Friday, August 04, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my Text Play of Dieselmine’s Monmusu Conquered World.  Last time we fell foul of an adorably cute goblin gang-bang squad and a good, if exhausting, time was had by all.

Once they’ve been chased off, with some surprisingly cute expressions and bops, it’s onto the next run-and-dodge section.  A couple of new sex animations have been added to the fairy, spider and cowgirl scenes of the first section.  I was thinking of hanging around and letting the succubi catch me so I could see them, but in a display of comic ineptitude, managed to misjudge where the level ended and ran straight through into the next cut-scene.

Straight into the arms and many legs of an arachne, or spider girl, as it happens.

Rather sensibly, even with a magical sword, our hero decides to leg it.  Our new admirer is not so easy to shake off and she keeps bouncing into view until the inevitable fight happens.

The first fight is auto-lose, but it plays out surprisingly logically and is a pretty good bridge between an auto-lose fight that has the illusion of interactivity and a Bad End with no interactivity.  The arachne always follows the same sequence – she poisons the player, inflicts a bind on them, and then initiates a sex attack (animated) that results in the player being reduced to zero hit points after ‘popping’ one turn later.

It's bad form to squirt poison all over someone on a first date

That’s the quintessential arachne scenario right there.

“Mmm, I’m going to fill you full of my aphrodisiac venom, cocoon you up in my lusciously soft silk, and then you’ll be helpless while my delectable, tight little pussy slowly sucks out all your juices.”

Unfortunately, the game creators are trying to play this scenario out with what I’m assuming is generic, off-the-shelf RPG-maker software.  It goes so far – the poison attack lines up the poison status change animation with the arachne sprite so that it looks like she’s squirting it out of the spinneret at the tip of her abdomen.  Which sort of works, if your imagination is kinky enough.  What doesn’t work is the follow-up bind attack.  For this it looks like they’ve taken the closest match – paralysation.  But unfortunately, paralysation is usually represented by electricity in most generic JRPGs, and that doesn’t seem quite right unless she happens to be little miss electro-spider.  The sex attack is a close-up insertion shot.  Unfortunately, as with most Japanese H-things, pixilation obscures a fair bit of it (although it’s still pretty nice).

Anyway, enough analysis.  Back to the story!

The arachne squirts poison at us, ties us up in sticky silk and then forces us to have sex with her.  Other than these minor quibbles she’s probably a lovely date.

The Bad End has Luka-clone bound up like a puppet and bouncing away on spider pussy.  As Bad Ends with scary spider women go, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Arachne's love spinning their own love seats

The scene is also a little familiar.  Luka got bound and fucked the same way if he lost to the Spider Princess in Monster Girl Quest, if I remember right.

Oh, but in that scene, after she had sex, didn’t she...

Yes, you can't see his legs.  No, you probably don't want to know where they are...


So, it’s a dinner date, and not in the good way.

Hmm, this will be a challenge for the resurrection capabilities of our magic sword.  Thankfully it’s up to the task.  The arachne gets a massive dose of indigestion and regurgitates us right back up again.

(Yes, this is still a sex game, in case anyone was wondering.)

I don’t think she’s too put out by this turn of events.  It means she gets to fuck us and eat us again.

Which she does.  I probably should have made some effort to learn the RPG battle mechanics.

Round 3 is back in idiot-proof mode.  Three solid hits with the sword is enough to send her packing before her devilish vagina slurps us up again.

Normally, when writing up let’s plays of weird Japanese monster girl H-games I like to play a game of which is the more depraved – the game, or my stories.  With the old Violated Hero games it used to be a challenge, but I’ve written a year-and-a-half’s worth of H-space shorts since then... ;)

If you like arachnes and would like to peruse further ‘educational’ literature, this chapter from Succubus Summoning might hit the spot.  And if you like that, you might want to check out what L’mactia’s two sisters get up to when given a man to play with in my novella, "Sandwiched by Spiders".  And nobody gets eaten (okay, swallowed).

Well, it didn’t take long for Monmusu Conquered World to jump right into the weirder kinks.  Let’s see what they have in store for us next.


  1. Didn't you also do a glass arachne story at some point?