Monday, September 25, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 20

We’re getting to the end of my Monmusu Conquered World playthrough.  At this point I think we have only the final boss to face.  To go back to where it all began, go here.  If you’re not 18, go to the back button on your internet browser (you can come back when you’re old enough).

In our last piece we took down the second-in-command.  By a process of elimination I think that means we have only have the final boss left, although with Violated Hero games (Monmusu Conquered World’s spiritual predecessor), that’s not always the case.  Also, I don’t have machine translation, so I don’t really know what’s going on anyway.

Before the final encounter we have another run-and-dodge section through a typical RPG-maker map.  The sex animations if you get caught were pretty neat the first few times, but by this point I think these filler sections have well and truly worn out their welcome.  I think the game knows as well.  The last segment is pretty much an open space with lots of identical succubus minions milling around.  It’s not hard to navigate.

And then, the big boss.

The final boss

Her name is given as Nia in the promo materials.  I’m guessing she’s supposed to be some kind of female Satan.  She does have a goaty sort of appearance.

If we weren’t sure she was the big boss, being sent off to fight against a wooshy metaphysical backdrop of stars and constellations clues us into her being the baddest of bads.

Generic JRPG final battle background

Despite this, she fails to do what 90% of all the other monster girls of Monmusu Conquered World have done—OHKO is in the first, unwinnable battle.

Time to accept our horny punishment.

Our final "punishment"

I’m fine with this.

She gets on top for a bout of vigorous fucking that doesn’t stop until she’s completely plastered in white stuff from the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.  Losing has never felt so fun.

I suppose we should try to win, though, what with the fate of the world and all that riding on this.

And then she does this and…

A devastating special attack...

…whoops, we lose again.

Put it away, Luka-clone we have a world to save.  Think of all those unfortunate black silhouettes labouring away without any kind of art privileges.

After beating her there is a barrage of weird screen effects.

And your reward is…

The prize!


Ah, that’s why she only had one Bad End scene.  Nia has gone all one-wing-angel on us.  Or rather, lots-of-hair-and-eyes-in-places-there-shouldn’t-be-eyes angel on us.

At least, I think she might have transformed.  The face differs so much I’m not sure if it’s her or a sister or mother.

This is what happens when you try to do this without machine translation (never never again).

As with the original Nia, she likes to be on top.  So we have to go through all that sexy, being ridden to exhaustion thing all over again.  Saving the world is hard job Luka-clone, someone’s got to be the one ridden by sexy Satan until their bollocks are empty.

The onerous costs of being a hero

The shaggy legs and weird hair eyes don’t detract.  My attention is somewhere else for some reason.

Every time it looks like the screen is fading out, the action jumps back to her on top.  I wonder if she’s taking a page out of Gorgon’s book and trying to avoid the sword’s magic by fuckity-ever-after for all eternity.

It fails (Luka-clone’s heart probably bursts at some point).

She definitely justifies her End Boss status.  For a while I was wondering if the game’s come-back-stronger mechanic has been switched off as she effortlessly swats us aside for about four “unlosable” fights in a row.  It isn’t until about the fifth or sixth attempt that she unveils her sex attack—an animated version of her cowgirl end, which is pretty sweet.

But prevail we must… but that will be for next time.


  1. Naiya knows about the heroes ability to revive after he has been defeated. This scene start with Naiya teasing him getting him to beg her to fuck him, she's also using some kind of magic or whatnot to make it easier to make him comply. Once our hero revives he finds Naiya is already fucking him again in her other form, she plans to fuck him to death over and over so she can pull out more semen from him since his body seem to produce new semen every time he comes to life again. She fucks him to death a couple of time, and our hero's cock can't resist this beauty since she's practically molded her pussy to make cock a snug perfect fit for her. His cock gets hard the minute he comes back to life. The third time he comes alive she's trained his cock so good that he just starts pumping without any help from Naiya or her magic.

    That's the gist of it anyway. I was not really invested enough to bother reading all the dialogue. It's more of a domination style scene where most of the struggle seem to be with our hero trying to resist ejaculating, but his body getting the better off him. The majority of the dialogue is just describing the sex in detail and our heroes struggle not to enjoy lovemaking with a "monster"

    1. Thanks for that. It's what I wished I could have done with this series.