Friday, December 01, 2023

House of Hellish Harlots v0.050 (Toxina Luxú-Sapo)

The public version of House of Hellish Harlots has been updated to v0.050.  This adds one new harlot scenario.

Toxina Luxú-Sapo
Toxina loves a good sexy wrestle in the mud.  She is, however, the 'poison frog' harlot, so special care must be taken while playing with her...

Toxina is pretty tough.  She's maybe one of the harder Tier 3s.  She'll probably kill you a lot, but at least it will be fun.

You can check out the new version here:

October and November were a little messy as I'm also working on the upgraded version of HoHH with graphics.  I'm a little late with scheduled updates there.

Patrons and Subscribers received the delayed v0.051 release a few days ago.  This adds Sister Squeeze from my short story "Squeezed" as a new harlot scenario.  As with the pre-existing characters like Eve Satana and Acarina, her scenario is a mix of new material and rewritten old material.

I'm hoping to get "November's" release out mid-December and then get back to regular schedule at the end of December.

Commissioning artwork of harlots is going well.  I have art of most of the 'smother' faction now.  To aid me funding it, I've created additional $5 and $10 tiers on Patreon and SubscribeStar.  Subscribers to that tier will get an early look at the new art as well as access to my original scripts and a deep dive into the lore background and inspiration behind each harlot.  Support at this level is to help me convert HoHH to a proper indie game with artwork, and is much appreciated.

I'm still trying to get back on top of things, so might be a little slow in responding to comments.  I hope you enjoy the new release and have fun wrestling Toxina.


  1. Lol she's like a poisonous variant of the frog girls from MGQ. Anyway I would like to really know how the harlots would react to Earth and mankind's weapons. Like if you made them watch the Nuke scene from Indiana Jones, or WW soldiers shooting each other, what would their reaction be?

    1. In general, if it's in the Dominion of Lust, they don't care. Most of the weaponry won't work and people are prey there.

      On Earth, most know to be sneakier. The extra destructiveness of weapons doesn't really change that. They're still dead (or banished) even if it's just a mob with torches and pitchforks.

      I try to make them individuals, but still alien, so I guess some wouldn't like seeing slaughter, but that would vary from actually caring (some do in a weird way) or annoyance at seeing potential food go to waste. Most wouldn't care.

  2. Have you considered a 4th ending or scenario for the girls? We got good ending: survive to next round until completion, Bad: a very pleaurable death, horror: not so fun...what about a alternate game over variation where for some reason she doesnt kill u but dont let u leave..using a loopjole in the rules either the girl and/or the madam keeps u either as a eternal sex toy/lover or bf or a indentured servant "with benefits"...or she does her death snu smu but revives you for more...or a variant of bad ending but she keeps your soul intact for her pleasure (and yours) as a trophy..imagine being trapped in eve's or zuripais boobs forever (we talking until ur body dies from old age then continues into your afterlife)..basicially u won her over and she isnt letting u go...imagine being the hounds "chew (fuck) toy" or other interesting alt endings u can make with them. Would add interesting variety then just dying with possible character dev options for your greater hydra verse...or a twist alt ending where u win but get tricked into staying or giving a final kiss or booty call u dont walk away from ;).

    1. There's already an ending like that with Suffocatrix Mamilla. It's a bit difficult to trigger with only 5 rounds. A few harlots will have Good/Bad End?s where they take the player off and don't drain them to death right away. I've got some ideas written down, but need to get the basics implemented first before adding some of the side quest lines.

  3. In the Nazi vs Succubus story, what if instead of the man attacking the succubus, what if he made a deal with her? Promising to feed her human prisoners and helping them in the war? Would it fail because the man doesn't really have any magical rules to bring the succubus to heel?

    1. Most of the guards had already made that deal with her. Of sorts. It's not really a deal. She has sex with them and blows their mind with the pleasure and then has them as unquestioning slaves from then on (which happened to the youngest guard of the trio).

      If Traeger had tried to make a deal, she'd have just turned him into another slave and forced him to carry out worse and worse atrocities until there was nothing left of his humanity.

      The succubus would have come up with worse and worse games to amuse herself. Eventually some force would have come to liberate the camp, but rather than surrendering, the succubus would have persuaded the guards to all sacrifice themselves in pointless resistance while she had fun watching from afar.

      That path would have gone very badly for Traeger. I doubt that succubus even has sex with the men once she's broken their wills, just to make it even suckier.

      I wanted to write her as a proper "horror" succubus. You get one mind-blowingly blissful experience from her, and then it's pure suck after that.

  4. I can't wait for Hydra to answer the comments he missed on his blog. Its kind of a weekly thing for me to see Anons bring up good questions. Hoped Hydra had a good Christmas with his folks :)

    1. Might have to repeat those questions. The ones I missed during that snowed-under-with-work period are too far back now. I try to answer most things when I can though. :)

      Christmas was great. Cheers. Hope it was for you too!

  5. Had a great Christmas dude! Also Im actually going to go back and copy those past questions from the other Anons that you missed and paste it here at a later time. There are some good questions, and don't worry, I will only put the ones I find the most interesting.
    However this one question comes from me.

    -If every harlot that you written was transported to the Nazi camp in Nazi Vs Succubus, would every man be screwed? Even Traeger? Would the harlots share the nazi soldiers and prisoners.

    1. That will be cool. I'm more on top of things now and can probably put some answers in.

      As for the harlots and the camp, it would quickly warp into something else. The harlots would work their way through both prisoners and guards, and then replace the guards. They would then eagerly take on more prisoners and the guards bringing them would be surprised to see all the guards are very attractive women.

      That could make an interesting concept for a story. A concentration camp is too heavy for it (I was pushing my luck a lot with the original story). Maybe a near-future prison taken over by succubi/lust daemons. Crime is so rife criminals are tossed away and forgotten about and the special prison with 'hot' guards never seems to run out of space for some reason... ;)

      That could be a cool setting for either a game or story.