Monday, August 14, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 7

It’s time for more Monmusu Conquered World.  We’ve had goblins, spider women, lizard girls, mermaids and... a painting.  Um, yeah.  Anyway, usual warnings about Monmusu Conquered World being an adult game apply.

After beating the Grand Odalisque it appears we’ve advanced enough in the plot to get the obligatory throne room scene where the next squad of sexy monster girls discuss how best to give our hapless hero a good hard fucking.

That backdrop looks awfully familiar...

Um Dieselmine, you’ve used that exact same backdrop for the demon lord throne room for the past four games.  Sort it out!

The seduction squad this time around contains a lamia, a mosquito girl, some kind of dark-skinned air spirit and a silhouette.  I’m not counting Squid Girl.  She’s just filling in for someone that’s off sick for the day.

The mosquito girl and lamia look to be Setouchi creations.  I like Setouchi’s work in the Monster Girl Quest games, but it doesn’t seem to fit as well here.  That art style clash problem I guess.

One of them, the silhouette, wanders off down a corridor.  She’s a silhouette, she’s a squid, she’s a silhouette (brain anyone that starts singing that Splatoon jingle).

I think she’s Doppelganger, based on the fact that the Japanese for Doppelganger appears to be Doppelganger according to the spoken dialogue.

There are some more dialogue sections with silhouettes in Ye Olde Medieval city.  I don’t really know what’s happening, but at a guess I suspect the shape-changing Doppelganger is impersonating Luka-clone to sow some chaos.

We have another run-and-dodge section through a woodland (with no new sex anims, sadly) until a confrontation at a pool with the same backdrop as the Doctor Fish encounter.

A silhouette appears.  Hey, nostalgia for Violated Hero 1.

Art privileges - denied

Then some sort of change takes place and she gains art privileges.  It’s boss number 6.

Is that meant to be our face?

According to the blurb she’s a monster girl that wears your face.

Huh?  Why the fuck would anyone want to fuck someone with their own face?  Even if you weren’t as fugly as me, wouldn’t it be... well... weird.  (I’m envisioning porn films as shot by Aphex Twin, and that’s not exactly getting my pecker eager.)

Rule 34 I guess.  If that is your fetish, you are a stunning and brave individual, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

(And that’s not sarcasm.  As long as it’s not strangling non-consenting individuals, I’m not judging anyone’s fetishes.  Mine are bad enough as they are!)

Okay, so the fake fight predictably starts with a OHKO and it’s time for sexy Bad End.

I think we might have pulled something, like everything...

Hmm, that looks really uncomfortable with the legs pushed back like that.  Various muscles in my legs are twinging in sympathy.  Oh well, Luka-clone is a brave hero-type.  Suppleness is probably in the job description.

(Plus he’s pixels.  Pixels can take whatever is thrown at them.)

I’m also wondering if I might have got the “Doppelganger wearing your face” thing wrong.  The different hair colours might be a strong clue.

Doppelganger is pretty vigorous on the whole sex thing.  I’d say like a bunny, but I think even bunnies would look at that and think, that’s a bit too quick, mate.

Slow down, Doppelganger.  You’re going to...

Did something just burst?

Eep.  I don’t think that’s an ejaculation.  I think Doppelganger might have just ruptured him.  Poor Luka-clone.

Despite this, there have been worse Violated Hero ways to go.  (trust me on this!)

In the ‘real’ fights her sex attack is just as vigorous.  Do you have habit you’re not telling us about, Doppelganger?  A bit of a penchant for the nose candy...?

Anyway, by the time of the third fight it’s time to put a stop to her nonsense.  Sorry, Doppelganger, but I’m just not that into me.

Shape-changing doppelgangers?  Do I have any stories about doppelgangers and shape-changing shenanigans?  Oh wait, there was that one where [spoilers].  It’s in this collection if I remember right (as well as plenty of other sexy succubus and monster girl stories).

To part 8!


  1. Looks like a strange hybrid of missionary and Amazon positions there. Yeah, that does look rather uncomfortable.

    Another Verde, and it's even titled as Verde-1 so there will be more :D also you should check out more of his work he is your drawing equivalent hydra

    1. Yup, lots of goodies in his gallery. :)

  3. That sexual position, the one where Luka-clone's legs are pushed back like that is something I have heard termed a "seeding press."

    Mostly it's used for women but I've seen men in doujins in that position as well.

  4. Are you ever going to write a new succubus summoning? Been waiting for ages.

    1. Thinking of moving on to it. I did want to finish a non-Succubus Summoning novel first, but it's looking like both ideas I was working on have stalled for the moment.