Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 13

Time for more Monmusu Conquered World.  This is part 13 of the Text Play series I started back here.

Last time we...

No, stop looking at the jiggly jelly slime boobs.  We have a series to write.


No buts.  Sword out.  Fight properly.

Sorry, Slime.

Anyway, after a bit lot of slippery, bouncy slime titjob action, it’s time to move on.

The next run-and-dodge section is more of the same as the last one, but with a tedious boulder trick to slow us down and be even more irritating.

And then it’s time for the next boss – Alraune.

Flowers, lots of lovely... um... flowers

As with Slime, Alraune looks like the kind of generic monster girl fight you’d expect to encounter as the first or second boss.  It’s almost like we’ve had some kind of restart.

Alraunes are the classic plant monster girl and normally consist of a hot babe standing in the centre of a giant rose.  They crop up in mainstream videogames like Castlevania and Disgaea, and usually utilise status-changing pollen/perfume attacks.  Their H-game equivalents are the same, but with the addition of flowers (or vines) that are used for more... explicit attacks.

What's with the mushroom?

Alraune’s hair, with the vines and the big fleshy pink openings at the end of them, looks suspicious.  Might want to keep it in the pants here, Luka-clone.

Too late.  Alraune exhales a big cloud of poison gas over us and that’s it for the first fight.

The Bad End sees us trussed up in vines and suspended at convenient height for Alraune.

What does Alraune like?

Danger lurking bottom left...
Giving out nectar-infused handjobs it appears.  I’m not sure where it comes from, but she slathers plenty over our cock before starting to milk.

And rimjobs.  Her tongue goes right in the ass and has a little worm around.

I guess if you’re part plant, ordure is pretty tasty.  Being fertilizer and all that.

This is pretty nice, Alraune.  So when do we get to fuck?

Oh, you want us to fuck one of your weird hair tentacle things.  Um, okay then.


Slurp.  Slurp.  Suck.  Suck.  Gulp.

I guess we’re hero-on-tap, at least until Alraune drinks us all up.

Alraune is also following the same script as Arachne: Poison, Bind, Sex!

Her sex animation is attaching one of those vine suckers to our dangly bits and gulping away.  Only without any gulping, throbbing or bulges that indicate any suction is going on.  The animation is surprisingly stiff.  One of the highlights of Violated Hero 3 was when the Thorn-Pussy plant girl first unleashed her suction sex attack on the hero.  This animation looks like an obvious paper cutout moving up and down.  The recent Succubus Prison DLC has an additional tailsuck H-scene that shows how best to use limited animation for this type of scene (and boy does that succubus take her sweet time in sucking everything out of the hapless protagonist!).

Alraune ends up mostly a miss for me.  However, if the thought of having a tongue wriggling away in your ass melts you into a heap of happy neurons, Alraune’s little suspension play will likely hit all the right buttons.

Oddly, despite writing many smutty plant girl stories, I appear to have avoided covering the conventional Alraune.  Pitcher Plant girls, Venus Man-Trap girls, even... whatever she is.  Not carnivorous enough I guess (that says things about my psyche that are best not thinking too much about).  Hmm, I really should get that Black Poppy story idea written (it was supposed to be another H-space Bestiary short, but I think there’s enough to flesh it out into a proper short story).

That’s for later, and we're done for this episode.

Join us in a couple of days for part 14.

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  1. I think that 3rd girl could count as an Alruane variation, at least if you go by the examples given of more... unusual Alruane from Monster Girl Quest, especially chapters 2 and 3.