Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 16

The Monmusu Conquered World Text Play continues (if you’re new to this madness, the first part can be found back here).  Will we finally get to fight one of the major bosses this time?

After defeating ghost girl, the action switches back to Generic Evil Throne Room Backdrop.  In there we have Ms Scrap Metal Boobies, Big Fox and Suspiciously-Young-Looking Fox, and... what appears to be a slug eating a blonde-haired girl.  Oh, for the days of Violated Hero 2 with the bubbly Milfy and that dirty snake girl minx.

Monster girl or monster eating girl?

Anyway, they do battle council stuff while Luka-clone looks for a kip on dirty mats in a cave somewhere.  Flesh Golem returns.  Again, I realise the folly of trying to do a series like this with zero machine translation.  If you know her relevance to the plot, please enlighten me in the comments below.

After a short bit of dialogue, she goes off running through Ye Olde Medieval Towne with sirens blaring in the background.  With Doppelganger, I could make an educated guess at what was going on.  At this point I don’t have a clue – the first stages of invasion?

It means we have another run-and-dodge segment through the tough urban streets.  The highlights of this part of town are having our face smooshed between two enormous boobies, or having our dick slapped.  Personally, I know what I prefer, but I won’t judge you if you like the other.

Then we enter the castle and the music goes all end-of-game dramatic.  Don’t try pulling that on me, game.  We haven’t fought one of the “generals” yet and I’m sure there’s at least four or five of them.

Talking of generals, here’s the first – Big Fox and Please-Don’t-Get-My-Blog-Pulled-For-Dubious-Content Fox.

Big Fox and L'il Fox

And this time we’re fighting.

Fox tag-team

I’d like to think of this as Big Sis Fox and L’il Sis Fox, but according to the product blurb they’re Mama and Daughter Fox.  Which is sort of icky, maybe.  I mean, is it technically incest if you engage in a lurid threesome with a pair of smoking-hot identical twins?  Asking for a friend.  What if it’s mother and daughter?  What if the mother and daughter [redacted] [redacted] and [most definitely redacted]?

Incest/Taboo porn has always seemed a bit weird to me.

(Says the guy who once wrote a story where a demon ate a man’s girlfriend, shat her out and then forced the still-sentient faecal matter to fuck her former boyfriend to death.)

(What, you thought I was joking.)

So, mother and daughter.  A bit squick, or no different to fucking a pair of hot sisters at the same time?

(Again, asking for a friend. Honest.)

Then there’s the age angle.

“Are you quite sure you’re of legal age, L’il Fox?”

“I’m 473. And my mother is 1,032.”

“Shush dear, I’m not a day over a thousand years old, and I have the tits to prove it.  Why don’t you feel for yourself?”

Fox spirits, sigh.

That’s quite alrigh...  Goddamn it Luka-clone.  What have I told you about touching the boobs of strange kitsune women.  Don’t you remember what happened last time?

Yes, I am talking about the “fluffy tail” incident.

It’s better to imagine the preliminary to the Bad End happening that way than what we get – a predictably unwinnable “fight” ending in another OHKO.

Then it’s time for some multi-fox mama-and-daughter fox action.  Mama fox rubs her curvaceous bum against our erection while Baby Fox gets in between and starts sucking.  Yeah, I figured all that innocent-baby-face stuff was an act.

Baby-faced, but most definitely not innocent

After getting Luka-clone primed, L’il Fox gets out of the way so that Mama Fox can sit... where it feels rather nice.  L’il Fox turns her attention to our nipples while Mama Fox bounces up and down.  After a bit of up’n’down, Mama Fox gets off at just the right moment for L’il Fox to get a full facial.  As she’s a centuries-old kitsune (probably), L’il Fox doesn’t mind.

I think they’re slurping up your energy again, Luka-clone (Or chi, or ki, or whatever it is that kitsune gobble).

Mama-and-daughter foxes are the first of the designated “generals”.  That means they have two-scene privileges.  And the second scene is...

Definitely not innocent...

...a rather pleasant fox sandwich.

Has Mama Fox’s boobs got even bigger?  They do look like rather soft and comfortable pillows to lie upon.

L’il Fox preserves her pretend virginity by attempting to get Luka-clone off with a bit of intercrural action between her thighs.

Or maybe not.  Naughty L’il fox.

Luka-clone still makes a big mess of her dress because he is the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

For the follow-up (i.e. non-OHKO) fights, their animated sex attack is Mama Fox bouncing away on Luka-clone’s cock with L’il Fox watching on intently.  What a lewd pair.

Do I need to even tell you at this point...?

Again, I’d love to be able to actually read the dialogue as after their defeat they get all sad-faced before (I think) teleporting away.

Not a bad scene.  Loli Fox and the Mama’n’Daughter angle might make it a little too uncomfortable for some folks (me included), but at the end of the day it’s just pixels.  I’m here for the boobies and Mama Fox has me amply covered in that department (I suspect literally as well, should she so desire).

Hmm, Kitsune.  Another “classic” monster girl.  I was trying to think of any kitsune stories I might have written and then remembered I’d been sneaky wi—

I have not written any stories with kitsune in them.

Huh?  Strange.  I dunno what came over me there.

Oh well, that will do for now.

To the next part.


  1. "Sneaky". I know you've got a fox-girl in your stories, but she's a kumiho, not a kitsune. Dunno if you ever wrote her in action though.

  2. by definition of the word this is not incest. now Lilim and Lilith's scene in part two of the original MGQ on the other hand is.

  3. "Oh, for the days of Violated Hero 2 with the bubbly Milfy and that dirty snake girl minx."

    You sir have very good taste.

  4. "slug eating a blonde-haired girl" is called "Hastia"

    Mamma Fox is called "seven-tail"

    L'ill/Loli fox is called "two-tail"

    Bizarrely, Luka-Clone appears to be called "Rick"

    First picture (Hastia) appears to be saying (roughly)

    Better than that, Orte was going to oppose these things. Have you changed your mind?

  5. Sandwiched by fox girls: I know an author that could tell that story well. It would be pretty interesting if they were twins too.

  6. I like that two tailed fox at least made it seem like she wanted Luka clone to return her affections.

    by the way why do you call him luka clone? I mean a majority of men in Dieselmine games fall purview of being a bag of concentrated semen as you put it. heck just look at the cover art for most of there older stuff. as for the personality type any of there games with a student protagonist match up with luka well(other then the whole half angel thing of course).

    M-days is a good example, mind you one of the girls in that is a yandere brocon who decides your her long lost brother and it has a bit of erotic asphyxiation(sorry it's been about 5 years i played that one)