Monday, August 21, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Rosa

Yes, I know I was supposed to put a new part of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play up today, but...

I went and commissioned another piece of Succubus Summoning artwork from the highly talented VezoniaArtz.  So how do we like Rosa?

I know I neglected her a little in Succubus Summoning 201 (It was a deliberate running joke).  I intend to make up for that when I get around to writing Succubus Summoning 301. ;)


  1. This piece is wonderful & I really believe that having your our imput on this piece & the previous of Nÿte is helping to nail down the finer details that other may either glaze over or not even consider. The best example I can see, & something that has always stuck with me regarding Rosa, is her eyes. I have to question if someone else commissioning a piece would have made sure to say, "Oh, regarding her eyes..."

    Another detail, oddly, is her horns. I know Nurse Honey has a unique set ( as well as a lovely set ) but going back to the second commissioned piece for Verde, I wondered about whether the elk-style of horn was what was right whereas your commissions of Nÿte & Verde fit more with what I envisioned reading the stories,

    Love to hear that she'll be getting a bit more time in 301. I can wait, but I do hate to.

    Best to your coming days.



  2. Civildeviation21/08/2017, 21:13

    Love it! Only two minor details for my own preference related to SS1. First being I imagine the blue eyes being more prominent "icey blue" SS10, though its hard to draw that in a dark ambiance.
    The other part being that her bob haircut was a little less 1960s and more modern with a part and layered cropping. Kinda like this:
    Again, minor details, otherwise love it!

  3. Love Rosa and Nyte - best girls ;-)

  4. I know the current hairstyle is what is in the stories, bu i think long curling hair, would look better aesthetically.

    1. I agree. Red hair should be longer than shoulder length.


  5. Civildeviation23/08/2017, 07:44

    Since we are back at requisitioning from the SS series, I decided to go read the 200 arc again. Ah, the cliffhanger I'm supposed to forget about but can't is driving me nuts!

    I don't suppose we'll be getting any movement on the 300 arc any time soon will we?

  6. Please do Cerulea, please do Cerulea, please do Cerulea (in one of her adult-female forms...)