Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Text Play of Dieselmine’s Monmusu Conquered World.  Last up I managed to splurge up a thousand words on the intro, as well as a lot of white stuff over a harpy’s talons.

Now it’s time to get into the game proper (and the usual warnings about Monmusu Conquered World being a sexually explicit game suitable only for adults).

Dieselmine games usually have great art, but not exactly the most original and well-designed of game mechanics when it comes to travelling from boss to boss.  Violated Hero 1 and 2 used a Dungeon Master-esque maze.  3, 4 and 5 switched to a weird block-chain of encounters, which was a fairly nice abstraction to be fair.  And 6 had... I have no fucking clue what 6 was trying to do.

Monmusu Conquered World uses the classic RPG-maker ‘run and avoid’ gameplay.  We have to get from one side of the level without coming into contact with any of the succubus sprites, most of which will chase us if they see us.

The overworld succubus sprites are all the same sadly

If they catch us, a short sex animation plays and we have to alternate mashing left and right cursor keys to break out before the succubus drains all our energy and forces us to come.

Did I remember to remind people this blog is NSFW?

This is actually pretty good for what essentially is the filler content.  I’ve always thought a bit of animation adds a massive amount to a hentai game.  It worked really well in Tokinokogiri’s Succubus Prison and Monmusu Conquered World has similar clips.

There are also treasure chests and sparkly things we’re supposed to pick up, but I don’t know what they’re for. 

Treasure.  Although, to be honest, I think most players are more interested in collecting all the scenes on the right.

A short run and one forced ejaculation by fairy later (I blame it on trying to take a screenshot) and we’re onto the next cut scene.

This features a pair of fox girls – one with two tails, the other nine.  It’s the classic loli plus big-titted milf combo.  They’re on the list of encounters, but they’re high up on the list, so I suspect this is following the Violated Hero formula of having one the major characters help or hinder the hero early on.

Friend or Foe in Fox form

Unfortunately, this is where the lack of translation leaves me completely bamboozled.  At first a fight looks like it’s about to happen, and then it doesn’t.  Inexplicably a coconut is involved.

Which might be poisoned, as the hero collapses right after eating it.

Resurrection sword to the rescue.

On the next dodge-and-run section there is a house.  Inside is a merchant girl.  Her sprite looks familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it from.  You can buy potions from her and I think turn the sparkles into some kind of currency.  I think it’s more for if you want to play the game on higher difficulty and need to actually put some effort into improving your character’s stats.

Your friendly local neighbourhood store

This character looks familiar, but I can't remember where I've seen her before

More succubus dodging (after checking out all the H-scenes beforehand, of course) and we’re onto the first boss battle – the Goblin Gang-Bang Squad.

They're more dangerous than they look

Anyone that’s read enough of my stories will probably know I’m not really into the loli thing (even if the characters are really 100s of years old demons that also happen to be short and flat-chested).  The goblin loli bandit of Monster Girl Quest has her fans (and no, they’re not necessarily paedophiles, fuck off shit-stirring offendatrons) and this encounter is essentially a whole crew of them.

As hinted in the intro, the first iteration of the boss fight is unwinnable.  One club to the head from the leader and Luka-clone is down for the count.

Then it’s goblin girl pile-on!

Dieselmine might be sloppy in other regards (sometimes many regards!) but they do a good job here in giving the 2D sprites of the gobbos a little more character by having them bob around excitedly before swarming in.  They do seem adorably cute for a merciless gang-bang squad.

Then it’s the obligatory Bad End scene.  We get a face-full of goblin pussy while the rest of the gang take it in turns to ride our ‘pole’ until we come and come and come...

Snu-snu'ed to terminal exhaustion by the goblin gang-bang squad

I don’t think Luka-clone is a bottomless ambulatory bag of semen this time around so I suspect that does for him.  Good job we have a magical resurrection sword.  That means we get to avoid the senseless horrible slaughter of many many alternate timeline Luka-clones for this playthrough.  But it also does mean the player is going to have to sit through every Bad End, regardless of how icky it gets.  There doesn’t appear to be a skip option either...

In the rematch we get to experience the new sex attacks as halfway through the fight I get a little animated cut scene of a goblin getting in a bit of trampling/footjob action.  This is a massive improvement over the generic tentacle feelers of older Violated Hero games (even if the footjob/trampling thing does zero to stimulate my own personal loins).  In RPG mechanic terms a heart shows up in the player’s status and we have a turn to escape it before lots more blossomy hearts float around the place and our hero makes a bit of a mess of himself.  Reading my notes from the playthrough, I see that I wrote it was good that Dieselmine had implemented the sex attack to actually mean something this time around, as letting it go off is an instant KO.

Um, yep, was a bit premature on that.  It’s not an instant KO, but it does do a helluva lot of damage.

Losing the ‘real’ fight gives the player an additional but thankfully abbreviated Bad End scene.  Unfortunately, no translation means I don’t know whether it’s just a replayed clip of the previous Bad End, or the naughty little goblins are throwing some delicious new taunts in our direction.

Round three is auto-win mode for people not interesting in playing the game properly.  Poor little gobbos do no damage and are dispatched with single hits.

It’s an interesting mechanic.  If you’re making a H-game, you don’t really want to blockade off the sexy stuff behind too-hard difficulty.  But on the other extreme, there have been games in the past where I’ve just blasted straight through, enjoyed a couple of encounters, but wasted others by rushing through in search of ‘better’ scenes.  It will be interesting to see where Monmusu Conquered World lies on this spectrum.

And that’s the goblin gang-bang squad out of the way.  Despite not really being my thang, I did like them for being rather cute and adorable.  I’m almost tempted to write a cute goblin gang-bang squad story to make a change from the grimdark of H-space.  The closest I have is probably this cute elf girl story, and the ending for that is not exactly cheery...

Now that we’ve got game mechanics and intros out the way, future posts won’t be quite as long.  Join me in a couple of days as we have a date with Monmusu Conquered World’s arachne.  Reading the product page description I have a suspicion the ‘v’ word might come up.

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  1. witch is from vh 1

    1. Damn, of course. I'm so used to the VH series being all monster girls I forgot about all the female NPCs in the first game! :)

  2. (I'm the same anon as above) yeah, VH 1 is quite different from its sequels.

    I want to thank you, M.E. Hydra, for your Text-Plays. I read them mostly for entertainment because I enjoy your commentary.