Friday, September 08, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 17

The Monmusu Conquered World series continues.  We’re into the “generals” now, so I think we’re (finally!) approaching the end.  (The journey began back here in case you’ve only just tuned in now.  If you’ve only just tuned in now I should also warn you Monmusu Conquered World is an adult game and you should press the back button on your browser right now if offended by such things.)

After sending the Family Fox packing, we’re back to more pointless run-and-dodge.  There’s a doorway leading to the shopkeeper (that I’ve never felt the need to buy anything off, because I chickened out of selecting ‘hard’ difficulty for a game I had no translation for).  Hmm, she appears to be hiding out in a luxurious bedroom this time around.

Oh, I wonder what that new option on the menu i—

Additional services are available at this shop

Oh.  Yeah.  Why was I even surprised?

You’ve come a long way, sorceress girl from Violated Hero 1.  (And I suspect Luka-clone also comes a long way, or would if her throat wasn’t in the way.)

At the end of the corridor we run into weird slug/tentacle/too-many-damn-eyes girl.

She seems very very angry for some reason.

Um, hi...?

I suspect her design is a nod to the King in Yellow, what with the tentacles, yellow cape and being named Hastia (Hastur).  All very Lovecraftian, or rather Robert W Chambers-ian, as the King in Yellow was his creation and preceded Lovecraft’s work by a decade or so (Lovecraft liked it).  Most people might remember it nowadays as the bait that fooled people into thinking a police drama was going to be more interesting than it ultimately was.  (The first season of True Detective is still pretty damn good, but ultimately never had the balls to fully peer behind the veil, as I’m sure most horror fans were hoping it would.)

Anyway, back to our little hentai game.  Hastur.  Tentacles.  What could possible go wrong?

We probably don't want to lose this one...

Let’s be honest.  The Violated Hero series was famed for being a little... shall we say... weird.  Monmusu Conquered World has been restrained with the last few scenes.  Not wanting to worry you or anything, Luka-clone, but this one might be rough.

I think reality has been twisted...

Oh, she just wants us to lick her clit.  Uh, that’s fine, I guess.  Unexpected.

Hastur is very talkative for an eldritch abomination.  Even more so when Luka-clone starts gently nibbling away on the sensitive parts of her nether regions.

Hmm, you seem a little more adept at this than I would have expected, Luka-clone.  Did you get up to stuff before going off on your adventures?

It doesn’t take long for Hastur to hit orgasm and this time it’s Luka-clone getting a facefull of sex juices.  That’s a novel twist from the norm.  I suppose it should be expected from an eldritch abomination.  They do like to twist reality after all (although this might be too far).

But there is the second scene.  Prepare thyself, Luka-clone, for tentacle...

Reality has definitely been twisted

Oh, she just wants to get on top and ride us cowgirl style.

This is too much.  I don’t think I can handle this much... normalcy.

“What’s the matter, darling?  Are you having that little problem again?”

“It’s all those eyes.  Can’t you shut them or something.  It’s very off-putting?”

Hastur does wrap her tentacles around us to give us an extra little squeeze, but, surprisingly for this genre, the tentacles stay mostly to themselves.

Hastur’s sex anim is also unexpected.  All those tentacles and eyes, and her scene is an as-vanilla-as-they-come blowjob.  I suspect Dieselmine is deliberately trolling us here.

I wonder what Lovecraft and others would have made of their creations being used in this way.  Absolute shock and disgust, I imagine.  Apart from Clark Ashton Smith.  I suspect he’d have found it hilarious.  Seems that kind of dude from his writing.

Tentacles, tentacles.  Anyone want tentacles?  I have tentacles for you.  Come on.  Who can resist two gorgeous scyllas in a bubbly Jacuzzi?

Is that just Ms Scrap Metal Boobs left now?  We’ll see next time.


  1. Wait does Hastur not kill Luka-clone?

  2. Considering the source-mythos, she might just leave him screaming vegetable. I mean, Lovecraft may have adopted the material rather than the other way around (which was a surprise to me actually, ) but what little I know about Hastur suggests there's some really good reasons why a victim of the being in question would still go mad from an encounter. An eroge female version of Hastur...

    Yeah, I'm gonna leave it there. Anime Girl Cthulu and Co. are bad enough, don't need to explore the inevitable hentai variation any further.

  3. Waiting with bated breath for your succubus summoning series......can u plz give us an update..:-(