Thursday, February 25, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Latexian Leechwoman

PFC Stewart Peter Bate was on patrol when he saw the supermodel rise up out of Lake Latex.

Lake Latex was so named because it looked like a prehistoric god had poured a massive vat of molten rubber out over the land and left it there to solidify.  Black and shiny, someone had said it reminded them of the fetish outfits of kinkier porn clips and the name had stuck.  It wasn't a lake as such.  Apparently the surface was solid enough that you could walk across it, although Bate had never tried.  He'd touched it once and it had felt smooth and stretchy like rubber.  Really weird.

And now there was a sex goddess rising up out of it.  It didn't make sense—the 'lake' was supposed to be solid—but wow, what a figure.  It would make a supermodel green with envy.  It was the proportions.  They were at that exact sweet spot where they were exaggerated enough to stand out, but not extreme enough to become grotesque.  She had long long legs, a beautiful bubble-butt ass and a rack Bate could happily bury his face in.  She was covered from head to foot in skintight latex, as if the surface of the Lake Latex had covered her in a second skin.  Now it really did look like the shiny black latex of kinky porn clips.

The only flaw was her face, or rather the lack of one.  That part of her body was shiny-smooth and featureless like an egg.  It made her look like an animated manikin.  Oddly, this didn't make her any less sexy, if anything it gave her beauty an unearthly perfection.

The latex-covered manikin turned her blank face to Bate.  A pair of plump, sensual lips bloomed on that featureless mask like fruiting fungi.  They pouted seductively and, hips swaying like a film-noir femme fatale, she sashayed out of the lake and walked up to him.

Bate could barely contain his excitement.  His first hindig.  He'd heard about them—the exotic H-indigenous, the inhabitants of H-space.  They were total nymphomaniacs.  No one knew why, given that it was the first time mankind had ever set foot on this plane.  Some of the scientists had theories that the hindigs had psyche-empathic abilities—they instinctively knew what a person's sexual turn-ons were and could adapt to cater to them.  In jarhead terms—they could make you come harder than an experienced Asian hooker.

Oh, he'd also heard about the dangers.  Hindigs were intense.  They could keep fucking a man until he died of exhaustion, or ran out of fluids, or his heart gave out from the strain.  Yep, sex with them could be dangerous.  But only if you were unprepared.  Only if you were stupid.

Bate wasn't stupid.

Smiling broadly at the approaching woman, he took his clothes off and left them in a pile next to him.  He was naked apart from his dog tags and a knife in his right hand.  The knife was his insurance in case she got a little too frisky.

She stepped into his arms and he let his other hand slide all over her curves.

"You are so fine," he said.

That ass, he thought, as his hand slid all over its contours.  It was like a shelf.  You could rest a beer there.  The rubber covering her like a second skin was smooth and warm to the touch.  He hugged her body to his and was surprised at how light she was.  It was like there was nothing inside this rubber suit but air.  Hugging her was like squeezing a big, life-size balloon.

A real-life walking sex doll, he thought, for him.

...with a mouth like a hoover.

He went to kiss her and those big juicy lips of hers wrapped around his and fair sucked the air out of his lungs.  Intense didn't even begin to cover it.  The thought of those big soft lips wrapped around his cock and sucking just as hard had him harder than a piece of steel rebar.

That was until he found her pussy.  His right arm was around her back while his left went wandering.  He sent it down between her legs and found her vagina.  At least he assumed it was her vagina.  It was a moist hole with slick, fleshy walls.  He sent his index and second fingers in on a recce and had barely penetrated her when a strong suction gripped them and pulled them in right to the last knuckle.  The walls of her sex contracted and tugged on his fingers.  It was like she wanted the rest of his hand and maybe his arm as well.

Fuck, he had to get his cock in there.  This pussy was sucking so hard Bate really wanted to feel it try and suck his balls out through his cock.

It took a little work to extricate his fingers from her hungry suction.  Then he placed hands on her hips and lifted her up.  Again he marvelled at how light she was.  She knew what to do.  Her long legs wrapped around him and she slid down the stiff pole of his erection.

Then it started.  The suction.  Fuck, the suction.

This pussy was something else.

It really did feel like she was trying to suck his nuts out through his cock.  It was incredible.

Muscular walls squeezed tightly around his penis and tugged with undulating waves of pressure.  They weren't even fucking in the conventional sense.  There was no back and forth motion.  There didn't need to be.  Her muscular pussy did everything.  She stretched out his cock and gave it a thorough massaging as waves of contraction travelled up his shaft.  The closest feeling he could compare this to was that time he'd got an epic tugjob from a sweet little Asian hottie in a Chinatown rub'n'tug joint, and that—as awesome as it had been—was still nowhere close to this.

He hugged her tighter and that's when he noticed something wasn't quite right.  She didn't feel right.  Her body felt squashy, unpleasantly so.  The way it throbbed with the sucking motion of her pussy put Bate uncomfortably in mind of soft-bodied bugs—a giant maggot or leech.

He felt an odd, wet sensation at his nipple and pulled away.

Glancing down, he saw the latex had melted away to expose the breast—and nipple—beneath.  Only it wasn't a nipple.  Instead of a peak, Bate saw a livid red ring like a fleshy donut.  The ring opened and worked hungrily.  It opened out into a long gullet with glistening walls.  It was a mouth, he realised, a mouth with swollen sucker lips.

Her other nipple was the same.  Worse, this one had already battened onto his nipple.  The curves of her tit pulsed as her nipple mouth sucked on him.  A little dribble of red ran down his chest.  Lower down he saw the latex melt away and reveal another red sucker mouth in her belly where her navel should be.

He looked back at her face.  What he took for a luscious pair of full lips was revealed as another livid red sucker mouth.  She leaned in hungrily for a kiss that was not a kiss.  Bate tried to push her away with little success.  While she was human in shape, she certainly wasn't human.  Her body was flexible in ways no human body was and resisted his attempts to fend her off.

And she had his cock.  He realised with a chill that what he thought was her pussy was likely another one of those hungry red sucker mouths.  It didn't matter.  She stretched out his erection and the muscular walls of her orifice bunched up and stimulated all the right nerve clusters.  She gave a big suck and Bate was explosively coming before he even had a chance to think about holding it back.

The euphoric blast of climax made him temporarily forget where he was.  That was opportunity enough for the leechwoman to hug him in an unbreakable embrace.  Her arms and legs wrapped around his body and fastened themselves in place with strong suction disks.  Her lips found and locked to his.  Her nipple mouth battened onto his nipple.  The mouth at her navel attached to his belly.

Bate was still ejaculating.  The pulsing sucks of the mouth between her legs had fallen into synch with his own throbbing ejaculations.  They reinforced and extended his orgasm, milking a constant stream of semen from his straining manhood.  It wasn't just from his cock.  Her body throbbed all over with the same rhythm and Bate felt the same sensation of release from all over his body... his mouth, his nipples, everywhere.

He also felt like he was weakening.  Like she was draining his vitality along with his sexual fluids.

He recalled what they'd said about the hindigs—they'd give you mind-blowing orgasms, but don't let them go on for too long otherwise they'd end up fatal.

That's why Bate had the knife.

He was sitting now and she was supporting him rather than him carrying her.  He stabbed down at her, thinking her soft skin would be easy to puncture.  It wasn't.  Her skin was elastic and flexible, but it was also tough like rubber.  His knife dimpled the surface but was unable to penetrate.

Her body gave another powerful suck and the strength left Bate's fingers.  He dropped the knife and sagged in her embrace as the leechwoman continued to throb and suck and draw out all of his fluids.  Her body swelled as she filled up.

* * * *

SGT Stewart Peter Bate saw the black, vaguely human-shaped hindig on the shores of Lake Latex.  A hindig, he realised, and one he hadn't seen or heard about before.  Weren't they supposed to look like sexy women?  This one resembled a bloated and obese woman dressed in skintight shiny black latex.  He realised she had another soldier in her embrace.  His head was lolling and his pallor pale and ghastly.

Bate opened fire.  He was sure he'd hit the target, but the hindig didn't go down.  He at least managed to drive it away as the black leech-thing dropped the soldier and slithered back into the black lake.

Bate ran up and saw he'd been too late to help this poor bastard.  The body settled on the shore in a way that made Bate's insides heave.  It was little more than a shapeless bag of human skin.  It lay, bonelessly, on the rocks as though all the insides had been sucked out.

Bate didn't care about what he'd heard.  That did not look a good way to go.


  1. Waaaiiitaminute...Both are Stewart Peter Bate? One PFC, the other Sgt? Something quirky happening in H-Space...

  2. This one might give me nightmares.

    Really reminds me of the leech woman from Trent the Traitor and the doll from Ways to Break a Good Man (2)... and Sister Squeeze... yeah, I've read way too many of your stories lol

    These are just begging to be drawn, with respect to individual interpretation, of course. Much more interesting than MGE, in my opinion.

    1. Cheers.

      I'm still thinking of how to get the ball rolling on the art commission side of things.

  3. Hey Hydra I have an Ideal. Why not host a contest? Where you get your fans to submit there version of a Succubus or Monster girl. You could have first prize be mention in your book.

    1. If I did a succubus story - and I do demon stories among others - it would have little to no sex, so nobody would read it.

    2. It's a good idea, but I'm too hopelessly disorganised at the moment. Maybe once I'm more organised and have a better control of my writing projects (Succubus Summoning *cough cough*).

      Also, there's nothing wrong with little to no sex. That's what normal horror stories are plenty of people love them! :)

  4. Incredible! For once, a gun actually works in H-space!

  5. I have to admit I really liked this entry. Do you ever plan on making a longer story for this monster or any of the other monsters in this thing?

    1. there are others like it. but yeah id like to see it again too in the future

    2. One of the original plans was to use the h-space monster girl bestiary as a way to get monster girl ideas down before I forgot them. Some I'll certainly find a way to incorporate within a more typical short story (5K words, +background, +character development).

  6. Or hm what may happen to a soldier if he somehow sinks inside this latex lake? I wonder what kind of stories could be made from that?

    1. I suspect there are even more powerful and sexier monster girls further out. I'll tell their stories at some point ;)

  7. Aside from how Bates is apparently a bunch of clones, the interesting thing here is the impression I got that Bates seemed to think it wasn't unusual to survive a sexual encounter with the hindigs if one was prepared. Is this true? Your stories make survival seem like a fluke rather than a remotely common occurrence.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Will try again without making it a godawful wall of text :)

      It's in keeping with that location (Lake Latex). I've used it before in a previous short story, "Riding the Medusa", but that one is exclusive to one of my story collections so not everyone will have seen it.

      The story featured the soldiers using a common monster girl found in the area (a type of floating jellyfish girl) for "R & R". The jellyfish girls are relatively weak and can be shot out of the sky, so the usual approach for the hornier men was to let one capture them and have a buddy shoot the girl down before she drained them to death. This Bate would have been aware of that, hence his thoughts of the hindigs as nympho alien babes rather than the highly dangerous individuals they appear to be in other stories.

      It was something I alluded to with the pink cushionblob profile - sometimes they just fuck people's brains out without killing them. I'm deliberately pushing the horror angle and Bad Ends for these stories, but in the setting there is plenty of scope for some hindigs to behave in a less bloodthirsty manner - especially the 'higher' types like succubi.

      Generally, if people want to take some of the monster girls here and write fluffier tales where they don't suck their victims dry, that's fine. It does go on in the setting, even if I only seem to be concentrating on the nastier and squickier outcomes. :D