Friday, August 27, 2021

Art of Nurse Honey being... absorbing.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted on email by someone asking if they could borrow one of my characters for an art commission.  I'm nearly always okay with this as long as the artist/commissioner leaves a note detailing where the character came from.  It's a very nice feeling as a writer to create a character people like enough to make/commission art of!

After seeing the results, I asked for permission to share the results here.  That was kindly granted, so here we are.

Warning: Sex with Nurse Honey can be very absorbing!

The art was commissioned by Mark45.  They have a userpage on Eka's Portal here:

If you like Monmusu Quest's vore-ier monster girls, you can find some other nice pieces in their galleries.

The art was created by TheBigBrap.  You can find their Eka's Portal page here:

And their Patreon here should you wish to commission your own pieces:


  1. The art is fucking awesome! I would love to see the artist do the other succubi.

    Sexy Adult Cerulean (the form she used to bang Phil in SS 110) is the only one not to get a drawing and i hope an artist will do her.

    Some nitpicks:

    -There is no devil spade on Nurse Honey's tail.

    -Her hair doesn't turn white during the absorbing process, lacks the "electric" aura, and doesn't drift in the air like its underwater.

    -Her horns aren't forming an elaborate crown like shape in her hair.

    But despite all that, I still love the artwork very much.

    Speaking of Nurse Honey, why does she hide her tail, wings, and horns? Why doesn't she display them at all times like Verde or Rosa?

    Why does she try to look more human than the other succubi?

    1. I don't mind the odd nitpicks with art. It's difficult to nail down every attribute, so every artist is going to have a slightly different interpretation.

      Nurse Honey likes a bit of predatory camouflage when she's out 'playing' with the humans.

  2. You like Helluva Boss? Sweet! Yeah Loona really got popular over the internet. You should add furry girls into the Harlot house and have furry girls from the Dominion of Lust.

    I knew furries aren't your kink, but lets be honest, you did write "Iron Girders and Steel Springs" having the dude bang the cat girl.

    You just might get more popular Hydra :D

    1. Furries are fine, but it isn't really my kink. I fall on the "no smout" side of the monster girl vs furry discussion.

      Furry is also similar to the other big-F fetish Futa in that both are so popular they tend to overwhelm projects and image boards.

      I'm fine with HoHH excluding them for the moment to maintain its own identity.

      I did design it to have a modular structure. That should open it up for other writers to create furry- or futa- focused factions at a future point.

      Dominion of Lust is pretty much every human fetish in the flesh. Furry girls would definitely be there. It's also more of a horror setting, so they might not necessarily be as cute as the cartoons.

      (Hmm, there might be a horror story there...)

    2. As often people try to make werewolves sexy (and furry,) these days, it's kinda funny how often most people I've talked to forget the stories (and movies, like An American Werewolf in London or Dog Soldiers) where the Werewolves *eat* humans.

      Not hard to imagine putting a sexy spin on that kind of horror. Guy goes down on a girl cunnilingus, looks up to see her sprouting fur and fangs and then going down on him in a completely different manner and a very different meal...

    3. Love both of those films. I should maybe flesh the werewolf sex resort into a longer story at some point and let some of the splatter fly (it was all offscreen in the short story).

  3. Anime girls and furry girls/boys are only attractive in animation/cartoon form. But in real life? Yeah, not so much....

    Nice artwork as we are finally given an image of what Nurse Honey does to her hapless prey.

    About Phil...

    Does Phil sleep at the college? Or do the succubi have Phil sleep in his room at their castle and will only let him leave Hell to attend a class?

    1. Cerulea rigged up a sneaky portal linking Phil's dorm room with the castle.

  4. *clap, clap, clap* the Nurse Honey art is beautiful. Im glad the dude banging her doesn't look like a Luka clone and actually looks like a grown man.

    The furry issue is indeed plagued by a lot of Futa and gay/bi sex. Its actually wise that Hydra doesn't add any furries yet as the House is all about sexy succubi. We don't want it to lose its identity.

    This has been bothering me after a read Succubus Summoning, but do the succubi and other daemons speak their native tongue when not around Phil or other humans?

    Like Verde and Rosa will talk like normal human girls around Phil and other humans, but when by themselves with no human around, they'll speak in their eldtrich daemon language?

    1. That's what I thought on furry/futa/bi content. It seems fairly well-represented in weg. I thought I'd stick closer to Monmusu Quest and then maybe leave it open for other people to create modules around other content later (mainly the stuff that doesn't really turn me on so I doubt I'd do a good job in writing it).

      The daemons would likely speak to each other in their own tongues. There's also probably a bit of translation magic going on as well so a succubus can easily communicate with her 'master' (aka prey) no matter where she's summoned to on Earth.

  5. Amazing artwork!

    Always loved Nurse Honey. For one thing, she's a hot blonde (and who wouldn't want that).

    But also the absorption of a victim instead of sucking them dry makes her somewhat unique and somehow more wicked. For me, it adds additional thrill just to imagine what the victim's soul is experiencing while imprisoned inside her. What a lucky (or possibly unlucky) bastard!