Friday, September 22, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 19

Welcome back to the (hopefully!) back on schedule Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World.  Monmusu Conquered World is an adult monster girl sex game made by Dieselmine.  The first part of my playthrough can be found here.

Last up we got eaten up like candy by a succubus.  This was rather disappointing if you were expecting smutty sexy stuff, although the succubus did make up for it by riding our brains out in the h-battle later on.

Anyway, she’s out of the way and it’s time to press deeper into the demon lord castle.  The dodge-and-run section this time is that ever-annoying JRPG trope – the teleport maze.  At this point the game appears to be out of original sex animations, rendering the segment even more tedious.

Scrap metal + boobies

After navigating that it’s finally time to fight the second-in-command boss, Ms Scrap Metal Tits.  Number 2, Ms Scrap Metal Tits, appears prominently on the menu page and to be fair, her boobs are bulbously beautiful.

Poster Girl

Her name is given as The Orte, and I’m going to have to call defeat on the origins of that one.  Is it an anime/manga reference?  She’s surrounded by a dark essence, apparently.

Her first Bad End scene will be very familiar to anyone that played through the original Violated Hero series.  It’s the classic VH femdom footjob.

VH Femdom Footjob Scene #7

Every VH game had one of the major Big Bads do this to the protagonist at some point in the game.  The pictures all have virtually the same camera angle and pose.

As with the giantess scene last time, this is a kink that’s outside my wheelhouse.  I’m not a foot person.  I feel a footjob is something I should bucketlist at some point, if only to see what the fuss is about.  But having my balls actually trod on, hmm, I think I can miss that experience with no regrets.

The Orte is one of the “generals”.  That means she gets a second scene.  The footjob is just the appetizer.  Now it’s time for the main course as she climbs on top while getting Luka-clone to press his hand against her big soft titty.

The main course...
This, I think, I can get along with.

At least I could, until I noticed something with the artwork that threw me out of the scene.  What’s going on with her left leg?  It looks like it’s been detached from her hip and bolted on to her pussy.  I’m not sure what’s happening here.  Maybe the artist planned for one angle on the legs and then changed their mind when drawing her midriff.  Or there are perfectly sensible storyline reasons for it to look like that (which I can’t read, as I don’t have translation for this game).  Or it’s just me.

Is it just me?

Does how her leg joins to her body look weird to anyone else?

Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that once noticed, become impossible not to notice.

Which is a shame as the scene looks decent.  The Orte fucks our brains out and keeps fucking while the black stuff surrounding her starts to creep down over our skin. us.  Welp.

Uh oh.

Too late.  Time to add being absorbed by darkness to the list of unusual ways for Luka-clone to die.

Does this mean we now get scrap metal nuts?

The resurrection scene starts off in darkness and for a moment I’m wondering whether we’re going to be hit by some plot-twist shenanigans, but no, we get resurrected and have the normal fight, just like every other encounter.

Her sex attack is an animated version of her second Bad End scene.  This means I can’t fully appreciate it as the wonky leg art is still bugging me.

Annoying really.  I like The Orte’s design and she does appear to be the quintessential femme fatale succubus-esque encounter.

Oh well, let’s see what the big boss has in store for us.


  1. I read "At least I could, until I noticed something with the artwork" and immediately saw it. That leg looks seriously messed up.

    1. Actually...look at the footjob scene again. Don't her legs look off there as well?

    2. Yeah. There is some weird anatomy going on here. Not sure if it's intentional or the artist needs to get a bit more life-study practice in.