Friday, February 12, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Frilled Spitzard

Name: Frilled Spitzard
Type: Lizardfolk
Habitat: Desert.  Arid mountains, caves.

A lizard girl.  Yes, I know it makes zero sense for a reptile to possess breasts given that mammary glands are one of the defining features of mammals.  This is par for the course as far as H-space is concerned.  Don't think about it too hard my biology compadres.  Centrefold pin-up with scales and a short stubby tail is the common description we've received.  They also possess a flap of skin that runs from their ears to their shoulders and puffs out whenever they're about to spit.

Attack Strategy:
They catch and immobilise potential mates/prey with globs of sticky mucous propelled from either the mouth or vagina.  The mucous sets quickly and is highly adhesive.  Chemical analysis also found the presence of various exotic compounds that function as a minor aphrodisiac when absorbed through the skin.

Once a man is immobilised, the spitzards then perform a bizarre mating ritual which involves them surrounding him in a circle and taking it in turns to cover in him in a colloidal paste secreted by their sexual organs.  This mucous has a much higher concentration of aphrodisiac agents and will eventually trigger ejaculation.  The spitzard that succeeds in getting a man to orgasm in this manner wins the right to "mate" with him.  I use mate in a loose sense given that predation and mating seem inexplicably entwined in H-space.  The winning spitzard secretes a much more complex slime over their mate that triggers even stronger climaxes while at the same time turning the man into soft, malleable jelly.  The spitzard then ingests them with her vagina.*

Their main weapon is their spit, which they are able to direct over medium distances with great accuracy.  While not to be taken lightly, this is not a match for conventional weaponry.  However, as we have learned to our cost, conventional weaponry is not always reliable under the physical conditions of H-space.  If firearms fail, the correct course of action is to retreat.  Spitzards are fast, agile and, as a group, more than a match for a squad armed only with melee weapons.

Threat Level:

Spitzards tend to travel in groups and are accomplished in setting up ambushes.

*They're alive.  Oh my god, they're still alive.

We dissected a specimen today and found the remains of a soldier in a chamber at the base of their tail.  At least we thought they were remains—the man was folded up as though his body had been turned to soft rubber.  Then the man opened his eyes and looked at us.  Sadly we were unable to reverse the process and the man died soon after being extracted from the spitzard's body.

God, the look on his eyes.  The way his mouth opened in a soundless scream.  I don't think I'm ever going to get it out of my head.

I wish I could leave this place and go back to Earth.  It's only the awareness I would not be able to live with myself for being responsible for subjecting another human being to this in my place that keeps me here.


  1. I won't make this into a shameless plug but I just got my first story approved on lit and I wanted you to know that you were a big inspiration for me to write my own succubus short story.

    Keep up the good work hydra, I'm looking forward to more.

    1. Nice! Lit is a great place to start (just ignore the occasional idiot in the comments, although to be fair, most are pleasant and constructive).

  2. This was...disturbing. Especially that last bit. Still it doesn't seem quite the Bad End for the "mate." What do the spitzards do with their mates once they're sucked inside?

    And for the other guy, what's your story on Lit called?

    1. Not my site man, I don't want to step on any toes. If Hydra says it's ok I'll tell you.

  3. Both funny and horrifying at the same time.

    I have found some artwork over the past few months that is analogous to this type of thing. It's so uncommon, unfortunately. Maybe you can find some inspiration if you haven't already seen this stuff:

    Love your stories, btw!

    1. Wouldn't mind seeing more of that.

  4. Hey Hydra it seems that the creators of monster girls release a new game!

    1. Yep. I was going to put up a review earlier in the week, but I've been struggling with some kind of flu bug. Should be up in a couple of days.

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    3. There hosting a writing contest( for their mascot SinTan( who look like a succubus. The rules is simple make story about sintan involving her birthday and the deadline is March 15. What do you say;)

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