Monday, September 04, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 15

Blimmin’ Hell.  What is this, week 6 of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play?  (It might have been a mistake doing this…)  Never mind, here’s where the insanity started.

We’re still not even on the final bosses!

With Monmusu Conquered World the distinction seems a bit blurry compared to Dieselmine’s previous Violated Hero series.  The Flesh Golem girl we fought last time had two Bad End scenes and I thought she was just another standard boss.

The two fox sisters show up after the fight.  Again you’ll have to excuse my lack-of-a-clue as to what’s going on as I don’t have machine translation for this series.

(Then why did you try to do this series anyway?  That is a question I have been asking myself…)

I think Luka-clone might have got bonked on the head.  We wake up in that same rustic room with all the cobwebs.

From there it’s more run-and-dodge filler.  Nominally, the sex anims are all new, but they’re basically variations on one’s already seen.  The slime girl one is still pretty nice though.

I wonder if Luka-clone is as lost as I am as we end up on the shore of a lake, seemingly slashing at empty air.

Another scenery change and is this the time we get to fight Big Fox and L’il Fox?

Nopers, it’s time for a walk through a graveyard instead.  There are zombies, but they seem more interested in eating ass than brains.  Gorblessyou, H-RPG world.

The long way around to eating braaaains

I mean, if we weren’t in a hentai game, this backdrop of wooden crosses might be a little intimidating.

When did we leave the sex game again?

(I’d make it terrifying)

In such charnel surroundings, it shouldn’t be that surprising that our next opponent is a spooky ghost girl.  I’m more scared by the art style clash to be honest.

A little too bright for a ghost girl?

After our predictable OHKO, it’s time for a spot of spectral 69 as Ghost Girl wants us to get a good sniff of her pussy.  Or make use of our nose in rather creative ways, it seems from the artwork.  Can you still breathe down there, Luka-clone?

Spectral 69, yeah yeah, baby!

Hmm.  Is this a ghost girl or a succubus?  Having our face stuffed in pussy brings the little man to attention (as it would) and rather than keeping up her end of the 69, Ghost Girl drops a magic circle on our erection instead.  "Energy Drain" is mentioned.  Uh oh.

That's not your mouth

It doesn’t take long before the white stuff is fwooshing out of Luka-clone’s cock.  I don’t think that’s just semen, mate.  I think that’s our energy fwooshing out as well.  That’s why you shouldn’t seek carnal knowledge of ghosts, Luka-clone.  They’re just energy-hungry vamps who are only interested in your life force.

Fwoosh, fwoosh.

Um, we’d better stop fwooshing or… never mind.

Bad End.

The real fight has Ghost Girl blast us with dark energy.  When that fails to work she binds us, puts us to sleep and then smothers us with her pussy.  I don’t think that finisher is allowed by the WWE.

Time for more fwoosh.

It’s not a bad encounter despite the art style.  But then my love of succubi-type monster girls means I tend to go weak at the knees at the mention of “energy drain”.

Having all your energy sucked out will do that.


Anyway, time to exorcise this ghostly bitch and move on.

Whoa, luv.  This is just a harmless snu-snu game.  There’s no need for that overly dramatic death wail.  It might get me wondering how Luka-clone is dispatching his opponents and I don’t need the guilt trip.

(Although I wouldn’t exactly blame him.  Being swallowed whole or having all the blood sucked out of your body isn’t exactly good for the mental state.)

As always, if you like this series, please consider picking up one of my books.  There will be some new fiction coming out soon.  I’ve been using this series as a screen while I catch up and finish some of the multiple (too many) writing projects I’ve got on the go.

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  1. amuseingly the mc can't see her for most of the scene so he's very confused as to whats going on at first

    1. Ah. That's where trying to do this without translation sucks. I miss all that.