Monday, August 07, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 4

Time for part 4 of my Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World.  The usual warnings about adult content apply.  Last time out we had a dinner date with an arachne... that didn’t go so well.

Now, probably a little slimy after our tour of the arachne’s stomach, it’s time to continue the adventure.

The next section is another dodge-and-run through a ruined village.  There are a couple of new sex animations if we get caught, including a very bouncy pair of boobies.

Boing boing!

I like these little animated snippets.  I’m not sure the game is making the best use of then, given that they’re thrown into the random generic filler segments, but they’re still quite nice.

One of the wrecked houses has a different kind of sparkly outside the door.  This leads to a cutscene of the wrecked interior.

This is where I again must apologise for playing this without any form of translation.  At a guess, our hero is finding somewhere quiet to sleep for the night.  A sprite of an open book is shown.  I don’t know whether it’s something we’ve found, or some kind of diary or similar keepsake Luka-clone is carrying around with him to remind him of the good times before the monster girls invaded and sucked all the juices out of everyone.

Your guess is as good as mine...

If someone does have an idea of what’s going on in these segments, please post in the comments below.

After another run past horny succubi, we’re out of the village and onto the grassy plains... where we run into boss number 3, the lizardman (or should that be lizardwoman/lizardgirl?).

Cute, but the change of art style is jarring

Oh boy, does that art style clash with everything else.  This is a similar problem to Monster Girl Quest (even more pronounced in the follow-up Monmusu Quest: Paradox).  Nothing wrong with the individual pictures themselves, but sometimes the different styles clash, which can be jarring.  Strange, because Dieselmine’s previous monster girl eroges were much more consistent in art style (If you ignore the silhouette and blown-up pixel art nonsense of the early games).

I’m not sure where the trope started, but lizardgirl monster girls are always proud, elite swordsmen for some reason.  I think we try and get by without a fight, but there she is, back in our damn face again.

Okay, ‘ave it, bitch!

Predictably, that doesn’t go so well.  Lizardgal takes a turn to buff her attack and defence, and then twats us for over 4000 damage.

Ow, that probably hurt.

Lizardgals also have long slimy tongues according to typical monster girl lore, so for her Bad End scene we are treated to a big sloppy blowjob.

Slurpy suck time

Wait, what is that hand doing near my balls?

Ow.  Ow.

A little less on the crushing sound effects, please.

Ow.  Ow.

Look, I know you’re meant to be cum-squeezing monsters from wherever, but can you please stop squeezing my testicle like it’s the bulb of a pipette.

Luka-clone expires from excessive ex-spermination.

She squeezed us like an orange.  A career singing classic AC/DC beckons.

This time I manage to beat lizardgal in the ‘proper’ RPG fight.  Which is also a little annoying as I didn’t get to see her sex attack.

For a while I wasn’t sure she had one.  One of the downsides of Lizardgals being a proud warrior race is they tend to be more enthusiastic about hitting folks over the head with steel objects than getting down’n’durty with the smexy stuff.  After leaving Luka-clone to be slashed about for a while I determine that Lizardgal’s sex attack is an animated version of her blowjob.

Which also makes me wonder why they didn’t just add that animation to the Bad End scene?

Anyway, that’s enough of Lizardgal.  Time to move on.

Oh, there’s still the game of which is the most depraved – manyeyedhydra vs Monmusu Conquered World.  Hmm, what lizard girl stories do I have?  Oh, there’s this one.  Yeah, I think I win this round.

As always, if you’re enjoying this series, please do me a favour and consider buying one of my books.

To part 5!


  1. Me.Hydra you may want to check this out! I believe your more then qualify. Plus this can help grow your audience.

    1. I contacted them a while back. They did seem keen to have me, but it sort of fizzled out. My fault really, I'm fairly allergic to most discord-type communication channels. Main problem now is I don't play as many of the J-hentai games because of the autotranslation software issues. (And I'm trying to avoid distractions from writing new fiction! :D )

    2. Ah I see. Sorry to hear about that.

    3. I suspect that the Lizardman is based on the one in Monster Girl Encyclopedia, hence the warrior aesthetic.