Saturday, August 19, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 9

We’re a day later than originally planned, but here it finally is, the 9th part of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play.  Monmusu Conquered World is an adult (ie sex) game, so the usual disclaimers and warnings apply.  If you’re new to all this madness, the first part can be found here.

Last up we got sandwiched by the smoking hot boobies of Atomis, and a good time was had by all.

After defeating steam girl there’s some dialogue with a silhouette of an old git, which, of course, I can’t understand without any form of machine translation. Go away old git silhouette, we’ve got more hot monster girls to fu… um… fight.

The action cuts back to Ye Generic Demon Overlord Throne Room, where I assume Mosquina and Lamia are having the usual ‘the hero is stronger than we thought, I can’t wait to defeat him and screw his brains out’ conversation.

Then back to Luka-clone, where epic music plays in front of some kind of desert canyon backdrop.  I have no idea where we’re supposed to be and I’m not sure the game knows either.

To glory...?

We get some well-earned kip and then wake up to find Mosquina causing havok back in Ye Olde Medieval City.

Wait, aren’t we in a desert now?

The game does the equivalent of “fucked if I know”.  Sirens go off as it cycles through various backdrops.

We don’t even have to run through the silly run-and-dodge filler this time.  Mosquina, like her namesake, gets right in our face right from the get-go.

Nice... um... hat?

While you can pretty much make any new monster girl by Cronenberging a hot babe with a random member of the animal (or plant) kingdom, mosquito girls have a trope codifier of sorts in the Mosquito Queen villain from One Punch Man.  Even though she only appeared for like 5 seconds before getting splatted up the side of the building, she went on to become popular Rule 34 material and I’m guessing was the inspiration for Mosquina here.  In this case, the artist (Setouchi, I think) has converted her proboscis into a cute strand of hair, which is sort of weird.  But it also could have been worse.  They could have left it as long sharp needle and stabbed it into…

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.  This is a Dieselmine game after all, the same people that made the Violated Hero series.  Best not give them any ideas, because they might… draw them.

Fight time.

Look at the boobies.  Just keep focused on the boobies...

Mosquina buffs herself.  Her second-round action sounds like she’s having an orgasm before obliterating us with 18835 damage.

“Did the Earth move, honey?”

Yes, you just hit us in the face with it.

Blimmin hell.  If that was her 'special' suck attack, I’m wondering if there’s anything left of poor Luka-clone.

How are we going to have a sexy Bad End now, Mosquina?  Erections need blood and you just sucked it all out of us.

Never mind.  I’m forgetting the number one superpower of all Luka-clones.  They never run out of the… ahem… creamier body fluids.

This is actually vanilla for this type of game

And Monmusu Conquered World is surprisingly restrained.  'Mosquito proboscis' and 'urethral sounding' (you probably don’t want that in your google search history) tend to go together like arachnes and bondage when it comes to hentai monster girls.

This is fairly normal sex (if sex with a six-foot-tall humanoid mosquito can be anyway considered normal.  It even remains fairly vanilla when Mosquina starts on the blood-drinking, as she tastefully sups away on the shoulder like a refugee from an old Hammer horror film.

(Wait, does that make me sound ancient?  Maybe I should use Twilight instead)

(Wait II, do the vampires in Twilight even suck blood?  Or do they just stand around all day being all sparkly and moody?)

So, no horrific impalements.  No sharp proboscii… proboscises… proboscides jabbed into soft parts of the human anatomy.  Are you feeling okay, Dieselmine?

Mosquina energetically sucks up two different flavours of bodily fluid.

A little too energetic as we get a lot of double suck action.

Whoa, too much suckage Mosquina.  We’re going to…

Mummification, the hidden hazard of the life of a monster girl hentai game hero...

Too late.  Luka-clone’s gone all mummy on us.  Still doesn’t stop him getting a last couple of big ejaculations.  Hidden power of all Violated Hero protagonists, as I said.

It’s a good job we have a magical resurrection sword.  A bit of hocus pocus, some bodily fluids restored from god knows where, and Luka-clone is back up for the ‘proper’ fight.

Which lasts for all of two rounds as Mosquina one-shots us again with her orgasmic suck attack.  You do know you’re supposed to let us have a chance second time around, don’t you, Mosquina?

It takes a fair bit of hitting the defend button in the unloseable fight to see Mosquina’s animated sex attack as she’s running the same attack script as Lizard Gal (what, you didn’t think we’d notice, Dieselmine?).  It’s worth the wait as we’re treated to an animated version of her Bad End sex.  It’s very… ahem… pneumatic.

Mosquina is quite vigorous.  Must be the benefit of an iron-rich diet.

Anyway, that’s enough fun.


Afterwards Mosquina insists on getting close and personal.

Look dearie, what part of Swat! didn’t you understand.  Luka-clone gives her a good swatting and that’s it for today’s episode.

We probably got off lightly there.  It could have been worse (a lot worse).

My round, I reckon.

Join us again on Monday Wednesday for some sexy snaky lamia lovin’.


  1. There was another story of yours that involved blood and other fluids being suck, wasnt a bug girl though, but still similarities.

  2. Wouldn't surprise me Manyeyedhydra if already knows since I think I remember him mentioning that he commissioned at least the whole main Succubus Summoning cast, but I think some people who frequent the blog might not also have DeviantArt accounts so...

    VezoniaArtz uploaded Rosa art to his gallery 8 hours ago. I only noticed the notification just now.

    I think it looks pretty damned (...) good myself, think it gets what I remember of her personality across.