Sunday, August 31, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 13

The Violated Hero 5 playthrough is now into the major bosses (despite one of the minor bosses going missing somewhere).  If you’ve just joined now, the start of it all is back here.  If you’ve just joined now and you’re not old enough to read about perverse sex scenes or are a puritanical holier-than-thou sort that starts frothing at the mouth at the first signs of lewdness, scram.

Last up we took down the first of the major bosses - Safi the Pissed Off Dragon Princess.

Safi doesn’t take losing too well.  I think she wants to murder us.

Whoops, translation boo-boo.  Turns out Safi wants a quick death now she’s been defeated.  That’s not going to happen as Luka-clone doesn’t do that killing thing.

Ariel is really unhappy about this.  Probably because Safi is significantly more powerful than the other world bosses and Ariel is terrified of her.

Wow, Ariel isn’t letting Luka-clone be merciful this time.  She pushes him aside so she can do the dirty deed herself.  And there was me thinking she wasn’t the sort to get her hands dirty.

Luka-clone gets in the way and stops her.  Even Safi thinks it’s ridiculous.

It works though, as we go back to the map screen without any blood being spilled.

Two steps later and we’re in the throne room of the demon king.

Boss rush.

Yep, Satan shows up and it’s time for major boss fight no.2.  Satan looks like she wants to do bad things to us, Luka-clone.  Really filthy things.

It’s a proper fight.  No options greyed out like they were during the hopeless boss fights.

Oh, so it’s just the 500 HP then.  That’s a hundred more than Safi and we only just managed to beat her.  You might not be needed this time, alt!Luka-clone.

We’ve reached the point in the game where it’s time to start quaffing those potions we’ve been hording.  I use all my MP in special attacks.  After that she still has 145 HP and I have considerably less.  I do have super potions, though, so I do the unfair thing and take one to send both HP and MP back to max.  Satan switches to her feeler attack.  As with Safi, it’s a tail wrapped around Luka-clone’s dangly bits.  As with all feeler attacks in Violated Hero, it doesn’t do anything.

Oddly, the 2nd special attack is more effective than the 3rd.  A hit with that is enough to send her to the floor.

Sorry, alt!Luka-clone.  Looks like you’re needed after all.  You know the drill . . .

Luka-clone throws the fight and hits the deck.  Ariel rants for a bit and then runs away very quickly.  It’s going to be very weird if she turns out to be a harder fight than either Safi or Satan.

Satan asks Luka-clone if he’s giving up.  Luka-clone never gives up inside.  Unfortunately his body has been bashed all over the place and isn’t getting the message.  Satan says she’s going to enjoy tormenting us.

So what you got, Satan babe?

Hmm.  Not sure what’s going on here.  Is she just going to stare Luka-clone’s cock into ejaculation.

She blows on it as well (blows air rather than an actual blowjob).

And that’s enough to get Luka-clone to pop.  That’s the ultimate humiliation right there.  She gets us to come without even touching our cock.

Satan Wins: Flawless Sexality.

She asks if Luka-clone has any left in his balls.  I don’t think she’s encountered a Violated Hero protagonist before.  It’s the same principle as Doctor Who’s TARDIS, if the TARDIS was filled from floor to ceiling with cum.

Satan gets bored of not touching, turns her tail into a suction tube and sucks up Luka-clone’s cock.  She squirts some hot juices down the pipe to give some lubrication and then finds the right suction rhythm to leave us completely helpless.

There is much sucking, followed by much coming, and finally the middle of the tail swells up in a big bulge filled with semen.  Plenty more where that came from.  (although not for me. Time to look for the zinc tablets)

Scene two is time to unleash the fucky fucky.

Not right away.  Satan gets some teasing in by rubbing the outside of her pussy against Luka-clone’s erection.  She tells him she’ll put his cock in her juicy pussy if he agrees to be her semen slave.

Luka-clone refuses.  Satan puts him in anyway.  She’s not going to let that spoil her fun.  Once inside, Luka-clone ejaculates right away.

That’s too fast for Satan.  She falls back on the classic Violated Hero sex torture – using magic to block Luka-clone from coming.  Then she rides him until it becomes unbearable and Luka-clone cracks (as he always does).

Beaten, Luka-clone takes the oath to become her semen slave.  Given how much juice his testicles produce he’ll probably be able to survive for a long long time.

Or maybe not.  Satan is one hungry gal for sperm.  After she releases the magic lock Luka-clone lets go with a typical cumplosion.  Then Satan keeps going . . . and going . . . and going.  She keeps squeezing ejaculation after ejaculation out of Luka-clone.  This is an interesting contest.  Who will win – The bottomless appetite of Satan versus the bottomless balls of Luka-clone.  I reckon they’ll have to call it off as a draw once the screen gets filled up with so much creamy white stuff no-one can see what’s going on anymore.

And there’s a third scene to come!

First there’s an interlude announcing Satan as uncontested ruler of all ten worlds.  Ariel and Goddess Luna Tea have both buggered off somewhere and Satan is bored at the lack of opposition.

Safi comes in to warn her not to get complacent.  Satan wanders off, saying she’s off to kill some time (and we all know what that means given that she has Luka-clone stashed away somewhere).

She invites Safi along!

Well well, seems like Satan is not as reluctant to share as Safi was.

Mmm, yes.  Now that’s what I call a sexy Bad End.  Luka-clone is sandwiched between the ginormous boobies of Safi and Satan.  It’s been a long road, Luka-clone buddy, with many painful and humiliating ends, but it was worth it.

Then Luka-clone spoils it by coming without Satan’s permission.

She asks Safi to punish us for our lack of control.  Oh well, I was surprised it didn’t happen last time around to be honest.  Finally Safi’s malleable dragon tail ends up in Luka-clone’s ass.

Focus on the big soft boobies smothering your face, Luka-clone.

Satan uses her magic to prevent another premature accident and they both give him a right proper fucking.

After a couple of monster ejaculations Luka-clone wonders if he’s going to die.  Satan tells him no way.  She likes her new semen slave.  She’s going to keep him around for hundreds, no thousands of years.  And this is bad because . . .

Mmm, I liked those scenes.  This might be because I’m very partial to demon girls with ginormous soft boobs.

If you want more hot succubi sandwiching helpless male victims, this little book is full of it (plus a five-succubi-on-one orgy.  I don’t believe in half measures when it comes to writing erotica).

Let’s see if the angelic duo can keep up the high standards.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 12.

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 playthrough I started here.  Now we’re onto the final world.  Please note Violated Hero 5 is a mucky hentai game, so if you’re too young to read about such things or easily offended by the smutty stuff, you should stop reading now.

Back to the game and Luka-clone knocks over the 9th boss, General Sweet.  Ariel, being the bloodthirsty little minx she is, tells Luka-clone to get a deathblow in before taking a breather.

By now we know that Luka-clone doesn’t roll that way.  General Sweet tries to take advantage by sighing in his ear.  That might have worked on useless Luka-clone ver 4.0, but this Luka-clone has a bit more of a spine than previous VH protagonists and turns her down.  General Sweet likes strong-willed men and agrees to his demands to stop oppressing the weak humans.  I think.  Auto-translation struggled with that conversation.

Now it’s back to the world tree.  There’s only one world left and from the silhouette the boss of that world looks to be Satan.

This leaves me wondering what happened to this girl.

Violated Hero follows a set formula now.  Ten minor boss characters and five major boss characters.  So far we’ve seen nine of the minor boss characters.  The one missing is the succubus with a blind fold.

Back at the world tree and Luka-clone is debating whether to continue.  Safi and Satan both kicked his ass with ease last time around.  Ariel doesn’t think he has enough power either.  Which makes me wonder what the point of this was in the first place – irritate the other world bosses and then leave it at that?  Luka-clone decides to go to the last world anyway as he’s a big dumb hero.

Before we go, the scene shifts to mystery Alice-clone with a silly hat.  She’s waiting for the worlds to lose balance and fulfil the conditions of a curse.  Sounds ominous.

Ariel takes us to the demon world and we’re welcomed by a mysterious voice that makes Ariel quake with fear.

Hey, what happened to the map bits?  Are we just going to get thrown into a boss fight here.

Oh, it’s the goddess Luna Tea.  No wonder Ariel is terrified.

And then we go to map selection and it’s off to the demon world we go.

The first stage has another bonus mini-boss to bash us into senseless pulp during the Bad Bad End.

The mooks are pretty little unicorn dark angels.  One has black feathers.  The other has white feathers and looks more angelic.

The mini-boss is another Lily.  Nope, I don’t know what she is either.

I throw the fight to see how bad the Bad End is and it’s sexy, surprisingly.  Lily knocks us down and is very happy we’re now nice and compliant.  Then cue some very suspicious squishy sounds.  Sounds like LIly is giving us a very sloppy blowjob.  It’s spoilt a little when her wings turn into a mouth and she starts swallowing our lower body.  At least she lets us come before eating us.

Um, I might have thrown this fight more than once.  The voice actress makes some deliciously filthy blowjob sounds.


That moment of weakness out of the way it’s time to continue Luka-clone’s epic quest.

Lily ver 2.0 gives an impressive 3 bonus points when defeated.  I continue my strategy of spreading everything equally as it seems to have worked out so far.

Onto the next stage and . . . uh oh . . . I sense a boss pile up in our future.

(Which makes me wonder again what happened to succubus with a blindfold.)

Here’s number one: Safi, Pissed Off Dragon Princess.  Oh, and she’s going to give us much more shameful treatment if she kicks our ass this time.  Better win, Luka-clone.  That tail is going to end up in a place you’d rather it didn’t if you lose.

This time the Sense Enemy attack isn’t greyed out, which means this is a normal boss fight.  Safi has a whopping 400 HP and it takes all of my MP in special attacks to bring her down.  Good job I took the time to grind through every level until it was 100% explored then.

That’s canon!Luka-clone, though.  Poor alt!Luka-clone has to take it for the team again to discover exactly which shameful acts Safi desires to punish us with.  Be brave, alt!Luka-clone!

Safi uses her tail as her feeler attack.  By wrapping it around our cock rather than using it as a suction tube for some reason.

After beating us Safi decides it would be a waste to kill us and decides to make us her subordinate.  Luka-clone refuses to betray humanity and says he’d rather die.  That doesn’t faze Safi.  She’s a dominatrix dragon girl.  Breaking Luka-clone into her personal manservant is her idea of fun.

And she starts by wrapping those big fluffy breasts right around our cock.  Um, I’m not sure the international guild of dominatrices would approve of this technique.

Although, from the descriptions, it sounds like Safi is some kind of Judo black belt in the art of paizuri.  Luka-clone’s cock gets the full treatment.  She threatens to draw out all of Luka-clone’s sperm until his balls shrivel up.  I don’t think she’s milked a VH protagonist before.  Their testicles contain hidden sub-dimensions full of oceans of sperm.

At the first ejaculation Safi goes wild over the smell and starts licking it off Luka-clone’s cock.  I’m wondering who’s breaking who here to be honest.

Then the art and descriptions diverge again as Safi starts giving Luka-clone a very sloppy blowjob.

The second part of Safi’s fiendish plan to break us in appears to involve fucking our brains out reverse cowgirl style.

Hey, works for me.

To avoid ending up as Safi’s personal manservant all Luka-clone has to do is hold on and not come.  Right, like that’s ever happening.


Enjoy your new life as Safi’s slave, Luka-clone.

As Safi is one of the five major bosses that means she gets an additional bonus hentai scene.  Before this there’s a little filler scene where Safi and Satan squabble over Luka-clone.  Safi isn’t in any mood to share her spoils and Satan doesn’t want to push the issue as she likes her subordinates to be strong-willed and ruthless.

Then the bonus third scene.  And here come the chains . . .

It’s Safi on top on her bed.  She does the usual VH trick of using magic to prevent us from coming until we beg for release.  Obviously it’s super-effective versus Luka-clone and he breaks in a big explosion of cum.  I think Safi likes her new pet.

I think you got off fairly lightly there, Luka-clone mate.  That could have been a lot worse.  No spiky dragon tails in the ass for starters.

I finally have competition this time around.  There’s this chapter here where Jackson falls to the wiles of a bubble-blowing dragon girl.  For anyone wondering what happened to that series, I will be getting back to it once I get some other projects out of the way (most notably Succubus Summoning 201).

Judging by the order of the silhouettes, I guess next time we’ll be taking on Satan, who probably isn’t the overall Big Bad if her fight appears this early.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 11

The Violated Hero 5 playthrough continues.  The usual rules apply – minors and the perpetually outraged should leave now.  If you’ve just arrived here and have no idea what this is all about, the first part can be found here.

Last up we met the first of the fan winners and Luka-clone got gang-banged by multiple copies of the mirror demon, Myra.

In canon reality Luka-clone smacks Myra around with his special attacks and wins fairly rapidly.  This causes Myra a massive crisis of confidence.  Ariel chooses to make it worse by getting some quality taunts in.  Girls are cruel.

Luka-clone does his heroic peacekeeper bit and tells Myra she’s beautiful.  Because of this she agrees to stop attacking the puny humans.  This annoys Ariel, and after shouting at Luka-clone a bit she storms of to report back to the Big Boss Angel, Luna Tea.

Ariel thinks she’s in Luna Tea’s good books until Luna Tea asks how Luka-clone managed to get to the alien world (I presume she means Cura of the Incubator’s world).

Ariel blames it on a helpful passing monster daughter.

Luna Tea asks why Ariel didn’t report this earlier.

(Uh oh, someone’s in t-r-o-u-b-l-e . . .)

Ariel is terrified she’s about to get a smiting, but the goddess lets her go to continue on “supporting” Luka-clone.  Luna Tea ponders for a moment and wonders if it’s time to advance her plans to save everyone from extinction.

Hey wait a moment.  Extinction?  That’s a bit deep and heavy for a Big Boobs hentai game.

Ariel, being the bully she is, takes her fear out on Luka-clone by surprise attacking him and savagely kicking him around.

And then it’s off to world number 9.  This is the realm of the other fan winner.  I think her name is General Sweet or something like that.  She’s supposed to have a fortress.  The stage pictures look like gates.

The level looks like a crystalline forest.  The first wandering mook is . . .

. . . so sickeningly cute I think I need a sick bucket.

Her name is Sugar.  Death by diabetes imminent.

The other mook’s name is Candy.  I dub this world toothrot world.

At the end of the level Luka-clone notices the strong smell of sweets.  Ariel warns us to be on our guard and then the boss makes an appearance.

This is the other fan winner.  As with the mirror demon the final artwork is a little disappointing.  I don’t know why Dieselmine chose to lolify/cartoonify most of the boss characters this time around.  In previous games they’ve tended to have a broader range of looks.  The original design for this boss had a sexy Harlequin thing going for it, but somehow they’ve ended up with a fairly nondescript oppai loli in a uniform.

Back in the game Ariel is berating Luka-clone for not getting on with the fighting already.  Luka-clone is still baffled at how such a sweet-looking girl could end up the boss of fortress world.  General Sweet takes the opportunity of Luka-clone’s stupidity to try and enthrall us with her sweet breath.  Thankfully Ariel is on hand to scold us out of it.

And then the fight.  How cute (blerggghle), General Sweet breathes love hearts at us.  As she’s a fairly normal looking human she obviously gets the generic feeler attack that matches the colour of her uniform.  Can no-one at Dieselmine draw animated handjobs?

After canon!Luka-clone wins the fight I do the save and reload trick and force alt!Luka-clone to throw the fight.  He dutifully does, falling over at the end as he is overcome by General Sweet’s sweet breath.

She tells us we don’t need to be afraid.

This is Violated Hero, of course we’re afraid.

General Sweet sighs sweet breath over us until Luka-clone melts away into unconsciousness.  Then she carries us off to have her wicked way with us.  She seems nice enough that this might be a “Nice” Bad End.  But this is Violated Hero, so there’s always the possibility she might suddenly morph into a ravening tentacle beast and ravage bits of us we’d rather not be ravaged.

First up and it seems harmless enough.  Luka-clone gets a face full of massive boob while General Sweet blows on his ear.

The artwork doesn’t show it, but General Sweet follows up a bit of ear blowing with some ear licking.  Once Luka-clone is nicely relaxed she starts on a gentle handjob and eventually the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen is painting the screen white.

So far, so gentle.

What does scene two have in store for us?

Oh, that would be chains and a collar around the neck.

Uh oh.

To be fair, General Sweet is definitely looking more cartoon-like than child-like.  I still think the Harlequin face would have suited her better.

Luka-clone still has his face buried in monster tit.  I don’t think he has any choice in this.

And then it’s time for the fucky fucky.  And many many pops from the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.  General Sweet tells him at the end that he doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore as she’ll take good care of him.  So it’s a “Nice” Bad End after all.  Are you feeling okay, Violated Hero?

After some fairly brutal scenes at the beginning, Violated Hero definitely seems to have toned down the brutality over the last few worlds.  Maybe this will change once we head off to the final world, the demon world.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 10

This is the continuation of my Violated Hero 5 playthrough.  The first part can be found hereViolated Hero 5 is a sexy monster girl game featuring plenty of sex and other naughtiness.  If you’re not old enough to read about such things, or are easily offended by such things, please navigate your internet browser to safer shores now.

Last up we ended up being cocooned by the charming moth girl, Lapis.  In canon reality Luka-clone beats her down and tries again to get a world boss to promise not to molest humans.  Ariel mocks his continued naivety by saying monster girls don’t understand such negotiations.

Lapis surprises both of them by agreeing to Luka-clone’s demands.

Ah, it turns out she wasn’t subjugating the humans anyway.  She stayed in her lair and humans came to her because they wanted to be “attacked”.

Sounds legit.  We’re all perverts.

Luka-clone realises he hasn’t actually changed anything again.  Lapis is very eager for him to come back so she can “attack” him again.  She reinforces this by flashing her naked boobies at him.  Lapis definitely knows the route straight to a man’s penis even if she is a little freaky looking below the waist.

Then the scene jumps over to the demon palace where Safi is worried about the juggernaut-like advance of Luka-clone.  (Um you remember the fight we had – 0, 0, 0 to you, then 9999 to me.  That wasn’t close.)

Then it’s back to the World Tree for the next step.

Oh, but before we can move onto World 8 Ariel is saying Luka-clone needs to get stronger.  He needs to let her provide him with more divine protection.

This is just an excuse for you to molest him again, isn’t it Ariel.


I don’t know why Luka-clone looks so unhappy.  This is as close as VH gets to a good end.

Ariel starts with rubbing the outside of her pussy against Luka-clone’s dick.  That’s enough to make him come.  A lot.

But this is the last divine protection of an angel.  Ariel wants fourth base and gets it.  They carry on for a bit and Luka-clone comes enough for an entire baseball team.

Ariel, I think you burst the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

Oddly, VH5 seems to be the reverse of VH4.  From what I’ve seen so far I suspect Ariel isn’t a fighter at all.  That means she’s the one hanging around to provide the sex power ups while Luka-clone does the fighting.  This is a straight role reversal from Lilith and the protagonist in VH4.

Then it’s off to Mirror World and, ooh, looks like another mini-boss.

The first wandering mook is Hikari.  No idea what she is, but nice legs.

The new special attack is, however, extremely powerful, doing 199 in one hit.

Hikari’s sister, Underworld, is hotter.  Although the whole “Die!” part is a little off-putting.

The mini-boss is some kind of crazy rabbit girl thing with a giant mallet.  I’m not sure what that white stuff is flying all over the place.  Did Luka-clone get burst again without anyone telling us?

I’m not sure losing to these crazy mini-bosses is a good idea.  Rabbit girl celebrates winning by giving Luka-clone’s danglies a severe kicking.  Then she raises the hammer.  Thankfully Luka-clone loses consciousness before his junk gets squished into a pancake and we don’t have to dwell on it too much.

I’m getting the feeling these mini-boss ends are mainly Bad Bad Ends rather than Sexy Bad Ends.

At the end of the level is a hall of mirrors.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the mirror demon from the fan vote resides here.

Luka-clone freaks out when a mirror speaks to him.  Then the mirror demon appears asking if she’s the most beautiful of all.

Not really, to be honest.

When they had the fan vote my pick would have been the mirror demon.  I was a little disappointed when I saw the promotional artwork as I felt they’d botched the finished design.  The original smouldered and looked hot.  The final version has a squashed face with too-big eyes and looks cartoony rather than hot.  It’s a shame they didn’t keep to the style of the mockup.

Here’s the original for contrast.  Maybe it’s just me.

In the fight her feeler attack looks like the basic sex toy, but dipped in shiny goop.

After alt!Luka-clone loses the fight Ariel is pissed off because she lost a beauty contest or something, and storms off, leaving Luka-clone alone with Myra, the mirror demon.  She thinks he should be punished for daring to compare her beauty with another woman.  And as she gets her beauty from fresh male energy . . .

It looks like we’re starting with mirror demon paizuri.

Ah, it’s cleverer than that.  Myra is doing naughty stuff to Luka-clone’s reflection and he feels it as though it’s happening to him.

The artwork doesn’t match the early description.  It sounds like Myra runs her hands all over Luka-clone’s reflection, getting him crazily turned on to the point he pushes his cock into the mirror and she starts titwanking him.  To VH5’s credit, the sex scenes have shown a lot of imagination and creativity this time around.  It’s a shame the other artwork of Myra (and to some extent a lot of the other bosses) is so wonky.

Luka-clone spurts a couple of times and that’s enough for Myra to be able to pull him into the mirror.  Then it’s time for mirror demon gangbang.

She gets us to come with a bit of pussy fold rubbing on the outside.

Then she takes us inside . . .

She squeezes Luka-clone until he comes.  Then she rides him frenziedly until he comes.  Then she decides to keep him as a semen doll.  As Violated Hero Bad Ends go, that’s probably one of the better ways to lose.

Another imaginative scene overall.  Once again Violated Hero stomps me by going off into territories I haven’t yet covered in my own stories.  The mirror thing has definitely given me some ideas.  We’ll see how they pan out in a future story.

Come back next time when we take on the second fan vote girl, General Sweet.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 9

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 playthrough, which started hereViolated Hero 5 is a squicky hentai game, so the usual rules apply.  If you’re easily offended or underage, please leave now.

Last off we faced off against the mysterious Cura of the incubators, apparently given World 6 to use as her own personal breeding ground by the angels.  Luka-clone doesn’t get a chance to order her to stop harassing humans this time.  As soon as he beats her she melts right into the ground.  Once again I get the impression Luka-clone’s activities haven’t really caused any long-lasting change to this world.

Afterwards Safi, Pissed-Off Dragon Princess returns.  Our new companion?

Nope, she wants a fight.

Hey, no fair.  No Boss Rushes without giving me a chance to level up and recover HP in between.

It doesn’t matter as it’s another unwinnable boss fight.  0, 0, 0, and then how about we dish out 9999 right to your noggin.  That potion I took to restore both HP and MP beforehand was wisely used then.  Sigh.

After Safi kicks our ass Luka-clone lies on the floor and waits for the worse.  Safi doesn’t follow through and administer a coup de grace.  She thinks it’s unsporting considering the fight was right after a battle with the world boss.

I think I’ve figured out Luka-clone’s hidden power.  He looks so much like a helpless choirboy the big bads can’t bring themselves to finish him off.

Safi decides she should at least get something out of this.

That something being a footjob on Luka-clone.

Hmm, those claws look a little . . . ouch . . . uncomfortable.  This’ll restart the scaly paws threads on 4chan again.

And in comes her tail.  For a big suck.

When did dragon tails start doing that?  I suppose it’s better than it going in the ass, especially with those spikes.

Safi sucks harder and harder and asks us to grovel and beg for mercy.  (She could suck the cock right off.  Shush, Horror-head.  Stop getting ideas).

Luka-clone eventually faints.  Amazingly, Safi is all apologetic for going at it too hard.  Hmm, Ariel, you might not be the loopiest character in this game after all.

And talking of Ariel, Little Miss Loopy shows up right after Safi departs.  Ariel interrogates us as to how we got here.

It was a bad girl wot teleported us, Miss.  A bad girl with a snake tail and a silly hat.

Ariel starts talking about pizza, I think, which makes me think the auto-translation has gone haywire again.  She’s unhappy Luka-clone offed the boss of this world.  Um, I don’t think we really offed her.

Now it’s time to head off to the moth caves.

There are giant scorpions on the wall.  That can’t be good.

The mooks for this level are girls covered in piles of snakes.  No, the snakes don’t go away if you knock them down to half health, but you do get to see a nipple.

Oddly, the mooks have less HP than the sheep women from the last world.

We reach the end of the level and Luka-clone starts sneezing on moth powder.  Then the moth swoops down and we can guess what Luka-clone is fixated on.

Ariel berates him, telling us we should be used to this by now.  She slaps him out of vile temptations.  Or probably because she just enjoys slapping Luka-clone.

Moth girl’s name is Lapis and she’s probably the weirdest monster girl design for this installment of Violated Hero.  I have no idea what’s going on below the waist at all.  Overall VH5’s monster girl designs have been much more vanilla in comparison to the previous games.

Her feeler attack is a cutaway of some kind of tube with bobbles inside.

The bad end starts with a bit of paizuri while Luka-clone’s legs and arms are bound by her tentacles.  Lapis thinks Luka-clone is a little too nervous, so she starts exuding aphrodisiac honey from her skin.  This makes her breasts really slippery and Luka-clone is soon spurting cum in her face (she loves it, obviously).

The aphrodisiac honey sweat isn’t enough, so Lapis starts wrapping silk thread around us as well.

And keeps wrapping.

Scene two starts with Luka-clone all wrapped up in a cocoon.  Lapis has a feeler in there and is giving a Luka-clone a good suck.

Things get a little weird as she inserts the other end of the feeler into her pussy so she can syphon Luka-clone’s sperm into her.  Huh, having problems with the topology of that one.  No matter, she pumps her vaginal secretions down the pipe, drives Luka-clone into ecstasy and sucks up his cum as he ejaculates over and over.

VH5 is continuing to give me a thrashing in the comparison stakes.  No moth girl story in my extensive back catalogue unfortunately.  There is a spider-girl story where somebody gets cocooned in this collection, though (and that story doesn’t appear anywhere else).

Next time we get to see the first of the fan winners for VH5 as we head off to the realm of the mirror demon.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 8

And I’m back.  Two weeks of being laid up in bed with the virus from hell wasn’t much fun.  Without further ado it’s time to carry on the Violated Hero 5 playthrough.  Currently we’re halfway through the ten worlds of squicky sex monsters.  If you want to see where it all started, part 1 is here.  If you’re under 18 or a bit of a holier-than-thou twat that likes to read things they don’t like just so you can complain about them, please fuck off now.

Last up I was too busy getting fried with electricity to realise we actually had a Violated Hero Bad End where the sanctity of Luka-clone’s anus was preserved.  In VH-world that makes Elekina (aka Little Miss Pikachu) a keeper.

After bashing Elekina down Luka-clone does his usual and tries to get her to promise to stop subjugating the puny humans.  And she accepts.

What?  That actually worked?

Elekina is very big on keeping to her word.  This combined with her lack of wanting to insert anything into Luka-clone’s ass makes me think she might have wandered into the wrong game by mistake.

Then it’s time to head off to the—

Oh, Ariel doesn’t want us to go to the next world for some reason.

Would this because the big secret you’re hiding from us is that angels are also monster girls and world 6 is their world, huh Ariel?

Ariel heads off to report in to her Big Boss Angel.  Everything goes black and swirly.  Alice-clone with a Silly Hat has returned.  She sends us to the next world instead.

World six is very airy and has rocks floating in the sky.  I’m guessing this is the angel world.  I must also admit to really liking the background art in VH5.

A further tipoff that this is the angel world comes when we bump into Dragon Princess Safi.  Last we saw her she was heading off to bother the angels and this is where we find her.  I wonder if we’re going to see a switchover, with Safi taking on companion duties.

Nope, not just yet.

We’re left alone to frolic across the Elysium fields.

Which appear to be inhabited by sheep girls that look as though they’ve just been dipped in crude oil.  Hmm, you don’t appear to be angels.

Neither does the mini-boss, Elvira, we encounter.  She looks full-on demon.

Let’s put our hands in front of our eyes and see what delights she bestows on us if we throw the fight and grovel at her feet.

That would be a good whipping to ‘horse train’ us.  Then we get eaten by the demon beast.

Uh, sex?  What happened to the sexy in the sexy Bad End?  Didn’t you read your contract, Elvira?

Then canon!Luka-clone requires the Gods of Save-Scumming to help him out.  I get a strange sequence from the random number generator when my attack does zero damage when they only have a sliver of health left.  Elvira gets to eat me a second time and—more embarrassingly—one of the sheep girls gives me a solid kick in the nuts for good measure.

Oh Luka-clone, what happened to your badass?

Thankfully we get our shit together and make it all the way through to the end boss.  And it’s another one of the fan rejects from VH4.  She’s the one with the weird wire dress.  Like the other fan reject from VH4 she also looks mature enough to be hot.  That makes me wonder if hers and the Asura’s artwork/scenes were already lying around on the Dieselmine office tables as so far every other world boss has been a little on the loli side.

Her name is Cura of the Incubators.  Although she looks fairly vanilla, she talks a lot about seedbeds, and that’s usually a fungus-y thing even if she doesn’t look very fungus-y.  Apparently she’s lodging here.  She has permission from the Goddess to use this world as her personal breeding ground.

Yes, told you, Luka-clone, the Goddess is evil.  JRPG, angel, evil every time.

canon!Luka-clone overcomes his random number generator problem to do the business.  This leaves alt!Luka-clone to unravel the riddle of what Cura actually is.

Her feeler attack looks like grey slime.  A slime girl?

A poisonous slime girl, apparently.  She secretes a powerful paralysis poison and helpfully tells us all about it after we’ve been beaten and it starts to take effect.

Now that we’re completely motionless and helpless, she starts off with a bit of 69 and gives a Luka-clone a good suck.  A real good suck.  Her mouth is some sort of specialised organ for extracting semen and starts wriggling all around Luka-clone’s cock as she coaxes him to let fly.

This is enough to fertilise her and little granular eggs start dribbling out with her vaginal secretions.  Guess we’ll be swallowing them then.  Pretend it’s caviar, Luka-clone.

Onto scene two and . . . uh . . . yeah . . . I guess this is a little creepy.  Cura straddles Luka-clone reverse cowgirl style, which is fine.  At the same time two little moppets are licking on Luka-clone’s nipples and calling him “Papi”, which is a little bit too close to the bucket marked unhealthy fantasy for my comfort.

Good thing this is all just fantasy and she—and more importantly, them—isn’t human.

I suppose I should be glad enough Luka-clone isn’t drawn like a midget choirboy this time around.

Back to the hentai scene and Cura takes him up inside her pussy just as some type of rubbery stuff forces its way out of Luka-clone’s mouth.  I suppose it’s more considerate than your average xenomorph.

Cura sends a feeler down Luka-clone’s urethra so she can flood his balls directly with her vaginal secretions.  Eventually she lets us come.  The slime crawling out of Luka-clone’s mouth coalesces into moppet number three.  By the sounds of things they’re going to keep doing this until Luka-clone runs out of babyjuice (or suffocates beneath the weight of newborn moppets).

It’s another imaginative scene, especially as Cura initially looks very vanilla compared to other VH girls.  The addition of the “daughters” is a little off-putting for me, though.

I seem to be (mostly) over this illness thing now, so we should be back on the original schedule.  Come back in a couple of days as we take on perhaps the weirdest-looking of VH5’s monster girls.