Wednesday, September 01, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver 0.023 (3 new harlots - Ygolia Campbell, Bebi Ansikt-Sitta, and Pori the Love Sponge)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

Here are the details:

While the intros are fine, they are really annoying to go through again and again, so I added a skip option.  The accelerated start jumps the player right to the first harlot introductions, similar to the early demo versions.

This also has the bugfix for the rare event where talking to the Elegant Woman at the wrong time about Sgriosar would not produce a Continue option and leave the player stuck there.  I've also fixed a ton of typos people have helpfully pointed out.  There is still a plural/singular grammar problem with some gifts and passages.  I've added that to the Todo list for a future release.

I'm still focusing on the 'smother' faction.  I've nearly completed their roster now.  This faction is heavy on late-game harlots.  To balance that out, the new pair aren't so lethal.  I'm quite happy with how their personalities turned out as they are a little goofier than my usual killers, but are also more than capable of being dominant.  I hope people have fun with them.

Ygolia Campbell
She's a sleek femme fatale type.  This is because she's obsessed with human spy movies and insists the player play a sexy little roleplay game with her.

Bebi Ansikt-Sitta
She's a new harlot in the House and eager to please her human visitors.  While she's a little naive on some matters, when it comes to facesitting she leaves men gasping for air beneath her pussy.

As with the last release, I have a harlot from another faction to add a little variety.

Pori, the Love Sponge
Another artificial being.  She's soft and lovably scrunchy, and loves men to give her a nice squeeze.  She also has an absorption scene and a fairly nasty horror end if the wrong conditions are met.  You are warned!

Funnily enough, this one was already in progress when I received that lovely Nurse Honey artwork.  While Pori is no Nurse Honey, she'll hopefully hit the spot for people that liked the absorption aspect of that art.  Her horror end is a little nasty, though.  Horror head escaped the cage on that one.

The public demo is at  It's still a couple of releases behind.  As version 0.023 includes the fairly necessary accelerated restart QoL changes (Yep, I know it's a pain going through the Barman's intro every new game - that was an error on my part!) I'll be looking to update it later this week and will post here when it's done.


  1. Yes I will say it is annoying getting threw the Barman.

    Barmen:"This place is dangerous you need to leave right-"

    Protagonist:"Get the fuck out of my face, I'm trying to get supernatural pussy!"

    Yeah I had to reset after the Elegant Lady was explaining the dick destroying fairy after I asked for more information about her.

    Good that you are almost done with the "choke yo ass" faction. What faction are you going to do next after this? Food porn? Vanilla missionary sex? Cow girl faction?

    1. Not adding a skip for the Barman's intro was a huge mistake on my part. Probably bounced a lot of people off the demo.

      Smotherers are nearly done apart from bosses. The next 2 factions that are sort of in progress are a bunch of artificial girls made by the Doctoress (Pori is one of those), and a loose sensuality faction that's sort of harem girls/massages, but I haven't quite pinned down yet.

  2. Speaking of nurse honey, roughly how far away is her content? Is she one of the last you plan to add?

    1. One of the first NPCs. I want to get a full faction pathway with mini- and end-boss done first.

  3. Probably after MEH does one or two factions then he'll focus on the NPCs. I'm interested to see what the Elegant Lady, Buxom loli daemon girl, and the Madam's scenarios are like.

    With the Madam's scenes, we can probably find out what made her want to run a "death game brothel" for humans.

    Also I forgot to ask man, but do daemon/monster hunting organizations exist in your world? So far we got:

    Koontz (criminal mastermind that somehow controls succubi without being a warlock)

    Annette (witch that runs a shop and controls succubi)

    Some various corporations that use succubi (Like the one from "Busted Bankster")

    Inari (a strange "woman" that aids various succubi and monster girls)

    So far there isn't any monster hunting organization that you have introduced yet. Yes you got the army in Hell Space but they have been incompetent and just used as fodder.

    I'm talking about a badass monster hunting organization with humans that know what they are dealing with and have powers and/or special weapons.

    It would make Nicole's claim of needing to stay hidden more real. After all, I can't really see a group of gun toting marines taking on Nicole, Inari, or the werewolf resort.

    A badass like the dude from "Slayer vs. Succubus" but doesn't die in a one shot and remains as a constant character just as Nicole is.

    1. I have a very badass succubus hunter character in my notes. They had a stealth origin in one of my collection-exclusive short stories. I've been meaning to sneak them in some new short stories and fit them into the larger story, but haven't got around to it yet.

  4. I can't get over the idea that the Barman in the House is a depressed Chris Hemsworth (the dude who played Thor in Avengers) talking to the player character. Was that intentional Mr Hydra?

    1. Possibly. The Barman is a good-looking dude. I didn't really have anyone in mind when I wrote him, but depressed Hemsworth would fit. (Or maybe Cavill or someone similar.)

  5. I have a bad feeling that the reason why the army is in Hell Space is because its not out of looking for new resources or a sense of adventure, but the "men up stairs" are being manipulated by succubi to go to Hell Space so the lust daemons can have humans to snack on.

    If a human warlock and an imp (the daemon creature the little girl had in Succubus Summoning 101) were to end up at the House, would the imp be allowed to bang the Harlots? Would the Madam and the Harlots be disgusted in an imp wanting to screw them and would just deadass go straight for the man?


    1. Any daemons from the other dominions would likely scream very loudly at their warlocks to go nowhere near that house. :D

  6. "What is better? To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature with great effort?" -Paarthurnax, Skyrim.

    That best represents Nicole because she was born an "evil creature" but tries to overcome it. The same can be said for the lust daemons that follow that goddess that doesn't want them to kill and eat anyone but use sex as a form of enlightenment.

    I hope to see more harlots in the future that are devotees of Priti Nandyah.


    1. Priti Nandyah's "enlightenment" won't necessarily mean escape, but will likely be a lot more pleasurable than some of the other fates (unfortunately, possibly too pleasurable for the human mind to survive intact).

      Expect a lot more devotees to show up once I've finished with the smotherers and Doctoress's creations. That faction is 3rd on the list todo.