... uh... lose.  Then there's a reasonably pleasant animated paizuri scene of you being drained by a succubus afterwards.  Given how easily the succubi wiped my party, I figured this was the typical auto-loss scenario to kick off a campaign.

Wrong.  The succubus dry-fishes the hero with her big bouncing boobs and it's Game Over.

Turns out you can't attack the succubi directly.  That causes your dude to suicide masturbate instead.  Instead, you have to stand next to them and rely on your character's counter attacks to win the battle.

I saw enough to be interested, but also enough to scared by the complexity.  I think this might be fun to play, but probably needs some basic translation of the interface beforehand.  I'll probably wait to see if one of the lovely volunteer translation teams out there thinks the game is good enough to work on before diving in.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Hentai Game Look: Monster Girl Dreams

I've definitely been off reservation, so to speak, if it's taken me this long to find out about this one:

This is Monster Girl Dreams.  It's a (mostly) text-based battlefucker with sexy succubi and monster girls.  It's still in development.  Some of the characters have art sprites, but for the later encounters you currently have to make do with text descriptions only.

I like it because it's very close to what I'd do if organised and focused enough to make a monster girl hentai game.  The combat is reminiscent of the original Monster Girl Quest, but with the restraint status expanded into a number of sex stances the player needs to struggle out of before their arousal hits max (or not, if you just want to enjoy yourself).

And those monster girls have a lot of sexy tricks.  My favourite is probably the succubus kunoichi encountered in the mountain stage.  She has a lot of different ways to erotically drain your energy and different Bad Ends depending on whether she depletes your final point of spirit (which she will) with her mouth, tits or pussy.  A fun encounter and well-written as well.

This optional alraune boss at the end of the first stage also has a lot of different moves and is rather enjoyable to fight lose to.

The game is fairly lighthearted in comparison to Monster Girl Quest.  You don't need to worry about some of the nastier Bad End consequences as the main character is equipped with a magic teleport stone to yoink them out of danger before the shrivelled-up mummy stage of succubus draining.

It's still very early in development, but I've liked what I've seen so far.  The free demo can be obtained from the developer's (Threshold?) Patreon and they update their progress on their blog here.

Fairly promising.  I look forward to seeing how this one progresses.

(I also need to pull my thumb out of my ass and get back to working on my own text-based hentai game stuff!)

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Some Quick Notes on Patreon vs Blog/Literotica

Seen a few concerns about me paywalling everything behind Patreon and whether I'm going to post stories on Literotica again.  I thought I'd address them here.

I'm always conscious of a need to give people something in return for their hard-earned money, so I want to produce at least one thing (short story, CYOA scenario) for patrons every month.  I should stress these are temporary exclusives.  The two CYOAs I've done were later posted to the internet.  The short stories will find their way into later ebook short story collections.

Anything past that first item is open to be either posted to Literotica or held back as an ebook collection exclusive (I do like to have a few of these to entice people into buying the books).

This would work better if my productivity wasn't quite so painfully slow at the moment.  I'm aware of it and trying my best to fix it.

So, no, I've not quit Literotica or posting stories for people to read for free.  I just need to shake off this annoying pernickity perfectionism that's crept into my writing process and get back to being a carefree pulp writer of succubus smut again.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Hentai Game Review: Domination Quest

Bit later than intended on this one.  Chez Hydra is still fairly chaotic at the moment, unfortunately.

First, a disclosure.  I didn't make it all the way through this one, although I think I played enough (all but maybe the last one or two sections) to give a fair(ish) review.

With that out of the way, let's get onto the game.

Domination Quest: Kuro and the Naughty Monster Girls is the new hentai game from Kokage no Izumi.  This is the circle responsible for the Demon Angel Sakura series, and Domination Quest has similar themes and humour.  The main difference is the switch in genres from action platformer to JRPG.  Weirdly, rather than use RPGMaker like everyone else, they chose to build something resembling a RPGMaker game in Unity.  This might just be the most Japanese indie dev thing ever, but to be fair, later in the game they do make use of the 3D backdrop to do things not easily done in your typical RPGMaker game.

RPGMaker, in Unity...?

You play Kuro, an incubus-type creature with the ability to shrink opponents down and swallow them into his butt with his tail.

Yeah... um...
(Just roll with it.)

This doesn't consume the swallowees, but instead transports them to a mystical playground where you form contracts with them to add them to your team.  It might sound weird, but mechanically it's a pervier take on pok├ęballs.

The story has Kuro hitting adulthood and then heading off adventures with his succubus(?) companion, Shiro.  She gets abducted early on by another mysterious dominator and the quest is on to both get her back and stop this rogue group from stirring up tensions between monsters and humans.

Domination Quest is not really a battlefuck game.  Most monsters use regular attacks and you get a regular Game Over if the party wipes.  There are a few encounters where the monster girl grabs Kuro and the rest of the party has to break him free before the monster girl sexually slurps up all his energy.  I did enjoy those fights and wished the game had more of them.

Kuro getting slurped.  It's a shame more of the fights aren't like this.

The H-content is mostly gated behind an affection system.  As with Monmusu Quest: Paradox, scenes are unlocked by raising affection with your chosen waifu.  Also, as with MQ:P, not all of those scenes are good for Kuro…

Kuro's first date with Julie the goblin girl did not go well...

One of the ways to raise affection is through the game's skinship system.  This is sort of the equivalent of walking hand-in-hand with your waifu (where hand-in-cleavage might be the mildest version of it) and is shown as a little animation on the right of the screen while you're exploring dungeons.


The H-content is pretty good and animated, but not quite to my taste.  As with Demon Angel Sakura, the themes lean heavily on vore, giantess and gross-out humour.

(the reveal of where the delicious pink slime comes from is both very funny and unspeakably unspeakably euwwww!)

As with the Demon Angel Sakura series, I found the various scenes funny rather than erotic, but I guess this is a YMMV thing.  They were still entertaining.

What killed the game for me were the bugs and too-frequent combat encounters.  The game was very unstable on release.  So much so that one of the paths in the first area was completely inaccessible because the entry and exit points were set to the same point, looping the player back to the screen they'd come from.  After that I didn't seem to have many problems until I hit the later forest area, and the game got very crash-happy.  The frequent combat encounters exacerbated this and made later exploration extremely tedious.  They trigger randomly as you walk through an area (like the old Final Fantasy games) and occur very very frequently.  Like, every few pixels frequently.  While this is a feature of this type of game, I really think the developers dialled the frequency too high.  The foggy area with the fox was the finisher for me.  Trying to explore a shifting maze with a combat encounter going off every couple of steps.  No thanks.

Hopefully this will be something the devs patch or fix in future versions.

Overall, despite the shift in genre, I think my recommendations are the same as for the Demon Angel Sakura series.  If you like Giantesses and Vore, this is worth checking out for the H-content (even if you have to grab a 100% save to avoid struggling through the later dungeons).  For general monster girl lovers, a maybe.  The H-content is nicely done, the humour is entertaining, but the game itself is wretchedly unfun to play, unfortunately.

A Shikibus plant girl?  Looks a similar style.

Despite the problems, there were a few monster girl designs I liked.  My favourite was probably the Carnivorous Plant Girl and she did give me inspiration for a new short story.  Even with all the other problems, if I can get a story idea out of a H-game I normally consider it a win.

Looking forward to getting erotically glooped by you, Mio.
Okay, second favourite design.  I really wanted to have some fun with this aphrodisiac goop flinging slime girl, but it looks like we're going to have to wait for a future Chapter 2 to get erotically glooped by her.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

New Short Story: Joey Farrell Walks Into An Obvious Booby Trap

I finally managed to finish that boobie monster girl story I've hinting at for a while.

It is a Patreon exclusive (temporary) for patrons, because those of you that have been supporting me on there deserve something for your support.  If you're not for whatever reason, don't worry, I will be including the story in my next short story collection (still in progress).

I also have another story in progress which I will be putting up on Literotica.  I don't intend paywalling everything, but I'd like to be able to give patrons something semi-exclusive every month.

As for my own feelings on Patreon, I still don't like them, but I haven't found a better alternative, so I'm stuck there for now.  As I mentioned in the Patreon post, I can't really commit to it as a reliable income stream, so I will be focusing on writing some new ebooks (short story collections, ideally a third Succubus Summoning novel) rather than the CYOA game scenarios on Twine I created last year. 

Here is a link to the new story (patrons only, sorry):

If you are a patron, enjoy boobs, lots and lots of demon boobs!  If not, I hope to have something for you on Literotica fairly soon.

Also, this story was initially planned to go out in November.  If you were a patron for the month of November, but aren't now for whatever reason, you're still entitled to a copy of the new story.  Email me at and I'll email you back a copy if I can find your name on the list of former patrons.

Damn, this was far easier when I just put up ebooks on Amazon!

Anyway, this week has been a a fairly good week for writing.  The break in Prague seems to have done me some good (apart from bringing back the plague).

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bohemian Adventures and Plagues

Because things haven't been chaotic enough recently, I decided to grab a last minute week in Prague with the money I'd picked up recently from my other, occasional, non-writing work.  I didn't go anywhere much last year and felt a change of scenery would do me some good, blow some cobwebs out, that sort of thing.

Ostensibly, the purpose for the trip was an event happening at the weekend, but I managed to find a good deal on a flight and hotel for the whole week and decided to go for a few extra days.  I wanted to try out the whole Bohemian writer thing of buggering off to some cheap hotel somewhere with no distractions to blast some words out.

Some notes on that.  When looking for a cheap hotel, try not to go too cheap.  Make sure you get a room with something resembling a desk, or failing that, at least a downstairs bar you can hang out in.  Mine had a bed, en-suite and a thin strip of hallway.

Oh well, despite this I managed to get about three decent days of writing in.  The goal was to get an old project moving again, which is now moving again, but - like "Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy" - is probably going to end up far longer than I intended.  I should have learned with these multiple-succubi story by now - they always demand their own intricate scene, each!

I'm not going to say much more on it, given how poorly I managed expectations last year.  I have a target in mind for it, and if I hit it, I'll let you know then.

I was also in Prague for... ahem... research purposes.

A few years ago I got dragged into one of the strip clubs off the main tourist street.  I'm not really a strip club person - it's like a steakhouse where you only get to sniff the steak as far as I'm concerned - and the ones in that part of Prague have terrible reputations as tourist traps.  So there we were, supping over-priced pints of beer, and then the lady above comes out with full devil-horn regalia and does some rather questionable things to a nun onstage.  It was a little unexpected.  I wasn't expecting to see a full burlesque-type sex show at a place like that.  It was... dare I say it... weirdly classy.

The new show is a bit more straight to the point (or straight to the fist).  Goldfingers itself was a pleasant surprise.  It knows what it is, but is very professional about it.  One little detail I noticed was when a nervous bespectacled guy botched the process of tipping a dancer.  You're supposed to lie on the stage with the note (a custom one of the club's, I believe) in your mouth.  The dancer then straddles the tipper for a mini-lap dance before taking the note.  The bespectacled guy tried waving his note around aimlessly from the side of the stage.  Now, if you're dealing with the stereotypical seedy strip club, the dancer snatches it off him with a bored expression and wanders off back stage.  In this case the dancer got him to lie down and do it properly.  It was very much - "You will lie down here right now while I rub my boobies in your face."  I did like to see that.

The night's highlight was when Succuba and a friend with a gorgeous tattooed body dragged someone up on stage for what I imagine is the typical stag package.  Down came the trousers and out came a belt.  His mates got him pretty good.

Now, while I'm more of an eat-the-steak rather than sniff-the-steak guy, that was something I did feel tempted to hand some cash over for.  (I should probably use it as an incentive to get Succubus Summoning 301 written so I can get around to putting the royalties to degenerate purposes! :) )

Despite all this, I'd recommend visiting only when the club is busy.  The girls aren't that pushy, but if the club is quiet enough for them to outnumber the dudes, you will start to feel overwhelmed.

Obviously, there is a lot more to Prague.  It's a beautiful city.  But to be honest, I like trawling the seedier sides (even in this case when they're surprisingly professional) to places and wallowing in a bit of sin.  It helps me create more authentic backdrops to stories.  I did get a decent idea for a novel while I was out there - a succubus-run strip club/brothel in one of the classic old buildings, on the wrong night at the wrong time.  Sort of like Dusk till Dawn, but with a fuck-load more fucking.

Unfortunately, walking around at midnight in near-freezing rain had predictable consequences.  My plan to get home and immediately hit the writing desk was scuppered by the nasty flu bug/virus thing I had the misfortune to bring back with me.  Last couple of days I've been confined to bed and snotting up more slime than The Alien.

Other than that, a pretty good trip to recharge the batteries.  Probably what was needed, to be honest (aside from the flu bug thingy - that can fuck right off).

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Ebook plans for 2019

After all the recent negativity over Patreon being a bunch of Orwellian cunts, here's me trying to be positive with plans for 2019.

2018 (and 2017) were a little weird.  In terms of word count I'm still producing a decent amount of content.  In total word count, "Escape Volumpula, the Pink Jelly" was about the same size as a large novella and "Escape the Arachne" wasn't much shorter.  The main problem with them is they're not something I can easily monetise on Amazon.  Patreon was a good fit... until they decided to shit the bed.  "Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy" was also very lengthy.  That I think could be expanded into a full novel.

The instability at Patreon has forced me to reassess priorities. Ebook royalties are a reliable portion of my income. It's been a while (2 years) since I've put any out and I want to rectify that in 2019.  This doesn't mean I'll be abandoning the CYOAs.  Given how chaotic my writing process is, there will no doubt be times when I want to tinker with game mechanics and programming rather than working on whatever ebook I'm supposed to be working on!

Here are some candidates to get done in 2019.  I'll probably expand them out into full posts later to discuss in more detail.

A new A Succubus for collection
While I haven't been as active on Literotica as I would like, I do now seem to have accumulated close to enough material for a new collection.  I don't have my stockpile of stories to use as collection (or even Patreon) exclusives.  About 4 or 5 brand new ones should be enough to finish a collection.

Succubus Summoning 301
This is probably the thing I need most to stabilise my royalty income.  While I am terrified of fucking it up, I think I might just sit down and let the story go where it wants to go rather than obsessing about not wanting to let people down.  (Please don't kill him, Rosa and co.  I have bills to pay!)

These two are my highest priority.  The collection because it's easy.  Succubus Summoning 301 because it's long overdue.

Tales from H-space
I've been trying to figure out what to do with the bestiary shorts for a while.  I think they could make a nice themed short story collection, possibly a regular ongoing series.  It would require rewriting and expanding the better ones into "proper" short stories as I don't think they are high enough quality in their current state (and I never really felt I got the accompanying "monster manual" file entries right).

This could be an easy win.  Or the rewrite process could be nightmarish.  The concept as a slightly more grimdark version of the Monster Girl Encyclopaedia was always a good one.

Sandwiched by
I've given up trying to chase my tail on hitting a regular monthly schedule with these novellas.  I want to relaunch them with new covers.  I think the best way to do that is to stealthily write them all in advance, then release them on a monthly basis over a year.  Another stealth project I'll keep quiet on until the whole thing is done and ready to release.

Okasare Kenny
Similar to Sandwiched by.  This is perfect as a novella serial released monthly over a year.  I already know I can't chase my tail in terms of deadlines, so the best thing would be to write it all out in advance.

Both have been screwed up by me in the past through a twitchy desire to rush something—anything—out.  I want to get away from that mentality and just focus on getting the proper groundwork done to be able to release them as I originally intended.

Then some speculative projects.  I'm not going to force myself to work on set things given that it made a mess of my productivity last year.  These will jump up and down my priority queue depending on how burning hot the desire to work on them is.

Night of the Nude Succubus Orgy
I think the short story could be expanded into a full novel.  It would likely be a strange mix of nasty period horror (the initial sacrifices and rituals) mixed with modern-day pornfest.  Could work.  Maybe…?

The Succubus Trap
The Nicole novel.  The first couple of chapters are really hot (Nicole and Madam Voluptula tag-teaming to fuck someone's brains out) and I think it would do really well as a novel, which makes my inability to get beyond chapter 3 incredibly frustrating.  Maybe I'll finally figure out how to bust through that block.

The Succubus Invasion
Another one I've already written multiple chapters for, but haven't quite got it to click.  It's also a strange mix of nasty sexual horror and goofy pornfest moments.

Jackson in HRPG-World
Less a novel than 8 short stories set in game-parody worlds.  I wrote the first four, hit a wall on the fifth and it's been stuck in development hell ever since.  Given I have nearly half the material written already, I should really focus on getting this done and published.

Then the really speculative stuff.  I don't think I'll get to these, but I might suddenly get a burning desire to work on them and I want to try and raise my productivity by letting enthusiasm dictate what projects to work on rather than trying to brute force specific ones.

Themed collection set around a soapland-style massage parlour.  Stemmed from a single short story idea.  This one is probably super-speculative,

Invading the Hive
A H-space novel, themed collection?  The bee girl entry for the H-space monster girl bestiary ended up getting a little long and complex.  I think it will likely be seven or so elaborate sex scenes featuring bee/wasp monster girls stitched together with some kind of underlying plot.  I've had a similar idea for a slime girl cave kicking around for years.  Maybe another series prospect?

There are others, but they're either far from ready or been left on hiatus long enough to require a degree of archaeology to dig up.  I might post them as glimpses into my ideas file for patrons.

My plan is to try and be more flexible in 2019.  Trying to force things out backfired far too often in 2018.  I'd rather have a 10-hour day working on some of the speculative stuff, than limping to a 2-hour day trying to brute force a more "important" project.

Anyway, that's a glimpse of my current ebook project plans.  Let's hope 2019 will be a lovely year filled with sexy succubus smut!