Friday, September 01, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 14

The blind Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World continues.  The madness began back here.  There are slightly more bosses than I was expecting.  The Violated Hero blueprint used to be 10 regular bosses and 5 bigger bosses.  We’re on part 14 and other than a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her appearance from The Orte (whatever that is), the only bigger bosses we’ve seen are big and little fox.

After a poisonous (literally) date with Alraune, it appears we are still in the forest of somewhere else.  The run-and-dodge filler sections through the forest are starting to get a little stale as well.  Nothing new to see here before we’re back in Visual Novel mode and...

Where exactly did you get those hands?

Flesh Golem.

Not sure why she’s showed up in the forest.  You’d think graveyards or scary gothic castles would be more her thing.  Or maybe I’m just unfairly stereotyping her and stitched-together zombie girls like nothing more than kittens and long walks through nice nature spots.

Obviously not, as right away she wants to get down to bludgeoning us with those... what’s with those crazy hands anyway.


And then...

Where did you get those boobs!


Unsurprisingly, she’s on top.  Monster girls always like to be on top.

Flesh golem must be more important to the plot than I first thought.  She gets a second CGI with a cutaway internal shot.

You get a special prize if you're able to fill it

So is this the subgame where Luka-clone has to completely fill zombie girl’s womb with white stuff.  He can probably do it.  It’s the hidden superpower of all Luka-clone’s after all.

But no.  It’s starting to leak out.  Zombie gal is playing with it between her fingers.  You’re losing it, Luka-clone!

Where did you get those hands anyway, Ms Frankenstein’s Monsteress – a bear?  Weren’t there any good pianists available?

Luka-clone’s bottomless balls superpowers fail him as we fail to completely fill Zombina’s womb.  So we have to fight her again.

And again.

And again.

Um, Ms Flesh Golem.  You do know this is a sex game.  How about some snu-snu instead of *bonk* hitting us *bonk* over the *bonk* head with those ridiculously oversize paws.

I think she’s following the Lizard Gal program as it takes a while before she decides to knock us to the ground and start riding away.

Once again, the lack of any machine translation is jiggering this up.  I read on one of the threads that Flesh Golem is a pretty sweet character, and a good candidate for a few people’s fave waifu despite her ugly-cute stitched together appearance.  And I know she does show up again later.  Unfortunately, I have nada on the dialogue front.  From the artwork I get she has big hands, big boobs and a nice smile.  That is one of the downsides of playing these games blind when you can’t read Japanese.

(On the translation front, the good news is that I’ve managed to find a version of ITH that does cooperate with Windows 10.  The bad news is that whatever engine Dieselmine uses remains resolutely unhookable.  I have got it to work with other games though, including the big one – Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  Not promising anything, but there might be another really crazy Text Play series coming to the blog at some point in the future...)

As for the Dieselmine vs manyeyedhydra competition, zombie girls aren’t really a thing in my repertoire.  I don’t really do the undead stories for some reason.  I think the only conventional vampire character I’ve written (unless you count blood-sucking boobies) was a comedy character in a Disgaea parody.

Given how I think, this might not be a bad thing.  I mean if you’re writing zombie horror, it has to be gross and gory, otherwise what’s the point.  Same for the sexy horror stuff.  If the zombie cheerleader isn’t trying to erotically asphyxiate her partner with her own large intestine, you’re not trying hard enough.

Yeah, I should probably stick to the succubi...

That’s it for this week.  Come back next week for more... tasteful... erotic stuff (maybe!).

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  1. Would really like to see a Text Play of Paradox Part 2. Your first one really helped me out in finding out where to go.