Friday, August 11, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 6

We’re at the end of the second week of our Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World.  The whole thing started back here.  Last time we were dragged into a pond by a bunch of over-amorous mermaids.  Lots of licking was involved.

With a short pause to shake ourselves dry, it’s time to carry on the epic quest to...

Um, Magic Sword, what exactly were we supposed to do again?

That’s what happens when you can’t be bothered to learn how to read Japanese.

Wandering away from the ruined town we come across a cut-scene where a monster girl is harassing some normal humans.  I’m guessing they’re normal humans as normal humans don’t have art privileges in this game.  The monster girl is the squid girl from VH5.

We know who you are

It’s cute how they think blurring her face out will stop us noticing the art re-use.

(To be honest, I don’t really have a problem with the re-use of previous content in places like this.  It’s not exactly essential to the plot and there are plenty of new monster girl characters to perv over.)

I'm not sure what happened in this scene.  At a guess I think it’s supposed to show Luka-clone’s hero powers growing as he saves a group of female villages from some slimy hentai tentacle action.

Then we’re off to a random castle.  Why not.

Another run-and-dodge section gives some brand new animated scenes.  Which are pretty neat.

Hmm, this is screwing with the whole dodging thing.  Gotta fuck ‘em all I guess.

Apart from this scene where she’s giving our cock the pimp hand.  I think I can do without that one.



There’s more running and dodging inside the mansion.  At one point I get a weird bug that knocks me into a wall, which looks pretty bad as I can’t get out.  Fortunately, the same succubus obligingly bumps into me and knocks me back out again.

After more ducking and diving we escape into a room with a very large picture on one of the walls.

A totally not suspicious painting

Hmm, that’s not suspicious at all...

Don't ask

Yes, that is us, fighting a painting.  Dali would approve.

I’m not sure exactly what happens during the fight, but it looks suspiciously like the painting knocks us out with a fart.


You win this round Monmusu Conquered World.  I’m not even going to bother trying to contest it.

The Bad End is pretty sweet.  The Grand Odalisque is on top of us with her lovely round butt cheeks wrapped around our erection.  It looks rather tasty... just don’t look down at the bottom right.  That would appear to be our head being absorbed into the painting.  It looks rather painful.

Dat ass (Don't look down at the bottom right corner...)

The painting wins and a solo nude ends up being a pair of lovers.

Are we art now?

(Are we really that short – dang these artists with their inconsistent portrayals of age and appearance.  Luka-clone will probably look like Conan with washboard abs in the next scene.)

That’s some Twilight Zone-type shit right there.

Oddly, I’m trying to think where the idea for the painting girl might have come from.  Monster Girl Quest has the paintgeist of course, and that likely inspired Monmusu Conquered World’s Grand Odalisque.  But this is the sort of idea that must have shown up in an old creepy horror tale at some point and it’s bugging me that I don’t know the ‘classic’ source.

Back to the game, and you’ve got some work to do here, Magic Sword.  We’re paint.

No problem at all as Luka-clone gets ripped right back into our world for the rematch.

I don’t think the painting girl liked that.

As with the arachne fight, the Grand Odalisque fight also shows hints of really getting the flavour of a femdom monster girl sex fight, but is let down by the generic JRPG combat system.  Painting girl has a magic attack that does a fair bit of damage.  She also has a sequence where she binds the hero, puts them to sleep and then starts bouncing away on their cock with dat lovely round ass.  The little animated scene is great and again I wonder why they didn’t incorporate it into the Bad End scene.  I really like this blurring between the RPG fights and the sexy Bad Ends (which games like ROBF and Monster Girl Quest do so well) and wish the game did it more often and with less obviously generic JRPG implementation.

Anyway.  Yummy is yummy, but we have a world to save.

Round 3 we go invulnerable enough to enjoy that bouncing ass... a few more times than might be entirely healthy.  All good things must end and the deadly(ish) painting is put away for good.  Time to move onto the next monster girl boss.

As always, if you’re enjoying this series, please consider picking up some of my books.

I’ll be back on Monday with part 7.


  1. You might be thinking of The Picture of Dorian Grey.

    Also who Dali?

  2. Man, the art on that painting girl is fantastic.

    I hope there's a translation of this at some point.