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Monday, August 07, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 4

Time for part 4 of my Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World.  The usual warnings about adult content apply.  Last time out we had a dinner date with an arachne... that didn’t go so well.

Now, probably a little slimy after our tour of the arachne’s stomach, it’s time to continue the adventure.

The next section is another dodge-and-run through a ruined village.  There are a couple of new sex animations if we get caught, including a very bouncy pair of boobies.

Boing boing!

I like these little animated snippets.  I’m not sure the game is making the best use of then, given that they’re thrown into the random generic filler segments, but they’re still quite nice.

One of the wrecked houses has a different kind of sparkly outside the door.  This leads to a cutscene of the wrecked interior.

This is where I again must apologise for playing this without any form of translation.  At a guess, our hero is finding somewhere quiet to sleep for the night.  A sprite of an open book is shown.  I don’t know whether it’s something we’ve found, or some kind of diary or similar keepsake Luka-clone is carrying around with him to remind him of the good times before the monster girls invaded and sucked all the juices out of everyone.

Your guess is as good as mine...

If someone does have an idea of what’s going on in these segments, please post in the comments below.

After another run past horny succubi, we’re out of the village and onto the grassy plains... where we run into boss number 3, the lizardman (or should that be lizardwoman/lizardgirl?).

Cute, but the change of art style is jarring

Oh boy, does that art style clash with everything else.  This is a similar problem to Monster Girl Quest (even more pronounced in the follow-up Monmusu Quest: Paradox).  Nothing wrong with the individual pictures themselves, but sometimes the different styles clash, which can be jarring.  Strange, because Dieselmine’s previous monster girl eroges were much more consistent in art style (If you ignore the silhouette and blown-up pixel art nonsense of the early games).

I’m not sure where the trope started, but lizardgirl monster girls are always proud, elite swordsmen for some reason.  I think we try and get by without a fight, but there she is, back in our damn face again.

Okay, ‘ave it, bitch!

Predictably, that doesn’t go so well.  Lizardgal takes a turn to buff her attack and defence, and then twats us for over 4000 damage.

Ow, that probably hurt.

Lizardgals also have long slimy tongues according to typical monster girl lore, so for her Bad End scene we are treated to a big sloppy blowjob.

Slurpy suck time

Wait, what is that hand doing near my balls?

Ow.  Ow.

A little less on the crushing sound effects, please.

Ow.  Ow.

Look, I know you’re meant to be cum-squeezing monsters from wherever, but can you please stop squeezing my testicle like it’s the bulb of a pipette.

Luka-clone expires from excessive ex-spermination.

She squeezed us like an orange.  A career singing classic AC/DC beckons.

This time I manage to beat lizardgal in the ‘proper’ RPG fight.  Which is also a little annoying as I didn’t get to see her sex attack.

For a while I wasn’t sure she had one.  One of the downsides of Lizardgals being a proud warrior race is they tend to be more enthusiastic about hitting folks over the head with steel objects than getting down’n’durty with the smexy stuff.  After leaving Luka-clone to be slashed about for a while I determine that Lizardgal’s sex attack is an animated version of her blowjob.

Which also makes me wonder why they didn’t just add that animation to the Bad End scene?

Anyway, that’s enough of Lizardgal.  Time to move on.

Oh, there’s still the game of which is the most depraved – manyeyedhydra vs Monmusu Conquered World.  Hmm, what lizard girl stories do I have?  Oh, there’s this one.  Yeah, I think I win this round.

As always, if you’re enjoying this series, please do me a favour and consider buying one of my books.

To part 5!

Friday, February 12, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Frilled Spitzard

Name: Frilled Spitzard
Type: Lizardfolk
Habitat: Desert.  Arid mountains, caves.

A lizard girl.  Yes, I know it makes zero sense for a reptile to possess breasts given that mammary glands are one of the defining features of mammals.  This is par for the course as far as H-space is concerned.  Don't think about it too hard my biology compadres.  Centrefold pin-up with scales and a short stubby tail is the common description we've received.  They also possess a flap of skin that runs from their ears to their shoulders and puffs out whenever they're about to spit.

Attack Strategy:
They catch and immobilise potential mates/prey with globs of sticky mucous propelled from either the mouth or vagina.  The mucous sets quickly and is highly adhesive.  Chemical analysis also found the presence of various exotic compounds that function as a minor aphrodisiac when absorbed through the skin.

Once a man is immobilised, the spitzards then perform a bizarre mating ritual which involves them surrounding him in a circle and taking it in turns to cover in him in a colloidal paste secreted by their sexual organs.  This mucous has a much higher concentration of aphrodisiac agents and will eventually trigger ejaculation.  The spitzard that succeeds in getting a man to orgasm in this manner wins the right to "mate" with him.  I use mate in a loose sense given that predation and mating seem inexplicably entwined in H-space.  The winning spitzard secretes a much more complex slime over their mate that triggers even stronger climaxes while at the same time turning the man into soft, malleable jelly.  The spitzard then ingests them with her vagina.*

Their main weapon is their spit, which they are able to direct over medium distances with great accuracy.  While not to be taken lightly, this is not a match for conventional weaponry.  However, as we have learned to our cost, conventional weaponry is not always reliable under the physical conditions of H-space.  If firearms fail, the correct course of action is to retreat.  Spitzards are fast, agile and, as a group, more than a match for a squad armed only with melee weapons.

Threat Level:

Spitzards tend to travel in groups and are accomplished in setting up ambushes.

*They're alive.  Oh my god, they're still alive.

We dissected a specimen today and found the remains of a soldier in a chamber at the base of their tail.  At least we thought they were remains—the man was folded up as though his body had been turned to soft rubber.  Then the man opened his eyes and looked at us.  Sadly we were unable to reverse the process and the man died soon after being extracted from the spitzard's body.

God, the look on his eyes.  The way his mouth opened in a soundless scream.  I don't think I'm ever going to get it out of my head.

I wish I could leave this place and go back to Earth.  It's only the awareness I would not be able to live with myself for being responsible for subjecting another human being to this in my place that keeps me here.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Frilled Spitzard

PFC Stewart Peter Bate had a friend back home who had a spitting fetish.  He was otherwise normal in all other regards—a perfectly upstanding fine citizen... that happened to get off by watching videos of sexy women spitting into men's faces.

Everyone has their own hidden kinks.

Bate watched the hindig's frilled throat puff up, her head coil back and then whip forward as she launched a greenish-white glob into the air.  As time slowed down and he watched the sticky glob arc through the air and splatter against PFC Andy Doyle's face like a custard pie, he wondered what his friend would make of all this.  Would it be a massive turn-on?

The hindigs were sexy, in a weird alien way.  They reminded Bate of science fiction TV shows where they'd take an attractive actress and add prosthetics and makeup to make her look like an alien.  She might have pointed ears, blue or green skin, scales and weird bony ridges, but you always knew that underneath the prosthetics and makeup was a sexy actress.

That was what these hindigs were like.  You knew they were alien, but they also reminded you of those sci-fi TV shows.  So much so it was easy to question what you were seeing was real and not just a pretty starlet in prosthetics and makeup.

The spit was real enough.  The hindig had picked out Doyle with uncanny accuracy and the young soldier went down with his face covered in sticky goop.

Bate's thoughts continued to bubble along in a random, unfocused rush.  Was the spit acidic... or poisonous?  Was it even now melting through the young soldier's eyeballs and eating into his brains?

Fuck.  Don't think about it.

Bate pulled the trigger on his gun.  Nothing happened.  Nothing had been happening since the start of the engagement, which felt like it had begun several lifetimes ago even though it was likely less than a minute.  His M16 wasn't firing.  It could be a jam, but Bate knew it wasn't.  No one else's gun was firing either and it was way beyond the realms of probability that every firearm in the squad had jammed at precisely the same moment.

Dimly he remembered being told that the laws of physics were a little sketchy out here in H-space.  None of their complex electronics worked and even relatively simple machinery fouled up far more frequently than normal.  Sometimes guns didn't fire and grenades didn't explode.  Having that happen right now, right after they'd blundered into a hindig nest was the worst fucking timing.  Sure, knives and other blades still worked fine, but Bate had already seen what had happened to the Sarge after he'd switched to using his combat knife.

Bate was glad of all the extra adrenaline sloshing through his system.  Without it he wouldn't have had the reflexes to whip his head out of the way of another accurately spat missile.  The glob splattered stickily over the rocks behind him.

Fuck this.

Bate turned tail and ran.  It felt horrible to run out on his buddies, but there was literally nothing he could do for them.  They'd been ambushed and their weapons rendered about as useful as scrap metal clubs.  They could all go down together or some of them could try to get away and come back with greater force to avenge the fallen.  Bate would have expected any of his squad buddies to come to the same conclusion.

Not that it made much difference.  He only made it as far as around the big boulder when a hindig jumped out onto the path in front of him.

Close up there was even more of that weird dissonance between the alien and sexy.  Even after seeing what they could do he was a having a hard time believing she was real and not just an actress in prosthetics and makeup.  A sexy actress as well.  She had nice long legs, a taut midriff and a pair of firm round tits as good as any he'd jerked off to.

She also had scales and weird spiny frills running along her shoulders, neck and the back of her arms.  Her high, exotic cheekbones were emphasized by bony ridges poking out through her skin like miniature mountain ranges.  She also had flaps of skin that extended from behind her ears to the base of her neck and resembled the hood of a cobra.  Topping off her lizard-like appearance was the presence of a short stubby tail.

The hindig's yellow eyes were fixed on Bate as she bobbed and weaved with sinuous, serpentine flexibility.

Bate shot her.  Or rather, he pressed the trigger on his gun and cursed when nothing happened.

He watched her warily.  The frill on their necks expanded and their throats puffed up when they were about to spit.  He could watch for that, dodge it, and then charge her before she had a chance to hawk up another toxic loogie.  With any luck he would barrel straight through her and be on his way to safety.

Bate's attention was on the wrong orifice.  They didn't just spit from their mouths.

Her legs were already braced apart.  Her stubby tail swelled, then—in one smooth motion—her hips swung forward, the tail contracted and her vagina gaped wide as it spat a big white mass at Bate.

There was no dodging this.  The glob was already expanding out like a net as it raced to Bate.  It hit him full on the chest and knocked him off his feet.  He fell on his back with a puddle of white gunk covering his chest and midsection.  It wasn't acidic, thankfully, but it was extremely sticky.  He tried to stand back up and found he couldn't.  The gunk had set and he was stuck to the floor by gummy ropes.

Bate thrashed and struggled.  The gunk stretched, but not enough for him to pull free.

He was stuck.  Stuck and helpless.

The hindig watched his fruitless struggles with bright yellow eyes.  Not only was her appearance alien, her movements were as well—quick, birdlike.

The noise of battle, not that there'd been much to start with given how outclassed they were and with none of their weapons working, had died away.  That was it.  They were all dead, or incapacitated. lizard girls with tits.


Bate kept pulling at the gluey strands holding him to the floor.  Some were beginning to peel away from the rock underneath him.  A few more minutes of uninterrupted effort and he reckoned he might be able to pull free.

Not that they were likely to give him a few minutes of uninterrupted effort.

More of the spitzards had appeared.  They stood around him in a semicircle and watched.  That's all they did—watch... watch and whisper to each other as Bate slowly—painfully slowly—tried to extricate himself from the sticky, solidified mucus.

Finally Bate's frustration boiled over and he ranted at them.  "What do you want with me?"

"We are determining which of us will make you her mate."  He was surprised to hear one of the lizard girls speaking back to him in English.

A lizard girl, slightly smaller than the others, stepped forwards.  She took up a strange stance with her legs far apart.  Staring at Bate, she placed a hand between her legs and rubbed it against her sex.

The fuck?  Was she masturbating in front of him?

It seemed that way.  She rubbed and rubbed and grew more and more aroused until finally she climaxed.  Her tail throbbed, her hips jerked forwards and her vagina deposited a big white liquid blob all over him.

All Bate's work in trying to pull free was undone as the lizard girl buried him beneath another pile of gloop.  This goop was different.  The substance didn't feel as sticky, instead feeling creamier and warmer.

...and corrosive.

Bate watched his uniform fall away in rotting strands and, with gritted teeth, waited for his skin and flesh to do the same.  It didn't happen.  Instead he felt a warm, tingly feeling all over that was surprisingly pleasant.

The lizard girl seemed both disappointed and unsurprised at her disappointment.  She returned to the line and her place was taken by another spitzard.

The new lizard girl did exactly the same as the first—she got herself off and her pussy spat a big glob of white slime over Bate.  He was surprised to find he relished the sensation of the gloop against his skin.  There was something about it that got his blood up and started an itch in his balls.  Some of the goop slid down between his legs and his pubic hair stiffened and crackled as if sparks were running through it.

A third lizard girl stepped up and spat on him.  A fourth.

At this point Bate was finding himself to be weirdly aroused in a way that made no sense at all.  When he looked at the women, the scales, spines and bony ridges that spoke of reptilian ancestry faded from his perception.  All he saw were their human features—their lean, lithe bodies; their perky, gravity-defying breasts.  It was like being surrounded by a harem of naked swimwear models.

As the sixth stepped forward to take her turn, Bate found his own penis rising to attention as she started to get herself off.  Bate had stopped struggling a while ago.  Each glob of goop spat on him felt like the fresh hit of some kind of drug.  The sixth girl was the same one that had prevented his escape, Bate noted as she reached climax and spat a thick white glob on his prone body.  This one landed right on his erection and enfolded it as the warm goop slid down his shaft.

Bate was already aroused.  The sensation of the creamy mass smothering his erection and sliding down it was enough to tip him over the brink.  His cock throbbed as he erupted in unexpected orgasm and added his own cream to the sticky layer on top of him.

This was a signal to the lizard girls.  If this was a contest then the sixth spitzard was deemed to be the winner.  Yellow eyes shiny bright, she approached Bate until she was standing astride him.

"You're mine," she proclaimed.

Her sex gaped open at the apex of her legs.  Her hand went back to it and she sighed and hissed in passion.  This was more frenzied—more painful, even—than before.  The spitzard's fingers terminated in claws, yet she showed no hesitation in inserting a finger and moving it around.  It looked as though she was tearing at the inner lining of her sex with her claw.  Creamy white fluids dripped from her pussy lips.  Drips became a trickle, then a stream, then a flood.  She took away her finger and pinkish-white paste poured out of her pussy.  More and more poured out until Bate was buried beneath a quivering pile.

Bate's nerves crackled like crazy.  He felt aroused.  Super aroused.  Beyond aroused.  He climaxed again and again and again...  He felt the muscles clenching around his seminal tubes, clenching so hard they started to twinge.  His cock jerked spasmodically as he sprayed his semen into the goop surrounding him.  As good as it felt there was a weird undercurrent to it.  Bate felt more comfortably relaxed and pleasantly floppy than he'd ever felt in his life.

Aside from his cock.  That was the only bit of hardness about him and the only thing it wanted more than what it had right now was to be inside the warm vagina gaping wide above him.  A wish the lizard girl seemed willing to grant as she sat down in the pile of pinkish-white cream.  Her sex found his and sucked it inside with lusty gulps.  That triggered another jittery climax as he finally got to empty his balls inside her.  She slurped it up and kept slurping.  Her vagina slurped up his cock, his balls and then started on him.

The how of it didn't make sense to Bate.  The fluids she'd covered him in had done something strange to his body.  His bones, his muscles, his tissues—all had been rendered as soft as jelly.  And now her vagina swelled and stretched as she gulped it all down.

The spitzard drew the whole of Bate's newly-pliable body inside her.  He was folded up and neatly stored in a special chamber at the base of her tail.  Bate was conscious throughout it all and didn't feel any pain.  On the contrary, he liked it here.  It was warm.  It was pleasant.  The cares and worries of the world couldn't touch him here.  It was like being brought back into a comfortable womb.  The spitzard moved on, her new 'mate' conscious and content inside her.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 46

Scale Thief Corps (Scales, Tails and Sloppy Blowjobs)

This my playthrough of hentai monster girl game Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  If you want to start at the beginning, go back here.

Today we'll be doing the second quest strand from the last town (of chapter one), Saloon.  This also completes the quest strands (for chapter one) of a couple of our party members.

Saloon has some renown for creating kick-ass crystal weapons and armour.  Unfortunately, the blacksmith won't make any for us until we fetch some raw crystal from the mines south of the town.  Double unfortunately, the mines are overrun by a guild of lizard girl thieves – the Scale Thief Corps.

Time for Luka to stick a sheriff's star on his chest and go sort them out then.

The Scale Thief Corps are a little more organised than most RPG bandit guilds.  A pair of lizard thief guards attack us the moment we enter the caves.

They're an annoying fight as they have a scorch breath attack that can paralyse the whole party.  They also have a fire breath attack.  I maybe should have left Vanilla at home for this section given the number of times she goes up in flames.

There are two types of lizard thieves.  A thief-y one (Liru).

And a swordy one (Len).

Other than some returning l'il onis, all the monster girls in this section (including the boss we'll get to later) are drawn by SlapStickStrike.  It's good to see them added to the MGQ team as they've been putting out some very good monster girl doujins over the past year.

After recruiting both Liru and Len (Or Rilu and Ren) I was surprised to see they were lower level than the monster girls from Gnome's ruins, implying I should have done this section before contracting gnome.  That was until I realised just how vulnerable the lizard thieves are to pleasure attacks.

Remi goes from party healer to chief rapist of lizard girls.  And she started out such an innocent little imp.

Back in the castle the lizard thieves only have one request move each.  Liru comes across as quite experienced.

"You want to be squeezed by me?"


"Sure you do, kid.  It's great eroticism."


In the middle chest down on the second floor of the mines we find the agricultural stone.

This is item required for Vanilla's sidequest.  Returning the stone to the item shop in Witch Hunt Village adds dark and holy stones to Vanilla's store in the castle.  It also triggers an achievement, so I think this is the last upgrade that can be done to Vanilla's store in chapter one.

At first I couldn't find either the crystal or the boss of the mines.  Turns out I missed a turn off somewhere.  She's down on the 2nd BF level and sitting on a throne surrounded by treasures.  It's not possible to grab the crystal without first confronting her.

Her temptation move seems to be offering a footjob.

Sorry love, I'm not the type that gets turned on by scaly paws stamping on my junk.  Gel her, Remi!

After the fight she allows us to take the crystal but initially refuses to join the party.  If you speak to her afterwards she changes her mind.  I think this is conditional on recruiting the other two lizard thieves first as both join in on the conversation (they don't have to be in the party for this to happen).  They talk her into joining.  It's for selfish reasons – the lizard thief boss thinks this will be a great opportunity to expand the influence of the Scale Thief Corps.  They just want to visit new places and nick new stuff.

Sonya, as ever the conscience of the party, asks if we really want to take a bunch of thieving lizards with us.  Luka says he must change their ways.

Um yeah, right.

So much for changing their ways.  (That's Miranda's request scene – probably also her Bad End scene as well, although I didn't check)

Picking up the crystal unlocks a few things in Saloon.

First off the blacksmith will make crystal weapons and armour for us.  The weapons are good, but the armour is mostly disappointing as job/race restrictions mean most of my party can't wear it anyway.

Secondly, the blacksmith is also the battlefucker of Saloon.  Giving her the crystal unlocks the option to fuck pointlessly stare at close-up parts of the same artwork while some annoying music plays in the background.

Finally, this is another upgrade for Papi's weapon and armour shop in the Pocket Castle.  Include her in the party, select the talk dialogue option and she'll ask the blacksmith to teach her how to make crystal gear.  The blacksmith requires an item.  Once again I've already picked it up somewhere on my travels.  I think I found it in one of the chests in the hills to the west of Saloon.

And that's it for today.  Tomorrow we descend back into Tartarus.