Sunday, October 01, 2023

House of Hellish Harlots v0.048 (Brittnee)

This is a slightly awkward one.

The public version of House of Hellish Harlots has been updated to v0.048.  You can play it here:

It's slightly awkward because the new harlot added is... Brittnee, who you might have already seen in the public experimental demo.

When I was putting that together, I decided to take three harlots from each faction (plus Morticia), so the selection algorithm could work for 3 rounds without breaking.  The criteria for picking those harlots was was, in order, 1) they had artwork, 2) were Tier 1 easy harlots, and 3) had scenarios where the code was straightforward and easy to port over.

Brittnee fit 2) and 3) pretty well, so into the experimental release she went.  What I'd forgotten is that I'd only just put her out for the patreon/subscribestar release, and she hadn't had her public debut yet.  Never mind.  Schedules are schedules.  I hope you don't mind this month's release being on the anticlimactic side.

Currently my work is split between adding new content and porting existing content over to the newer HoHH1.5 version with fancy backgrounds, portraits, and (some) harlot pinup art.  As a result, I'm still in single-harlot release mode for new releases.

Yesterday, subscribers on Patreon and SubscribeStar received v0.050.  This adds the new 'poison frog' harlot, Toxina LuxĂș-Sapo.  She likes a sexy mud wrestle.

If you like what I'm doing and wish to support the project, please check out my Patreon and SubscribeStar pages.  I sometimes put out the odd new short story as well.

It also allows me to do nice things like commission art of the characters for the game, some of which I'm hoping to show off sometime this month.


  1. Finally...a succubus that isn't an invincible female sexual predator Jason Voorhees. You actually care about power levels now? Every Author seems to always make the Demon/Daemon characters so invincible and overpowered.

    Is Britnee the weakest succubus character you ever created? Or is Corene still the most weakest one?

    1. Power levels are tricky. The usual succubus fantasy is to be dominated and sexily drained by the succ, so they need the requisite power to satisfy that (unless a different type of monster story).

      I can have differing power levels in the House, and thought Brittnee would make for a good 'comic relief' character to emphasise the difference between the early 'weaker' (or more obedient) Tier 1 harlots and the much more dangerous Tier 3 harlots the player will encounter later (Or will, as soon as I start giving harlots tighter round ranges so the killers don't show up on round 1!)

      The scarlet imps of H-space are weaker, but they're intended to be the 'goblin' rank helpers to the lust daemons, and they never have any sex scenes.

  2. If all the harlots and Phil's succubi gang got to see Britnee's plunder with a man, would they all laugh at her? They are all about femdom, so seeing Britnee falling into the bed and getting fucked from behind would make her look pathetic in their eyes?

    1. Mixture of poking fun and being sympathetic. Every succubus has to start somewhere (I think - I still haven't figured out the finer details of how a succubus develops over their lifespan).

  3. Considering your upcoming Demo:

    You should really REALLY look into neural art generation for your project. You said earlier that it works “poorly” with demon girls, however that’s not particularly true. You don’t just send some info to the AI and expect it to come up with the desired result immediately, it takes some work. You may hire another person who will do it, there are artists out there who specialize on AI art, they polish images - by hand or by another AI until the result is satisfactory. The quality of these artworks often exceeds expectations.

    I myself am new to this (lol, I would newer suggest myself as such an artist for your project), however I could give you a little advice to all this: you gotta take Stable Diffusion, it can be installed locally on your machine, has great tuning tools and more importantly – it has no censorship, the all-known Midjourney on the other hand cannot say the same.

    And regarding music: you better have some ambient that plays on the background and doesn’t take up much of a player’s attention, just like any other ambient, loud and rhythmical tunes right now won’t fit I suppose

    1. I've seen some people set up their own instances (although you need a reasonably powerful machine) and train the AI on monster girl images. They can get good results.

      Main problem is that AI art does seem to have triggered a fairly rabid backlash. I just see it as useful tool, especially for people with limited access to resources. It's no different to early self-published writers compositing stock images to making covers in the past. If you can't afford or it isn't viable to hire an artist, it's fine as a Plan B (although I'd personally always want an artist if they're good and the budget is there.

      The backlash has been pretty nasty, so using AI art does bring the problem of whether you want to deal with a swarm of assholes.

      It might also cause some issues on some platforms. I think Steam came out against AI, so if I polished HoHH enough to consider it for a proper adult game release, I would need to bring a human artist in to redraw the backgrounds for it to be allowed on Steam.

      Maybe things will settle down in future as often happens with new disruptive technology. For now there are commercial risks to it.

      Which is a shame. It seems a useful tool and complementary to good human artists rather than replacing them outright.

  4. Have you considered adding some of your Succubus Summoning girls as mini bosses? Nyte, Rosa, Verde etc. Plus, Rosa and Verde might team up from time to time just like you suggested

    1. Nurse Honey will get a full scene (and will also likely be a nasty late-game obstacle depending how some runs go).

      I'd like to bring the others in for cameos (Cerulea having a chat with Morticia, Nyte and the Madam, etc). Other things are higher priority at the moment.

  5. To me, power levels do not seem to matter in your stories, Mr Hydra. The human characters lose anytime their opponent is a daemon, even to supposedly "weak" daemons. Why does making the succubi imps the weakest monster matter when you still had grown human men with military training lose to them?

    "Interrogation by Paizu Succubus" and "Uncle Stash" all had Bate losing against a succubus imp.

    Yes they are supposed to represent the goblins of the Dominion of Lust, I get that, but what difference will it make because if their power level? Corene being strong or weak wouldn't have mattered, she still wins simply because the humans don't know shit, but the irony is that even if the humans knew daemon shit, she will still lose.

    Also Madam and Elegant Lady are basically cheating by outright telling you what not to do with Britnee. How will she even get any sex with dudes with them back stabbing her like this?

    I am still upset that nobody in the H Space stories are using any damn crossbows, bow and arrows, or Grande against the daemons and its annoying.

    1. A lot of it is forced by the demands of the erotica. Human wins = no sex scene. So, that forces the stories to be about the failures and leaving the 'wins' off-screen.

      The imps needed a powerful lust daemon around for plot reasons. Put them on Earth and a reasonably fit adult man would pulverise them. The main slant of the H-space stories is to take a powerful military force and put them in a setting where they are being fought on a completely different axis - technology doesn't work, guns are inexplicably unreliable, higher officers are seduced and compromised, etc. There will be some adapting, but the erotica aspects have to come first, which means the Ls get more focus as that's where the succubus/monster girl gets to best show off her stuff.

      Brittnee is bratty and annoying to the more established harlots. They do it to wind her up and annoy her (and to nudge her into developing other skills so she doesn't end up like Pix - the laziest succubus). It's on points like that I like to veer from pure game mechanics to build the lore and characters. Another example is Bebi Ansikt-Sitta. The Elegant Woman usually mixes truth and lies because it amuses her. With Bebi, everything the Elegant Woman says is a lie because she knows the player following her advice will annoy Bebi and disrupt her session. That's taking The Elegant Woman out of her regular 'game mechanics' role to show that's she's a bit of a bitch and loves hazing the new 'girls'.

  6. And by the way, you still don't know how a succubus gets strong? Its actually quite easy and your making it more difficult than it is Mr. Hydra. Here is a good explanation:

    A "young" succubus grows in power over the years, but snacking on human sexual bodily fluids (semen, vaginal juices etc.) and souls will make them advance quicker. Sex daemons don't just fuck humans to get a good meal, and sex because their sex drives are superhumanly high, but they grow big and strong.

    There ya go.

    1. It's trickier when thinking in terms of ecology. Can Scarlet Imps develop into Succubi, or are they a completely different species?

      eg. A spider can snack on other spiders and insects and get bigger and more powerful, but it's never going to be powerful enough to eat a cat.

      It's the power ranges I'm not certain about. Is it tight, like typical Earth ecologies, or something more magical - eg a succubus or lust daemon can start at a very low level but are capable of reaching godlike or eldritch abomination levels of power if they're around for long enough and consume enough human souls.

      I think I want elements of both systems, but haven't fine-tuned the details yet.

  7. How exactly powerful are the daemons of your various verses Hydra? Can any daemon you created like the Madam, Nyte, Carny, and Mortacia Rose can survive a nuke? Let it bet known that a nuke, especially a Tsar Bomb can easily wipe out a whole city. And its not just the blast, but radiation poisoning as well.

    Speaking of nukes, what do the harlots if the House will think about humanity's strongest weapon? What will they say if they saw a video of humans destroying a city with a warhead? Would they think its terrible because humans are dying without feeling any pleasure?

  8. Huh...i never thought of that. You are trying to make the sex daemons into biological "aliens" and not just supernatural beings like what Sauron is? Its cool, but you run the risk of being indecisive with their identity, Big H.

    Are the sex daemons legendary supernatural mythic monsters? Or are they just a strange group of alien "people" with a bizarre culture, a inhuman morality, strange behavioral patterns, and they look funny with different colored skin, extra body parts, and a unique genetic make up.

    Basically, are succubi and sex daemons like Nicole, Rosa, Anna Boa, Leppi, and Baloobia like the Asari from Mass Effect (strange inhuman alien people), or are they like like Alduin from Skyrim (mythical supernatural monster).

  9. Yeah I kind of agree. When some of the harlots are saying they watch human tv shows and read magazines like what Bebi and Leppi did, it kind of breaks the illusion that they are mysterious supernatural monsters of legend.

    They feel more like a strange alien race of "people" meeting humans for the first time, like the whole first contact thing going on in Mass Effect and less eldtrich monster from another dimension.

    Also I don't know why the Anons are saying that Nyte is too strong, more like Rosa is too strong. She appears to have the strongest offensive magic ever, and let's not forget how easily she charmed a group of men at the pub and destroyed a whole building with fire ball.

    I am a bit confused why Hydra wanted to turn a succubus with the best offensive magic attacks into comic relief. It make no sense because Rosa is too damn dangerous and deadly to take up the "goofball" role and has a high murder count and she did nearly killed Phil a few times and would have killed him if she didn't realize his death would have upset Verde.

    You should have just added a goofy and perverted Warcraft-esque Imp to the succubus group to be the comic relief, Meh Hydra.

  10. I think the reason why people complain that Nyte is too OP, but not Rosa because there are a few times where Rosa gets beaten, or treated like a joke.

    1. Rosa getting hurt by a warlock's magic attack (her rubbing the scorch mark on her body) and she had to flee the magic college, obviously telling us that even she and Verde were not strong enough to charm, or kill a group of security warlocks.

    2. Verde getting her living vines to trap and gang bang her that she clearly did not want.

    3. Darvill managing to resist her seductive advances and even weakened her fire power with a spell.

    With Nyte, you never see a moment of her being outsmarted, or getting the tables turned against her. I hope this changes come SS 3 because invincible characters that are untouchable suck.

  11. Haha, the idea of a succubus imp basically being a "caterpillar" and a full-fledged succubus being a "butterfly" would be an interesting take.

  12. So Elegant Lady and the Madam are actually helping Brittnee by getting her too not rely too much on the bed trap like Pix? That does sound sweet and some succubi would actually show her sympathy for her blunder? Makes sense, every succubus started out young and weak. There probably was a time that Nyte and Cerluea were weak.

    Also I know you haven't began to work on SS 3, but what will the new sexy forms will Cerluea take?

    Also will there be a shapeshifting sex daemon in the House similar to Cerluea?

  13. Hey M.E. have you planed to add any new characters such as Capramendes the Milkmaid or the Succubus (forgot her name) that tried to trap the guy in her boob dimension (patreon story) for example? or how about a booty vore (same concept as zuripai and eve satana) but swallowed by a succubi's massive ass cheeks or expanding ass while cumming from the ultimate ass job or anal? or a oversexualized fetished out kitsune from the dominion of lust :) or...all of them ;)

    1. Im still waiting for him to do a cat girl, kitsune, and elf girl. The cat girl in "Iron Girders, Steel Springs" doesn't count because she was a Furry and as for elf girl, Pavitra doesn't count because she's more insect than elf.

  14. I do wonder if we are going to get a young and inexperienced succubus. Yes Bebi, Britnee, and Panta are "baby" succubi, but I mean a succubus so young that she is very curious of humans and finds them fascinating. Like when the young succubus is introduced, all she could do is poke the human male all over the place (especially the groin) and constantly asking the human what is Earth like.

    You know? Basically Britnee 2.0, but more naive, curious, and meeting a human for the first time.

  15. I have some questions. Also Happy Halloween Hydra and folks.

    1. What would the harlots think about Nyte? Would they think she is a freak of nature for enjoying inflicting agony on humans too much?

    2. Do all succubi have lipstick or lip gloss on? Does Rosa have red lipstick? Does Verde have green lipstick? Does Nyte wear black lipstick? Does Nurse Honey and Nicole wear lip gloss?

    3. Do all succubi have painted finger and toe nails? Like does Verde have green finger and toe nails? Does Rosa have red finger and toe nails? What about Nicole? Does she have black finger and toe nails?

    4. How long can the nails of a succubus can get? Can they become like Wolverine claws, or can become the size of Acrylic nails?