Monday, January 01, 2024

House of Hellish Harlots v0.051 (Sister Squeeze)

New Year and new update to House of Hellish Harlots!

Version 0.051 adds a requested character from my short stories.  This adds a harlot scenario featuring Sister Squeeze from my old short story "Squeezed".

Sister Squeeze
Her speciality is sexy roleplay.  It's a comic book superheroes and villains roleplay.  Sister Squeeze roleplays the sexy femme fatale villainess.  She'll either let the player defeat and "punish" her, or defeat and dominate them.

The wrinkle is that Sister Squeeze has actual powers and they're pretty dangerous.

Going behind scenes, what started as a straight rewrite of her story sex scene ended up being a little more complex.  When working out her mechanics, I didn't know whether to make Sister Squeeze an early round Tier 1 harlot, or a much more dangerous late round Tier 3.  In the end, the spot I needed to fill was in the Tier 1 bracket and I felt it fit her personality better.  However, if the player is unlucky, they can get her Tier 3 version, and probably won't survive it.

(As always, if you'd like to see her Tier 3 version, you can always bring her a Black Rose.  This might be the scenario where it has a real use.)

Working on her background was fun.  Is this the same Sister Squeeze as the story?

Maybe.  I worked some lore in to make it work if needed.  I'm still not sure whether I want to bring that story into the wider universe.  This might be the same Sister Squeeze, or it might be a very similar character with the same name.  I'll leave my options open.

You can check out the new version here:

Patrons and subscribers are still roughly a couple of releases ahead.  I got knocked off schedule Oct/Nov and I'm gradually getting back to normality.  They received v0.052 with Nicolette on Christmas Day and will be getting a new one with the 'forbidden smotherer' in a few days.

I'm also still hard at work on a newer version of HoHH that isn't just basic text.  I've commissioned a bunch of art of the various harlot characters and have been teasing it on Patreon and SubscribeStar.  If you like what you see of the project so far, please consider supporting me there so I can continue working on it.

I put up a public post yesterday with my plans for the year.

I hope 2024 will be great for everyone!


  1. So is it just endless new harlots from here on out? no plans to expand on mechanics, add a story, add boss battles, etc?

    AFAIK the game doesn't even have a a structure or ending. It just throws harlots at you.

    1. The game structure doesn't lend itself very well to regular updates unfortunately. It's meant to be a mash-up of roguelite elements and old gamebooks.

      The core game loop was always intended to be straightforward - 13 rounds of visiting the room of a seductive but dangerous demon whore. Rather than unlock new power-ups, the unlocks are the knowledge gained on each harlot so the player has a better chance of surviving them on the next run.

      I think the core concept is solid, but it's really bad for incremental releases. Ideally I'd have liked to have dropped the whole game in one go so the player would suddenly have 100 harlots to figure out and have fun with. That would have required going completely silent for a couple of years and I doubt I'd have received much funding for that. Releasing the harlot scenarios 1-by-1 is the best way to show I am working regularly on it. Not ideal, but it is what it is.

      As for structure and ending, check out the roadmaps a few posts down. I'm pretty much done with the regular harlots now and I'm working on the elites/mini-bosses.

      Once the first batch is done, I'll be able to push the round count up and tier some harlots properly (so the player isn't getting killed by a 10th round harlot in round 1). Hopefully people will start to see more of what the game is about then.

  2. No it isn't, dude. Hydra explained that he has new objectives he's going to do for the new year. You cant see it because its on his Patreon. I will say that he should give Blogger more attention now, he did miss a lot of questions and the Blogger audience that don't have access to his Patreon have no idea was he is up to.

    1. That was a mistake on my part. I made the plans for 2024 public on Patreon because I thought it would be useful, but forgot to repost either it or the link here.

      I try to keep here updated. I'm mostly using timed exclusives so that people funding me feel they're getting something. There should be a bit of art on the way once the period of timed exclusivity is over.

  3. Part 2
    (5). I think the reason why people complain that Nyte is too OP, but not Rosa because there are a few times where Rosa gets beaten, or treated like a joke.

    1. Rosa getting hurt by a warlock's magic attack (her rubbing the scorch mark on her body) and she had to flee the magic college, obviously telling us that even she and Verde were not strong enough to charm or kill a group of security guard warlocks.

    2. Verde getting her living vines to trap and gang bang her that she clearly did not want.

    3. Darvill managing to resist her seductive advances and even weakened her fire power with a spell.

    With Nyte, you never see a moment of her being outsmarted, or getting the tables turned against her. I hope these changes come SS 3 because invincible characters that are untouchable suck.

    (6). I do wonder if we are going to get a young and inexperienced succubus. Yes Bebi, Britnee, and Panta are "baby" succubi, but I mean a succubus so young that she is very curious of humans and finds them fascinating. Like when the young succubus is introduced by the Madam, all she could do is poke the human male all over the place (especially the groin) and constantly asking the human what Earth is like because the MC is the very first human, she is meeting.

    You know? Basically Britnee 2.0, but more naive, curious, and meeting a human for the first time.

    (7). I have some questions. Also, Happy Halloween Hydra and folks.

    1. What would the harlots think about Nyte? Would they think she is a freak of nature for enjoying inflicting agony on humans too much?

    2. Do all succubi have lipstick or lip gloss on? Does Rosa have red lipstick? Does Verde have green lipstick? Does Nyte wear black lipstick? Does Nurse Honey and Nicole wear lip gloss?

    3. Do all succubi have painted finger and toe nails? Like does Verde have green finger and toe nails? Does Rosa have red finger and toe nails? What about Nicole? Does she have black finger and toenails?

    4. How long can the nails of a succubus can get? Can they become like Wolverine claws, or can become the size of Acrylic nails?

    (8). I'm surprised no one has asked yet, but the scene where Rosa almost got bitten by her wargen pet and she kicked it while yelling in demon tongues. Can you translate what Rosa said when she got pissed, Hydra?

    Those are all the questions that I find the most interesting, Hydra.

    1. 5) It's tricky for Nyte. Rosa has a slight tomboyish streak and a large pyromaniac streak. Those characters can cause a lot of destruction but are balanced by sometimes being klutzes in other things.

      Nyte is supposed to be the perfect ideal of the dominatrix. To maintain her sex appeal as that, she always needs to be in control. This is probably where the needs of general fiction and erotica clash. I'll try to find a way around it at some point, but the primary function of that work is erotica, and if that calls for Nyte to be a perfect fantasy dominatrix, I have to keep her as that on-screen and maybe only hint the flaws off-screen.

      (Kind of like how H-space is also populated by equally dangerous incubi, but this is only hinted at rather than depicted graphically.)

      6) I've done low-powered succubi, but I'm not sure inexperienced works as they are still all lust daemons that consume people through sex. I can see some specialise in putting on a "I'm just a naive young girl" act to lure a certain type of prey, but it would be an act.

      7-1) Nyte is regarded as a bit of a freak for being terrifying outside of her charm abilities. I have an idea to give her a small cameo where the player sees her talking with the Madam, but that depends on whether I implement random bar events.

      7-2) Varies. Some don't even need it. They look that way naturally. It's all on where their specialities lie. For some it's boobs. Others, it's lips and kissing.

      7-3) Again, varies as above. Some might have to paint their nails if they want that, some have it naturally.

      7-4) Another "varies". I like to hint that the nails look like claws for some to reinforce the comparisons with predatory animals, but it's an area where I want to be careful. I don't like the super-strong demon/vampire trope. Why need hypnotism/charm magic when the monster is already strong enough to physically overpower the human. Some monster girls need it, but I prefer the 'classic' succubus to be all about the seduction and charm (with the odd exception).

      There is pretty much a succubus for every fetish, so probably a few with very long and elegant nails. And also maybe some BDSM types that have wolverine claws for BDSM purposes (they probably use them similar to whips rather than full rip'n'tear).

      8) Nope. If it's not translated it's to maintain some mystery. For that one it's probably not that much different to what pet owner would yell at a particularly disobedient dog.

  4. (1). Why is the Madam mean to Sister Squeeze because she spares people? Doesn't Panta and Succuba almost always spare people as well?

    (2). You are trying to make the sex daemons into biological "aliens" and not just supernatural beings like what Sauron is? It's cool, but you run the risk of being indecisive with their identity, Big H.

    Are the sex daemons legendary supernatural mythic monsters? Or are they just a strange group of alien "people" with a bizarre culture, an inhuman morality, strange behavioral patterns, and they look funny with different colored skin, extra body parts, and a unique genetic makeup.

    Basically, are succubi and sex daemons like Nicole, Rosa, Anna Boa, Leppi, and Baloobia like the Asari from Mass Effect (strange inhuman alien people), or are they like like Alduin from Skyrim (mythical supernatural monster).

    (3). When some of the harlots are saying they watch human tv shows and read magazines like what Bebi and Leppi did, it kind of breaks the illusion that they are mysterious supernatural monsters of legend.

    They feel more like a strange alien race of "people" meeting humans for the first time, like the whole first contact thing going on in Mass Effect and less eldtrich monster from another dimension.

    (4). I don't know why the Anons are saying that Nyte is too strong, more like Rosa is too strong. She appears to have the strongest offensive magic ever, and let's not forget how easily she charmed a group of men at the pub and destroyed a whole building with fire ball.

    I am a bit confused why Hydra wanted to turn a succubus with the best offensive magic attacks into comic relief. It makes no sense because Rosa is too damn dangerous and deadly to take up the "goofball" role and has a high murder count and she did nearly killed Phil a few times and would have killed him if she didn't realize his death would have upset Verde.

    You should have just added a goofy and perverted Warcraft-esque Imp to the succubus group to be the comic relief, Meh Hydra.

    1. 1) It's not so much the sparing. The Madam wants all of her girls to spare men sometimes (much to the annoyance of her more predatory girls). "Sometimes" is the important word. Panta Prota and Succuba will happily kill the player if the right conditions were met. Sister Squeeze doesn't want to kill anyone if she has the choice. The Madam is prodding her because her games needs both the chance of killing and sparing, and also because Sister Squeeze's head is a bit messed up and The Madam is trying to "help" her remember she is a "meat-eating" predator.

      2) I try to keep that ambiguous. One of the common themes through my stories is people working off faulty assumptions. The H-space scientists and higher-ups think they're dealing with an alien plane when there's obviously something else going on. The Succubus Summoning warlocks think the daemons are obedient familiars when there's obviously something else going on.

      I like to aim somewhere in the middle. I think the scenes have more 'crunch' to them if there are pseudo-realistic biological explanations for what's happening. But I think there also needs to be a dash of supernatural/magic that is mysterious and unexplained. Magic is a potential universe breaker, so I prefer low/rare magic to things that snap a universe apart if taken to a logical full-power usage.

      3) I had to humanise some of the characters. There's a time for mystery, but if everything is mysterious there isn't anything for the reader/player to latch onto. Normally I don't like humanising the non-human characters at all, but this was a necessary trade-off. I don't think HoHH would be all that interesting if every harlot was an ethereal enigmatic killer.

      4) Rosa ending up being comic relief in SS201 was accidental. I realised about 2/3s in she hadn't been given a sex scene and decided to run with it.

      She is very powerful (all of Phil's succubi are lying their asses off when claiming to be 'normal' succubi). That also works for comedy, because a succubus that powerful shouldn't end up being sex-starved throughout the story.

      I could have done the same for Verde, Nyte, Cerulea, N... okay, maybe not Nurse Honey.

      Cerulea will likely be occupying the comedic imp role for 301, although it will mostly be embarrassing Phil.

  5. Are you planning on doing a write-through of MGP Part 3?

    1. Maybe. Depends if I can find my old save file and get machine translation to work. I might give it a week or so behind scenes to see if I can do it without disrupting the more important ongoing projects. If so, I'd love to get that up and running again.

  6. Have you considered writing some more short stories with some of your more popular HoHH girls or others, or commisioning short stories or "what if" anthology for fans. Can be a spin off or semi to non cannon to your h-verse/hohh stories. For example a sequel to the eve satana's german bar (or her travels) except the male "victim" for some twist gets "spared" from her digesting him with her boobs. Her boobs still swallow him (in various ways) and does all kinds of things but (enter your own plot point for why and how) she doesnt or cant kill him, and can adds a delimma. What happens when a huntress becomes emotionaly attached to her prey? They say they see us as food or at best food to play with. But there us always that one that gains thier favor. The succubus from the boob dimension for example could keep one as her pet as she keeps him fed with her "milk" while draining his ;) I guess exploring the lucky few that become the exception to the rule or end up her human pet. ;)

    1. I find it very difficult to write 'on demand', which is why I don't take commissions. (I sometimes run into trouble when I plan everything out, then brain goes 'no' when trying to write certain segments. :D )

      I do like to bounce characters between projects. HoHH has characters that have shown up in stories and I suspect some harlots (or girls like them) will get their own stories at some point.

      I have to keep characters consistent. It's unlikely, given how she is, Eve Satana would ever spare someone once she's got to the point of absorbing them. Sometimes, finding ways around those restrictions can generate their own stories. For example, the succubi in the Eve Satana story must be doing something to get city officials turning a blind eye. Under those circumstances I can see her giving someone special treatment because it suits her interests to do so. And then also there would be the consequences if that person fell out of power and it no longer was in Eve Satana's interests to treat them differently.

      If I really want a character to act differently, the other option is to duplicate the abilities, but on a similar daemon with a different personality.

      Likewise, I can't see a huntress becoming emotionally attached to prey, but maybe they'd respect prey that gave them a good enough run to not finish them at the end, so they can chase them again at some point (this might make a good h-game concept).

    2. Earning a huntress's favor game/side story would be an interesting concept, and for a less deadly succubus with talents similar to eve or another girl ( for example) im sure she has many sisters or kin you can add later. Idea concept: Her "nicer" twin (not really just more calculating and seductive) Ava lol An idea for her is she has the same abilities as her twin and is very creative with this fetish (among other things) She will keep u usually let you stay alive in her boobs...why? Her "skills" and milk of course would be beyond addictive. Her prey will return to her and give her whatever she exchange for spending time wirh her boobs/other lewd acts :) She would keep a nacklace of small gems containing the souls of those she favored..eternally close to the boobs they loved...and loved back by those same boobs until there was nothing left. Ava would savor whoever she gets vs digest at least for awhile. (possible succubus cult or mafia/gang leader who uses sex instead of violence as a method of control) and making someone disapprear is as simple as the ultimate titfuck you never return from..since her boobs will swallow you while milking ur balls dry ;)...and of course she CAN if she wants to keep a man as a prisoner, warm, sleepy, and balls slightly drained, but, alive inside her boobs as long as she wants (not sure how she tends to the biological needs eh...magic)

    3. Seems like a pretty good idea for a succubus cult. They worship the "goddess's" boobs, get some pleasure to draw people in and keep them in the cult, and are finally absorbed when it's time for a sacrifice.

      Having someone kept alive and maybe even released later would be a different daemon-type. Eve Satana is probably similar to Nurse Honey in that once something is absorbed and she begins to digest them, even if the soul were to be pulled out later, it would be incomplete.

  7. A succubus hunter using a briefcase filled with a lot of money can be used to lure and trap humans, Hydra. You established that daemons don't care about human currency, I could see a succubus hunter using gold/jewels/dollars/pounds and what not as bait, right?

    1. Daemons of the Dominion of Lust would likely frown on using lures more frequently utilised by the Dominion of Greed. The dominions border each other and daemons from the borders possess attributes from the other dominions, so there might be succubi willing to use "underhand" and "shameful" tactics. :D

      The Huntresses would likely use their sex appeal to initially capture someone, then treat the chase as extended foreplay before "feeding". I need to write a story or two featuring them to help me build their lore.

  8. Check out this funny succubus video on youtube dude, Its called SUCCUBUSTOP

    1. Seen it before. It's not bad but a little too much in old tumblr territory for me.

      Concept is fun - a succubus trying to seduce someone who's completely oblivious/uninterested.

      That could make a good story. Something along the lines of Clive Barker's "The Yattering and Jack", but with a succubus and seduction subbed in to replace the Yattering and random acts of violent terror.

  9. I hope the announcer that is following around Eva Santana got some play. Why does Eva need minions to help her? Is she stupid? Did the succubus that narrated what Eva is doing to a man on the bed get any sex at all? If not, then it ain't fair. Why does Eva get all the men? Is she some sort of "leader" that commands the German succubi sect hiding in Germany?

    1. I haven't really gone into the details of that sect. Putting Eva in HoHH added a little to their lore. I might go back with other stories. There are other 'performers' with their own specialities.

      I'm not sure if the Announcer or Eva is the actual leader. I'll leave it open until a good story idea comes along with more details on how that relationship works.

  10. Im surprised that Hydra didn't create an absorbing sect. Think about it? He introduced quite a lot of lust daemons that absorb humans into their flesh. There could be a sect like Sanctum of Strangulated Sighs, but the sect practices the act of conjoining flesh into one for ultimate pleasure. The sect could be called Seductive Body.

    Lust daemons like slime girls, Nurse Honey, Eva Santana, Zuripai, and Pori can be compatible with the sect. The lust daemons in Seductive Body believe merging and absorbing human bodies is the ultimate form of pleasure.

    1. That could work. Some of the lust daemons that border Gluttony might organise along those lines. They would hunger for the whole body, but being lust daemons, some aspect of sexual pleasure is required to trigger the absorption process.

      Vore-themed daemons would likely hail from there as well. That could maybe generate some rivalry opportunities.

  11. I do wonder what would happen if a human man asked any of the succubi from SS 101 out on a date. Like the man tells Rosa, Verde, Nurse Honey, or Cerluea that they don't need to eat humans and he could take them out on a hot date to get burgers, or pizza. What would their reaction be?

    Also are you going to work on a harlot mini boss soon, dude?

    1. Writing the first mini-boss at the moment (an artificial scylla).

      As for the date question, depends on the succubus and the date. Most likely she's probably having him for dinner later in bed, but some succubi are more 'vegetarian' and might be satisfied with a little 'snack' if they think the man is interesting enough to leave alive.

  12. You should include more harlots that help you in the game Hydra. Like a harlot that takes away negative afflictions (like removing the boob fixation), one that restores semen, one that gives you coins, one that gives you a Mulligan Coin, and maybe a harlot that will give you extra information on how to survive Tier 3 harlots.

    It will grant the MC more of a chance to survive then just relying on Nurse Honey, Portly Gentleman, and the Elegant Lady too much.

    1. Funny you mention about helpful harlots...

      There are some that fulfil specific game-mechanical functions (provide resources, convert resources) and at least one more to come.

      I have implemented the ability for harlots to give hints on other harlots, but it's fairly limited as I didn't know the full rosters at the time. As I go through them to move everything to the 1.5 version with art, I'll add more harlot hints now that I know (mostly) what the rosters are.