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Sunday, May 01, 2022

Public Demo Version of "House of Hellish Harlots" updated to v0.030

After a period of slowness (and a bout of Covid), I'm ramping back up to better productivity on The House of Hellish Harlots again.

The public demo has been updated to version 0.030.  This adds 2 new harlots:

Sasori Oiran
A scorpion-tailed geisha girl assassin.  She's very dangerous, but makes sure all her victims go out with a smile.

The White Latex Milkmaids, Elita-05 and Elita-07
These are The Doctoress's elite milking androids.  They seek out the best quality men and 'milk' them.

The public version can be played here.

The public version is a month behind the Patreon version (gotta pay the bills!).  April was a fairly productive month for me, which saw adding 3 new harlot scenarios - The Black Latex Milkmaid Llefrith SWMP-08, Huntress Diana and her 'hound' Khruutka, and the predatory plant girl Burbalka.

Version 0.031 is available for patrons and can be obtained here.

Friday, April 01, 2022

Public Demo Version of "House of Hellish Harlots" updated to v0.029

So, what happened to February?

A bit of burnout followed by a lot of Elden Ring, which thankfully seemed to fix the burnout problem.

I'm back and working on The House of Hellish Harlots again.  Patrons got the first two of the new batch of harlot scenarios (I have another 6 or so queued up behind that are written to various degrees of completion).  These are the scorpion-tailed geisha, Sasori Oiran, and the White Latex Milkmaids, Elita-05 and Elita-07.  That comprises version 0.030 and can be obtained on my Patreon here.

With the Patreon version up to v0.030, that means I can get the public version back to being one release behind.  v0.029 is a relatively small release as I was concentrating on writing new raw harlot scenarios for that month.  It adds 1 harlot - the 'loveheart' succubus, Amoura D'Coeur.  She is intended to be a two part scenario with her much more dangerous 2nd visit to be added at a later date.  For now, you can enjoy her attentions in relative safety.

The House of Hellish Harlots can be played here.

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Public Demo Version of "House of Hellish Harlots" Updated to v0.028

The public demo version of "House of Hellish Harlots" has been updated to v0.028.  you can play it here.

This adds Cíocha's bigger sister: Cruiscíní Gadaí-na-Duine.  She can either show up alone or with Cíocha for a much more dangerous scenario.  She's a boobfairy scaled up to the size of a human, so expect a vore theme and a lot of fucked up lactation in her scene.

As always, patrons are a month ahead.  For them I released v0.029.  Because I have a bunch of other stuff going on at the moment and I'm focusing on writing lots of new harlot scenarios, v0.029 is another small release and just adds 1 new harlot - the "love heart succubus" Amoura D'Coeur.

If you want to check it out and support the project, the Patreon page is here.

As this was a very small HoHH release, I thought I should give my patrons something more for January.  I get comments here asking how my various characters would interact with each other.  A few years back I began a novel idea that featured both Nicole and Madam Voluptula.  That didn't pan out and is currently on hiatus while I work on other projects, but I thought I'd share the opening chapters with patrons.  That 6.5K opening novel fragment can be read here.

I'm still in the middle of trying to get all of my books back up on sale, so there is some ongoing disruption to my work on HoHH.  However, I've been building up a little stockpile of new harlot scenarios ready to type up and implement.  I'm hoping February will get back to 3-4 harlots per release rather than the single-harlot releases of the past couple of months.

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Public Demo Version of "House of Hellish Harlots" Updated to v0.027

The public demo version of "House of Hellish Harlots" has been updated to v0.27.  You can play it here (ignore the Patreon splash page at the start - I forgot to create the public version of the file back at the start of December).

As November was a rough month for me personally, that release only added 1 new harlot: Suffocatrix Assphyxia.

Suffocatrix Assphyxia is another smother specialist like Suffocatrix Mamilla, and has a similar scenario focused around erotic asphyxiation.  Mamilla specialised in breast smothering.  Assphyxia specialises in... well, you can probably guess from the name.

While a similar scenario to Mamilla, Assphyxia doesn't yet have the repeat visit functionality and alternate "End" of her smother sister.  I will be adding that at a later date as well as a bonus scenario where both Mamilla and Assphyxia get to work on the player at the same time in an "ass vs tits" content.

As a part of the release, I also updated Mamilla's scenario.  She has slightly different likes and dislikes now.

Patrons continue to be a month ahead.  For them I released v0.028.  This adds Cíocha's bigger sister: Cruiscíní Gadaí-na-Duine.  She can either show up alone or with Cíocha for a much more dangerous scenario.  She's a boobfairy scaled up to the size of a human, so expect a vore theme and a lot of fucked up lactation in her scene.

If you want to check her out and support the project, my Patreon is here.

Both November and December's releases have been fairly small because of other things going on.  January might be the same because - as I mentioned in the previous post - I'll have to spend some portion of it updating and reuploading my old ebooks.

I do have multiple new harlots on the go or with 1st drafts written up, so hopefully I'll get back to HoHH releases that feature more than 1 or 2 harlots.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Public Demo Version of "House of Hellish Harlots" Updated to v0.026

The public version of "House of Hellish Harlots" has been updated to version 0.026.  You can play it here.  There are 2 new harlots added in this release, taking the total count up to 42.

Cíocha Gadaí-na-Bod
The boobfairy.  If you like your monster girls deliciously evil, Cíocha is definitely your gal.  She's a little on the spiteful side.  For some reason, the fairies I add to the House have some of the nastiest Bad Ends, and Cíocha is no exception.  Make good choices and I hope you don't wince too hard.

If you do survive, you'll notice her mention a 'big sister'.  That is Cruiscíní.  I haven't finished her yet.  Cíocha is intended to be a one-two punch scenario similar to Osculia's, where she returns right after with a more dangerous scenario.  That will be in a future release, as well as a solo scenario for the big boobfairy.

If you remember the very early demo I put out a couple of years ago, there was a fog succubus that killed the player if they dallied too much on the way to the House.  I've given her a harlot scenario.  It's fairly short and simple.  This is close to the original idea I had for how the scenarios would be (so the project wouldn't take too long).  I think I might rattle off a few more like this over the next month or so, just to pump the numbers up a bit.

I've also messed around with some fonts to hopefully make the site a little bit easier to read.  My webdev skills are distressingly basic, so we'll be stuck with plain text for a while until I can get hold of some nice artwork to pretty things up a little.

As I'll be maintaining, the Patreon version is a month ahead.  They're on v0.027 and Suffocatrix Assphyxia finally makes an appearance within the House.  If you want to check that out and help support the project, follow the link here.

As always, any feedback gratefully received.  November was a rough month for some personal reasons, so v0.027 was a small release.  December is also shaping up to be very busy with other things, so I expect that to only add 1 or 2 harlots as well.  I'll post more in detail on that in a couple of days.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Public demo version of "House of Hellish Harlots" updated to v0.025

Not quite the "hopefully, by the end of the week" as I originally said, as October was bedevilled with technical problems for me which ended up in me needing to replace my computer, but I've finally managed to update the public website version of "House of Hellish Harlots" to v0.025.  It can be found here:

The major change is the addition of an accelerated restart mode.  I got plenty of feedback about how annoying it was to have to go through the Barman's introduction and warnings for every new game and so added an option to skip that for subsequent playthroughs (similar to how the original car journey and Madam's tour are skippable on subsequent playthroughs).  I also extended this to the Madam's explanations of how Mulligan Tokens work.  The accelerated restart option drops the player right in at the first round of harlot choices.  This should make the game a lot more playable!

I've also given the demo a designated endpoint.  There were reasons for the "we've run out of harlots" comment from the Madam, but it probably seemed weird to players to get it after only seeing 6 of 40 harlots.  Now, the demo runs for the first 5 rounds.  The 5th round is a designated special mini-boss round.  No 'mini-bosses' have been added yet (they will have slightly longer and more complex scenarios than the regular harlots), but I've moved back most of the really dangerous harlots to round 5 to temporarily fill that role.  This should reduce the chances of the player getting a first round of harlots that are impossible to survive.

I've added a changelog section to the webpage, so the full details can be found there.  I've also added some separate sections for links and begging for any artists to take interest.

Patrons are slightly ahead at the moment as I released a new version at the end of the month that includes two new harlots.  They are at v0.026 while the public version is at v0.025.  Because I want patrons to feel like they're paying for something (and if you wish to support this project, you can do it here), I'll continue to maintain the early access approach of patrons getting the new version a month before the public update.   

As for the overall look of the website, yeah, my webdev skills... suck.  I'm definitely very boomer-esque when it comes to that department.  I probably spent most of last night screaming at the screen because I'd change a font size, hit publish, only for the change to be completely ignored (likely because some other global setting I'm unaware of is overriding it).  That's something I'm just going to have to keep working at until I get better.  At the moment it sort of displays okay as plain white text on a black background to me, but I don't know if it's doing crazy stuff like white text on a white background for other people.  If you notice anything off, please let me know.  Also, because I am clearly noobish, any hints, tips, feedback and suggestions will be gratefully received!

The idea I had for the website was to have it spoof a high-class brothel/massage parlour website, with sections for facilities, ladies available, etc.  As I'm not sure I'll be able to add artwork to Twine without it slowing down to a crawl, a nice interim step would be to create a "Ladies" page that lists all the harlots with a profile and picture.  Think Monster Girl Encyclopaedia, but with the profile listing what services they offer and specialties.  The current site is a long way off that at the moment, but I think that idea is doable and something to aim for.  Consider it a work in progress I'll keep tinkering with to make better

Anyway, have fun and try to avoid those Horror Ends!

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots v0.024 (to be new public demo) released

I was able to recover from the computer crash mishap a little faster than I was anticipating.  This means "House of Hellish Harlots" ver0.024 is now ready for release for patrons at:

This is what I'm hoping will be the new public demo.  It covers the first 5 rounds and ends after the first 'special' round.  I'm going to release it here first to check there aren't any obvious bugs, and then put it up on the public website in a week or so.

Here are details of the new additions:

Just the one new harlot this month (because of all the other changes). Pel-V is one of the Doctoress's artificial beings.  She's inspired by the watermelon girl from Monmusu Quest crossed with Pel-O.  Her scenario is vore-y.  You have been warned!

Osculia gets a new repeat scenario.  This follows right after her first and makes her a lot more dangerous.

The reason there are only the two new scenarios is I had to make a lot of other changes last month, which I'll list below:

Now with even more acceleration.  I added The Madam's explanation of mulligan tokens to the list of things that can be skipped for subsequent playthroughs.  This option will use up 3 actions, but introduce all of the NPCs and fastforward through explanations of some of The Madam's functions.  It still leaves one action left for the player to grab an emergency potion from The Doctoress, etc.

As part of the implentation for this, I cleaned up the transition going from The Madam presenting the next round of harlots to the Club Activities phase (visiting the various NPCs before pucking a harlot).  This gives me a spot to add little warnings from The Barman to indicate he has new information to impart.  (In this case, a warning before Round 5).

I also fixed the bug where using a mulligan token in the 1st round would force the player to go through the Barman's full intro (again).

As also requested, I added an option to the Buxom Lolibaba where a player can have the option of buying any charm for the cost of a mulligan token (similar to the select any harlot option The Madam offers).  I doubt this will be in the finished game, but it's probably useful now for testing purposes.

I tweaked this to allow some repeat visits to show up more frequently and also to give harlots the ability to schedule future round appearances.  You'll see what I mean if you run into Osculia.  You won't have to wait long for her to show up again for her repeat visit!

I also designated some rounds to be special rounds with slightly different selection criteria.  These are primarily for the mini-boss harlots when I get around to writing them.  In the meantime, it's a good place to dump the late-game harlots that require stricter conditions to survive.  From the player's perspective, it means they're less likely now to get an unwinnable combination of harlots on the 1st round. 

I fixed a few things that readers have pointed out.  The major one is that gifts now have an .isSingular attribute.  Items like 'grapes' should now be referred to as 'them' rather than 'it'.  It's a minor change, but I know it was bothering some folks before.

Overall, the game shouold now feel like a proper demo that covers the 1st third of the game and has an ending message should the player survive the first 5 rounds.

Unfortunately, I couldn't fit everything in, so this was what I had to cut and hold back for a future release:

I have about 5K words typed up and just one scene to finish.  She should be showing up in the next release and will also bring a friend.  As with Osculia she has a more dangerous follow-up scenario and putting her back a month will give me a chance to finish that as well.

Along with the round 5 warning, I was going to give the Barman new advice he could give out on the relative strengths of harlots.  Then I realised having him talk about Tier 1 harlots after the player would stop seeing them didn't make a lot of sense.  I'll look to have him speak briefly to the player at the beginning of Round 2 and that unlock advice on harlot tiers.

They're still on the way.  For the moment, high tier harlots like Hiru and Tete can fill that role.

This is currently delayed until the beginning of the next round because the round the player buys it causes an issue when they'd see Anna Boa as a human during the introductions and then as a lamia when they went back to stage to make their choice.  If this happens, they should comment on it!

Also, a more unfortunate oversight:

This makes Osculia's new scenario a little more dangerous than I originally intended. (I forgot I only added implementation for the ailments currently in use and didn't update to add Lips Fixation.)

Once I've fixed this and any other bugs patrons have noticed I'll update the public demo on the website.  (In a week or so, at a guess).

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver 0.023 (3 new harlots - Ygolia Campbell, Bebi Ansikt-Sitta, and Pori the Love Sponge)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

Here are the details:

While the intros are fine, they are really annoying to go through again and again, so I added a skip option.  The accelerated start jumps the player right to the first harlot introductions, similar to the early demo versions.

This also has the bugfix for the rare event where talking to the Elegant Woman at the wrong time about Sgriosar would not produce a Continue option and leave the player stuck there.  I've also fixed a ton of typos people have helpfully pointed out.  There is still a plural/singular grammar problem with some gifts and passages.  I've added that to the Todo list for a future release.

I'm still focusing on the 'smother' faction.  I've nearly completed their roster now.  This faction is heavy on late-game harlots.  To balance that out, the new pair aren't so lethal.  I'm quite happy with how their personalities turned out as they are a little goofier than my usual killers, but are also more than capable of being dominant.  I hope people have fun with them.

Ygolia Campbell
She's a sleek femme fatale type.  This is because she's obsessed with human spy movies and insists the player play a sexy little roleplay game with her.

Bebi Ansikt-Sitta
She's a new harlot in the House and eager to please her human visitors.  While she's a little naive on some matters, when it comes to facesitting she leaves men gasping for air beneath her pussy.

As with the last release, I have a harlot from another faction to add a little variety.

Pori, the Love Sponge
Another artificial being.  She's soft and lovably scrunchy, and loves men to give her a nice squeeze.  She also has an absorption scene and a fairly nasty horror end if the wrong conditions are met.  You are warned!

Funnily enough, this one was already in progress when I received that lovely Nurse Honey artwork.  While Pori is no Nurse Honey, she'll hopefully hit the spot for people that liked the absorption aspect of that art.  Her horror end is a little nasty, though.  Horror head escaped the cage on that one.

The public demo is at  It's still a couple of releases behind.  As version 0.023 includes the fairly necessary accelerated restart QoL changes (Yep, I know it's a pain going through the Barman's intro every new game - that was an error on my part!) I'll be looking to update it later this week and will post here when it's done.

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver 0.022 (3 new harlots - Soffocaria Gattagrandi, Chén, and Osculia Suffocati)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

Here are the details:


Fast Barman Intro
There is now a speedier option to get through the Barman's introductory dialogue.  That should make repeat playthroughs less annoying.


Soffocaria Gattagrandi
The 'pussy smotherer'.  She likes cunnilingus, but only from men that know what they're doing.

Not a smotherbus.  This is the glass mannequin doll I couldn't quite finish last month.  She likes dancing and is very elegant... until she opens her mouth.

Osculia Suffocati
The 'kiss smotherer'.  There is a little bit of mind control and hypnosis here, but her full effects won't be seen until I add more lip specialists and give her a repeat visit.  She's still quite dangerous.

There is a public demo version at, but this is still a couple of releases behind.  This is intentional as I want paying patrons to have perks.  However, there are some much needed QoL changes that need to be added to reduce the boring repetition at the beginning of each new game (which I suspect is contributing to the demo not picking up much interest at the moment).  One QoL change is already in v0.022.  I'm hoping to add a proper fast restart option for v0.023, and will likely update the public release at the same time.

Thursday, July 01, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver 0.021 (2 new harlots - Suffocatrix Tete Khantu and Nooru)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

This adds 2 new harlots to the House:

Suffocatrix Tete Khantu
She's a much more lethal boob smotherer than Suffocatrix Mamilla.  I see her as a mid- to late-round harlot.  Her scenario is fairly straightforward, but difficult to survive as the player will need a specific piece of protection.

Nooru is another import from my H-space bestiary stories.  She's a nuru nuru girl and specialises in slippery body-to-body massages.  She's intended as a starter harlot for the first couple of rounds as it's very easy to avoid her Bad End condition.  Her Bad End path is worth checking out as she gets a lot wetter and raunchier when she's free to have fun with her prey.

While there is a public demo version (at, I'll be keeping this two to three months behind the Patreon releases (got to raise money for artists somehow!).

Friday, June 04, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver 0.019 (3 new harlots, all dummy harlots replaced)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

It's a couple of days late, but it's finally here.  Sammy's scenario took a little more testing than a normal scenario.

This is almost a milestone release.  This replaces the last of the placeholder 'dummy' harlots.  Everything is fleshed out.  This is pretty much the first 4-6(ish) rounds of the game with everything in place (with the main exception being the harlots aren't organised and tiered - you shouldn't have to choose Sorpresa or Hiru in round 1!).  There are 31 harlots in total.  All with full scenarios.

Almost, as there are still a few minor bugs I need to fix.  Mostly corner cases that shouldn't come up very often.

And with that, let's get into what's added for version 0.019.


She might be familiar to readers of my stories.  She showed up in the "Vampiric Boobies" short story.  She gives a lovely paizuri that will really drain the player.  And also regular sex.

Sammy is a little special.  She's similar to Panta Prota in that a lot of different variables affect how she responds to the player.  She's one worth playing around with to try and figure out her turn ons.  (She was also a pain to implement and test - I think I covered nearly every variation, but if I missed any and you get ugly fail code or typos, let me know.)

Khanara Anandanum
Another unusual harlot.  Not a lamia, slug, or slime, but with properties of all three.  She'll wrap you up and drown you in pure bliss.


Yes, I probably have too many charms in already, but I added a couple of new ones.  One is something that should have been in before - an anti-sleep charm (or maybe anti-sheep charm).  The other has an interaction with one of the new harlots.


I finally caught up with the last outstanding harlots.  Both Sorpresa and Suffocatrix Mamilla now interact with the charm you think they should interact with.  Cibi is also updated and interacts with a new charm that offers some but not full protection from falling asleep.

All of the old harlots are now updated, so if you think a charm should protect against a harlot (or interact with) and doesn't let me know.  The reason it doesn't is for game balance reasons, but if it looks illogical, and lots of people point it out as illogical, I'll need to at least reference why it doesn't work.

And that's it.  I overran a little this month, which was unfortunate.  I do have a head start on the next batch of harlots, and also less restrictions on what can be included.  Hopefully, I'll get back to regular releases at the end of the month, rather than a couple of days into the next month.


This is pretty much the version I want to use for the 1st public demo.  Virtually everything is in place and I've replaced all the 'dummy' harlots. Next week I'll be looking into getting a website set up and seeing if I can get House of Hellish Harlots to run in-browser.

My web dev skills are very rudimentary at best and I don't have any artwork, so don't expect anything earth-shattering.  I'll be happy if I can set up something similar to how the old demos ran on! 

Sunday, May 02, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver 0.018 (new NPC Barman and new harlot Hiru no-Koochi)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

Here's a list of the new features:

This is the last of the regular House NPCs.  His role is to provide a seamless introduction to the other NPCs.  Later on he will also dispense advice on how to escape the House, but that is to be implemented later.  With his addition that means the basic game framework is now fully written.  The only placeholder material left are the three remaining placeholder harlot scenarios.  There are some optional features I'm thinking of adding later (random events, side quests), but for now the core game framework is fully written.

Just the one new harlot, but she does have a big scenario.  I keep saying I shouldn't make the basic scenarios this long, and then do it anyway.  After seeing how popular Suka no-Hirudo was, especially her 'just one more suck' aspect, I created 'evil' Suka using the leech-tongue succubus from my H-space stories.  She's so nice she'll make that difficult 'one more suck' choice for you.

You'll probably get sucked dry by Hiru a lot.  Her scenario is quite difficult.  She's intended as a late round harlot.  Even if you find the right protection, she'll still give you options that will make sure you never leave her room.  On the positive side, she'll make your time in her room very pleasant.

What isn't in ver0.018.

Cibi, Suffocatrix Mamilla and Sorpresa Ombra still haven't had their charm interactions implemented.  I was hoping to get that done, but it got crunched out when Hiru's scenario ended up being bigger and slower to implement than I was expecting.  I will try to get that done for the next release as well as fix some minor corner case bugs I know exist.

April ended up being a bit of an off month.  I was probably due one to be fair.  That's why there's only one new harlot.  Her scenario is one of the longer ones I've written, so I hope that makes up for it.

This means the proper public demo is going to be pushed back a month.  While the basic game framework is now fully written, there are still 3 placeholder harlots I want to replace.

I know some of you would like to support this, but really don't want to give money to Patreon, and I understand that.  When I put the proper demo out, I'll look at additional funding options.  What I'd like to do is ramp the project up to include decent artwork.  The game will primarily remain text, but Monster Girl Encyclopedia type pictures of the harlots would add a lot to a playing experience.

For now it's just about continually adding new content and growing interest.

Thursday, April 01, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver0.017 (Full Intro and Madam's Tour)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

Here's a list of the new features:

The game has a beginning.  I adapted the very old intro and streamlined the options.  Yeah, the car breakdown scenario is a little hackneyed, but it's the classic.  There are also multiple options to set character dispositions as well as chat to some NPCs for some background.

On entering the House, the Madam will give the player a tour which has a primary purpose of explaining her 'rules'.  It also introduces a succubus I'll be giving a scenario to at a later date.

The full versions of both the Intro and Tour are quite long.  They exist to set the scene a little better than just throwing the player into the first set of choices.  Because they're long, I also added options to skip through them quickly, so on subsequent playthroughs you should be able to get right to the first harlot selection in about 5 clicks.

The main game loop passages have all been fleshed out, so it should feel more like a continuation of reading a book rather than the barebones instructions that were there before.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete The Barman NPC in time, so the hub passage for pre-room actions is still clearly a placeholder.

The stoner caterpillar girl, Kanna bi Grafolita, makes her debut in the House.  This was an attempt to write a monster girl a little different to the usual ones.  I hope people like her.  I'll post something on her creation later when I'm not frantically trying to beat a deadline, because it opens up another harlot idea.

This is just part of the regular updating and improving I do to the NPCs.  The main change is that the 'Buy Mulligan Token' option unlocks a little quicker.  I also put in support for harlots that are multiple girls such as the Muchadh Sisters, so that The Madam refers to them naturally as "they" instead of "she".

I carried on updating the harlots I didn't get a chance to finish for ver0.016.  This means that Calliophi and Queen Colubridis will now reveal their true forms earlier if the player has the right charm among other interactions.  I didn't get them all done, so Suffocatrix Mamilla won't interact with the anti-smother charm even though it might seem like she should.  This is queued up to be done.

What isn't in ver0.017:

Too many rewrites and awkwardness this month.  I have rough drafts of his segments, but they still need a bit of editing to hit the right tone.  I'm hoping to get him out of the way early April.

I'll save you some time and experimentation.  Suffocatrix Mamilla, Cibi Somnia and Sorpresa Ombra have not been updated to interact with charms, so don't torture yourself trying out combinations.  Mamilla will have an interaction I'll add later.  Sorpresa may have an interaction.  I forgot to create an anti-sleep charm, so Cibi still has free rein to eat your dreams.

These are things I've noticed and queued up to sort out.  They're corner cases that shouldn't come up very often.  An obvious one is the 'true vision' charm.  If the player picks it up, the text will behave as though they've seen the true form of the harlot at the presentation stage when this didn't happen.  The fix will be delaying its effect to the start of the next round and I'll add that for a future release.

I'm not far off what I want for a public demo.  I still need to add the Barman and replace the 4 remaining placeholder harlots.  I'll be looking at options to get the file hosted somewhere in the next couple of months.

In the meantime, all support is appreciated.  I'd love to be able to hire artists for this and give people a game as good as Monmusu Quest and the others.

Friday, December 25, 2020

House of Hellish Harlots ver 0.014 (succufairies)

(x-posted from Patreon)

Not sure if this is best day to release new dirty smut, but I suppose it's a present, of sorts... :D

Version 0.014 of House of Hellish Harlots is ready.

This is the succufairy release and adds four new harlot scenarios and switches player mindset over to fixed player disposition attributes.  I went over these in more detail in the previous posts, but here's a quick summary.

The succufairies are four new scenarios - Cèis nan Cridheachan, Balla-Balla an Buachar, the Mùchadh sisters, and Sgriosar Balgan-Buachair.

They all make use of the same 'trick', so if that trick leaves you cold, this release will be a bit of a blank.  That's the risk of a themed batch.  If that's the case, I hope the next batch has harlots more to your liking.

Their scenarios are fairly linear and have no repeat visit functionality.  This is in keeping my current plans of getting a lot of base scenarios out and then going back to build on existing scenarios to bring them to the same level as Suffocatrix Mamilla.  As for building on scenarios...

Sgriosar might be controversial.  If you're squeamish and wish I wasn't such a horror-addict gorehound, just pretend she isn't there.  Normally, I keep my cards to my chest, but I'll be open here.  She only has a horror end at the moment, and it's fairly nasty.  You can get some lore on her by chatting to the Elegant Woman.

I'm still undecided on her.  I like the character idea and the options it opens up for a questline players can undertake to "fix" her.  But there's also a risk her presence is a mood-killer and shouldn't be in the House.  I'll wait and see what the reaction is like (and to the succufairies in general).

Also, the Mùchadh Sisters is the first time I've added a harlot that is actually multiple harlots (there will be more).  This will screw up some text.  I've fixed the reference in the main game loop to refer to them as "they".  I haven't yet updated The Madam's passages, so expect a few odd references still referring to them as "she".  That's on the TODO list to update, so I am aware of it.

Lastly, now that disposition is set at the start and fixed, this will make some harlot scenarios unwinnable depending on starting attributes.  This is only temporary.  There is an NPC on the way that will allow players to alter stats to get past these harlots (for varying costs...)


It's still Patreon-exclusive.  I am back to making good progress again and hoping to get a proper public demo out in 2021 (so I can attract enough interest to make paying for artists financially viable).  In the meantime, it's only a $1 (+tax) per month to keep up with progress.  I'm trying to get back to putting out at least one release per month, although I still have the occasional "off" month.