Monday, August 28, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 12

Welcome to the continuation of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play.  Monmusu Conquered World is a monster girl hentai game created by Dieselmine (the same people responsible for the Violated Hero series).  This Text Play series began back here.

Last episode some kind of plot point thing happened.  We beat Manticore in a dusty old desert temple.  Manticore must have been important as she got more than one sexual position in the Bad End scene.  Afterwards we jumped through some kind of swirly portal thing.

Yes, it’s all a bit vague.  I don’t have any machine translation at all this time around, which makes following the plot a bit on the hard side.

A Big Bad appears...

Oh hello.  Who are you and why are you covered in scrap metal.  Nice boobs though.

I’m guessing this is the character referred to as The Orte.  Apparently she’s covered in dark essence.  Again, I have no clue what her mythological precedent is.  Maybe she was the only survivor of the disastrous Machine-Girl-themed Violated Hero 6.  She’s important enough to feature prominently on the menu screen (dose boobies), so I’m guessing we’re not fighting her just yet.

And that’s more plot we’re not going to understand any time seen.  Good job we’re playing for the titties rather than story (although to be fair, some of the Violated Hero games do have stories that go beyond excuse plot, albeit not as detailed as Torotoro Resistance’s fantastic Monster Girl Quest series).

I wonder if time travel might have been involved with the portal.  The first run-and-dodge section looks similar, as does the sex anims.  The sex anims are slightly different versions of the scenes from the first level – palette-shifted, or flipped, or tilted.

Another reason I think some time travel shenanigans might be involved is the first boss we run into is a blue slime.

Blue slimes are nearly always the first monster type encountered in any JRPG game that has them.  This was started off in the mainstream game DragonQuest and then continued by the more sexually explicit monster girl hentai games that ape mainstream classics such as Final Fantasy and Castlevania.  As boss number 11, Slime has showed up late to this party.

She seems friendly enough.

Maybe a little too friendly.

Hey, Slime, stop glooping me.

Nothing for it.  It’s time for another fight.

Or rather, another loss.  Blue slimes might normally be the weakest monster of any JRPG, but this Slime OHKOs us just like every other monster girl.

Time for a gloopy Bad End with Slime on top, and underneath, and all around us.  But mostly on top.

A comprehensive sex glooping

Um, please don’t eat us, Slime.  Or drink us, or whatever slimes do when they get to wrap up their helpless victims.

This one seems more interested in making us spunk.  Over and over again.

One thing I do like about this Bad End is that Luka-clone actually looks vaguely like a hero.  We’re ripped to fuck in this art.  Which is sort of keeping to how you’d expect a hero protagonist to look.  It’s also a little unusual for this type of game as some artists like to mess around with scale to make the monster girl look even more sexy dominant as she’s screwing the hero’s brains out.

Slime don’t need any artist tricks.

Slime gonna give you a delicious glooping no matter how muscular you look.

Gloop.  Gloop.  Splurt!

By the end she gets very jiggly.  And she never stops smiling sweetly.

Um, slime, you seem to be covering more of my body.

Once again, not being able to read the text and dialogue might be a good thing.  This looks remarkably similar to Erubetie’s first scene from Monster Girl Quest, and that did not end up well for our hero.

Oh well, the sword manages to extract us from Slime’s gelatinous grip for round two.

And speaking of gelatinous.  Wow.

Gelatinous pressure

That’s quite some big busty slime girl paizuri.  It’s animated and looks rather splendid.

(don’t digest my dick, don’t digest my dick, don’t digest my dick)

And again this is where I want to give Dieselmine a good slapping.  Ditch the auto-loss/auto-win nonsense, add the slime anim from the pointless run-and-dodge sections, maybe add another one or two sex anims, vary her sex attacks, animate each one, and you have an epic battlefuck fight that knocks anything from MGQ or ROBF out of the water.  It’s very typical of Dieselmine games.  The elements of quality are there, but they can’t ever seem to assemble them into a truly kickass game.

Enough ranting.  I’m just going to lie back and imagine big soft slime girl tits wrapped around and rubbing up and down my cock.

The real fight?

Yeah, yeah.  There’s no rush.  I’ll get around to it.


In a mo.

Or longer.  Like, half an hour longer.

Maybe longer.

Guess that will be it for the week.

I like slime girls (they might be my second favourite monster girls after succubi), so I have too many stories to list here (at least four or five in the H-space monster girl bestiary series already, although most of them don’t end well).  This chapter from Jackson in HRPG-World is a little more fun (really need to get back to writing that series) and there’s always the "Sandwiched by Slimes" novella, where I got a little... ahem... carried away.  A must-read for all slime girl fans.

Anyway, that’s enough blatant shilling.  Come back in a couple of days where I believe we’ll be getting our juices sucked by an Alraune (plant girl).

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  1. "really need to get back to writing that series"

    Yes please! I've been a fan of yours for ages, even though (funnily enough) erotic horror is a huge turn-off for me. I discovered your work through the aforementioned series, and the light-heartedness, fun and humour of the stories is exactly the kind of thing I enjoy. When my fiancée and I roleplay there's usually the exact same mixture of fun and light-heartedness involved too.

    I added your site to my RSS feed years ago, and check every post JUST IN CASE there's a return to that series. Your writing is amazing, I'm just unfortunate that one of my favourite erotic fiction authors writes almost-exclusively in a genre that does nothing for me. :D