Wednesday, November 01, 2023

House of Hellish Harlots v0.049 (Squidgii and Squishii)

The public version of House of Hellish Harlots has been updated to v0.049.  This adds a new harlot scenario:

Squidgii and Squishii
This is an adorable and cuddly pair of creamy slime girls.  As with Brittnee they're meant to balance out the more sinister femme fatale succubi in the House.  Unlike Brittnee, they're Tier 3 and very dangerous.  They're probably going to kill you a lot before you figure them out.  On the other hand, they're completely devoted to giving out pleasure, so their victims at least get a very pleasant Bad End before being ended.

You can check them out on the public version here:

I'm currently in the middle of upgrading HoHH to add graphics, art and a more typical game UI.  Converting the scenarios over is keeping me busy at the moment, hence the single-harlot releases.  I'm starting to get art in of the various harlots.  I'm looking forward to revealing that, but it will likely be through Patreon/SubscribeStar first as I need to raise the money to fund the art commissions.

As always, if you like the look of the project, please consider supporting me on Patreon or SubscribeStar.

I'm also aware I've been a little slow at replying to comments the past couple of weeks.  I will get to them, I'm just juggling a lot of stuff at the moment! :D


  1. Have you seen the game called Succubus Covenant? I don't remember you covering it in your reviews. Can't call it "the best succubus game" but it has both rather decent art and good story, some elements are still lacking like side quests and the whole world that could be more vivid, still I'd recommend it to anyone

  2. Have you planed to add any new characters such as Capramendes the Milkmaid or the Succubus (forgot her name) that tried to trap the guy in her boob dimension (patreon story) for example? or how about a booty vore (same concept as zuripai and eve satana) but swallowed by a succubi's massive ass cheeks or expanding ass while cumming from the ultimate ass job or anal? or a double team ass vs tits mini boss or a oversexualized fetished out kitsune from the dominion of lust :) or...all of them ;) then theres always the thick thigh chun li fetish. a succubus inspired by her would be intetesting.

  3. Im a bit confused. They are slime girls right? And you said they are made of cream? As in whipped cream? Are they slime girls made out of whipped cream?

    Also i love harlots like these. Harlots that may act all friendly and gentle with you, but still fuck and eat you. Femme Fatales are supposed to appear nonthreatening; if you have succubi straight up telling you they want to soul suck you, it kind of ruins the fact that they are supposed to femme fatales.

  4. Im surprised no one has asked yet, but the scene where Rosa almost got bitten by her wargen pet and she kicked it while yelling in demon tongues. Can you translate what Rosa said when she got pissed, Hydra?

    One more question, does a succubus tail wag like a dog when the succubus is excited and happy?