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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Lovely Photo Manip inspired by "Vampiric Boobies"

Normally, I regard Twitter as a horrible place.  I have a twitter handle on there (@manyeyedhydra), but for the last couple of years I've only used it to post dry updates of projects in progress.  The number of potential negative interactions far far outweigh the potential positive interactions on that platform, especially if you're someone like me who slaloms all over the usual political lines.

This was one of those rare positive interactions as I got tagged in on a thread where a photo manip artist had posted a piece inspired by one of my stories.  I liked it and asked if I could share, and the artist agreed, so here we are:

I don't know if it's meant to be Acarina or another vampire girl inspired by her.  Either way it's a really good interpretation of the blood draining scene from "Vampiric Boobies".

If she's anything like Acarina, that poor bloke is about to be given a horrible choice...

The artist is @Smut_Demon on twitter.  They regularly post photo manips of succubi, vamps and aliens, and they're pretty damn good from what I've seen.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Art of Nurse Honey being... absorbing.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted on email by someone asking if they could borrow one of my characters for an art commission.  I'm nearly always okay with this as long as the artist/commissioner leaves a note detailing where the character came from.  It's a very nice feeling as a writer to create a character people like enough to make/commission art of!

After seeing the results, I asked for permission to share the results here.  That was kindly granted, so here we are.

Warning: Sex with Nurse Honey can be very absorbing!

The art was commissioned by Mark45.  They have a userpage on Eka's Portal here:

If you like Monmusu Quest's vore-ier monster girls, you can find some other nice pieces in their galleries.

The art was created by TheBigBrap.  You can find their Eka's Portal page here:

And their Patreon here should you wish to commission your own pieces:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Nurse Honey by VezoniaArtz

Some more Succubus Summoning artwork for you today.  Here's a piece depicting Nurse Honey I commissioned from VezoniaArtz:

This is Nurse Honey in her much more intimidating Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān form.  I wanted this to be a companion piece to the Nÿte picture VezoniaArtz did for me earlier in the year and they did a great job again.

Hope you enjoy.

(Yes, I missed a Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] playthrough post.  I'll be back to normal schedule on Saturday.)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Rosa

Yes, I know I was supposed to put a new part of my Monmusu Conquered World Text Play up today, but...

I went and commissioned another piece of Succubus Summoning artwork from the highly talented VezoniaArtz.  So how do we like Rosa?

I know I neglected her a little in Succubus Summoning 201 (It was a deliberate running joke).  I intend to make up for that when I get around to writing Succubus Summoning 301. ;)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Nÿte

I'm happy to share another piece of gorgeous Succubus Summoning art on the blog today.  This is VezoniaArtz's interpretation of Nÿte.  I think they absolutely nailed it.

This was my first time at getting a piece of art commissioned.  I really liked the Verdé piece VezoniaArtz did for Jude Duval and thought they'd be perfect for Nÿte.  It was a great experience.  VezoniaArtz was very professional, thorough and fast.  Highly recommended.

And more artwork of hot succubi is always a good thing!

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Succubus Summoning Art - Verdé 2.0

Jude Duval/Luded Wolf has been busy again and commissioned another piece of Verdé, this time from VezoniaArtz:

Verdé is a nature gal.  Her garden is so lovely you might just end up staying there forever...

Love this piece.  It reminds me of old fantasy art cards.  VezoniaArtz's style is really suited for dark fae type creatures.  You can check out the rest of their gallery on DeviantArt here.  I'm tempted to see how busy they are and whether they might be interested in doing a few more pieces like this of gothic succubi and other monster girls.  Any suggestions for H-space girls or other characters people would like to see done in this style?

Thanks again to Jude Duval for commissioning these pieces.