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Friday, February 07, 2020

New Story - "The Succubus Heart Squad"

Oh, and this one is up on Literotica, so everyone can read it.

The Succubus Heart Squad

Piotr Kurtzburg is your average nerdy software developer.  Normally, he doesn't get anything for Valentine's Day.  This year he gets a surprise as a statuesque beauty wearing nothing but a longcoat over lingerie hand delivers a card and chocolates.  Who are they from and just what is the 'Heart Squad'?

Yes, this is the complete "The Heart Squad", that mini-serial I started a couple of years back and then abandoned.

It's for Literotica's Valentine's Day story competition.  Every year, at this time of year, I drag it out and try to finish it, and every year I fail to do so.  Except this year.  To be honest, I didn't think I'd finish it.  I was a bit late getting the latest House of Hellish Harlots demo out and didn't think I'd left myself enough time.

Then I wrote 6,000 words on Tuesday...

I hope you enjoy it.  I'm also hoping I didn't allow too many typos to slip through.  My usual editing process is to leave the work on the side for a couple of weeks and then go back with fresh eyes.  As I was still finishing off the 1st draft on the day it was supposed to be submitted, I might have had to shortcut that process somewhat.  So, it might not be as 'tight' as usual.  It's one of those stories I might end up tweaking again when I come to put it into an ebook collection.  Any feedback would be helpful to that end.

(There are sneaky hints to another one of my characters, but it shouldn't matter if you haven't read any of her stories - it's Valentine's Day, just enjoy the succubus orgy!)

Monday, September 02, 2019

New Story for Patrons - "The Good, the Bad, and the Monstrous Beauty"

Another new story up for patrons:

The Good, the Bad, and the Monstrous Beauty

This one actually went up on Saturday, but people tend to rush in with the subs for new stories and I didn't want them getting double-tapped by Patreon, given it was right at the end of the month.

And yes, it's another temporary Patreon exclusive.  I know this sucks for people that can't sub for whatever reason, but that money is helping with the bills at the moment, so I have to do the cold-nosed commercial thing.  As with all these stories, I will be adding them to the regular collections at a later date.

My productivity is slowly climbing back up from snail's pace, so I'm hoping I'll also be able to get back to free-for-everyone stories on Literotica as well.  There is a Halloween story I've had in the works for a while I'm hoping to get finished for this year.

In the meantime, it's been a while since I've done any Twine stuff, so I might see if I can get another one of those "Escape the..." type scenarios written up this month.

Hope you enjoy this new story anyway.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

New(ish) story on Literotica - "Let Sleeping Beauties Lie"

I say newish because those of you with good memories will recognize this as the Sleeping Beauty Mimic story from the H-space bestiary super short stories I put out a while ago.  I fleshed the story out to add more background and let Bate have a little more fun with the monster girl before his inevitable grisly demise (and it is grisly, that editor's note at the top is there for good reason!)

Let Sleeping Beauties Lie

The H-space bestiary shorts have given me a quandary for a while.  I'd like to put them in some sort of collection up on Amazon (and maybe reveal a bit more of the mystery around Bate and why he keeps dying).  I don't think the stories in their current state are good enough.  They were only originally intended to be placeholders to show off an unusual monster girl without having to develop a plot of how the protagonist ended up in the monster girl's sexy clutches.  I've been looking at taking the better ones and filling in the story to bring them up to the standard of the other stories in my collections.

It's a... trickier process than I thought.  Still trying to figure out the most efficient way of doing it as at the moment it seems even more time-consuming than writing a brand new story from scratch!  (On a more positive note, I have been chipping away at a few new bestiary stories - this time full stories rather than quick sex scenes ' n ' grisly death.)

The other thing I'm quite relieved about is that the story was accepted and is now live on Literotica.  Originally it was rejected and this post was going to be very different - me bemoaning how my usual Bad End stories were no longer acceptable and wondering if I'd ever have anything up on Literotica again.

I wouldn't have blamed Literotica for that, to be fair.  This story does feature one of my nastier bad ends and we live in the sort of outrage-hungry times where owners of sites like Literotica have to walk a fine line in what they allow.  Sucks, but that's how it is.  It would have also made continuing the Succubus Summoning series on there tricky.  At some point Nyte would be Nyte and then I'd have a chapter I couldn't put up.

Fortunately, rather than mope around in a funk, I reread the rejection note, saw that it mentioned "snuff" and then PMed Laurel (Lit's head honcho) for clarification.

While I have seen my good (vile) self referred to as "The Snuff Guy", I don't consider what I write to be snuff.  I think I've written on this before.  Snuff in erotic literature is generally writing from the perspective of someone getting their rocks off by killing someone else.  The sexual titillation comes from the act of killing.  You can do this in regular horror to depict a particularly nasty character, but it's a little trickier in erotic horror.  With erotica the purpose is to sexually arouse and titillate the reader.  If the reader is getting turned on by putting themselves in the shoes of someone killing someone else there is a real risk of feeding unhealthy fantasy.  Now, as far as I'm concerned, fantasy, even unhealthy fantasy, is still fantasy.  If it remains fantasy it's harmless, no matter how sick other people might think it.  The nightmare scenario is if someone indulges that fantasy, develops a liking for it, finds fantasy is no longer enough, and then - to try and recapture that same thrill - takes it into the real world.  With that risk, you can understand why a site like Literotica would not want to publish that type of story.

Then you get to my stuff.  There is sex.  There is death.  And while I do like to blur one into the other, the viewpoint is always from the victim, and the sexual arousal comes from the sex stuff the succubus is doing to them rather than the death stuff.  The death stuff is also nearly always supernatural in nature, and therefore impossible to copycat into the real world.  That to me is the important distinguishing feature between "snuff" and regular (even if extremely squicky) erotic horror - is there a risk someone might copycat this and cause a tragedy in the real world?

I didn't get a reply from Laurel (I imagine she's way too busy to be fair - Literotica gets a massive number of submissions every day), but as the story is now live it must have been given a second look and deemed okay.  This is an important thing to remember, if you're having stories bounced by Literotica, remember they get a ton of submissions daily.  Sometimes it's worth giving Laurel a (polite!) PM to check if a story got bounced by the filters by mistake.

I'm happy anyway.  The horror in erotic horror is still allowed at Literotica (although I should flag my nastier stories a little better next time!).

Hope you enjoy the new(ish) story!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

New Short Story - "The Banquet of the Queen of the Goblins"

Finally finished that damn carnivorous plant girl story.  Not sure why the 2nd draft took as long as it did, but it did.

Might as well get the bad news out of the way first.  Yes, it is pay-walled behind my Patreon account.  Sorry, regular readers who don't have access to that.  As with the previous boobie girl story, it will find its way into an ebook collection at some point in the future.

You can find it here:

The monster girl was inspired by the carnivorous plant girl from Domination Quest: Kuro and the Naughty Monster Girls.

I did my usual thing when I dip into vore-ish areas to make the monster girl more interested in the sex part rather than the "git in my belly" part, so in that respect she deviates quite a lot from the initial inspiration.

It's another H-space story, although it's more in keeping with my older H-space stories rather than the Stewart Peter Bate stories I experimented with for a while.  At 8,200 words, it is much more like the older stories!

And now onto the more controversial stuff.

This is Patreon pay-walled again, are you ever going to go back to putting stuff up on Literotica for everyone to read?

Right, the problem here is that I'm still chugging along in low gear when it comes to writing.  As much as I don't like or trust the people behind Patreon, it currently is a useful source of income to keep my finances ticking over.  I'm of an old-school mindset when it comes to entertainment.  If people are giving you money, you need to give them something back to make them think it was worth giving you that money.  In this case it's timed exclusives (and some options to name protagonists, etc).

When I set it up, my initial aim was to give patrons something exclusive at least once a month and then anything I produced extra could then go up on Literotica (or here if Literotica found it a little too icky).  As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently stuck in low gear when it comes to productivity.  So far this year I've finished 2 short stories (16K words) and a demo opening section for a possible CYOA game (5K words).  This is obviously not ideal.  The only positive is that I am still chugging along to some extent.

While I am stuck in low gear, my options are limited.  I'd like to get out of low gear, so I can start terrorizing the erotic horror section of Literotica again.  (and also maybe blog a little more frequently than I have been doing of late.)

So, yep, sorry to the readers that can't get on Patreon (or are unwilling to give them money).  I will try and get something done for you at some point.  As for those that can, enjoy... uh... being erotically consumed as my lovely new carnivorous plant girl puts it.

(I'm not entirely sure she's being trustworthy, but her last prey seemed to enjoy himself...)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Halloween Story Out - "AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed"

I didn't think I'd make Literotica's Halloween contest this year.  I had a story unfinished from last year, but when I picked it up again I realised one of the characters was too similar to Volumpula and I didn't want to put it out right after the "Escape Volumpula" CYOA.  (I still think it's a very good story idea and I will finish it at some point.)

With a couple of days to go before the deadline I had a few ideas and fragments, but nothing close to completion.  Then an old idea unlocked, I typed up 4,000 words in a day and got the story in with half an hour to spare.

Here it is:

"AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamed."

Yes, the title is a little troll-y.  The story is a throwback to the old ones I used to write where random asshole runs into succubus/monster girl and (maybe) lethal snu-snu occurs.  Sometimes I try to add a bit of nuance to the assholes (or randomly destroy an undeserving good guy instead to keep readers on their toes).  With this one I stuffed him full of straw and gave him a good thwack.  Sometimes you have to have a little fun as a writer.

It wasn't the story I originally intended to put out, but I hope people have fun with it anyway!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Sandwiched by Stomachs" is out!

I've been inactive for a while, but now it's time to get the ball rolling again.  If you've been enjoying the H-space monster girl bestiary stories I've been posting recently, I have a treat for you.  "Sandwiched by Stomachs" is more of the same weirdness, but over a much longer length and in greater explicit detail.

You can get it for the low, low price of $0.99/£0.99 from:
(and other retailers through Smashwords)

Here's the blurb:

Sandwiched by is a sexy series of monster girl erotic horror shorts from the master of dark erotica, M. E. Hydra.  The fifth in the series, “Sandwiched by Stomachs”, sees a man ensnared by the stomachs of a very unusual... and hungry... demon girl.

CPL Maynard Mayo is stationed in the alien dimension known as H-space.  While investigating a cry for help he encounters a predatory monster girl with the unusual ability to evert her stomachs and shape them into sexy female form.  These stomachs lure men into their folds and melt away their resistance with sensual ecstasy.  Can Maynard escape this tempting trap or will he be literally digested alive by sex...?

Sandwiched by.  One dude, two (or three!) sexy babes.  A perfect fantasy... or maybe not...

And the cover:

(Yes, I know need to find a proper cover artist.  Working on it...)

If you've enjoyed the various monster girl shorts I've posted here over the past year, please support my writing and pick up a copy of "Sandwiched by Stomachs" from your ebook retailer of choice (if it isn't at your ebook retailer of choice, let me know and I'll try and fix that.)

As for the H-space monster girl bestiary stories, I'm looking to get that restarted next week (finally!)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Latexian Leechwoman

PFC Stewart Peter Bate was on patrol when he saw the supermodel rise up out of Lake Latex.

Lake Latex was so named because it looked like a prehistoric god had poured a massive vat of molten rubber out over the land and left it there to solidify.  Black and shiny, someone had said it reminded them of the fetish outfits of kinkier porn clips and the name had stuck.  It wasn't a lake as such.  Apparently the surface was solid enough that you could walk across it, although Bate had never tried.  He'd touched it once and it had felt smooth and stretchy like rubber.  Really weird.

And now there was a sex goddess rising up out of it.  It didn't make sense—the 'lake' was supposed to be solid—but wow, what a figure.  It would make a supermodel green with envy.  It was the proportions.  They were at that exact sweet spot where they were exaggerated enough to stand out, but not extreme enough to become grotesque.  She had long long legs, a beautiful bubble-butt ass and a rack Bate could happily bury his face in.  She was covered from head to foot in skintight latex, as if the surface of the Lake Latex had covered her in a second skin.  Now it really did look like the shiny black latex of kinky porn clips.

The only flaw was her face, or rather the lack of one.  That part of her body was shiny-smooth and featureless like an egg.  It made her look like an animated manikin.  Oddly, this didn't make her any less sexy, if anything it gave her beauty an unearthly perfection.

The latex-covered manikin turned her blank face to Bate.  A pair of plump, sensual lips bloomed on that featureless mask like fruiting fungi.  They pouted seductively and, hips swaying like a film-noir femme fatale, she sashayed out of the lake and walked up to him.

Bate could barely contain his excitement.  His first hindig.  He'd heard about them—the exotic H-indigenous, the inhabitants of H-space.  They were total nymphomaniacs.  No one knew why, given that it was the first time mankind had ever set foot on this plane.  Some of the scientists had theories that the hindigs had psyche-empathic abilities—they instinctively knew what a person's sexual turn-ons were and could adapt to cater to them.  In jarhead terms—they could make you come harder than an experienced Asian hooker.

Oh, he'd also heard about the dangers.  Hindigs were intense.  They could keep fucking a man until he died of exhaustion, or ran out of fluids, or his heart gave out from the strain.  Yep, sex with them could be dangerous.  But only if you were unprepared.  Only if you were stupid.

Bate wasn't stupid.

Smiling broadly at the approaching woman, he took his clothes off and left them in a pile next to him.  He was naked apart from his dog tags and a knife in his right hand.  The knife was his insurance in case she got a little too frisky.

She stepped into his arms and he let his other hand slide all over her curves.

"You are so fine," he said.

That ass, he thought, as his hand slid all over its contours.  It was like a shelf.  You could rest a beer there.  The rubber covering her like a second skin was smooth and warm to the touch.  He hugged her body to his and was surprised at how light she was.  It was like there was nothing inside this rubber suit but air.  Hugging her was like squeezing a big, life-size balloon.

A real-life walking sex doll, he thought, for him.

...with a mouth like a hoover.

He went to kiss her and those big juicy lips of hers wrapped around his and fair sucked the air out of his lungs.  Intense didn't even begin to cover it.  The thought of those big soft lips wrapped around his cock and sucking just as hard had him harder than a piece of steel rebar.

That was until he found her pussy.  His right arm was around her back while his left went wandering.  He sent it down between her legs and found her vagina.  At least he assumed it was her vagina.  It was a moist hole with slick, fleshy walls.  He sent his index and second fingers in on a recce and had barely penetrated her when a strong suction gripped them and pulled them in right to the last knuckle.  The walls of her sex contracted and tugged on his fingers.  It was like she wanted the rest of his hand and maybe his arm as well.

Fuck, he had to get his cock in there.  This pussy was sucking so hard Bate really wanted to feel it try and suck his balls out through his cock.

It took a little work to extricate his fingers from her hungry suction.  Then he placed hands on her hips and lifted her up.  Again he marvelled at how light she was.  She knew what to do.  Her long legs wrapped around him and she slid down the stiff pole of his erection.

Then it started.  The suction.  Fuck, the suction.

This pussy was something else.

It really did feel like she was trying to suck his nuts out through his cock.  It was incredible.

Muscular walls squeezed tightly around his penis and tugged with undulating waves of pressure.  They weren't even fucking in the conventional sense.  There was no back and forth motion.  There didn't need to be.  Her muscular pussy did everything.  She stretched out his cock and gave it a thorough massaging as waves of contraction travelled up his shaft.  The closest feeling he could compare this to was that time he'd got an epic tugjob from a sweet little Asian hottie in a Chinatown rub'n'tug joint, and that—as awesome as it had been—was still nowhere close to this.

He hugged her tighter and that's when he noticed something wasn't quite right.  She didn't feel right.  Her body felt squashy, unpleasantly so.  The way it throbbed with the sucking motion of her pussy put Bate uncomfortably in mind of soft-bodied bugs—a giant maggot or leech.

He felt an odd, wet sensation at his nipple and pulled away.

Glancing down, he saw the latex had melted away to expose the breast—and nipple—beneath.  Only it wasn't a nipple.  Instead of a peak, Bate saw a livid red ring like a fleshy donut.  The ring opened and worked hungrily.  It opened out into a long gullet with glistening walls.  It was a mouth, he realised, a mouth with swollen sucker lips.

Her other nipple was the same.  Worse, this one had already battened onto his nipple.  The curves of her tit pulsed as her nipple mouth sucked on him.  A little dribble of red ran down his chest.  Lower down he saw the latex melt away and reveal another red sucker mouth in her belly where her navel should be.

He looked back at her face.  What he took for a luscious pair of full lips was revealed as another livid red sucker mouth.  She leaned in hungrily for a kiss that was not a kiss.  Bate tried to push her away with little success.  While she was human in shape, she certainly wasn't human.  Her body was flexible in ways no human body was and resisted his attempts to fend her off.

And she had his cock.  He realised with a chill that what he thought was her pussy was likely another one of those hungry red sucker mouths.  It didn't matter.  She stretched out his erection and the muscular walls of her orifice bunched up and stimulated all the right nerve clusters.  She gave a big suck and Bate was explosively coming before he even had a chance to think about holding it back.

The euphoric blast of climax made him temporarily forget where he was.  That was opportunity enough for the leechwoman to hug him in an unbreakable embrace.  Her arms and legs wrapped around his body and fastened themselves in place with strong suction disks.  Her lips found and locked to his.  Her nipple mouth battened onto his nipple.  The mouth at her navel attached to his belly.

Bate was still ejaculating.  The pulsing sucks of the mouth between her legs had fallen into synch with his own throbbing ejaculations.  They reinforced and extended his orgasm, milking a constant stream of semen from his straining manhood.  It wasn't just from his cock.  Her body throbbed all over with the same rhythm and Bate felt the same sensation of release from all over his body... his mouth, his nipples, everywhere.

He also felt like he was weakening.  Like she was draining his vitality along with his sexual fluids.

He recalled what they'd said about the hindigs—they'd give you mind-blowing orgasms, but don't let them go on for too long otherwise they'd end up fatal.

That's why Bate had the knife.

He was sitting now and she was supporting him rather than him carrying her.  He stabbed down at her, thinking her soft skin would be easy to puncture.  It wasn't.  Her skin was elastic and flexible, but it was also tough like rubber.  His knife dimpled the surface but was unable to penetrate.

Her body gave another powerful suck and the strength left Bate's fingers.  He dropped the knife and sagged in her embrace as the leechwoman continued to throb and suck and draw out all of his fluids.  Her body swelled as she filled up.

* * * *

SGT Stewart Peter Bate saw the black, vaguely human-shaped hindig on the shores of Lake Latex.  A hindig, he realised, and one he hadn't seen or heard about before.  Weren't they supposed to look like sexy women?  This one resembled a bloated and obese woman dressed in skintight shiny black latex.  He realised she had another soldier in her embrace.  His head was lolling and his pallor pale and ghastly.

Bate opened fire.  He was sure he'd hit the target, but the hindig didn't go down.  He at least managed to drive it away as the black leech-thing dropped the soldier and slithered back into the black lake.

Bate ran up and saw he'd been too late to help this poor bastard.  The body settled on the shore in a way that made Bate's insides heave.  It was little more than a shapeless bag of human skin.  It lay, bonelessly, on the rocks as though all the insides had been sucked out.

Bate didn't care about what he'd heard.  That did not look a good way to go.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Penishroom

PFC Stewart Peter Bate couldn't pinpoint the exact moment he'd lost his mind.  He suspected it might have been the moment he'd watched a giant penis eat Hernandez.  If watching a monstrous cock devour one of your squad buddies wasn't an indication you'd totally lost it, then what was?

They'd been on exploratory—xplo—duty.  Normally that meant hours of trudging across featureless rocks and dirt in search of something that wasn't featureless rocks and dirt.  And normally it was a fruitless endeavor as normally all they found was more rocks and dirt.

This time, as they'd pushed out further, they found something that wasn't rocks and dirt—they found life.  The edge of an enormous jungle to be exact.  The squad was so shocked to find something that wasn't rocks and dirt they thought it must be a mirage.  The ground fell away in a rift that extended into the distance and resembled a great crack in the earth.  They couldn't see the bottom as it was hidden beneath a dense green canopy of alien vegetation that covered the floor of the massive canyon.  They hadn't seen the jungle from a distance as the canopy didn't extends above the cliff edge they were standing on.  It grew in this vast cleft in the earth like moss growing in the cracks of a paving slab.

Radio communication was patchy and inconsistent on this side of the gate.  Something to do with different physics.  On finding something of interest, and this was massively of interest, they should have returned back to base to report.  Squad Leader Reynolds wanted to push on further instead.  His reasoning was that they'd only just started the sweep and it would be a waste of an exploratory run to head back now.  Bate suspected the real reason was because Squad Leader Reynolds knew that if they did go back the top brass would send in the glory boys from Special Forces instead, and they'd be the ones getting the credit for any new discoveries.

It was an open secret amongst the men that Squad Leader Reynolds had a chip on his shoulder about the 'glory boys' of Special Forces.  There were rumors the squad leader had been washed out of Special Forces training for bullshit reasons and had harbored a grudge ever since.

So they'd descended down into the jungle and Hernandez had been eaten by a giant penis.

It wasn't a giant penis exactly, but had looked remarkably similar.  All the vegetation in the jungle was a little strange—a little warped, a little over-fecund.  The shapes and scents had triggered subconscious imagery that had made the men's balls itch.  That itch had been magnified by the heat and humidity beneath the canopy.  Sweaty like a ten-dollar-hooker's crack and smelling just as rank, as another soldier had put it.

Hernandez had found the fungus or plant that looked like a giant penis.

"Hey, doesn't that look like a giant cock?" he said, his face cracking up with mirth.

It did.  The fungus or plant—if it was either—was a column about ten feet high and fleshy-pink in color.  The top bulged out into a reddish bulb that resembled the glans of an erect human penis, though it was probably nothing more than the cap of an enormous mushroom.  What really made the resemblance was the presence of two round fleshy growths with wrinkled skin at the base of the column.  They looked like a pair of giant testicles.

The resemblance was so striking it was easy to imagine a titan lying just beneath the surface with their erect genitals poking up out of the soil.

Hernandez was still laughing and making filthy jokes about it when the giant penis-shaped thing had bent over and swallowed up his head and shoulders.  The thing bent back to upright taking Hernandez with it.  His legs kicked out as he went down whatever the thing had for a throat like a drunken Santa going down a chimney upside down.  They watched the bulge pass down the column until it reached the base of the shaft and Hernandez's still struggling form was squeezed out into one of the giant testicle-like growths.  He continued to struggle and they saw the imprints of his hands and face as he tried to force his way out of the sac.  The sac itself started to throb and pulsate in an unwholesome manner.

The rest of the squad, belatedly, once the initial shock had worn off, sprang into action.  Their first instincts were to go for their guns and shoot the giant cock-mushroom thing.  Nothing happened.  They depressed the triggers and their guns refused to fire.  Shitty alternate dimension physics, Bate thought.  Not only did it fuck up all their electronics, sometimes it fucked with their weapons as well.

Squad Leader Reynolds was first to go at it with his machete.  The others followed his lead.  The thing looked soft and fleshy, but was fibrous and tough beneath the surface.  It shuddered loathsomely as they hacked away.  Instead of blood, their cuts brought forth thick white pus that gave off a reek that caught at the back of their throats.  They hacked and hacked while the loathsome swollen 'testicle' had scrunched and shuddered and churned Hernandez inside it.  Eventually they hacked the main stem down and ripped open the top of the round pulsing ball of wrinkled flesh.

They were too late.  They found Hernandez inside.  Bits of him anyway.  They floated in a milky-white soup.  His limbs looked boneless, rubbery and wasted—like meat left in a pot too long.

Bate might have just about been able to ride that one out.  Then Hernandez's head had floated to the surface and the eyes blinked open.  His face had twisted up and he let out a sigh as if he'd just emptied his nuts into Miss USA.  Then it dissolved into milky-white broth.  The whole noxious mix had poured out across the floor like a river of stodgy filth.  It stank like old semen on a whore's bed.

And that had been that for Bate.  He'd sped right out of Sanesville leaving streaks of burning rubber behind him.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Frilled Spitzard

PFC Stewart Peter Bate had a friend back home who had a spitting fetish.  He was otherwise normal in all other regards—a perfectly upstanding fine citizen... that happened to get off by watching videos of sexy women spitting into men's faces.

Everyone has their own hidden kinks.

Bate watched the hindig's frilled throat puff up, her head coil back and then whip forward as she launched a greenish-white glob into the air.  As time slowed down and he watched the sticky glob arc through the air and splatter against PFC Andy Doyle's face like a custard pie, he wondered what his friend would make of all this.  Would it be a massive turn-on?

The hindigs were sexy, in a weird alien way.  They reminded Bate of science fiction TV shows where they'd take an attractive actress and add prosthetics and makeup to make her look like an alien.  She might have pointed ears, blue or green skin, scales and weird bony ridges, but you always knew that underneath the prosthetics and makeup was a sexy actress.

That was what these hindigs were like.  You knew they were alien, but they also reminded you of those sci-fi TV shows.  So much so it was easy to question what you were seeing was real and not just a pretty starlet in prosthetics and makeup.

The spit was real enough.  The hindig had picked out Doyle with uncanny accuracy and the young soldier went down with his face covered in sticky goop.

Bate's thoughts continued to bubble along in a random, unfocused rush.  Was the spit acidic... or poisonous?  Was it even now melting through the young soldier's eyeballs and eating into his brains?

Fuck.  Don't think about it.

Bate pulled the trigger on his gun.  Nothing happened.  Nothing had been happening since the start of the engagement, which felt like it had begun several lifetimes ago even though it was likely less than a minute.  His M16 wasn't firing.  It could be a jam, but Bate knew it wasn't.  No one else's gun was firing either and it was way beyond the realms of probability that every firearm in the squad had jammed at precisely the same moment.

Dimly he remembered being told that the laws of physics were a little sketchy out here in H-space.  None of their complex electronics worked and even relatively simple machinery fouled up far more frequently than normal.  Sometimes guns didn't fire and grenades didn't explode.  Having that happen right now, right after they'd blundered into a hindig nest was the worst fucking timing.  Sure, knives and other blades still worked fine, but Bate had already seen what had happened to the Sarge after he'd switched to using his combat knife.

Bate was glad of all the extra adrenaline sloshing through his system.  Without it he wouldn't have had the reflexes to whip his head out of the way of another accurately spat missile.  The glob splattered stickily over the rocks behind him.

Fuck this.

Bate turned tail and ran.  It felt horrible to run out on his buddies, but there was literally nothing he could do for them.  They'd been ambushed and their weapons rendered about as useful as scrap metal clubs.  They could all go down together or some of them could try to get away and come back with greater force to avenge the fallen.  Bate would have expected any of his squad buddies to come to the same conclusion.

Not that it made much difference.  He only made it as far as around the big boulder when a hindig jumped out onto the path in front of him.

Close up there was even more of that weird dissonance between the alien and sexy.  Even after seeing what they could do he was a having a hard time believing she was real and not just an actress in prosthetics and makeup.  A sexy actress as well.  She had nice long legs, a taut midriff and a pair of firm round tits as good as any he'd jerked off to.

She also had scales and weird spiny frills running along her shoulders, neck and the back of her arms.  Her high, exotic cheekbones were emphasized by bony ridges poking out through her skin like miniature mountain ranges.  She also had flaps of skin that extended from behind her ears to the base of her neck and resembled the hood of a cobra.  Topping off her lizard-like appearance was the presence of a short stubby tail.

The hindig's yellow eyes were fixed on Bate as she bobbed and weaved with sinuous, serpentine flexibility.

Bate shot her.  Or rather, he pressed the trigger on his gun and cursed when nothing happened.

He watched her warily.  The frill on their necks expanded and their throats puffed up when they were about to spit.  He could watch for that, dodge it, and then charge her before she had a chance to hawk up another toxic loogie.  With any luck he would barrel straight through her and be on his way to safety.

Bate's attention was on the wrong orifice.  They didn't just spit from their mouths.

Her legs were already braced apart.  Her stubby tail swelled, then—in one smooth motion—her hips swung forward, the tail contracted and her vagina gaped wide as it spat a big white mass at Bate.

There was no dodging this.  The glob was already expanding out like a net as it raced to Bate.  It hit him full on the chest and knocked him off his feet.  He fell on his back with a puddle of white gunk covering his chest and midsection.  It wasn't acidic, thankfully, but it was extremely sticky.  He tried to stand back up and found he couldn't.  The gunk had set and he was stuck to the floor by gummy ropes.

Bate thrashed and struggled.  The gunk stretched, but not enough for him to pull free.

He was stuck.  Stuck and helpless.

The hindig watched his fruitless struggles with bright yellow eyes.  Not only was her appearance alien, her movements were as well—quick, birdlike.

The noise of battle, not that there'd been much to start with given how outclassed they were and with none of their weapons working, had died away.  That was it.  They were all dead, or incapacitated. lizard girls with tits.


Bate kept pulling at the gluey strands holding him to the floor.  Some were beginning to peel away from the rock underneath him.  A few more minutes of uninterrupted effort and he reckoned he might be able to pull free.

Not that they were likely to give him a few minutes of uninterrupted effort.

More of the spitzards had appeared.  They stood around him in a semicircle and watched.  That's all they did—watch... watch and whisper to each other as Bate slowly—painfully slowly—tried to extricate himself from the sticky, solidified mucus.

Finally Bate's frustration boiled over and he ranted at them.  "What do you want with me?"

"We are determining which of us will make you her mate."  He was surprised to hear one of the lizard girls speaking back to him in English.

A lizard girl, slightly smaller than the others, stepped forwards.  She took up a strange stance with her legs far apart.  Staring at Bate, she placed a hand between her legs and rubbed it against her sex.

The fuck?  Was she masturbating in front of him?

It seemed that way.  She rubbed and rubbed and grew more and more aroused until finally she climaxed.  Her tail throbbed, her hips jerked forwards and her vagina deposited a big white liquid blob all over him.

All Bate's work in trying to pull free was undone as the lizard girl buried him beneath another pile of gloop.  This goop was different.  The substance didn't feel as sticky, instead feeling creamier and warmer.

...and corrosive.

Bate watched his uniform fall away in rotting strands and, with gritted teeth, waited for his skin and flesh to do the same.  It didn't happen.  Instead he felt a warm, tingly feeling all over that was surprisingly pleasant.

The lizard girl seemed both disappointed and unsurprised at her disappointment.  She returned to the line and her place was taken by another spitzard.

The new lizard girl did exactly the same as the first—she got herself off and her pussy spat a big glob of white slime over Bate.  He was surprised to find he relished the sensation of the gloop against his skin.  There was something about it that got his blood up and started an itch in his balls.  Some of the goop slid down between his legs and his pubic hair stiffened and crackled as if sparks were running through it.

A third lizard girl stepped up and spat on him.  A fourth.

At this point Bate was finding himself to be weirdly aroused in a way that made no sense at all.  When he looked at the women, the scales, spines and bony ridges that spoke of reptilian ancestry faded from his perception.  All he saw were their human features—their lean, lithe bodies; their perky, gravity-defying breasts.  It was like being surrounded by a harem of naked swimwear models.

As the sixth stepped forward to take her turn, Bate found his own penis rising to attention as she started to get herself off.  Bate had stopped struggling a while ago.  Each glob of goop spat on him felt like the fresh hit of some kind of drug.  The sixth girl was the same one that had prevented his escape, Bate noted as she reached climax and spat a thick white glob on his prone body.  This one landed right on his erection and enfolded it as the warm goop slid down his shaft.

Bate was already aroused.  The sensation of the creamy mass smothering his erection and sliding down it was enough to tip him over the brink.  His cock throbbed as he erupted in unexpected orgasm and added his own cream to the sticky layer on top of him.

This was a signal to the lizard girls.  If this was a contest then the sixth spitzard was deemed to be the winner.  Yellow eyes shiny bright, she approached Bate until she was standing astride him.

"You're mine," she proclaimed.

Her sex gaped open at the apex of her legs.  Her hand went back to it and she sighed and hissed in passion.  This was more frenzied—more painful, even—than before.  The spitzard's fingers terminated in claws, yet she showed no hesitation in inserting a finger and moving it around.  It looked as though she was tearing at the inner lining of her sex with her claw.  Creamy white fluids dripped from her pussy lips.  Drips became a trickle, then a stream, then a flood.  She took away her finger and pinkish-white paste poured out of her pussy.  More and more poured out until Bate was buried beneath a quivering pile.

Bate's nerves crackled like crazy.  He felt aroused.  Super aroused.  Beyond aroused.  He climaxed again and again and again...  He felt the muscles clenching around his seminal tubes, clenching so hard they started to twinge.  His cock jerked spasmodically as he sprayed his semen into the goop surrounding him.  As good as it felt there was a weird undercurrent to it.  Bate felt more comfortably relaxed and pleasantly floppy than he'd ever felt in his life.

Aside from his cock.  That was the only bit of hardness about him and the only thing it wanted more than what it had right now was to be inside the warm vagina gaping wide above him.  A wish the lizard girl seemed willing to grant as she sat down in the pile of pinkish-white cream.  Her sex found his and sucked it inside with lusty gulps.  That triggered another jittery climax as he finally got to empty his balls inside her.  She slurped it up and kept slurping.  Her vagina slurped up his cock, his balls and then started on him.

The how of it didn't make sense to Bate.  The fluids she'd covered him in had done something strange to his body.  His bones, his muscles, his tissues—all had been rendered as soft as jelly.  And now her vagina swelled and stretched as she gulped it all down.

The spitzard drew the whole of Bate's newly-pliable body inside her.  He was folded up and neatly stored in a special chamber at the base of her tail.  Bate was conscious throughout it all and didn't feel any pain.  On the contrary, he liked it here.  It was warm.  It was pleasant.  The cares and worries of the world couldn't touch him here.  It was like being brought back into a comfortable womb.  The spitzard moved on, her new 'mate' conscious and content inside her.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Bubble-Tail Succubus

The succubus lounged on her side on an opulent bed.  As with most of the hell-space succubi, she was a devil in the form of a sexy young woman.  And what a body!  The see-through slips of silk bra and panties displayed it to devastating effect.  She had wide, bright eyes; sensual, kissable lips; full, ripe breasts; and long, lithe legs.  If it was just that she'd be an irresistible lure for any red-blooded man.

If it was just that...

She was also clearly a devil.  Her skin was blood-red in color and etched with blasphemous tattoos.  She had horns, a tail, even bat wings folded up behind her back.  Not that any of these things mattered.  She possessed a raw sexual allure or aura that overpowered the more unsightly aspects of her form, overpowered even the circumstances of SGT Stewart Peter Bate being brought to her bedchamber.

"Have you ever engaged in bubble play?" the succubus asked Bate.  Her eyes possessed no lens or iris and were candy-pink in color.

Her tail curled over her shapely ass and she held it like it was a hookah pipe.  The end of her tail widened in a succession of baroque bulges that terminated in a puckered orifice.  That strange opening blew out an infrequent stream of transparent soap bubbles.  They floated up to the ceiling and formed a dense, jostling layer.

"No, of course you wouldn't have," the bubble-tail succubus said.  "You've only known boring Earth women with their boring mouths and equally boring cunts."

Languorously, she got off her bed and sidled over to Bate to look him over.  He couldn't risk looking her over as well.  He knew she intended to do bad things to him—maybe torture, maybe worse—but he couldn't help admire her tight little bod.  Even knowing what she was, he still felt a strong urge to place his hands on the smooth curves of her butt and ram his cock up into her cunt.

He resisted the urge to put his hands on her.  He knew what she was, had heard the rumors about what happened to men that lost their wills to succubi.

The succubus had no qualms about placing her hands on him.  She stood before him and ran her fingers through the hairs on his exposed chest.  She was smaller, slighter than him, but there was no question about who was the dominant one in the room.

"I'll show you pleasures far beyond what your boring little human women can give you," she said.

Her tail curled under and between their legs.  She started blowing another bubble, but this one kept growing and growing.  It rolled up Bate's back and the surface stuck to his skin.  He felt the air pressure within pushing against him.

The bubble-tail succubus placed hands on Bate's chest and shoved.  He tipped backwards and the bubble—despite looking as delicate as a soap bubble—squashed beneath his weight without bursting.  Bate rested on top of it as though it was some kind of inflatable beanbag.

He realized he'd gone past the chance of being able to attempt something.  The bubble was comfortable to sit in.  It was also a trap.  His feet were off the floor and as he rocked back and forth he felt as helpless as a turtle on its back.  It wasn't just that—the bubble seemed to leech away his strength on contact with his skin.

How had he let the opportunity pass him by?  He'd been unbound, with only the succubus to oppose him and he'd done... nothing.  It was like his thoughts had been fogged up from the moment he'd been forced into her presence.

"The best bubble play uses special bubbles keyed directly to the partner's physiology," she said.  "But to make my best special bubbles I need a little something from you first."

She crouched down between Bate's legs and grabbed his erection.

"It won't hurt," she said with a sultry smirk.

Her head ducked down in Bate's lap and she wrapped her lips around his cock.  She bobbed up and down and her cheeks sucked in as she gave him a vigorous blowjob.  She knew every little trick an experienced street hooker had in her repertoire and could probably teach them a few things on top.  Bate didn't know what she was doing with her lips, her tongue, her teeth, only that in next to no time at all his cock was throbbing and he was emptying his balls down the back of her throat.  She gulped down his semen, swallowed it and smiled.

"Mmm, that's plenty," she said.

She remained crouched between his legs.  Her hand continued to stroke up and down his depleted cock.  Her hand moved lower to fondle his testicles and then dipped behind them to trace a line down his perineum.  Bate shivered in pleasure as her long fingernail tickled around his anus.

"Some men like to be touched there," she said, giving him a knowing glance.  "Maybe later."

She stood up and held her tail as though it was a hose.

"First, bubble play," she said.

A bubble emerged from the end of her tail and expanded.  Unlike the previous bubbles, this one was opaque and milky-white in color—more like bubblegum than a soap bubble.  The succubus pressed a finger up against the yielding surface and seemed happy with the result.  And, as if it was bubblegum, the tail drew the bubble back into itself.

"Bubble play is a form of sensual domination," the succubus said.

The domination part had already been established.  Even if Bate had all his wits and was unhampered by the curious enervation he felt now, he doubted he'd be able to pull himself out of the sticky squashed bubble he was lying in.  As it was, both will and strength seemed to have deserted him.  He didn't offer any resistance as the succubus pressed his left hand back against the bubble surface.  Holding her tail in her hand as though it was a tool, she blew out a milky-white bubble that enveloped his hand and...

It was like every pleasurable thing he'd ever touched all rolled into one.  It was like sliding his palm over a silk dress; feeling warm velvet; groping a full breast; pinching a peach of an ass; inserting digits into tight, moist pussy.  Perceptually it felt as though his hand had swollen up to five times its original size and the memory of every previously-encountered sensual delight was crackling across his touch receptors.

"Feel nice?" the succubus asked.  "My special bubbles overwhelm the senses with bliss."

The sticky white bubble, slightly smaller than a soccer ball in size, pinned Bate's hand to the larger bubble beneath.  Bate didn't mind that his hand was trapped.  All he wanted to do with it was squeeze, clutch and feel.

The succubus did the same to his other hand and then walked around to do the same to his feet.  Bate sighed and wriggled his toes against the malleable membranes.  It felt like his feet had plunged into hot mud with therapeutic properties.

There was a sensitive part of his body that hadn't yet felt the touch of her special bubbles.  The succubus climbed up astride him and directed the end of her tail at his crotch.  His penis was back to full hardness and twitched in anticipation.

"And another special bubble for here," the succubus said.

Another milky-white bubble bulged out of the end of her tail.  It pressed against and then enfolded his erection and balls.  Bate's response was immediate.  Muscles clenched in his groin and his body shuddered in violent climax as he spurted his seed up into the smothering bubble.

"So eager," the bubble-tail succubus said.  "Eager and... delicious."

She slurped up the sticky mass of bubble and Bate's semen.  But not with her mouth, at least not the one on her face.  The labia of her sex gaped and she sucked the remnants of the bubble into her vagina while sighing with pleasure.

The bubble must have been coated with some kind of unnatural Viagra.  Even though he'd just come, Bate's cock was still hard and eager... eager to get inside her.  The succubus's vagina gaped tantalizingly above him.  He made efforts to push up inside her, but was thwarted by the shifting movements of the big flattened bubble he was lying in.

"Do you want my vagina?" the succubus teased.

She splayed her fingers on either side of her gaping sex and...

"No, this is not to be sullied with the pricks of lesser creatures."

...pushed her labia together.

She caressed the side of Bate's face.

"Don't look so disappointed.  My lovely cunt has other ways of bringing you pleasure."

Her tail was not the only part of her body capable of blowing bubbles.  A milky-white membrane expanded out of her sex and swelled around Bate's sex.  It triggered another thunderous orgasm.  The succubus murmured appreciatively as she drew the semen-soaked membrane back into her.

After a quick pause to savor Bate's taste, she blew out another bubble that enfolded his genitals in soft bliss.  Bate had already ejaculated three times in quick succession; he needed more stimulation this time.  The succubus gave it to him.  The bubble and expanded and deflated.  It felt like he was plunging back and forth into a soft, yielding membrane.  It felt like pleasurable strokes brushing up and down his shaft.  Those previous ejaculations ceased to matter and Bate was quickly shuddering again in another climax.  The succubus's vaginal bubble soaked up his issue like a sponge.

Bate barely had a chance to recover before his crotch was enveloped again.  Her tail slithered between the bubbles and pressed up against his ass.

"I said I'd touch you here later," the succubus smiled.  "It's later."

Bate's sphincter was pushed open as she expanded a bubble inside it.  The sensation was weird, but not unpleasant.  It became extremely pleasant as the bubble continued to expand and pushed up against his prostate.  Bate groaned as the succubus used both bubbles to bring him to another climax.  This one was long and slow, and flowed out of him in a seemingly never-ending stream of bliss.

Finally it slowed to a desultory trickle and none of the succubus's clever ministrations could get it restarted again.

"Empty so soon," she said with a disappointed pout.  "That leaves only one thing left to take.  It should be loose enough now."

She leaned forwards, pursed her full lips and blew a bubble from her mouth.  It expanded to fill Bate's world and pressed up against his face until the imprint of his features were visible on the inside.

It felt fine enough until Bate realized he couldn't breathe.  The bubble was smothering him.  The air went stale in his lungs and they started to burn.  Panic set in and he started to struggle.

The succubus rode his squirming form and forced more air into the bubble inside Bate's ass.  The bubble continued to expand and the initial pleasure it had given Bate gave way to discomfort, then pain, and then a white hot burst of agony as something ruptured.  The bubble kept expanding within him in a torturous wave that shoved aside his internal organs and kept pushing, pushing, pushing.

Bate's soul came loose and he spat it into the bubble smothering his face.  At the same time the internal pressure became too much for his body to contain and he came apart in a spray of red.

The succubus drew the soul into her mouth and savored the taste before swallowing it.  She licked her lips and ran her hands through the slick sheen of blood covering her body.  She didn't have to claim their souls this way, but it felt so good when their bodies burst and showered her with their warm, sticky fluids.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Pink Cushionblob

"You look tired and tense.  Would you like a massage?" the pink girl on the pink bed asked.

Both the girl and bed were very pink.  Not in the human-flesh-tone sense of pink, but the unnatural sort of artificial pink you'd expect to see on a manufactured item, like an inflatable or piece of plastic.  Their surfaces even had a similar level of translucency to a balloon or see-through rubber inflatable.

PFC Stewart Peter Bate called it a bed, but it was really just a circular mattress plonked on the floor.  It looked like a big rubber bladder filled with water, like one of those old sleazy waterbed mattresses without a frame.  The pink girl was naked and lay on top of it.  Her whole body—her skin, even—looked to be covered in the same translucent pink material that surrounded the mattress underneath her.  While the rest of her was slender and sexily proportioned, her boobs looked as though they'd been attached to an air hose.  Her tits were big and round and gave her the improbably proportioned figure of an anime pinup.  She smiled at Bate and rubbed the surface of the mattress as if she wanted him to lie down with her.

Bate felt a twinge between his shoulder blades.  It had been a long day.  Yes, he would like a relaxing massage.

He slipped out of his clothes and climbed up on the bed.

Not only did it look like a waterbed, it swayed, rocked and sloshed like a waterbed.  The surface looked like rubber, but it felt like warm, soft skin to touch.  It also felt slightly moist and there was a strong odor of exotic perfume in the air—as if the whole bed had been soaked in scented oils.

Bate wondered if the girl with the bubblegum-pink skin felt the same, especially those juicy big tits.  Smiling rakishly, Bate reached over to give them a good grope.

The girl smiled flirtatiously back at him, but batted his hands away before he could get a good feel.

"Later," she said.  "Massage first."

Bate couldn't push the issue, despite his obvious physical superiority to the girl.  The slippery and pitching surface of the bed made it too hard for Bate to both keep his balance and try and sneak his hands through the pink girl's defenses for a quick feel.  Instead he did as the pink girl requested and lay down on his front with his arms outstretched and his legs slightly apart.

He wished he had a bed like this back at camp.  It was so comfortable.  He sank into the soft mattress and was gently rocked by the movement of the water within it.

He felt a weight settle on his buttocks and lower back as she sat astride him.  Bate was already liking the direction this massage was taking.

"Can you do body-to-body?" he asked.

"If you like," she said.

"And can you use your tits?" he asked.  "I'd love to feel those puppies rubbing up and down my back."

"It would be a pleasure," she said.  "I'll cover you in my big soft boobs."

And pleasure it was.  She started with her hands.  First they slid over his back like the whisper of a lover's sigh.  Then she started to apply more pressure—pushing down with her palms and smoothing out the muscles on either side of his spine.  She needed no oil.  Her hands exuded a natural lubricant of their own.  She bent lower over him as her deft hands moved up to work on the taut muscles of his shoulders.  They slithered higher to unknot the kinks in his neck.

Her technique was unusual.  Where another masseuse might have kneaded the knots out with stiff fingers, her touch was light and gentle.  All she had to do was lay her soft hands on his flesh and all the tension underneath simply melted away.

The first part of the massage was to relax him.  The second was to inflame his arousal.  For that she used her tits.

He felt them against his back.  They were like two cushions filled with warm water that had little rubber nubs at their apex.  She squashed her breasts against him as she lay down on top of him.  Her soft boobs spread out across his back and he felt the warmth from them seep under his skin.

Like her hands, her breasts exuded a scented oil that acted as a lubricant.  Cushioned by her considerable chest, the cushionblob slid over Bate.  He felt her nipples trace lines up and down his back.  He felt them draw spirals on his shoulder blades.  He even felt her slide up high enough for him to feel the bulging pressure of her bust on either side of his head.

It was everything he wanted.  Her body against his lit up pleasure receptors all over his skin.

"I can feel another kind of tension," she said.  Her hand slithered between his thighs and fondled his nuts.  "Would you like me to take care of this as well?"

"That would really really make my day," Bate said.

She got him to lift his hips.  Not quite getting him to all fours, but high enough for her to get her skillful hands in underneath.  With her lovely swollen boobs pressed against his back, she wrapped wet hands around Bate's penis and stroked up and down.

It didn't take her long to bring him to full erection and then she held his swollen manhood so it was pointing straight down.  Using the full weight of her body, she pushed Bate's crotch back down onto the mattress.  The head of his cock came up against the elastic surface, but rather than sliding along it, the mattress gave way and Bate's erection plunged through into not water but warm viscous jelly.  The cushionblob was made of the same substance—she lay on top of Bate and her body softened until she covered the whole of him like a thick warm duvet... a stretchy rubber duvet that pinned Bate to the mattress and wouldn't let him pull free.  Not that Bate wanted to pull free.  He felt so comfortable and the rippling sensation of the jelly moving around his erection was like nothing he'd ever experienced.

The slime girl's core, a glob of darker and more viscous matter, rose up and pressed against Bate's erection.  His swollen glans dimpled the core's surface and then the rest rolled smoothly up around his shaft until his whole cock was engulfed.

"Let me take all your cares away," she whispered in his ear.

The bed and the girl were one, some part of his mind not currently smothered in bliss realized.  Or rather, she was an extension of the bed he was currently lying upon.  Or should that be in?  Her body had softened and melted around him until his head was the only part of him not currently buried beneath warm pink jelly.

Then the globular mass wrapped around his cock began to slowly pulsate in and out, and every last part of Bate's mind was lost to animal lusts.  With each throb ripples tickled up his shaft like many dexterous fingers applying a tantric massage to his member.  They squeezed, twisted and tugged until Bate could withstand it no more and he climaxed explosively.

The shuddering force of his ejaculation temporarily dislodged her core, but only for a moment before it returned—hungry—and engulfed him again.  Bate's erection was stretched out within it and sensitive spots on his shaft and glans were located and stimulated.  Bate shuddered as he came again.  This time his erection remained enveloped—the ejaculation a controlled milking.

The cushionblob rippled all over his back, the motions a whisper of bliss.

"Let it all out," she said to him.  "Release all that tension into me."

The mattress that was really part of her gelatinous body slowly throbbed as she squeezed out and absorbed his cum.  Bate's issue puffed out within her semi-transparent body as milky-white clouds.  Those clouds thickened as she drew more fluids out of Bate's body.  She held him in a state of insensate sexual bliss as she emptied him.  The last to be drawn out was his soul.  It sparkled within her as a cloud of glittering motes before fading away as she digested and absorbed it.

They eat our souls...?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Cephalotia Fleshpot

The girl was fused with the plant.  PFC Stewart Peter Bate had seen a few weird sights since he'd been posted to H-space.  This might be the weirdest.  It was certainly the creepiest.

The plant was shaped like a big vase, maybe five and a half feet in height.  Bate had found it while wandering off one of the main pathways cut through the jungle.  He wasn't even sure how he'd ended up here to be honest.  He'd wandered off the main path on a whim and then blundered into this clearing and found a strange plant growing out of the bare soil.  The leaves were thick and had fused together to form a single pot.  The pot narrowed at a neck and then the leafy structure opened out to form a spongy frill.  In shape the whole thing resembled a piece of ancient earthenware.  The outside of the pot was leaf-green in color, blurring into red at the base.  The interior was all fleshy pinks and reds, so much so it made the entrance to the pot look uncomfortably like a mouth and gaping throat.  He supposed it could be some kind of pitcher plant, though, given its size, Bate wouldn't like to see the flies that made up its prey.

Then there was the girl.  She was naked and her skin seemed pink and healthy.  Until you got close enough to see otherwise, it looked as though she was hugging the plant.  A literal tree hugger.  On closer inspection it became obvious she'd been fused with the plant in some horrific fashion.  Bate circled the plant and confirmed it.

How had she ended up like this?  Was she part of an earlier scientific experiment to enter H-space that had gone horribly wrong and left her stuck like this?  Or maybe the plant was some kind of parasite that had infected her and grown out of her body before taking root.

Her corpse was remarkably well preserved.  From the way her head lolled over the entrance to the pot you could be forgiven for thinking she was just sleeping.

Such a pity, Bate thought.  She had a real peach of an ass as well.  Seeing her naked backside caused vulgar thoughts to bubble to the forefront of his mind.  He reached down and gave her right butt cheek an experimental squeeze.  It felt like flesh—warm, living flesh.  It felt exactly like the ass of a hot woman was supposed to feel, and Bate had been fortunate enough to feel a few.

How?  Was the plant preserving her body somehow?

Bate moved around to the other side of the plant.  Her head hung over the entrance to the pot, the face obscured by a mass of shiny blonde curls.

Those vulgar little impulses were still floating at the forefront of Bate's mind.  He wondered if the front of her body was visible on the inside.  He wondered if it was naked like her back.  Mostly he wondered if he could catch a glimpse of her tits.

Peering into the pot, he thought he could see two circular lumps sticking out of the back wall.

He grabbed the lip of the pot and leaned over to get a better look.  The leafy frill felt thick and spongy.  It felt more animal than vegetable.  Bate ignored it and peered deeper into the pot.

Yes, they were her tits and they were just as naked as her ass.  He could see the pink nubs of her nipples.  Funny how that still gave him a thrill despite the poor girl's wretched state.

The pot contracted and a dense cloud of green, red and pink motes whooshed up into Bate's face.  He was smothered in a thick soup of sweaty odors.  There was rot in there, and meat, but mostly it was a concentrated blend of sex and similar body odors.  It smelt like a loose slut had parked her ass on his face after being banged by everyone else in the squad.

Bate reeled backwards.  No matter how hard he hacked and coughed he couldn't rid himself of the stench.

"Are you okay?"

Bate looked up and was surprised to see that the girl had lifted her head up, opened her eyes and was looking at him.

She was alive?

"I could ask the same of you," he said.

"Why?" the girl asked.

"Does it hurt," Bate asked, "being fused with the plant like that?"

"No, this is my body.  This is what I am and how I've always been."

She smiled at Bate's obvious confusion.

"You must be new to the garden."

Bate didn't understand what she was talking about.  Garden?  This was H-space.

He felt a little woozy.  And hot.  It was like the air had thickened and become more humid.

"Would you like to fuck me?" the fleshpot asked.

"How?  I mean... you're not human."

It wasn't just the plant parts.  The bone structure of her face wasn't quite right and her ears were long and pointed—elfin.

"Are our bodies even compatible?" Bate asked.

How could they be?  Humanity had never set foot here before.

"We are compatible with all who come to the garden," the fleshpot said.  "And all who visit are welcome to partake of our pleasures."

Bate looked doubtful.  She was stuck in the side of a giant pitcher plant.

"Experience for yourself," the fleshpot said.  "Climb inside me.  I'll take care of everything."

The pot throbbed and another thick cloud belched out of the top.  Bate's wits felt a little slow.  He stood there and breathed it in.  The air felt warmer and even more humid.  His nuts itched.

He stared at the entrance to the pot.  The opening was bright red and moist like an open throat.  It expanded and contracted as if breathing and the motions hypnotized Bate.

Yes, he would climb inside.

He stripped off and looked at the plant.  The opening was about five feet off the ground.  The pot was sturdy.  It didn't collapse when he grabbed the side and jumped up.  He put his ankles and feet inside the gaping maw and slid inside.

The pot closed up around him.  If felt like he'd been wrapped up in a warm duvet and she was hugging him through it.  The walls were soft, warm and spongy.  It felt like the girl was in there with him.  Her soft tits pressed up against his chest.  Her lips met his and tasted like sweet exotic fruits.

His erection swelled and was drawn up into her vagina.

Was it her vagina?  It was where he'd expect a pussy to be, but didn't feel quite the same.  Bate's cock pushed up between two fleshy flaps and entered a chamber filled with a warm liquid that was thick and sticky like honey.  She'd been right about him not needing to do anything.  The walls of the pot throbbed and the movements pushed him in and out of her sticky cunt.

Veins pulsed on the outside of the plant.  Bulges marked the passage of fluids as they travelled up and were deposited into the central well.  Bate was too busy kissing her—too busy enjoying the sensation of his cock plunging back and forth into her honey-lined pussy—to notice what was going on.  Sticky fluids oozed out of the spongy walls and soaked into his skin.

He caught an unpleasant smell, like meat gone bad, which caused him to break off the kiss.  His brow creased.  His thoughts still felt dull and it was a struggle to think.  Was it really such a good idea to step into something that resembled a giant pitcher plant?

"What's the matter, baby?" the fleshpot asked.

The veins on the outside of the plant continued to throb as more fluids were pumped up into the pitcher.

"It feels wet in here," Bate said.

"That's you, baby," the fleshpot said.  "You're making me all wet inside."

Her lips bunched up and she blew a cloud of fine pink pollen in Bate's face.  It smelt sweet and exotic, just like her.  Inhaling the cloud did things to Bate.  It submerged all his doubts and replaced them with an overwhelming desire to fuck.  His cock swelled up harder than he'd ever felt before.  His balls felt as swollen as if he'd gone a month without fucking.

"And my fluids will help you come," she said.  "Help you come lots."

She pressed her lips against Bate's and drowned him in exotic sweetness.  The outer veins bulged and carried more fluids into the pot.  The spongy walls dripped with sticky liquids.  The pot squeezed tight around Bate and undulating motions of the fleshy sides massaged the warm fluids into his flesh.  Contractions at the level of his buttocks aided his thrusts as he dipped in and out of her honeyed sex.  She sensed his moment of climax was approaching and the fleshy pot squeezed tight, driving his erection deep inside a honey-filled chamber that contracted around his manhood.  That took him over the edge and he emptied a massive load of semen inside her.

That should have been the end.  It wasn't.  Bate felt warm over.  And horny.  So incredibly horny.  He was ready to spurt again... spurt even more.

And he did.  It only took a few more back and forth thrusts, another sweet whisper from her soft lips, another clench of her sticky sex, and he was ejaculating an even bigger load than before.

The pot pulsed around him.  Throbbing veins carried more sticky fluids to be massaged into Bate's flesh.  Those fluids helped Bate come.  They helped his body produce more cum.  They helped his body break down all those tissues and organs it didn't need any more so Bate could keep coming and coming.  They helped him keep coming and coming in that honey-lined chamber until his bliss-filled face fell in and he crumpled into an organic slurry of waste products at the bottom of the pot.

Her meal finished, the fleshpot's pot gave a belch that expelled a thick cloud reeking of rotten meat.  She closed her eyes, settled into a contented sleep and waited for her aphrodisiac scents to lure in her next meal.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 10

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8, Part 9

Nÿte crouched next to him and frowned.  "Maybe fucking you was not such a good idea.  It's piqued my appetite and those little squirts were nowhere near enough to sate my hunger.  Hmm, are there any students around here you don't particularly like?  No... no... that's a horribly unfair thing to ask of a decent human being."

She made some strange hand movements and said some words that slipped straight past his ears.  Slender black cords whipped out of the walls and coiled around Devin's arms and legs.  Then there was a discombobulating blur of movement and up was down and down was up.

Given a moment to get his bearings back, Devin realised he'd been trussed up like a hog and suspended from the ceiling.  Nÿte was on her knees beneath him.  She placed a hand around his dangling cock.

"You see, it's not because you have no more juice.  Our problem here is that the little trollop has pumped you so full of aphrodisiac pheromones I have to be very careful in how I get you off.  Get it wrong and I'll tip you over into an unstoppable final climax that will cause all your vital fluids to fountain out through your prick, your heart to burst, and your soul to be rent asunder.  And we wouldn't want that," Nÿte said as she pumped Devin's cock and it sprang back to full hardness like an iron bar.

While her one hand stroked up and down his shaft, she gripped his balls with her other.  She teased them out from his body and did some weird stretching massage thing to them that started off feeling odd, but then went on to feel really nice.

"I can't risk touching you with my softer parts—my lips, tits or pussy—but I'm sure you'll find my hands to be sufficient."

They were more than sufficient.  Devin's eyes closed as she started to do complicated things with her fingers that gave him little oohs of pleasure.  What was she doing?  He couldn't see.  It felt like she'd stretched out his penis and her fingers were tapping, twisting, kneading... stimulating nerve endings all over the head and shaft.  Was this some kind of tantric thing?  It felt a lot more intense than a normal wank.

Nÿte dabbed a tongue against his urethral opening and lapped up some of his pre-cum.

"Still a little dry," she said.

Then, before Devin realised it was happening, she poked a finger up his bum.

Nÿte saw his shocked look and rolled her eyes.

"I don't know why men are so fearful of being touched here.  There are a lot of sensitive nerve endings.  If stimulated correctly it can be most pleasant."

She did just that, and Devin whooshed out a surprised ooh.

Her finger roamed deeper, seeking out Devin's prostate.

"And it enables me to get to this lovely little gland," Nÿte said.  "It makes orgasms big, wet and deliciously juicy."

She pumped her hand up and down Devin's cock.  Her finger stroked against the side of his prostate gland.  A warm feeling spread through Devin's loins and broke with a flood of pleasure.  He wasn't even sure if he was pissing or coming.  The flow was long and slow like a good solid piss, but it brought with it the mind-blowing euphoria of a really good ejaculation.

Judging be her slurps, gulps and little murmurs of pleasure, Nÿte was catching the stream in her mouth.  After the flow subsided, her white face appeared before Devin and he noticed a trickle of semen running from the corner of her mouth.

"Most delicious," she said.

Her black tongue poked out and lapped up the rogue dribble.

Devin's head was drooping.  After rattling around his ribcage like a caffeine-dosed hummingbird, his heart was flat out on the floor and gasping.  He felt like a bag of water that had sprung a leak and emptied out all its contents.

Nÿte slapped him back to full alertness.

"Don't you dare die on me," she said.  "Carnivrillarofax would be very disappointed and I'd have to take it out on your soul for having such a pathetically frail body."

That got Devin's heart pumping again.  He looked around and saw the black inflatable walls had retreated and his room was back to how it was before... almost.  He was still trussed up and suspended helplessly from the ceiling.

"Your thanks were gratefully received," Nÿte said.

She sucked on one of her fingers as if it was a delicious lollipop.  Devin realised that was the finger she'd stuck up his bum.  Yep, succubi were pure filth.

She turned and walked to the door.

"Wait, you can't leave me like this," Devin said.

Nÿte gave him a mischievous smile.  "You'll be okay.  Someone will come along and help you down."

"But then they'll tell everyone.  It's going to be—"

"Yes, yes, it will be very embarrassing.  The whole hall, maybe even the whole university, will hear about the kinky new student who let themselves be tied up and hung from their ceiling.  Most of them will make fun of you and you'll be the butt of their jokes for the whole year.  But..." she paused for emphasis, "...there will be one among them that won't laugh.  She'll be intrigued to hear about the student that shares similar kinks and interests to her, kinks she can't really talk about with anyone else.  She will seek you out and, after you discover you have much in common, you'll have a wild time together at university, maybe longer."

Put like that, it didn't seem too bad, Devin thought.

However, virtually all the students he'd come across had seemed a staid, unadventurous bunch.

"What if there isn't anyone into this?"

It was too late.  Nÿte had already left.


And that's all.  I hope you enjoyed this impromptu little mini-serial.  Next up Succubus Summoning 212 (Yes, seriously!)

Also, if you've enjoyed this mini-serial, please check out my books for other sexy, smutty, scary stories featuring succubi and other monster girls.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Sleeping Beauty Mimic

PVT Stewart Peter Bate was surprised and a little happy when he found the unconscious naked girl on a bed.  He knew she was unconscious rather than sleeping because she hadn't stirred when Bate had put a hand on one of her big boobs and given it a squeeze.

Not fake, he noted approvingly.

He wondered what she—and the bed—were doing here.

The bed was possibly the weirder of the two.

There were plenty of reasons why she could be here.  She could be a medic, auxiliary, scientist... heck, they were even letting the weaker sex carry guns nowadays.  The bed was tougher to rationalize.  It was big, fancy and had a deep mattress.  Bate had no idea what it was doing in this otherwise deserted underground complex.  Maybe it had gotten spliced here or something like that.  He'd heard that could happen—freak events that caused bits of our world to disappear and show up here in H-space.  He remembered hearing about an explo squad coming across a children's playground in the middle of nowhere.

The naked girl was a real sweetie.  Blonde, big-titted, slim belly, nice legs—just how Bate liked them.

And totally out of it...

Was it one of theirs?  He knew the eggheads were feeling the strain of not making sense of things out here.  Had one of them gone off the reservation and engaged in some ethics-free experimentation?  The girl was out of it so deep Bate reckoned she had to have been drugged.

Bate ran through some calculations in his head.  Here he was, in an out-of-the-way room, with a bed and a sleeping beauty.

Now this is what was commonly known as an opportunity...

Bate checked both ways along the corridor outside.  He closed the door and leaned a chair up against the handle.

Bate had grown up with nothing and still didn't have much.  He'd learned that whenever God handed you an opportunity, you took it.

He didn't think he had long.  He didn't need long.  A quick in'n'out, bust out a nut—that's all the long he needed.

She'd never know it happened.  That made it a victimless crime as far as Bate was concerned.  And if there was no victim, was it really a crime?

He put his gun and kit away to one side and got up on the bed.  The mattress was a little soft, but that was fine.  He looked at the girl sprawled out before him and could barely rein in his excitement.  She looked so cute and unsullied—like a small-town cheerleader before she'd been gone through by the whole football team.

Bate leaned over her and gave both her breasts a squeeze.  These were some fine titties.  He gave them a jiggle and plumped them together.  Real fine titties.

Bate turned his attentions to between her legs.  Down there she was shaved and very neat and tidy.  Just the way Bate liked 'em.  He slid a finger up between her folds.  Nice and tight.  Bate liked 'em that way too.

The girl didn't stir.  They must have shot her up with something powerful.

Best not hang around, Bate thought.

He fished a condom out of one of his pockets and gave it a kiss.  Bate always carried one around.  You never knew when you were going to get lucky.  And, right now, Bate was lucky.  He dropped his trousers and slid the rubber over his boner.  Best to be safe when it came to strange pussy.  You never knew where strange pussy had been and what it had allowed inside it.  Better safe than STD.

He pushed her legs apart to grant better access to her sex.  He spat in his palm and rubbed the spit along his shaft.  Get it all lubed up, he thought to himself.  Then, slide it in.

Bate did just that.  The girl was tight, but also surprisingly moist.

Someone's dreaming slutty dreams," he chuckled.

He grabbed a generous handful of each tit and moved his hips up and down on top of her.

"Oh yeah, you have one tight cooze," Bate said down to the unconscious girl.

Oh yeah, this was good.  Tight.  Warm.  It wouldn't take him long.  Yeah, slide it in deep, fire that nut off, then be gone.  No one would ever know.

The girl opened her eyes and looked up at Bate.  That alone would have been bad enough, but it was worse.  His sweet little blonde cheerleader had black pebbles for eyes and a smile like one of those possessed people in horror films.

One of Bate's most important rules when it came to fucking was don't stick your dick in cray-cray.

Bate was balls deep in cray-cray.

Bate was stuck balls deep in cray-cray.

He couldn't pull out.  It was like she was full of glue.

It wasn't the only place he was stuck.  His hands were stuck to her titties, only they didn't feel too much like titties any more.  He tried to pull his right hand away and her flesh stretched with it like flesh-colored taffy.

The girl languidly wrapped her legs around Bate's waist.  He tried to pull free, failed, lost his balance and fell down on her.  Her titties definitely weren't right.  His left hand sank into her big round breast right up to his wrist.  The same happened to his right hand as he tried to pull himself out.  The thing that resembled a naked blonde cheerleader gave a little flex and Bate's arms sank into her up to the elbows.

What was happening?  What the fuck was happening!

The girl put her arms around him like a lover embracing her love.  It wasn't just her.  The mattress rose up on either side of them.  He was sinking with the girl into the mattress and the rest of the bed was slowly folding up around them.

The lingering awareness he'd been engaged in illegal activity kept him from crying out until it was too late.  That option was taken away from him.  The mimic placed a hand on the back of his head and forced him down until her lips met his.  Her lips glued to him and formed a sticky seal around his mouth.  They stretched and held like elastic as Bate tried to pull away.  His cries were smothered in her mouth.

In the panic he'd forgotten he was still inside her.  He remembered again in a hurry as her malleable pussy started to squeeze and tug his pride'n'joy.  His boner should have been long dead, but the mimic kept him hard and aroused with skillful ministrations of her soft cunt.

Her pussy was way more malleable and dexterous than any human pussy.  She peeled the condom off Bate's cock and swallowed it into her body.  Then the stimulation began in earnest.  Her sticky pussy assaulted his erection with a series of squeezes and jerks that made Bate feel like he'd been tied up and left in the hands of a highly experienced rub'n'tug joint hooker.

That calmed Bate a little.  He'd heard about the hindig denizens of H-space.  Supposedly they were more interested in fucking than eating, and her touches seemed more lascivious than hungry.

Still, it was disconcerting as she folded up around him and he sank into her.  Her malleable body engulfed his arms and rippled against his back and sides.

Bate's fears lessened as she continued to manipulate his cock with deft squeezes and tugs.  Was it a hand or her pussy?  Whatever Bate's cock was in, it felt like the best of both.

Yeah, she was way too good.  Bate shuddered in bliss and emptied a full nut inside her.  She drank it up like a sponge.  Bate was fine with that.  If she was going to keep working his cock like that, she could drink his cum all day and night.

If Bate had known that was exactly what the mimic intended to do with him, and what it would do to his body, he might have felt differently.

The second orgasm followed right after the first.  That felt awesome too.  So did the third.  The fourth wasn't bad, but Bate felt twinges in both his cock and nuts after the euphoric high had worn off.  A few more orgasms and he wanted her to stop as it was starting to hurt.  The mimic kept going and pumped another couple of orgasms out of Bate.  Now his balls were dry and no more would come out no matter how skillfully the mimic squeezed him.

The mimic squeezed his whole body instead.  She drew Bate deeper into her and squeezed and squeezed until his bones snapped, his internal organs ruptured and his body scrunched down into a little ball.  She drank the fluids that leaked from his mangled form and kept squeezing until no more fluids emerged.

All they found of PVT Stewart Peter Bate was his discarded kit.

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Chance Glance and a Chance Conversation in a Student Bar, part 9

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7, Part 8

"Mmm, you know, I've just thought of something you can do."  She closed the door and gave Devin a smile filled with predatory lust.  "We can do."

Devin's heartrate kicked up in his chest.  The demon wasn't leaving.

"How much did you spunk into that little trollop's cunt?" Nÿte asked.

She took a step towards the bed.  A step nearer to Devin.

"Um," Devin said.  "I don't know."

Nÿte gestured with her hands and said something so alien his ears failed to pick it up at all.  Darkness expanded out of the walls, floor and ceiling.

What's this? Devin thought.  The walls were closing in on him, literally.  It looked like someone had fixed black rubber air mattresses to the walls and was pumping them up with air.  They looked solid enough, but he watched one bulge outwards in between his shelves.  Rather than displacing his books and miniatures and knocking them onto the floor, the encroaching wall flowed around and swallowed them up as though it was a film of oil.  The same thing happened with the bed underneath Devin, although the intangibility only seemed to apply to the furniture.  The rising floor felt solid enough beneath Devin and carried him up with it.  It felt similar to lying on an inflatable rubber mattress, only the surface felt warmer, softer and smoother.

The walls, floors and ceiling stopped expanding when the room had shrunk to maybe a third of its original size.  All of Devin's furniture had been absorbed.  He lay on the floor of a rubber cube with dimpled black walls.  Nÿte was crouched over in the far corner with her knees apart.

"Instant sex dungeon," Devin remarked.

"So you like the sound of that?" Nÿte asked.


Devin decided he should be very careful about what he said next.  While the look of dommes in sexy black leather or PVC was a massive turn-on for him, he was less enthused about the S part in BDSM.  Getting beaten sounded painful no matter how sexy the woman doing the beating looked.  And he really didn't want to think about the level of hurt a demon dominatrix could inflict.

"The sex part more than the dungeon part," he said.

"Oh good, so you do want me to fuck you," Nÿte said.  She unzipped her crotch and her sex gaped hungrily.  "How splendid."

And then she was on top of him, her luscious black lips smooching his neck, his face, his lips.  She reached down and wrapped a hand around Devin's cock.  Her touch felt like pure, delicious sin and blood raced down until Devin's manhood was rock-hard and throbbing.

How did they do it? Devin thought.  How did they make you feel like they were the one thing you wanted more than anything else in the world, even after you knew the pleasures would likely kill you?

Then Nÿte steered him into her warm, wet sex and all other thoughts were blown away.  It was less like sliding into a moist fleshy tunnel and more like plunging into a tub of warm soft putty... putty that was alive and in motion.  Her sex squeezed up all around Devin's erection and formed lapping tongues to wriggle up and down his shaft.  It bunched up around the base of his shaft in a muscular ring and sucked.  And...

...well it started to get hazy at that point.  Everything blurred into one overwhelming tide of sexual euphoria.  Nÿte lay upon him, her big tits pressed against his chest, and sucked and kissed him up into some kind of sexual nirvana.

He thought he had nothing left.  He thought Boo had drained all the cum out of his balls.

Nÿte found more.

Her sex packed tightly around him, tugged and pumped an orgasm right out of him.  Not just one either.  The first hadn't even subsided when her sex pulsed and Devin was shuddering in the throes of another climax.

It felt... unbelievable.

Black spots danced before Devin's eyes.  His breath came out in short gasps, as though he'd just finished a sprint.  His heart fluttered uncertainly against his ribcage.

Nÿte put a hand on his chest and frowned.

"Tsk, that little trollop took more out of you than I thought.  As much as I enjoy this position, it doesn't give me the requisite margin of control required for these circumstances."

Proving her point, she shifted slightly on his lap and even this small movement was enough to trigger another eruption from Devin's overworked body.  It no longer felt like he'd just finished a sprint, now he felt like he'd just run a mile.

"Mmm, yes.  This is a clearly an unsuitable position," Nÿte said.

Her sex pulled back from Devin's cock and she got off him.  Devin was pleased to note he had just enough dignity to not mewl like a toddler whose toys had been taken away as his erection left the soft, fleshy clasp of her vagina.  Goddamn succubi.  He wanted her even though he knew a couple more orgasms like the one's he'd just experienced would end him for good.  Is this what it was like to be an addict?

Nÿte crouched next to him and frowned.  "Maybe fucking you was not such a good idea.  It's piqued my appetite and those little squirts were nowhere near enough to sate my hunger.  Hmm, are there any students around here you don't particularly like?"

to be concluded...  (for real this time)